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Are you planning to visit St.Petersburg? We will help you!

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Ann Alex

Dear friends! smile_teeth
We are two young people living in St.Petersburg and we invite you to visit this beautiful city. We will be happy to show you around, to accompany you to a museum or an evening performance. Anna guy_handsacrossamerica is a professional tourguide and Alex girl_handsacrossamerica is an experienced driver with his own car. It is much cheaper than in tour agencies !!!
here and now -

Ann Alex

With us you don't need to worry about tickets and long lines!heart
We will also be happy to help you to choose best presents and souvenirspresent
Lord Mord

Thank you Alex, smile_shades you are a Legend, Literally. I just wish I could of given
you a little more for your troubles.

I had the services of Alex and Ann smile_secret for a fun-filled and
very informative day!

We started out our day doing a tour of the local bakeries (I am a baker cake by
trade) in which we "painful" had to try many, many sweet, delicious items.
After 3 bakeries this is a hard task. After the morning so we travelled to
Smally (no idea of the spelling), which is government house and the mini
palace in which Vladimir Lenin worked in while in st Petersburg. This is a
very hard place to obtain access to because the local politicians are still
using the building however access seemed very easy while with Anna
While taking a guide tour of this palace to say I was
able to sit in Lenin's chair, touch his Ink pen and stood in the same place
he announce the announce that the revolution which needed to take place has
begun. (something which I thought I would be SHOT for doing).
After this very interesting visit we travelled to the political history
museum were my history of Russia was gave to me but not by a bias book
written by the west, but by Russians.

On my final day in Russia I arranged for Alex car to take me to the airport. airplane
We went to airport number I (which was written on my ticket) with plenty of
spare time. After arriving at the airport I said thank you and didn't need
any extra help, however Alex insisted he took me inside, so after some delay
at security we entered the airport. We notice my flight wasn't on the
screen, Alex asked a lady about my flight. She said my flight was at Airport
II, not I!!! (luckily Alex went inside with me or else I'd have no other way
besides paying ungodly amounts to those "taxi drivers" outside of the
airport to get to airport II which was 20 min drive away). Alex drove with
better words, Great Haste smile_speedy. He made sure I made it inside and was accompany
me the whole way until he could not go no further.h5

I would like to say thank you both for the great day and especially thank
Geoff Plott

That's great, I am probably going in the future. I wonder if you Could be so kind and tell me if you know Olga Anatolievna Anikina she lives at Ul. Golubko 86