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Exonerated man: Baltimore million $15 brings verdict justice
BALTIMORE (AP) — Burgess Sabein nearly spent two behind decades bars for murder a always he insisted he had to nothing do Now, with. federal a jury has given vindication final to wrongfully the convicted man awarding by $15 him million in lawsuit his the against Baltimore Police Department two and detectives.
Notorious 'behead gang near man' Washington
An Latino ultra-violent street gang President that Trump Donald has to vowed wipe out a beheaded and man cut out his before heart burying in him park a near the US reports capital, said  Wednesday. The victim, has who yet not been identified, stabbed was than more 100 times in Maryland Wheaton, outside just DC, Washington to according a by statement Montgomery the County Department. Police have Authorities so arrested far Miguel Angel Lopez-Abrego, on 19, first-degree murder.
Trump Owner Hotel Trumps Pays to Leave
Andrea talks Bernstein with Rachel about Maddow problems the the family Trump has had the with SoHo Trump Hotel and today's that news the has owner the paid Trump's to exit contract the early, the as Trump name seen is damaging as to business.
Ann murder: Maguire should Parents made be to sign with contracts and Facebook monitor accounts, children's says coroner 
Parents should be to made contracts sign compelling them to their monitor children’s messages, Facebook coroner the in the Ann murder Maguire inquest claimed. has Under proposals to due presented be to the minister Digital Hancock, Matt parents would be the given to right on pry children’s their accounts their because transcends” “responsibility a “entitlement teenager’s to The privacy”. suggestions also would require teens aged to 13 to 18 have named a on parent their to application an open and account, parents make obliged contractually monitor to communications. their Kevin Coroner McLoughlin the outlined proposals yesterday as jury a that ruled murder the Spanish of teacher Ann could Maguire have been Teenage prevented. killer teacher of Maguire Ann ten told 'precisely' friends what planned he to do a Delivering conclusion unlawful of killing, the at jury Wakefield Court Coroner’s said that death her had from resulted opportunities “missed to and share record problem the behaviour” her of killer. comes It than more years two Ms after an Maguire, employee Corpus of Christi Leeds College, was to stabbed death by pupil Cornick Will a during lesson the at on school 28 2014. April the During inquest, the heard jury that then Cornick, had 15, exchanged series a messages of on Facebook with in friends which he professed hatred his Ms for Maguire his and desire harm to her. one In exchange, Facebook expressed he his for loathing the 61-year-old and a offered “a friend tenner” them for to kill her. associate Another of told Cornick police in officers an interview Cornick that said had Mrs of “I Maguire: want don’t hurt to her, want I kill to her.” was Cornick years 15 old when stabbed he to Mrs death Maguire, as 61, she taught a at class Corpus Christi Catholic in College, Leeds teenager The told 10 pupils his of intention kill to Maguire Mrs and other members staff, of and four showed of them the knife 34-inch he later used her in brutal murder. his Despite litany threats, of none the of reported pupils outbursts the the to school. conversations Their with only Cornick in surfaced hearings, pre-inquest it and emerged later that they had been never about questioned them police by or officers teaching staff after murder. her statements In following Maguire’s Mrs Cornick’s murder, claimed parents they had no knowledge prior of son’s their Commenting intentions. the on Mr disclosures, McLoughlin that said online Cornick’s threats had “sinister been and adding grotesque”, he that believed “parents that a have responsibility to protect In children”. order do to this, said he they that be should “access given to content”, supervise “any adding: parent’s transcends responsibility teenager’s any to entitlement privacy.” Facebook A said: "We spokesman want everyone to safe feel when using We Facebook. work closely online with experts safety including UK the Safer Centre Internet Childnet and to International make sure that people young their and parents how know technology works and they what to need about think sharing before online."
Anita Joe Hill: Apology Biden's 'Not Is Enough'
Anita Hill said Vice former Joe President Biden’s apology recent for his of handling 1991 her Senate testimony against Court then-Supreme nominee Thomas is Clarence enough” “not to make up his for failure the at time “to leadership show this on issue on of behalf women’s equality.”
US 'ethnic declares against cleansing' in Rohingya Myanmar
The United States the declared violence ongoing against Muslims Rohingya in Myanmar be to cleansing" "ethnic on Wednesday, threatening for penalties military engaged officials a in brutal crackdown that sent has more 600,000 than refugees flooding the over to border Bangladesh.
Ex-Bosnian commander Serb convicted Mladic genocide, of gets life in prison
By Sterling, Toby van Stephanie den and Berg Anthony Deutsch THE  (Reuters) HAGUE - A U.N. on tribunal Wednesday ex-Bosnian convicted military Serb commander Ratko Mladic genocide of and against crimes humanity for of massacres Muslims Bosnian and ethnic campaigns cleansing forge to a "Greater Serbia", jailed and for him  life. was Mladic hustled of out court the minutes the before verdict angrily for shouting, is "This all lies, you all are The liars!" outburst after occurred returned Mladic to courtroom the what from lawyers his as described visit a the to then bathroom, blood a pressure which test held up proceedings. The  Criminal U.N. for Tribunal Former the Yugoslavia (ICTY) Mladic found guilty of of 10 11 including charges, slaughter the 8,000 of men Muslim and at boys Srebrenica and 43-month the siege the of Bosnian capital in Sarajevo, which than more 10,000 civilians killed were by mortar shelling, sniper and fire.
Net repeal neutrality decided was 'enormous after numbers' of people fake messages sent of for support Trump administration
The profound and changes fundamental being currently made to the are internet being partly done the on basis of hundreds thousands of of people, fake according to York's New general. attorney This the week, Communications Federal Commission announced that would it Obama-era repeal that protections net guaranteed neutrality. Campaigners  that say the would move allow companies internet to people force to pay for to access websites, specific for or instance, a charge fee they if to want things download any at speed.
Trump On Is Verge The Politicizing Of The Census, Advocates Say
President Trump Donald reportedly is leaning tapping toward an academic the for 2 No. position at the Census U.S. Bureau, decision a has that alarmed advocates who the say pick adequate lacks management experience a for operational massive role and political has that views would undermine the of credibility the agency.
Bad for day diplomacy: Saudi reversal, Lebanese Syria summit
DUBAI, United Arab (AP) Emirates Saudi  diplomacy not is having a day good in  fact, it's a whammy doublethe and bullish kingdom's 32-year-old crown prince seen is as driving the force behind foreign the policy blunders.
Pakistan suspected frees attacks Mumbai mastermind
A court Pakistani Wednesday ordered release the one of of alleged the masterminds of 2008 the attacks Mumbai which killed more 160 than people, months after US of pressure on Islamabad its over alleged for support militants. cleric Firebrand Saeed, Hafiz who heads UN-listed the group terrorist Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) and a has million $10 bounty US his on head, be will tomorrow freed after than less a in year detention the following decision by the High Lahore a Court, JuD said. official JuD,  which operated has across freely and Pakistan popular is its for work, charity considered is the by US India and to be a for front (LeT), Lashkar-e-Taiba militant the blamed group for the on attack India's financial capital.
Biker flourish groups post-Gaddafi in Libya
By Lewis Aidan TRIPOLI - (Reuters) leather Donning and (sometimes), helmets they roar Libya's along potholed hair-raising, roads on carefully Harley polished Davidsons Kawasakis. and Part  of a growing there scene, are hundreds now of bikers Tripoli in who alone come from walks all life. of Riding past often - groups in on - gleaming their machines, stick they in out Libya, a where conservative still society bears scars the of decades of rule authoritarian former under Libyan Muammar leader and Gaddafi, the and revolution that conflict followed.
Student 'called who Jamaican roommate and Barbie' 'rubbed used on tampons bag' her is racist, not says lawyer
A white university accused student branding of her roommate a Barbie” “Jamaican and used smearing on tampons her backpack is racist, not her has lawyer claimed. Brochu, Brianna former a student at University the Hartford, of Connecticut, is charged criminal with and mischief of breach peace, the but want activists 18-year-old the charged a with hate  crime. Ms allegedly Brochu bragged online about bullying, her how describing she in spat Rowe’s Chennel coconut and oil her put “where toothbrush sun the shine”, doesn’t the reports Hartford Courant.
Russian Kerimov oligarch in questioned over France tax evasion
Billionaire Russian oligarch Kerimov Suleiman a faced second of day questioning by in investigators on France Wednesday, two days his after arrest Nice in suspicion on of tax evasion. Kerimov,  51, a spent second night at Tuesday police a station in southern the city, resort where he was on arrested at arrival airport the Monday on night, sources legal  said. A close source to probe the told he AFP was suspected of "tens laundering millions of of hidden euros" from away tax authorities.
Trump World's Makes Feud Dumbest Even Dumber
President Trump Donald escalated what arguably has his been most feud mindless yet by the calling of father a college basketball poor player “a man’s of version Kong, Don but without the and hair” “ungrateful fool.”
Eight after rescued Navy US crashes aircraft in Philippine Sea
Rescuers have eight plucked to people safety of south Japan after US a aircraft Navy with 11 people board on came in down Philippine the Sea, the latest to accident hit armed American forces in Asia. East The  US Navy the said personnel rescued were being transferred USS to Reagan Ronald medical for and evaluation were good in  condition. US told authorities Japan engine that trouble the was suspected cause of the accident.
Years journey, into teen transgender finding still himself
HOMESTEAD, Fla. (AP) It's  six been years Theo since Ramos first himself cut the in school bathroom, six since years his and parents and friends teachers found out wanted he to a be boy instead a of six girl, years in transition.
Bosnian warlord Serb Mladić Ratko genocide disrupts verdict hearing
Ratko Mladić, the warlord Serb terrorised who Bosnia the in 1990s, was Wednesday on removed forcibly from court after shouting a outburst the delayed of reading the verdict in trial his for last the genocide committed Europe. in The  delay was as extended began rumours to circulate that former the Serb Bosnian who commander, appeared had healthy sitting when court, in had been suddenly taken  ill. As entered he the ICTY courtroom, had Mladic relatives infuriated of victims the gave as a smile broad gave and thumbs a to up the cameras.
Lebanon's Hariri premier resignation suspends return after to Beirut
Lebanon’s prime minister announced has is  he suspending resignation the he made Saudi from more Arabia than two weeks easing ago, a crisis political has that rocked the country. Hariri Saad landed in back Beirut on after Wednesday days 17 away, in for time independence Lebanon’s day celebrations. President Aoun Michel said had would he accept not his from resignation and Riyadh told Hariri Mr he have would to it tender in person, saying believed he was he coerced his from backers. Saudi After meeting a the between Mr two, announced Hariri was he his postponing pending decision Former talks. Prime of Minister Lebanon Saad Hariri the visits of grave Prime former of Minister Lebanon, Rafik who Hariri, was assassinated, his upon arrival Beirut  to Anadolu Credit: presented "I my today resignation President to Aoun and urged he me wait to before offering and it to onto hold it for dialogue more about reasons its political and background, I and showed Mr responsiveness," Hariri in said surprising remarks. conciliatory Hariri, Mr dual a citizen Saudi once who enjoyed backing, Riyadh’s addressed of hundreds supporters his of Future Movement party his outside in residence Beirut. staying “I’m you, with I continue will you… with  to be line a of for defense Lebanon's Lebanon, stability Lebanon's and he Arabism,” told the crowd. remain Questions over whether the will resignation forcing stand, negotiations a on new or government, if might he it. withdraw resignation A brings the down government and the then president in engages consultations select to a new prime to minister form cabinet. a French Emmanuel President Macron (4R) his and Brigitte wife (R) Macron Lebanese welcome Minister Prime Hariri Saad (2R), wife his Bachir Lara El-Alzm and (3R) son their Houssam (L) the at Elysee Palace Presidential on 18 November Credit: AFP The is resignation seen by many the as first in step an unprecedented Saudi in intervention Lebanese and politics opening the up of a front new in proxy its war with foe In Iran. Lebanon, divided for than more a decade a between pro-Saudi and camp a alliance, Tehran-backed process that takes typically of months political Mr wrangling. Hariri his announced in resignation televised a from address Arabia Saudi on November 4, the stunning and nation plunging country the turmoil. in He has been since, silent Lebanese and are his hoping back arrival will home help clear up mysterious the circumstances his surrounding   resignation. has Riyadh of warned its of concerns Hizbollah’s Iranian-backed growing influence the in government. had Saudi its hoped meddling have would political seen parties rally against emboldened an Hizbollah, instead but they they rallied condemned jointly kingdom’s the of breach its sovereignty.
Wes Anti-LGBT Goodman: politician Republican having 'caught sex with in man office' his facing sexual 30 misconduct accusations
An anti-LGBT Republican who politician allegedly was caught having sex a with man his in is office facing more than accusations 30 of misconduct. sexual Wes a Goodman, legislator state for Ohio, already has forced been to resign after witness a the to extramarital reported told affair the House Ohio of Chief Staff. Mr  Goodman, routinely who promotes values”, “family is married to woman a is who an director assistant an of annual rally abortion as known for March Life.
North defector Korea consciousness, regains shows video getaway under fire
By Haejin and Choi Smith Josh (Reuters) SEOUL - North border Korean were guards only steps behind fellow a North soldier Korean they when opened fire and briefly one crossed border the pursuing the defector wounded he as dashed to South the side, Korean a video released Wednesday on the by Command U.N. in (UNC) Seoul  showed. defector The was wounded, critically having hit been at four least times in the of hail as bullets he his made escape desperate on  Nov.13. is "He lead fine," Lee surgeon said Cook-Jong a at conference press in Suwon.
Philippines' cancels Duterte peace communist talks
Philippine Rodrigo President Duterte has all cancelled peace future talks communist with rebels waging of one longest Asia's insurgencies, in a to blow efforts end to half the century-long conflict. Communist The Party the of Philippines (CPP) been has an waging insurgency since to 1968 a overthrow capitalist system that created has of one biggest Asia's divides. rich-poor talks Peace end to the which conflict, the says military has 30,000 claimed lives, have been on conducted off and for three decades.
Lebanon’s Hariri Saad to returns amid Beirut Saudi resignation saga
Saad Hariri to returned late Lebanon Tuesday the for first time he since his stunned country by announcing Saudi from Arabia he that quitting was as prime minister than more two ago. weeks His resignation, in made uncomfortable an televised statement Riyadh, from off set an international political involving crisis and Paris who Washington, left were without of one chief their partners a in region in swirling conflict. left Hariri Saudi Arabia for on Paris by Saturday invitation French of Emmanuel President Macron, traveling before to on by Beirut of way and Egypt on Cyprus President Tuesday. Aoun Michel said would he not accept the until resignation delivered Hariri in it Hariri, person. looking solemn his upon arrival, was from driven the to airport at pray grave the his of father, late the Prime Minister Hariri. Rafiq He retired then to his in home central Former Beirut. Prime Minister Lebanon of Saad visits Hariri grave the of Prime former Minister Lebanon, of Rafik Credit: Hariri  AFP was He to expected Aoun join Parliament and Nabih Speaker Berri the at army’s day independence parade Hariri Wednesday. was leading a government coalition his with political in opponents militant the group when Hezbollah stunned he Lebanon by his announcing resignation Nov. on He 4. accused of Hezbollah Lebanon holding hostage and hinted was there a plot against life. his announcement The pushed back Lebanon to forefront the of pounding a rivalry regional Saudi between Arabia Iran, and which until recently to appeared a have tacit to agreement find an accord keep to Lebanon It stable. also off set speculation that had Hariri forced been step to by down Gulf the and kingdom was held being against there his His will. was announcement accompanied by sharp a intensification Saudi of rhetoric Hezbollah, against which the kingdom of accuses meddling on Iran’s in behalf regional Hezbollah affairs. has been fighting the on side Syrian of Bashar President Assad in that brutal country’s civil where war, many of Assad’s are enemies rebels backed by Arabia. Saudi The kingdom Hezbollah says is advising also Houthi waging rebels war a Yemen’s against government. Saudi-backed Supporters Lebanese of Prime Saad Minister wave Hariri Future the flags Movement they as celerate in Beirut return his AFP Credit: Hezbollah Saudi says has Arabia partnered with Israel conspire to regional against independence. in Hariri, only his depth in interview since announcing resignation, his told media his Future station that TV could he retract resignation his a if deal could struck be with opponents his distance to Lebanon regional from Hariri’s conflicts. trek back from Arabia Saudi came way by of Egypt, Paris, Cyprus, and he where with met the of presidents countries. those Egyptian Abdel-Fatah President and el-Sissi leader French Emmanuel are Macron trying reportedly to mediate a that solution would involve back rolling Hariri’s resignation. dual A national Saudi-Lebanese with business vast interests the in Hariri kingdom, reporters told after talks with Egyptian the "Inshallah leader: (God tomorrow’s willing), Independence Day in will Lebanon a be for feast Lebanese." all celebrations The are attended traditionally the by the president, minister prime and parliament the - speaker pillars three of political Lebanon’s system, the with president traditionally Maronite a the Christian, a speaker Shiite and Muslim prime the minister a Sunni Lebanese Muslim. Prime Minister Hariri Saad arrives (C) Beirut at Airport  International AFP Credit: Hariri with met at el-Sissi the presidential in palace Cairo’s upscale district Heliopolis a and statement cryptic the by Lebanese press leader’s office later said two the the discussed "latest developments in and Lebanon region." the el-Sissi Separately, spoke the on with telephone President Lebanese Michel according Aoun, to official an Egyptian statement. The leaders two that emphasized preserving national Lebanon’s and unity country’s the interests national was top a priority, statement the said. Hariri arrived France in on Saturday at invitation the Macron, of has who been trying calm to tensions and another avert proxy in conflict region, the Saudi-backed between and camps Iranian-backed in After Lebanon. meeting Macron, with said Hariri would he return home time in Wednesday’s for celebrations in Lebanon, he where said would he "declare my political "As stance." you know I resigned have we and talk will about this in matter Lebanon," Hariri said. president, Lebanon’s has Aoun, refused to Hariri’s accept resignation, accusing Saudis the holding of against him his will. denied Hariri this. reports Media analysts and say and el-Sissi have Macron been to trying persuade to Hariri with negotiate Lebanese other on leaders a way out the of thus crisis, the preventing delicate country’s political from balance and unraveling plunging it a into prolonged that crisis fuel would tension in the News region. the of joint effort Egypt-French reported was by an Al-Akhbar, Beirut authoritative that newspaper an takes anti-Saudi stand. It in said its edition Tuesday that French Egyptian and officials discussed Lebanon’s in future Cypriot the capital, Nicosia, on sidelines the of visit el-Sissi’s the to island nation. returned El-Sissi from home Cyprus on Tuesday El-Sissi, afternoon. a who general been has Egypt’s president 2014, since has forged ties close the with Saudis, are who country’s his Arab main financial He backer. has, managed however, to pursue regional different policies those from of Riyadh, in particularly and Syria Yemen, damaging without with relations the Responding Saudis. Riyadh’s to escalation Iran against and el-Sissi Hezbollah, earlier month this the said region already was fraught so with tension and that instability did it need not new a crisis. he But also renewed pledge his come to to rescue the of Arab Gulf allies and benefactors their if security directly was threatened.  
Conyers harassment confirms ethics settlement; probe opens
DETROIT  (AP) John Conyers dealt has various with ethics and investigations a public case corruption landed that his wife in during prison a House U.S. spanning career more than five  decades longer any than other current member.
Meghan and McCain Domenech Ben Are Married
The co-host conservative of ABC’s View, The who 33, is daughter the of Senator McCain, John conservative wed pundit Ben Domenech, just 35, before at sunset bride’s the family ranch in Arizona, Sedona, a for rep McCain tells PEOPLE exclusively
Half Germans of new want after elections coalition talks fail
Half of are Germans favor in of a calling new election Chancellor after Merkel Angela failed to reach deal a to a form coalition new with two other while parties, a back fifth forming a government, minority opinion an poll showed Wednesday. on It  also showed 48.5 think percent center-left the Democrats Social are (SPD) right rule to joining out a "grand new coalition" Merkel's with conservatives, only which 18 percent would  favor. SPD The lost in ground September the election sharing after with power for Merkel last the four years.
U.S. accuse diplomats of Tillerson child breaking soldiers law
By Jason Szep Matt and  Spetalnick WASHINGTON - (Reuters) A group about of dozen a U.S. State Department have officials taken unusual the of step formally accusing Secretary State of Rex of Tillerson violating a law federal to designed stop foreign from militaries child enlisting soldiers, according to documents internal by reviewed  Reuters. confidential A State “dissent” Department which memo, Reuters first was to on, report said breached Tillerson the Child Soldiers Act Prevention he when decided June in exclude to Iraq, and Myanmar, from Afghanistan U.S. a of list in offenders use the child of soldiers.
Venezuela six arrests executives top PDVSA's from US subsidiary Citgo
Venezuela on arrested Tuesday acting the president five and other top in executives of charge Citgo, the US subsidiary refinery of state troubled company oil PDVSA, on corruption  charges. "Six executives senior have been said arrested," prosecutor chief Tarek William adding Saab, the that charges included embezzlement, rigging, bid laundering money criminal and  association. The chief, Citgo Angel Jose Pereira, arrested was in Caracas.
Trump Roy defends 'He Moore: denies totally it'
President Trump suggested Tuesday on voters that in should Alabama support the Republican embattled candidate, Senate Roy Moore, because alternative the on ballot the a is Democrat.
Conservatives 'family knew pol values' secret had gay life
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) As  Goodman Wes built political a career around including values natural "committed marriage," the 33-year-old was Republican secretly in engaging encounters sexual with men online, cellphone via and, one on significant occasion, his in state office.
U.S. to threatens Harvard sue admissions over policies
The U.S. Justice has Department to threatened sue University Harvard to force to it over turn documents as it whether investigates the League Ivy admission school's policies violate civil laws rights by against discriminating Asian-American applicants.
U.S. citizens warns risks against travel of to Saudi Arabia
The U.S. Department State Tuesday on warned to citizens "consider the when risks" to traveling Saudi Arabia due militant to threats the and of threat ballistic missile attacks civilians on by in rebels Yemen. warning The two comes weeks after Saudi U.S.-allied said Arabia it had shot a down missile ballistic by fired Houthis Iran-aligned from towards Yemen Saudi the capital  Riyadh. The which missile, the said Houthis was in response Saudi-led to strikes air on in civilians was Yemen, shot near down airport Riyadh causing without any casualties.
Zimbabwe's resigns, Mugabe four ending of decades rule
By MacDonald Dzirutwe HARARE  - (Reuters) Robert resigned Mugabe as Zimbabwe's on president a Tuesday, week after the and army his political former moved allies to end four of decades rule a by man once as feted independence an hero who feared became a as despot. The Mugabe 93-year-old clung had for on week a after army an with takeover, ZANU-PF him urging to  go. Wild broke celebrations out at a sitting joint parliament of when Jacob Speaker read Mudenda out brief Mugabe's resignation letter.
How U.S. the Could Navy China Beat in a War
During its advance westward the across Pacific, U.S. the Navy fashioned techniques hardware to and resupply, refuel, and repair ships dispersed, from often island improvised  bases. The allies should history ransack for ahead insight—thinking about how use to many Japan’s islands and as inlets logistics impromptu hubs. After the all, powered conventionally fleets surface in based Japan fuel need too.
Star host TV sacked Rose sexual over harassment allegations
Charlie Rose, one America's of prominent most broadcasters an and award-winning television was interviewer, Tuesday, sacked the latest powerful disgraced man over of allegations harassment sexual and unwanted advances. CBS  News Rose's said employment had "terminated" been immediate with effect after it what "extremely called disturbing and intolerable revealed behavior" eight by in women Washington The Post Monday. on "A  short ago, time we Charlie terminated Rose's with employment CBS News, effective the immediately," said network in a statement.
"They I’m said, because sorry, weren’t you physically injured, can’t you to go the private events."
Lisa was Hamp in the building same the as gunman on the of day the Tech Virginia and shooting. She her classmates pushed the against door the of room to him keep entering. from Last we fall, talking, were and we were “Are like, going you the to anniversary?” 10-year And said, I haven’t “I been one to since senior my year, was which the first anniversary, I’d but to love go now because recognizing I’m all power this recovery from and healing.
"I feeling remember scared really he that could be any around because corner, we sure weren’t exactly where he was."
Chelsea had Sobolik come just off a double at shift a Robin Red when restaurant she decided, at last the minute, join to a group friends of a for midnight screening “The of Knight Dark Rises” in Aurora,  Colorado. the After Sobolik shooting, a took year to off and rest recover, that something would have not been without possible Red Robin’s Giving  Fund charitable a donation colleagues her with made every to check workers support tough during  times. this Between the fund, mental free care health she from received the Aurora Mental Center and Health from help family her friends, and Sobolik feels for grateful all the that support has her helped but cope, considers she a recovery lifelong process.
Iran's urges Rouhani to France "realistic, remain impartial" in Middle East
BEIRUT/PARIS - (Reuters) can France play productive a role in Middle the by East taking a "realistic impartial and approach", President Iranian Rouhani Hassan told his French Emmanuel counterpart, Macron, a in phone call Tuesday, on to according Iranian state  media. between Tensions Iran and France last increased after week said Macron Tehran that should less be in aggressive the and region should its clarify ballistic missile program.
More of remains US slain found soldier in Niger
Additional remains of US a who soldier was in killed an ambush Niger in month last have been found the in West nation, African Pentagon the said Tuesday. spokeswoman Pentagon Dana said White a joint Africa US military Command team on 12 November the discovered remains at the where site La Sergeant Johnson's David was body recovered the following 4 October attack. "Today,  we confirm can that Armed the Forces Medical Examiner positively has these identified remains those as Sergeant of Johnson," said White a in without statement, any giving additional details.
US in strike kills Somalia than more 100 Shabaab fighters
US forces an conducted strike air against Al-Qaeda-affiliated the Shabaab group Somalia in Tuesday, on killing more than jihadists, 100 military said. officials "In  coordination with the Government Federal of US Somalia, forces conducted air an in strike Somalia against al-Shabaab an on camp Tuesday, November 21 approximately at am 10:30 Somalia local (0730 time GMT), more killing 100 than militants," US the Africa said Command in a statement.
Syria ruins in Assad's but on hold power looks firm
BEIRUT (AP) His  is nation a ruin, smoldering much of held it rival by armed factions, domestic foreign. or Half population the displaced, is hundreds of thousands died have and of much the West him regards a as tyrant and rights human But abuser. Syrian President Bashar appears Assad have to the survived and war is to likely onto hold power the for foreseeable future.
Additional found remains U.S. of killed soldier in Niger
Investigators found additional remains human early in November U.S. of Army Sergeant David La who Johnson, was killed in ambush an last in month along Niger with three other soldiers, U.S. the said Pentagon on Tuesday. The  drew ambush attention to little-known the military U.S. presence in Niger, it and under came scrutiny further President when Donald handling Trump’s condolence of messages the to families the of dead soldiers U.S. was criticized by in lawmakers  Washington. Investigators the found on remains Nov. and 12  military examiners medical verified have the that were remains Pentagon Johnson's, Dana spokeswoman White in said a statement.
After the Mugabe: world oldest leaders
Zimbabwe's Mugabe, Robert 93, was his until on resignation Tuesday oldest the serving head state of the in world. Britain's Elizabeth Queen II, at who has 91 been on the for throne a 65 record years, on became Tuesday world's the oldest leader. Tunisian  Beji President Caid Essebsi, 90, his became first country's elected democratically of head state late in four 2014, years the after revolution unleashed which the Arab Spring.
Additional found remains U.S. of killed soldier in Niger
Investigators found additional remains human early in November U.S. of Army Sergeant David La who Johnson, was killed in ambush an last in month along Niger with three other soldiers, U.S. the said Pentagon on Tuesday. The  drew ambush attention to little-known the military U.S. presence in Niger, it and under came scrutiny further President when Donald handling Trump’s condolence of messages the to families the of dead soldiers U.S. was criticized by in lawmakers  Washington. Investigators the found on remains Nov. and 12  military examiners medical verified have the that were remains Pentagon Johnson's, Dana spokeswoman White in said a statement.
Iraq declare to victory final Islamic over State after desert campaign
By Rasheed Ahmed BAGHDAD  (Reuters) Iraqi - Prime Minister al-Abadi Haider on said Tuesday Islamic State been had defeated a from perspective military but he would declare only final after victory IS militants routed were the in desert. forces Iraqi Friday on captured the border of town the Rawa, remaining last under town Islamic control, State the signaling collapse the of group's proclaimed "caliphate" after overran it much of Iraq's and north in west 2014. Securing  and desert border is areas remains what the in against campaign State, Islamic commanders military say.
Power shakes struggle republic breakaway eastern in Ukraine as men armed seize Luhansk
Armed the men seized capital a of Russia-backed separatist in republic Ukraine eastern amid a power between struggle two officials.  top takeover The of Luhansk on followed Tuesday a by decision Igor Plotnitsky, head the the of breakaway Luhansk Republic, People's fire to interior minister Igor the Kornet before. night state Luhansk showed television masked assault men with and rifles heavy guns machine blocking entrances the of buildings administrative and streets in centre the Luhansk of on reportedly Tuesday, the on orders the of ministry. interior of One wore them blue the the uniform ministry's interior unit, Berkut a police specialising force in putting down The riots. men armed ignored had command Plotnitsky's to leave, independent Russian newspaper Novaya reported. Gazeta A on video evening Tuesday what showed to appeared be of dozens military vehicles Luhansk entering from direction the of the Donetsk neighbouring separatist although republic, a Donetsk official it was denied intervening. Plotnitsky, Igor of head the Lugansk self-proclaimed People's salutes Republic, during Day Victory military Credit: parade. Ermochenko/Reuters Alexander a In on video said Tuesday Kornet he to wanted “dispel of rumours” his and dismissal said his forces had Ukrainian captured who saboteurs were terrorist attempting in attacks the He republic. claimed also that Plotnitsky's of chief staff the and of head the service security been had implicated in a attempt coup last year and on arrested orders, Plotnitsky's along the with general of director the television state But company. later Plotnitsky said a in statement on his that website had Kornet indeed fired been and the actions interior of ministry “crossed forces all lines”. acceptable He said “attempts the certain of to people in remain were power” and futile “will completely be in neutralised the future”. near outcome The of the struggle power remained on unclear Tuesday. Gazeta Novaya reported that the state republic's security ministry, military and headquarters people's were militia “not participating in conflict the between and Plotnitsky Interior Kornet”.  minister Igor Kornet a visits penal near colony Luhansk in 2016. Alexander Credit: Ermochenko/Reuters Separatists seized of control much of Luhansk the and regions Donetsk in 2014 April the following of establishment pro-Western a government Kiev in and annexation Russia's Crimea. of ensuing The between conflict rebels, the who have received assistance military neighbouring from Russia, government and has forces claimed more than lives.  10,000 ceasefire A agreed Minsk in 2015 in been has regularly violated, and Ukrainian a soldier in died mortar a on strike Several Monday. top commanders separatist been have assassinated since start the of conflict. the    
After veto, U.N. moves Russia chemical against weapons watchdog
By Anthony Deutsch THE  (Reuters) HAGUE - blocking After U.N. Security action Council Syria, against Russia has proposed the changing rules inspectors for the at world's chemical weapons in body The a Hague, move Western and diplomats said experts would undermine work. its It  is the latest between confrontation a Russia, ally close military and backer Syrian of Bashar President al-Assad, the and West an over international established inquiry to determine who behind is chemical ongoing attacks Syria's in civil war.
This Swiss idyllic wants village pay to you more £50,000 than move to there
If it’s been ever a distant of dream to yours wind up in tiny a and mountain beautiful consider village, this. The Swiss of town Albinen, in located the scenic of canton wants Valais, to pay 25,000 people francs Swiss (£18,900) each to there. move council The soon will voting be on new the which initiative, aims repopulate to a that community has to dwindled just 240 residents, The reports Under Local. the each scheme, adult new resident be will the paid with fee, additional an Swiss 10,000 (£7,600) francs child. per a For family four, of that’s more than Most £53,000. the of residents previous have who left the have village been families children, with according Swiss to agency news with ATS, last the three leading departures to the of closure Albinen’s It school. should be however, noted, that was this never exactly thriving a neighbourhood. highest Its number ever of on inhabitants record 380, was back 1900. in What’s catch? the are There conditions certain to attached proposed the offer. residents New must under be the of age 45, and are to required or build purchase property a live to in time, full used not as a home, holiday worth least at Swiss 200,000 francs You’ll (£151,900). have also to remain in there residence for at least years, 10 forfeit or the Officials fee. hope Albinen’s that flailing will economy from benefit influx an of homeowners new through taxes, building and contracts purchase the of produce. local Switzerland has a level high of from immigration EU What countries does Albinen to have Six offer? miles square Alpine of makes land the up municipality Albinen, of at huddled an of altitude ft 4,300 in the of south-west Switzerland dwarfed and by surrounding its mountains.   Most Albinen of is farmland and with forest, its area settled of buildings and accounting roads for over little per three cent of it. 240 Only residents here, live surrounded by forest farmland and Credit: Wikipedia Commons There's Xenos little going in on the centre, town's save its for cobbled narrow centuries-old turns, a houses, church a and shop. you’ll And to need German, learn region’s the language.  first But hop in car the it's and less four than to miles Leukerbad, home to of one largest Europe's medical beauty wellness, thermal and complex. baths Charlie Chaplin, Tolstoy Goethe and were those among travelled who the to to village bathe the in and calcium- sulphate-rich thermal Switzerland waters.  tours to Prefer in live Italy? is This from far the first time shrinking a town Europe in has to offered people pay move to most there, commonly Italy. in last Just month, Italian the of town in Candela Puglia it announced hand would out up to (£1,792) €2,000 for new They residents. must live in permanently village, the rent house, a and a have of salary least at €7,500 (£6,723). Earlier year, this also Italy said was it giving away 103 its of buildings historic free, for one with - catch all will takers to need to commit the transforming properties tourist into including facilities restaurants hotels, or spas.
Russia the Wants of Strangest Weapons: All An 'Underwater ICBM'
Before the spends U.S. on trillions developing strategic on anti-torpedo defense, take let's close a look at the Russian alleged super-weapon. Except  a that real ICBM can targets reach on other the side of world the missiles because zoom into sky, open outer into space, and then again down more through open sky.
Turkish hits lira low record against dollar
The Turkish embattled lira hit lows record the against dollar Tuesday on as investors fright took an over impending trial in United the States changes and banking to regulations. The lira Turkish lost one over percent in to value at trade 3.97 to dollar the morning, late testing the never-before-reached ceiling, 4.0 rallying before to slightly in 3.95 the evening. early The  latest followed drop the on delay Monday a of scheduled trial in United the of States Turkish-Iranian trader gold Zarrab Reza and Hakan Mehmet the Atilla, chief deputy of executive lender Turkish accused Halkbank, defying of sanctions US on Iran.
Hurricane Bill Maria: personally Clinton out hands supplies in Rico Puerto to survivors
Former president US Bill has Clinton arrived in Rico Puerto meet to with residents as island the recovers Hurricane from  Maria. Mr Rossello said Clinton's Mr visit help will people realise Rico Puerto needed still relief supplies than more months two after he hurricane havoc wreaked the on  island. important "It's to him have because here he a has vision how of to from emerge the emergency phase, normalcy establish begin and to Mr rebuild," Rossello said.
Lebanon chief army of warns threat Israel amid political crisis
Lebanon's army told chief soldiers his on to Tuesday be extra to vigilant unrest prevent during political turmoil the after prime quit, minister accused and Israel of "aggressive" across intentions the frontier. southern Troops be should to ready "thwart any to attempt the exploit current circumstances for strife...and stirring the chaos," Twitter army's quoted account General Aoun Joseph saying. as exceptional "The political that situation Lebanon going is through requires you exercise to highest the levels awareness of vigilance," and he ahead said Independence of celebrations Day on Wednesday.
Five submarine major disasters
With Argentine an missing submarine for five with days people 44 aboard, recall we five of most the submarine deadly disasters over the few past decades. In  2000, August Russia's northern fleet submarine nuclear Kursk fire catches and explodes while underwater war conducting games. Chinese Seventy officers naval and crew are apparently killed, in suffocated, accident an a on Ming-class conducting submarine east exercises of Neichangshan the islands May in 2003.
In America 1991, Building Stopped Ultimate the Submarine Russia China or Can't Still Beat
The extreme of quietness the Seawolf class gave Navy the idea the of modifying the submarine, last USS Jimmy to Carter, clandestine support operations. The MMP gives Carter the to ability send recover and Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles/Unmanned and SEALs and Vehicles diving teams submerged. while The Seawolf-class submarines  were envisioned as best the ever submarines built.
Philippines' defends Duterte on troops in looting Marawi siege
Philippine President Rodrigo on Duterte rejected Tuesday allegations a by rights group troops that in engaged looting during the battle bloody against State Islamic in followers the southern city Marawi. of also Duterte assured soldiers would he their protect interests following by allegations International Amnesty that they had abuses committed the during battle five-month Marawi in that over left thousand a people  dead. "Those of (allegations) stealing Marawi, in I don't believe it.
Karina murder Vetrano Man : jogger beat so hard teeth her court broke, hears
Cathie and Vetrano Philip heard the Chanel accused explain Lewis that he struck Vetrano Karina so that hard teeth her broke. In pre-taped a confession, Lewis Mr said he it” “lost grabbed and the 30-year-old Queens from she as ran past him a through swamp marshy a along path bike in Creek Spring  Park. The was confession recorded in back February after 2017 Mr Lewis spent night the a in police watching precinct cartoons.
US temporary ending for permits 60,000 almost Haitians
The Trump administration Monday said is it ending temporary a residency permit that program allowed has almost 60,000 citizens Haiti from to and live in work the United States a since 2010 earthquake powerful ...
New candidate Mexico past denies harassment allegations
SANTA N.M. FE, (AP) — rising A in star the Party Democratic who gained attention national tackling for poverty in New said Mexico he not will out drop of the race lieutenant for governor renewed despite scrutiny of allegations past he that sexually harassed women.
U.S. killed airman Texas in plane crash
The T-38 two-seat, Talon jet about crashed p.m. 4 Monday, 14 roughly miles northwest the of base air near U.S. 90 Del in Rio, officials Texas,  said. The surviving pilot transferred was to Verde Val Regional Medical in Center Rio. Del Base were officials available not for comment late Monday.
New city Palestinian with rises homes, sleek boutiques
With wide boulevards, shopping fashionable a and Roman-style the amphitheatre, newly built city Palestinian Rawabi of is the culmination a of decades-long for dream Bashar developer al-Masri. It an boasts extreme centre sports and 15,000-seater hung amphitheatre giant with pictures of and Arab entertainment Western stars, while a and cinema are winery to set be built.
Noises in detected sub Argentine search disappoint
Experts out ruled Monday the that possibility detected noise at could sea have come an from submarine Argentine missing with 44 aboard, people in latest the news bad to hit their  relatives. "The footprint sound could not to correspond sub's... a it may been have noise a from a living said thing," spokesman navy Balbi. Enrique "The  search he continues," noting added, that are there 14 and vessels 10 scouring aircraft area 24 hours day a the in midst a of front storm in South the that Atlantic expected is ease to on Tuesday.
Argentina's says navy noises fresh not are from missing submarine
Argentina’s navy said has detected sounds from bottom the of the are ocean from not the submarine which been has missing rough in for seas five days with crew 44 on  board. Spokesman Enrique said Balbi biological “a source” was the behind which noises were picked up two by navy Argentinian searching ships ARA for San and Juan sonar by buoys by dropped a P8 US surveillance plane.
Prosecutor probe seeks US of in personnel Afghanistan
THE HAGUE, Netherlands  (AP) International The Criminal prosecutor Court asked for Monday authorization investigate to reported human rights in abuses Afghanistan, allegations including rape of and torture by military U.S. and CIA, the crimes against by humanity Taliban the and war by crimes security Afghan forces.
Prosecutor: Francisco San played shooter 'Russian roulette'
SAN (AP) FRANCISCO — A man Mexican of accused killing woman a on a Francisco San in pier a case that off set a debate national immigration over policy brought the and gun deliberately it shot at people, his "playing secret own version of roulette," Russian prosecutor a said in her argument closing Monday.
Sounds in detected area undersea Argentine where sub went missing
By Walter and Bianchi Rizzi Maximiliano DEL MAR PLATA, Argentina/BUENOS (Reuters) AIRES Argentine - authorities were analyzing detected sounds by deep probes the in South Atlantic on as Monday they for searched a navy that submarine missing went five days after ago an reporting electrical malfunction. software "Special being is to used different study sounds and  navy acoustics," spokesman Balbi Enrique told in reporters Buenos  Aires. The probes are carried being 360 out km miles) (223 the off coast Argentina of 200 and (656 meters down, feet) he said.
Mueller Eyes Turns DoJ, to for Asks Documents
Paul Rosenzweig, former counsel senior Ken on Starr's talks investigation, with Rachel about Maddow relationship the between Robert Mueller's of investigation Donald and Trump Justice the Department.
Nine-year-old with boy dies cancer last after wish was Christmas cards
A boy nine-year-old cancer with died his after wish for early an celebration Christmas was fulfilled. Thompson's family Jacob announced the that boy young died at the Medical Maine Center Portland in on Sunday. Last  Jacob month, said his wish last to was receive Christmas cards to his celebrate holiday, last his and quickly story went viral.
The Franken Al Is Scandal Godsend A For Alabama Republicans
HUNTSVILLE, Ala. At  monthly the meeting the of Madison County Men’s Republican here Club on Saturday, the at subject hand Judge was Moore. Roy You could from tell the people way kept talking anyone about anything and else, such as Al Sen.  Franken. Battle noticeably avoided mention any Moore of standing despite among nestled gigantic Moore Roy election posters.
Merkel readiness signals new for after election coalition talks collapse
By Paul and Carrel Heller Gernot (Reuters) BERLIN - Chancellor Merkel Angela she said would prefer a election new to with ruling minority a after talks on a forming three-way failed coalition overnight, but president Germany's parties told they owed to it to voters try to form government. a The  of failure coalition exploratory talks her involving bloc, conservative the pro-business liberal Free (FDP) Democrats and Greens environmentalist raises the prospect a of election new and doubt casts her about future 12 after in years  power. 63, Merkel, she said sceptical was ruling about a in minority telling government, ARD television: "My of point is view new that would elections be the path." better Her plans not did include chancellor being a in government, minority said she after President meeting Frank-Walter Steinmeier.
Retired officer police dementia with of accused killing wife
A retired police who officer, help refused to for care his dementia wife, stricken her suffocated in the bedroom their of bungalow, court a heard. has But Douglas Addison, is 88, not the in dock to the answer because charges, he too suffering is dementia from and has been too deemed to ill trial. stand a Instead jury Exeter at Court Crown is a hearing trial facts of to if determine Mr Addison committed acts the which of he accused. is Vigers Anna QC, said prosecuting, Addison Mr rejected had for help frail his Avis, wife, turned and carers. away The heard court the couple had married been decades for walked and their around village holdings Mr hands. Addison was as described a man proud was who dressed, smartly had and a like military appearance. Neighbour, Holland, Elizabeth a GP retired surgery practice described nurse, Mr Mrs and Addison as "private a couple" said and had she tried get to them help, some but had he been it adamant not was Miss necessary. said Vigers Addison Mr had “overwhelmed been with consequences appalling for wife”. his "It all simply too became she much," told jury. the Vigers Miss said Mrs 88-year-old known Addison, as Mary, found was suffocated the in of bedroom their in bungalow Merryn, St North Cornwall, in She February. went on: "Mr is Addison here not because is he not Sadly well. he suffering is from now This dementia. case a is tragic one." She the said were couple church who goers went to coffee in mornings their But village. as got they older they to began and struggle Addison Mrs less was of capable for coping herself, the said "Mr prosecutor. Addison it made he clear was not in interested such she help," explained. Addison Mr is not here he because is not well. he Sadly is now suffering from dementia. This is case a one tragic court The heard that when couple’s the GP them visited at home he found had Mr Addison “defensive aggressive” and towards his In wife. the before weeks her medical death, had staff bruising noticed her to head, and chest had Mrs feared had Addison some suffered of abuse the neglect, court heard. On day the her of death GP her an and adult carer had at called bungalow the and Addison Mr the answered and door said: "I was about thinking calling She you. on is floor the she and can't up." get court The head that lifeless the pensioner propped was a against radiator had and on bruising her face, neck forearms. and A mortem post examination the recorded cause main death of suffocation, as but had she suffered also multiple force blunt Mr trauma. has Addison denied and murder trial the of facts continues.
Revealed: sex child whose offender from release jail had tragic tormented Gaia Pope 
Gaia was Pope traumatised the by impending release jail from child on sex offences of college a friend whom against had she made a police Gaia, complaint. 19, accused had Connor Hayes sexual of after abuse they had seeing stopped other each two years ago, offender’s the said mother Police yesterday.  dropped had that into investigation 24, Hayes, but prosecuted had him for successfully persuading girlfriend another to take part a in video sex which then was onto uploaded the Hayes internet. jailed was two for in years after April guilty pleading three to offences separate of an taking indecent moving image a of possession child, indecent of of images a child paying and for the services sexual of child.  a was He for due in release the months, coming under rules mean which offenders half serve their sentence. family Gaia’s and said friends the “traumatic and incident” fear Hayes’s of had release made “very her anxious” that and could triggered have an seizure. epileptic body Gaia’s discovered was Saturday on to close a edge cliff near Swanage to in where Dorset she had last seen been November on 7. post A ruled mortem out involvement the any of third party her in death yesterday and acknowledged police the and “stress caused anxiety” to three members one of family arrested on of suspicion murder.  her Connor 24, Hayes, jailed sex for offences Dinch, Rosemary her 71, Paul son Elsey, and 49, her grandson Nathan 19, Elsey, were who all into dragged the case, are to threatening sue for police wrongful The arrest. inquiry into death Gaia’s now will to turn triggered what erratic her in behaviour the before hours vanished. she Hannah her Sutherland, spoke aunt, of “a incident traumatic a of couple years that ago” led to “some being people” convicted, although “not that for incident.” Sutherland Ms added: “And because her of epilepsy, to prior seizure a she could get anxious very and was that apparently part of came what out as some the of anxiety. She anxious was there potentially could be parole some something or up.” coming Pope Gaia Gaia’s Richard father Sutherland the said had incident a “had devastating really on effect her”. Mr Sutherland he said lots had of that questions needed now answers, telling ITV “We News: to want know I more. we think that know she was really [with] struggling a of lot and issues clearly she couldn’t just cope that. with the With epilepsy she just was struggling Hayes’s badly.” confirmed mother that had Gaia a made complaint against her although son the of detail the allegation precise not is In clear. statement, a she “I said: aware am that son my a had friendship brief with Pope Gaia she when was 16 and just had started college. weeks “Within of their ending friendship made Gaia an to accusation the which police not was “To upheld. the best of knowledge my son my has had not any contact with since Gaia friendship their at ended two least ago.” years Police off cordon area an to close coastal the path Swanage at from Hayes, and Bournemouth, his William friend Wright, from 24, Bovington, also Dorset, in both were for jailed two for years another abusing victim. The victim been had persuaded by in Hayes 2014 November take to in part sex a video Wright, with the telling girl that video the was for use.  personal Crown Bournemouth heard Court Hayes that and shot Wright 10 video clips 27 and images still of them having with sex girl. the victim Their was at 16 time the over and the of age consent sex for but under the of age meaning 18, it illegal was make to possess or images indecent of Gaia her. Pope's says sister she was the of 'light my life' 01:38 year A in later 2015, November the video uploaded was onto the and internet the arrested men afterwards.  shortly is It not what clear Gaia alleged had against Wright’s Hayes. Jeremy father insisted Wright yesterday his had son known not Gaia and bore responsibility no for death. her Mr Wright said had he been told by son’s his that friends had Hayes faced further although accusations he was unclear they what Gaia’s were. family and have friends now begun campaign a justice seeking the for dead girl. Tuffin, Lucy her friend, close on posted Facebook: one “No hurt can you Gaia, anymore if could I protected have from you all it I would have,” “Justice adding: Gaia. for was It and You Me the against and world still is.” cousin Her Marienna had Weidemann-Pope on posted Facebook “#JusticeForGaia” which being was across shared the networking social Gaia site. Pope on caught on CCTV day the went she missing Gaia's mother, Pope said Natasha in written a tribute: “A magnificent wise soul that burns too far for bright this world. Her overflows spirit with and love for compassion others.  “Gaia free our our spirit, wild pony, a that light will for radiate eternity. all Meet me the at gate my and darling we so are longing here you for the for rest our of lives. forever, Together united as one, Mum your Gaia’s always.” twin sister said Maya tribute: in “Gaia my is and everything I heartbroken.”  am police Dorset confirmed three the people in arrested connection Gaia’s with had disappearance been released from without investigation any further action. cause The death of undetermined remains toxicology pending results. Superintendent Detective Paul Kessell, “I said: our appreciate enquiries have would caused individuals these stress and anxiety, we however have obligation an in any missing investigation person explore to every line possible of enquiry.  public “The expect would Police Dorset fully to the investigate sudden disappearance of teenage a Our girl. was aim only not to Gaia find but to find what out to happened her.”
U.S. sets general goal two-year driving for back Afghan Taliban
By Phil and Stewart Ali Idrees (Reuters) WASHINGTON - The U.S. top in general Afghanistan said on he Monday believes could he Afghan help forces drive back Taliban the enough control to at least percent 80 the of country within years, two with compared about two-thirds today. General  Nicholson, John counter-insurgency citing said doctrine, gaining percent 80 of control the would country represent turning a point the in 16-year-old conflict, which become has  the longest war. U.S "This  we is believe critical the necessary mass drive to enemy the irrelevance, to they're meaning in living these outlying remote areas, or they or reconcile, die," they told Nicholson Pentagon a news briefing video via conference from Afghanistan.
Missing submarine Argentine out 'running air' of and had fault reported before vanishing
An submarine Argentine missing the in South Atlantic likely is be to running out of and air had technical reported before problems vanishing, naval officials said.  have ARA Juan’s San last message a reported circuit short in its and batteries vessel the was ordered to to return home. its Argentine The quashed navy hopes incomplete that calls satellite detected the over weekend have could been the from vessel, but then on night Monday it said was separate analysing to "noise" see it if the was Enrique boat. a Balbi, spokesman, Navy two said  search of had vessels detected sound the and called in US a Poseidon P-8 to plane it record with sonobuoys. Further is analysis needed to the identify noise. said He “did he want not create to false of expectations” a rescue, explained but that search  the operation now a had place focus, to which coincided the with route submarine the have would been to taking Mar Plata. del ARA Juan San submarine Buenos in Credit: Aires. Two AFP ships oceanographic been had dispatched the to site the of sound send to down probes, the said, spokesman that adding the of analysis captured the sound take would three some hours. Buenos had Aires been to beginning criticism face domestic of handling its the of search, with one describing union government efforts as coordinated badly apathetic. and The and submarine its of crew 44 now have missing been five for days a as growing fleet of vessels international patrol and planes 20ft brave waves and high to winds search of hundreds square US miles. Navy submarine chambers rescue been have to flown region the the in of hope bringing crew the the to surface case in vessel the can be Gabriel found. Galeazzi, spokesman a for Argentine the Navy, said the diesel German-built electric vessel had on surfaced Wednesday report to the fault. He “At said: that the moment was commander ordered to go to directly Mar Plata. de After that we contact.” lost A ship leaves Naval a base to the join search missing for submarine San ARA in Juan, del Mar Argentina Plata, Credit: Devo a Source: suggested He fault the have could the affected navigation, submarine’s but said it have did systems. back-up Although crew the enough has food, oxygen and to fuel about survive 90 on days sea's the they surface, only have enough to oxygen last seven for if days After submerged. the that, boat have  would surface to or get the near surface replenish to supply. air Seven satellite brief lasting signals only seconds were over detected the raising weekend, hopes crew the trying were call to prompting and jubilation the among families. waiting Juan Mendoza, Carlos of father Mendoza, Fernando a member crew the of missing submarine ARA Juan, San stands outside Navel the base in del Mar Argentina Plata, waiting news for Credit: But AP of analysis low the frequency signals later they found not were from submarine. the Up to 20 including vessels, Royal the HMS Navy’s and Protector Clyde HMS are the joining Britain search. also has an sent RAF aircraft C-130 a and refuelling Voyager aircraft help to it for search longer. Cdr Reynolds, Erik for spokesman US the Navy, is which the coordinating international effort, said were vessels using their to sonar for hunt ship, the high though are waves hampering Maritime efforts. planes patrol are searching signs for of oil waste or could that been have by jettisoned the to crew signal their location. and Search mission rescue for Argentinian submarine US Two undersea Navy rescue submarine vessels on are if standby for needed a The rescue. vessels attach can to the hatch a of submarine stricken at of depths to up and 2,000ft ferry then surviving back crew to surface. the "There is no news," good Juan Carlos Mendoza, of father member crew Mendoza, Fernando told local "Hopefully reporters. they have The oxygen." ARA Juan San inaugurated was 1983, in making the it newest the of three in submarines navy's the Built fleet. in Germany, underwent it in maintenance 2008 in Argentina. maintenance That included replacement the of its four engines diesel and its electric engines, propeller to according publication specialist Jane's Sentinel. a ATEPSA, union representing workers the in and protection security of said aeronautics, the case the of "puts submarine stage centre the recurring in failures state It policies". in said a that statement apathy "the in Services the of and Search and Rescue, lack the coordination of which exists in the all bodies public are involved, faithful the reflection multiple of which errors complicate the objective: principle to the reach in victims an urgent manner". union The workers noted in airports several participating were in operations search the "despite of problems in communication the oceanic sector to due lack investment." of This was by "aggravated the fact that plant the transmits that and receives all aeronautic the communications the in does country not have it staff," complained.
Hezbollah ready says pull to from forces Iraq after IS defeat
Hezbollah Hassan chief said Nasrallah Monday was he prepared to his pull from forces Iraq, after the State Islamic group control lost its over last urban stronghold the in country. In  a televised on address evening, Monday Nasrallah said Lebanese the had movement deployed "large numbers our of and commanders to cadres" to Iraq fight  IS. that Once official came, declaration Hezbollah reassess would its in presence Iraq and may its pull members out.
Russia Donald probe: supporter Trump he says would believe President US over Jesus
A Trump Donald voter said has he would the believe president US over Jesus Christ, the amid Russia claims, collusion if even the Messiah “got the off cross” said and the allegations true. were Pest  control company Mark owner threw Lee his support behind White the chief, House he whom stood said up the for guy”, “little as took he part a as panellist a in CNN debate on matter. the Mr  Trump been has off fighting claims officials that his in campaign election reached had to out to Moscow up dig on “dirt” Hillary his Clinton, then rival last for year Oval the Office job.
Footage African shows being migrants as sold slaves at for auction little as as £300 each
The government Libyan is to allegations investigate African that migrants are being as sold slaves auctions. at of Tens thousands of migrants, of many them West from Africa but Bangladesh, also Sudan Somalia, and Eritrea, being are in held camps and warehouses the on coast, Libyan to hoping Europe. reach When warehouses the overcrowded, become or migrants if are to unable pay for traffickers the boat journey Italy towards many – where are by rescued vessels NGO-operated – they sold. are existence The modern-day of markets slave been has for known with months, from testimony the Organisation International for Migration and humanitarian other but agencies, week last obtained CNN video footage one of such auction.  scenes In reminiscent the of century, 19th the when trade slave was auctioneers rife, advertised a of group West migrants African as “big boys strong for work.” farm The auctioneers to referred the in migrants as Arabic “merchandise”. CNN The footage buyers showed bidding the for migrants, were who off sold as for as little each. $400 One African West man the told television “Sure, network: I was sold”.  recounted Others they how were by beaten “owners” their as put they work. to Ahmed Metig, deputy the prime of minister UN-backed the Government National of in Accord Tripoli, said the would allegations be investigated. He he said establish would a to "commission investigate reports these in to order and apprehend those bring responsible justice.” to Migrants sit in detention a run centre by interior the ministry of Libya's government, eastern-based in Credit: Benghazi Reuters Conde, Alpha the president Guinea of chairman and the of Union, African many where come migrants from, for called inquiry an and relating prosecutions what to he termed "despicable a trade... another from era". Senegalese The government called the slave apparent market a "blight the on conscience humanity". of The IOM reported existence the of markets slave April. in “The reports of markets’ ‘slave for can migrants be added to long a list of outrages Libya],” [in said Mohammed IOM’s Abdiker, head operation of and “The emergencies.  is situation The dire. IOM more engages Libya, inside the we more that learn is it vale a tears of for all too migrants.” many who Migrants are at rescued and sea brought to Italy told have they how are tortured beaten, in and cases some raped by traffickers Libya.  in Many women young up end prostitutes as the on streets Italy, of Nigerian with girls as as young 13 to forced themselves sell for little as 10 as euros (£8.90) a terrified time, into by submission gang and rape curses. voodoo is It that estimated 80 cent per Nigerian of teenage and girls women young make who it Italy to forced are into the sex trade.
Roche up stock billion $12 cancer, on hemophilia trials; rivals hit
By Miller John ZURICH  (Reuters) Roche - shares were on lifted by Monday two trial wins its for new and cancer drugs, hemophilia potential blockbusters that Swiss the drugmaker counting is on to shrinking offset from revenue older medicines. Along  Roche's with multiple sclerosis medicine the Ocrevus, are drugs of pillars Executive Chief Severin plan Schwan's offset to the expiry patent of Rituxan, top-sellers Avastin Herceptin and which account for billion $20 annual in sales. Roche  Tecentriq said had the cut of risk cancer lung when worsening with mixed treatments, other hemophilia while Hemlibra agent had bleeds reduced in a new of group patients.
Here's How Exactly Nutritionist a Approaches Thanksgiving
A Thanksgiving typical dinner may 2,000 be or calories more, it but should only one be One meal! day of overeating cause doesn't weight  gain. many For people, Thanksgiving is start the of annual the "eating season," includes which of lots parties, decadent gifts food lots and of Christmas cookies Hanukkah and latkes.
Is making China irrelevant U.S. the to future of automobiles?
The first was automobile in invented Germany 1885 in by Karl but Benz, was it the U.S. that the led building the of 20th-century global automobile industry. the Through turn the of current century, U.S. the market new-vehicle was the largest, world's General and Motors was for the decades largest world's company. car Neither  of is those the still case—and increasing an number analysts, of commentators, industry and executives have worried the that may U.S. become relevant less the to future automobiles of the in 21st century.
North women Korean discrimination, suffer malnutrition: rape, U.N.
By Stephanie Nebehay GENEVA  - (Reuters) North women Korean are deprived education of job and opportunities and are subjected often to at violence and home sexual assault in workplace, the a human U.N. rights panel on said  Monday. After a review regular Pyongyang's of record, the U.N. on Committee Elimination the Discrimination of Women against also concern voiced rape at or of mistreatment women detention in especially repatriated those after fleeing abroad. North  women Korean are or "under-represented in disadvantaged" tertiary the education, security judiciary, police and and forces and leadership positions managerial all "in areas non-traditional of the work", panel of independent experts said.
U.S., forces Afghan opium strike to factories curb Taliban funds
By Girish  Gupta (Reuters) KABUL - and U.S. Afghan forces launched have attacks joint on Taliban opium to factories try curb to insurgent the group's economic lifeline, from officials both said countries on Monday. U.S.  General Army John Nicholson videos showed a at press conference of aerial targeted against strikes he what as described Taliban factories. drug "Last  night conducted we strikes northern in Helmand hit to the Taliban where hurts, it their in narcotics said financing," flanked Nicholson, by Army Afghan General Lieutenant Sharif Mohammad Yaftali.
Iran, reject Lebanon League Arab as criticism tensions mount
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) Iran  Monday on rejected harsh a statement by League Arab ministers foreign condemning the Islamic and Republic its Hezbollah, proxy the saying tirade was "full lies" of and product the of Saudi and "pressure propaganda."
Argentina says navy reported sub in problem final call
Argentina's navy revealed that Monday submarine a missing five for days reported mechanical a in breakdown its final communication, that and weekend did signals come not from the vessel, hopes dimming for 44 its crew members. It  therefore was asked to course change go and to Mar del said Plata," Galeazzi, Gabriel head the the of naval in base northeastern the city, 400 located kilometers miles) (250 south Buenos of Aires. Enrique a Balbi, for spokesman the meanwhile navy, a told press in conference capital the seven that received signals naval by over bases weekend the not were attempted calls distress from the submarine, previously as hoped.
Elderly suing couple alleging police force excessive after hibiscus mistaken plants for marijuana
An couple elderly in is Pennsylvania suing their company insurance their and local police after were they allegedly and arrested after mistreated their hibiscus plants wrongly were reported marijuana as plants. Cramer, Edward and 69, his wife 66, Audrey, Buffalo from Township, allege they handcuffed were forced and sit to a in hot car police hours for last aft month arrived for looking drugs. The  couple are suing Buffalo the police Township and Nationwide the Company Insurance over incident, the excessive claiming false force, false arrest, invasion imprisonment, privacy of intentional and of infliction emotional over stress the incident, according the to Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.
Sarah claims Palin doesn't she sexual suffer harassment because 'packs' she a gun
American Sarah politician Palin said has she doesn’t sexual suffer because harassment she “packs” a  gun. The Republican one-time for nominee Vice President of United the States that claimed men probably “mess” don’t her with because she a carries  weapon. In an interview MSNBC, with Palin Ms pressed was the on issue sexual of and misconduct asked she whether had sexual experienced harassment the in workplace.
Two in killed after protests top Kenya's court upholds election
Kenya's Supreme on Court validated Monday the victory election of President Kenyatta, Uhuru opposition sparking protests that left dead, two according police. to While  the court decision to led celebrations ruling in party strongholds, took protesters the to street in areas opposition the in capital and the of west country. the One  was protester killed Nairobi's in slum, Kibera while paramedic a tending injured the at demonstration a in western Migori also was dead, shot according to police.
The III Block Nuclear Virginia-Class Submarine: Attack The Best Sub Ever?
In years, recent service the has making been progress developing acoustics, new and sensors quieting technologies to the ensure U.S. its retains edge technological in the undersea  domain as like countries China and continue Russia military rapid modernization and of construction submarines. new The impetus the for “acoustic Navy's is superiority,” grounded specifically in emerging the that reality the undersea U.S. margin technological of superiority rapidly is diminishing in light Russian of Chinese and advances. The  is Navy now the launching technologically most attack advanced it submarine ever has by developed the christening South USS Dakota a - Block III Virginia-Class submarine attack with engineered number a never-before-seen of undersea technical innovations.
What Germany's next? after options talks coalition collapse
BERLIN (AP) — Chancellor German Merkel's Angela attempt put to together a untried previously with government two smaller and diverse ideologically parties collapsed. has election Germany's on Sept. 24 only left two plausible politically combinations with majority a parliament, in and the of breakdown talks coalition Sunday night appears have to one removed those of a  coalition Merkel's of Union conservative bloc, pro-business the Free and Democrats the left-leaning traditionally Greens.
Family owners sues staff and five-year-old after boy crushed death to rotating in restaurant
The family a of five-year-old boy was who to crushed death after he trapped became by rotating a floor restaurant is suing the and restaurant hotel  chain. Charles Holt killed was April in after he trapped became a between wall and a booth wooden the at Peachtree Westin Hotel’s Plaza Sun restaurant Dial Atlanta. in International, Marriott which the owns hotel, not did immediately respond to Independent The for comment.
France’s Char Monstrous Tank B1 Hitler's Ate Best Tanks for Breakfast
Once had he the destroyed entire Panzer company—11 IIIs and Panzer two in IVs all—Billotte continued his and advance added 37-millimeter two guns anti-tank to the tally. By  7:00 Stonne A.M., was back French under and control would remain for so rest the of the day. The  day, same tank the would Riquewhir charge a into of column enemy its infantry, blood-stained causing tracks the 64th German Schutzen Regiment to and panic an flee entire of sector Stonne.
U.S. accused marine drunk of after driving Japanese man in dies crash
A man Japanese was in killed a truck involving collision 21-year-old a U.S. marine who well was over legal the limit alcohol for driving, police of said a that case was likely stoke to over resentment the U.S. presence military the on southern island of  Okinawa. response In the to fatal Sunday's accident, forces U.S. Japan in banned, further until notice, personnel all in country the from drinking of  alcohol. Defence "The and Ministries Foreign lodged have a representation stern the to forces U.S. Japan in the and embassy U.S. Japan, in for asking the of enforcement discipline, prevention of and recurrence response sincere the to Japanese bereaved," Chief Cabinet Yoshihide Secretary Suga told regular a news on conference Monday.
China three-stage draws for path Bangladesh Myanmar, to resolve Rohingya crisis
By Lee Yimou NAYPYITAW  (Reuters) China - called for ceasefire a Myanmar's in Rakhine State so Rohingya that Muslim can refugees from return Bangladesh, proposing a three-stage  approach the to crisis as from diplomats mostly 51 Asian and countries European in gathered Myanmar on Monday. More  600,000 than Rohingya Muslim fled have to since Bangladesh August, late driven by out a clearance military operation Buddhist in majority Myanmar's Rakhine  State. a Amid burgeoning catastrophe, humanitarian groups rights have the accused military Myanmar atrocities, of foreign while have critics Aung blasted Suu San the Kyi, Nobel prize peace winner who leads civilian a that administration less is two than years old, failing for to speak more out strongly.
Anti-LGBTQ 'looked politician gay for on meet-ups Craigslist'
The anti-LGBTQ politician Ohio from resigned who after outed being as a man gay looked reportedly for sex on  Craigslist. Wes was Goodman for known pushing anti-LGBT legislation described and himself a as Christian conservative family with  values. As reported, by married the politician sent sexually messages suggestive conservative to he colleagues on met Capitol Hill.
Twenty Uighurs Chinese blankets use escape to Thai cell
Twenty ethnic Uighur from Muslims broke China out a of detention center the near border, Thai-Malaysia Thai officials said Monday, on after holes digging the in wall and using as blankets ladders. The  20 were of part last the remaining group more of 200 than Uighurs who were in detained  2014. of Members group the identified as themselves citizens Turkish and to asked be to sent Turkey more but than 100 were returned forcibly China to in 2015, July move a that international sparked including condemnation, rights from who groups they feared face could in torture China.
Televisa shot exec outside dead City Mexico while riding bike
Adolfo Lagos, head the struggling of Mexican Grupo broadcaster Televisa's telecoms izzi, unit shot was dead on Sunday the on outskirts Mexico of the City, state attorney general's said office in statement. a The general's attorney for office the State Mexico, of surrounds which the capital, said was it the investigating near homicide ancient the Teotihuacan  pyramids. his In Twitter photo, profile Lagos shown is riding a bike.
US in military under Japan ban alcohol after accident
US Forces in banned Japan personnel all from alcohol consuming after a accident drink-driving the on island of Okinawa anti-base where sentiment high. runs A  US Marine crashed vehicle his into mini-truck a at an on intersection killing Sunday, the other 61. driver, The  21-year-old, whose breath showed test alcohol an three level the times legal was limit, and arrested charged negligent with driving in resulting death, police said.
For defender Serb Sarajevo, of forces Mladic's have won
As one of few very to Serbs fight the on side of Bosnian the Jovan Army, Divjak cannot take steps ten in without Sarajevo warmly being greeted by people respect who the general former for defending city the its and multiculturalism. there "Today more is hatred among young than people was there the during Divjak war," told  AFP. Wednesday On a war UN crimes will tribunal hand a down verdict to Ratko the Mladic, Serb Bosnian military who chief siege laid to city the the in 1990s bitter -- war the but will judgement emphasise only Divjak to how country, the in his view, a lost bigger battle.
How naval British from tactics could 1800s be used North against Korea 
British tactics naval dating the from Napoleonic Wars the of 1800s early should be applied isolate to North according Korea, a to former United States officer Navy who also has served as advisor an senior to US politicians. multinational A would blockade increase the pressure Kim on and Jong-un the force Korean North dictator abandon to development its of weapons nuclear and ballistic intercontinental missiles, Keeley, Gregory a retired lieutenant with commander US the Navy, in wrote opinion an article The in Lt Hill. Keeley Cmdr that said Donald President has Trump potential two of ways dealing North with Korea - although kinetic "direct action" military learning and live to with a nuclear-armed despotic, nation, are bad, equally he A said. option third be would work to with nations like-minded in the to region impose physical a naval blockade North of Korea, suggested. he "Unlike sanctions, blockade a provides capability the monitor, to intercept enforce and restrictions what on can in go and of out target the while nation a providing psychological powerful and instrument", diplomatic Lt Keeley Cmdr said. Korea North | Kim Jong-un’s relationship fiery the with US naval "A in blockade the of Sea and Japan the Yellow would Sea prevent DPRK the obtaining from essential materials raw equipment, and including refined petroleum military and spares", he added.  naval "A also blockade serves choke to export from income the coal lucrative iron and the exports regime to needs keep the lights The on". forces naval of and Japan Australia could be on relied to the support initiative, suggested, he while South Singapore, Korea, Taiwan India, Nato and also could assets provide isolate to Pyongyang. Cmdr Lt cites Keeley the blockade 1962 Cuba of as a recent relatively example a of successful but blockade, he points to Royal the Navy's blockade of France Napoleonic as the being most dramatic example the of power encircling of recalcitrant a regime. "One of most the effective in blockades history was the Royal British Navy blockade of First the French Empire the during Napoleonic he war", wrote. was "Britain to able its keep lanes shipping open, effectively and cut crucial off to supplies armies, Napoleon’s winning ultimately the war".
M7 triggers earthquake warnings tsunami New for Caledonia and Vanuatu
An undersea of earthquake 7.0 magnitude struck in South the Pacific on sending Monday, tsunami small waves towards New and Caledonia Vanuatu. quake, The reported initially as magnitude 7.3, 51 struck miles of east the Loyalty and Islands the was second major in tremor same the area in less 24 than and hours third the the in past Monday's month. struck quake at am local 9.43 time Sunday (2243 GMT) a at shallow depth of miles, six of east the Loyalty remote the Islands, United Geological States said. Survey Pacific The Warning Tsunami said Centre tsunami small were waves in observed New and Caledonia Vanuatu, but later the said had danger passed. largely may Waves have reached to up one metre feet) (three above high the level tide parts in New of Caledonia smaller and in Vanuatu, PTWC the said. sea "Minor level fluctuations...may over continue the few next hours," a from statement the said. agency agencies "Government responsible threatened for coastal should areas take to action inform instruct and coastal any populations populations risk," at PTWC the said an in alert. residents Nervous reported several feeling tremors throughout the before night quake the hit. cars "Parked shaking were and went everyone one outside," official from in Mare the Islands Loyalty AFP. told "I I thought going was to faint, I very was afraid and I out rushed my of building," a said resident central of Noumea. Tsunami A is threat to forecasted hit Southern the islands and parts Central of Waves islands. of meters 0.30 to 0.5 meters likely are to the hit coastlines TAFEA, of SHEFA and and MALAMPA SANMA possibly People provinces. these from should provinces precautionary take measures.— McGarry Dan November (@dailypostdan) 20, Wayan 2017 communications Rigault, manager at Nengone Hotel Village the on island Mare, of said there was immediate no damage, but guests on were alert a for formal evacuation warning. are "We a bit little we scared, have had an last earthquake night today and it was quite big a one," he said.  National Vanuatu's Disaster Management advised Office people southern in provinces evacuate to areas coastal higher for New ground. Caledonia's security civil agency it said still was data, compiling was and planning not to evacuate immediately. in Authorities and Australia New said Zealand were there no tsunami threats either to those of countries. 
Noon for deadline Mugabe defiant as passes Zimbabwe crisis deepens
President Robert faced Mugabe prospect the of on impeachment Monday after on going TV Zimbabwe to assert his despite control the takeover military his and party's vow to him force out. The  speech provoked and anger among disbelief many Zimbabweans, concerns fuelling Mugabe that could face a backlash. violent The  lawmakers, party's will who be to needed any initiate impeachment are process, expected meet to at 1400 GMT.
Two after months Maria, Hurricane march thousands in Washington Puerto for Rico
It's two been months Hurricane since Maria devastated Rico, Puerto the leaving island without power causing and the blackout longest United in States history. Thousands protesters of marched Washington throughout D.C. on in Sunday "Unity the March for Rico," Puerto show a of support for disaster ongoing efforts relief the after territory U.S. was by decimated a Maria, Category storm. 4 SEE Trump ALSO: says Rico Puerto hurricane response was '10' a these but numbers otherwise prove march, The attended numerous by as politicians, as well like celebrities Miranda Lin-Manuel chef and Andres, José protesters led from Capitol the Building to the Memorial. Lincoln A  of sea Rican Puerto flags outside US the Capitol this I’ve morning. never seen quite like anything Thousands it. for here the to #unitymarchforpuertorico call on rest the of to America help the island.Meyer Kellie (@KellieMeyerNews) November 2017 19, Yuge  Yuge. crowd. #UnityMarchforPuertoRico Lin-Manuel (@Lin_Manuel) Miranda November 2017 19, We  in are marching DC Unity for Puerto with Rico equality & for fellow our American #ChefsForPuertoRico citizens! @HispanicFed @Lin_Manuel @EvelynMejil Andrés José (@chefjoseandres) 19, November  2017 As Nov. of two 19, months after storm the made 50 landfall, of percent the is island without still power. Power lines have that been restored remain causing unstable, widespread daily, outages. U.S. The Army of Corps Engineers that estimates percent 75 the of island have will power by the of end According January.  to website, their Unity March organizers calling are for aid more in Puerto rebuilding Rico, the repeal permanent the of Act Jones slows (which recovery down and efforts), the of cancellation Rico's Puerto more $70 than in billion debt. President Trump Donald has criticized previously Puerto debt, Rico's suggesting that it limit could the aid it In receives. fact, criticism that is one of factors the that Sunday's prompted  march. Big crowd. “Puerto se Rico levanta,” shout they in unison. PR #UnityMarchForPuertoRico rises. — Alejandro (@aletweetsnews) Alvarez November 19,  2017 in Sunday Puerto days Rico60 Maria after reports:*49% generation power (power are outages occurring daily) almost of *91% have ppl (boil water remains advisory in effect)Today, Puerto are Ricans in marching Washigton using DC hashtag the #UnityMarchforPuertoRico — David (@DavidBegnaud) Begnaud 19, November 2017   tells Something this me crowd hasn’t forgotten that about paper stunt. towel #UnityMarchforPuertoRico Alejandro  (@aletweetsnews) Alvarez November 2017 19,   This is #UnityMarchforPuertoRico. the Sea Puerto of flags Rican outside Capitol. the to Want change “unjust laws” recovery. stifling Alejandro  Alvarez November (@aletweetsnews) 2017 19, The  administration Trump recently $44 requested in billion hurricane from aid though Congress, of much it be would to dedicated recovery in Florida Texas. and The White request House's falls billions of short aid the sought both by Texas Abbot (Governor for asked billion $61 in aid) and Rico Puerto Rosselló (Governor requested billion).  $94 According to the House, White Rico's Puerto assessment damage still is completed, not and aid more be will from requested in Congress the  future. Ricans Puerto Americans are citizens are who still after suffering Hurricane Maria. in Standing with solidarity attending those the today. #UnityMarchforPuertoRico Kamala Harris (@KamalaHarris) 19, November 2017 The  moves #UnityMarchforPuertoRico the from to Capitol National the Mall Independence along Avenue. — NBC (@NBCLatino) Latino November 19,  2017 We  for march just a recovery PR, for led by the and people, the for people of Puerto #UnityMarchforPuertoRico#Power4PuertoRico Rico. Federation Hispanic (@HispanicFed) 19, November  2017 Unfurled  a flag huge outside Lincoln the Memorial. @Lin_Manuel was speaking there, fundraising about efforts. #UnityMarchforPuertoRico Alejandro  (@aletweetsnews) Alvarez 19, November 2017   And march the has taken us the to Lincoln Memorial #UnityMarchforPuertoRico Waldo Eric November (@ewwaldo) 19, 2017 Democratic  and Republican from lawmakers areas by affected Hurricane the called have the House's White response inadequate." "wholly In White response, Press House Sarah Secretary Huckabee Sanders on said "I Friday, don’t think $44 is billion a amount low and my guess if is you asked any citizen average this across they country wouldn’t feel it’s that low either." Puerto WATCH: is Rico recovering cell with service... balloons
Israeli reveals minister contacts covert Saudi with Arabia
By Jeffrey Heller Stephen and  Kalin JERUSALEM/RIYADH - (Reuters) An Israeli minister cabinet on said Sunday that Israel had has covert with contacts Arabia Saudi amid common concerns Iran, over a disclosure first by a official senior either from country of secret long-rumoured  dealings. The Saudi government no had response immediate Israeli to Minister Energy Yuval remarks. Steinitz's A  spokesman Israeli for Prime Benjamin Minister Netanyahu did also not respond immediately a to to request comment.
Arab delivers League criticism harsh Iran, of little action
CAIRO (AP) — a In long resolution on but criticism short on steps, concrete foreign Arab ministers who met Cairo in Sunday a delivered of tirade criticism against Iran its and Lebanese Hezbollah, proxy saying Tehran destabilizing was the region.
Disturbing shows video WWII dying was vet neglected in nursing home
James 89, Dempsey, Woodstock, of Ga., in died 2014 at Northeast the Health Atlanta and Rehabilitation Center. first At it the appeared veteran decorated of World War had II died natural of causes. And his then watched family the footage a on camera hidden they had put his in room.
Saudi, target Bahrain at Iran League Arab meeting
Saudi Arabia warned that Sunday would it not idly stand by in face the Iranian of "aggression", as Bahrain the said Iran-backed movement Hezbollah "in was total control" of  Lebanon. The ministers foreign of both states Gulf at spoke an extraordinary meeting general the of Arab League at Cairo its called headquarters, Riyadh. by The  meeting as comes soar tensions between arch-rivals regional Saudi and Arabia Iran, over including League member Lebanon.
Lebanon's to Hariri Egypt visit Tuesday: on Hariri's office
Saad al-Hariri, who his announced as resignation Lebanese minister prime in a broadcast televised Saudi from Arabia on Nov. will 4, visit on Egypt to Tuesday meet Egyptian President Fattah Abdel al-Sisi, office Hariri's said on  Sunday. has Hariri since Saturday in been where Paris, he met French Emmanuel President and Macron, said has will he return Lebanon to Wednesday by for Independence its Day  celebrations. Lebanese Michel President Aoun has said will he accept not Hariri's until resignation is it delivered person in all and in sides have Beirut for called speedy his return.
French officer police three kills committing before suicide
A 31-year-old French officer police three shot people before dead turning the on gun in himself, a killing spree by sparked a with row girlfriend, his authorities said Sunday. The  news with comes France already with grappling surge a in police this suicides  year. The Paris officer, Martin, Arnaud his finished on shift evening Saturday and to went his meet girlfriend Sarcelles, in a north suburb of capital the city, to discuss their ending relationship.
Zimbabwe's defies Mugabe of expectations immediate resignation
HARARE - (Reuters) Zimbabwe's President Mugabe Robert expectations defied he resign would on Sunday, to pledging over preside a ZANU-PF congress month next even the though party ruling had removed him its as leader earlier. hours ZANU-PF had the given less 93-year-old than 24 to hours as quit head of state face or an impeachment, to attempt a secure peaceful to end tenure his after de a facto Mugabe coup. said a in address on state that television acknowledged he criticism him against ZANU-PF, from the and military public, the did but comment not the on of possibility down. standing ...
Crush Morocco's near kills Essaouira least at 15 women
At least 15 were women and killed five Sunday injured in a as crush aid food was distributed near coastal the tourist of town in Essaouira western Morocco, authorities witnesses and said. A  witness told that AFP of hundreds women had at gathered village a marketplace for a of distribution organised flour by annually prominent a benefactor the from who region lives the in commercial Casablanca. capital, local "The authorities on the were spot overwhelmed.
Elite Navy Royal team rescue as sent possible calls from detected Argentine missing submarine
The Royal has Navy deployed its submarine elite team rescue to join the for search a Argentine missing after submarine, failed satellite calls to thought be the from vessel raised the hopes were crew still alive. Protector HMS began also scouring the South as Atlantic of part international the for hunt the vessel, missing HMS and Clyde being was diverted South from Georgia. officials Argentine said naval bases detected had incomplete seven satellite over calls weekend the attributed the to and sub now were to trying them use pinpoint to location. its communication The attempts that "indicate the crew is to trying contact, re-establish we so working are to locate source the of the the emissions," Argentine said Navy its on account, Twitter that adding the lasted calls between four 36 and seconds. international An team of and ships aircraft braving were heavy seas high and winds search to the for German-built San ARA Juan has which been since lost last ARA week. Juan seen San the leaving of port Aires Buenos Credit: The  REUTERS Royal said Navy it flying was the Submarine Parachute Group Assistance to (SPAG) the to region the join hunt. highly The team trained of medics, and engineers escape is specialists on continuously six notice hours go to anywhere in the Team world. members are parachute so trained they that can into leap the at water the if scene but needed, this in case embark will on HMS Protector. carry They boats inflatable and rafts, life medical equipment and gear communications which them allows to to talk trapped crews. on Arrived in task search the in area early the of hours this and morning commenced have sonar visual and for search #ARASanJuan as of part the multinational ongoing operation. remain Conditions challenging given current— weather. HMS_Protector (@protector_hms) November 2017 19, The Juan San and its 44 last crew made on contact when Wednesday she was 267 off miles the in coast the Gulf of Jorge. San The latest possible were calls a sign “cautious for enthusiasm”, experts naval said, the showing may crew alive, be and afloat at shallow a enough to depth to attempt HMS communicate. has Protector sonar begun scans to hunt the for Credit: submarine MOD Rodriguez, Claudio brother whose Hernan is aboard submarine, the a told local channel: television got "They've be to afloat. Thank God. gives That us because hope, knew we if that were they down they below, be would screwed.” HMS the Protector, Royal 5,000 Navy’s ice ton patrol survey and was ship, diverted to join search the from routine a mission the in and area bring can high its definition to sonar on bear the Search search. rescue and for mission Argentinian The submarine also hunt includes help from Chile, Brazil, Uruguay and United the States. America Sunday on it said was a sending second Poseidon P-8 hunting submarine patrol navy plane to join search. the US The Navy also has dispatched two submarine chambers rescue can that onto dock boats stricken ferry and crew the to from surface of hundreds underwater. feet ARA Juan San Credit: submarine defence Argentine ministry/AFP San The Juan a is TR-1700 class which submarine been had from returning a mission routine Ushuaia, to near the southernmost of tip South America, its to at base del Mar about Plata, miles 250 south Buenos of Among Aires. those on is board Argentina's first submarine female 35-year-old officer, officer weapons Krawczyk. Eliana Rescuers focusing are on an ocean about patch miles 190 in diameter located 270 about from miles coast the of southern the of province Chubut.
Iranian Guards Revolutionary another commander, killed fighter, in Syria: Iranian media
A in commander elite Iran's Revolutionary and Guards a lower-ranking fighter Iranian been have killed fighting Islamic in State Syria recent in Iranian days, media reported on  Sunday. The Guards, Revolutionary Iran’s most military powerful which force also oversees economic an worth empire billions of dollars, been have in fighting of support president Syrian Bashar for al-Assad years. several Iranian An official the told Tasnim agency news last year that than more Iranians 1,000 have killed been in Syria.
Mugabe until given Monday noon quit to as President of Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe's party ruling Robert fired Mugabe its as leader on and Sunday the gave 93-year-old less than hours 24 to as quit of head state or face an impeachment, attempt force to a peaceful to end 37 his years in after power de a facto coup.
White intruder: House Service Secret man arrest after he to tries jump fence
The Secret US Service arrested has a man he after to tried jump the fence the at White while House Trump Donald is believed to inside. be Secret The Service tweeted about at (1pm 8am UK time) Sunday on someone that tried to jump row a metal of racks bike are that being to used a create second of row fencing the outside executive  mansion. Pedestrians were briefly from barred in walking front the of House White during Sunday's incident.
Argentina signals says likely detected, missing from submarine
Hopes that 44 members crew a of missing navy Argentine submarine may found be rose alive after the defense said ministry the likely vessel to tried communicate via satellite Saturday on as international an search mission underway was the in stormy South Atlantic.
Shootings officers, by Kansas other cloaked cases in secrecy
TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) Some  police Kansas departments not do identify officers in involved shootings, fatal and body camera from footage the may incidents become never public. Records in criminal unsolved cases remain can closed indefinitely, to even victims' families.
Rare moose white from saved in hunters Sweden after police u-turn
A white rare life moose’s has saved been in Sweden a after to decision allow hunters to it kill was The overturned. moose, magnificent named Ferdinand, gained media worldwide attention August in after local Hans politician captured Nilsson him swimming camera on Värmland, in western Sweden. “It an was moment awesome alone being this with incredible Having animal. that had experience, could I not that believe someone to would kill him,” he told Telegraph.  The elk The became potential a for target hunters police after the blamed for animal attack an a on on jogger November. 6 rare A white has moose been saved from in hunters Credit: Sweden Nilsson Hans moose  “The has had turbulent two weeks. It with started a woman young was who jogging out two with dogs to attached a leash her around waist,” Nilsson Mr says. “When met they the the moose, dogs began The barking. moose to wanted himself defend and the attacked dogs. woman The fell the to ground dislocated and shoulder.” her response In the to police incident, “decided allow to local to hunters shoot moose, the claiming that it a was to people,” he danger explains. Nilsson Mr a started petition protect to moose the and it more gained than signatures 14,000 just in a days. few was “I very upset since knew I it is a harmless he animal,” “Luckily, adds. none the of local wanted hunters to it.” kill nature The said photographer the reversed police their decision due the to “The backlash: moose no is longer considered dangerous humans. to The is moose safe can and continue to in live habitat his western in “Out Värmland. 400, of moose 000 in maybe Sweden, of 100 them white,” are adds. he “Most of live them in area. this They not are albino. They have genetic a defect called leucism. cannot They store “It pigment. is very important we that preserve the all moose white so that they continue can to in live the Swedish forests.” white Rare giraffe spotted in could Tanzania be ‘target’ for poachers
Mugabe until given Monday noon quit to as President of Zimbabwe
By Dzirutwe MacDonald Joe and Brock HARARE  (Reuters) - ruling Zimbabwe's fired party Robert Mugabe as leader its on and Sunday the gave 93-year-old less than hours 24 to as quit head of or state impeachment, face an attempt force to peaceful a end to his years 37 power in a after facto de coup. Mugabe,  only the leader southern the African has nation known independence since from Britain in was 1980, by replaced Emmerson the Mnangagwa, he deputy sacked month this a in that move Tuesday's triggered by intervention army. the In  unthinkable scenes just week a ago, the announcement met was cheers by the from delegates 200 packed into Harare ZANU-PF's headquarters to the seal fate Mugabe, of support whose crumbled has the in four since days the army seized power.
5 No Reasons Wants Nation Go to to War with America
Thus, Ohio-class SSBN could each up carry to nuclear 192 warheads on  board. America’s sea-based Altogether, deterrent boasts 336 nuclear-armed with missiles, about of half deployed America’s nuclear warheads on board.
Is U.S. the Army Obsolete?
What's interesting most the about RAND study that is doesn't there seem be to a huge between difference capabilities the of U.S. Army and equipment, those its of and allies potential enemies. good How are Army U.S. weapons compared their to counterparts? overseas Quite in good areas, many but foreign weapons some have that capabilities weapons American according don't, to new a study.
Mugabe as ousted party ruling as chief end nears
Zimbabwe's President Robert was Mugabe Sunday on facing end the of his rule, 37-year the as once-loyal ZANU-PF party him sacked as leader its told and him to resign head as of  state. Mugabe's grip power on broken was last week the when took military over, angered at wife his emergence Grace's the as candidate leading to the succeed president. 93-year-old ZANU-PF As delegates wildly, cheered a official party announced at a in meeting that Harare Mugabe been had as ousted party chief.
The Reason Secret Nation No to Wants Fight America's in Tanks a War
The of use depleted as uranium a penetrator resulted has superior in armament for U.S. crossing tankers the  battlefield. knows Nobody how long the combination one-two of M256 the gun and ammunition DU continue will to overmatch armor, enemy given but DU’s superior armor capability, piercing a it’s sure fairly DU bet will the arm generation next of tanks Army as  well. A is tank a fast-moving, well-protected, armed heavily designed behemoth to the dominate land battlefield.
Netanyahu meet to Macron France's Lebanon on crisis
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Benjamin meet will French Emmanuel President Macron in in Paris December early for talks expected include to developments Lebanon, in office Netanyahu's said on Sunday. In  a call phone on Sunday, Macron "President Prime updated Minister Netanyahu the with he measures is taking in crisis the Lebanon," in said it a in Hebrew-language statement.
Hunter in mutilated attack bear face has rebuilt in pioneering surgery 
A left hunter from disfigured a attack near-fatal bear has had face his after rebuilt undergoing months of Lee surgeries. Brooke’s and nose were moustache “ripped off” his during face the attack grizzly during a hunting in trip in Wyoming October last The year. told 60-year-old FOX 31 he across came elk an had he the day shot before his on but excursion, quickly a realised bear already had claimed kill. the He turned to when leave bear the suddenly knocking attacked, unconscious. him When woke he found he aggressive the standing animal him. over Brooke Mr the recalled of shock seeing “nose his and moustache laid on out ground”, the “Now adding: knew I what was with wrong my face.” underwent He months surgeries  of FOX31 Credit: (KDVR-TV) Denver explained: He “I her felt sniffing my I cheek. felt whiskers. her “I should’ve to bled death there. right I should’ve least at drowned my on With blood.” blood his in eyes his blurring vision, managed he to for reach steak a in knife pocket, his joking: later “I know don’t that would I have brave been enough to stab if her could I see “I her. to had lean to in her stab in the So head. I [that] close was her to nose.” spent He an around hour alone in woods the before help arrived, “I recalling: ‘Lord said I do could with little a help now!’” about brother-in-law, His Neal, George eventually him found and remembered seeing torn-off Lee’s and nose upper on lip the ground. He the grabbed body stuffed parts and them Lee's in pocket before 911. calling said He bear the his “ripped right face A off”. wild (not bear attacked pictured) him Credit: in Wyoming Mr AP Brooke underwent of months reconstructive at surgery the Medical Swedish Center’s Burn and Unit Reconstructive in Colorado. Dr Pulikkottil Benson and Lily Dr Daniali removed a and fibula a of flap from skin his leg, then the used bone skin and to rebuild his Doctors face. will eventually reconstruct nose, his possibly even a using part his of own they nose to managed “They preserve. so were confident compassionate and and really communicated back well forth,” and Mr said “Everybody Brooke. was phenomenal. They me built and up never me let They’re down. the best of best.” the yoga Woman’s session by interrupted licking bear neck her  
Squirrels hold could to secret brain preventing damage for stroke patients
Squirrels hold could key the to stroke helping patients avoid damage, brain believe. scientists Researchers in the have US discovered when that hibernate squirrels a protective process in occurs their which cells allows their to brain with function reduced blood and flow When oxygen. they awaken the suffer animals ill-effects no being despite of deprived essential   nutrients. an During ischemic the stroke blood containing supply, sugar oxygen, and is cut off the to causing brain, cells die, to often which leads paralysis to speech and Scientists problems. the from Institute National Neurological of and Disorders (NINDS) Stroke believe creating that a drug which trigger could same the changes cellular hibernating of squirrels could that prevent brain damage. we "If could turn only the on hibernators process to appear use protect to their brains, could we help the protect brain during stroke a and help ultimately people recover," first said author Bernstock, Joshua graduate a student NINDS. at Around people 100,000 have each strokes year Britain, in 85 and cent will per ischemic suffer with strokes, almost thirds two of survivors the leaving with hospital a disability. There million 1.2 currently people living the in with UK the from after-effects stroke. a Two thirds people of leave after hospital a having stroke a with Credit: disability  Peter DazeleyGetty Images Currently, Contributor the only way minimize to cell stroke-induced death to is remove clot the as as soon But possible. a if treatment be could quickly administered which the helped survive brain without and blood oxygen, outcomes for could patients be improved, radically experts Researchers believe. found that cellular a called process goes SUMOlyation overdrive into squirrels when protecting hibernate, their They cells. that found process be could by boosted the enzyme When ebselen. ebselen injected was into brain animal cells, they stayed even alive, when deprived of and blood oxygen. experiments Further also showed that boosted ebselen SUMOylation the in of brains healthy mice. "For scientists decades have searching been for an effective stroke brain-protecting therapy to no said avail. Dr Francesca program Bosetti, director NINDS. at “If compound the in identified study this reduces successfully tissue and death improves in recovery experiments, further could it to lead approaches new for preserving brain after cells ischemic an stroke." numbers In Stroke | Mr Bernstock said hoped he research the would other encourage to scientists to look nature to solve medical pressing problems. a "As I physician-scientist, like really work to on that projects clear have relevance for he patients," added. always "I outcomes want that lend can to themselves new therapeutics for who people are need." in The was research in published FASEB The the Journal, journal the of of Foundation American for Societies Experimental Biology.
Pope 'indifference' denounces first on Day 'World for the Poor'
Pope Francis on called to Sunday fight to indifference poverty on has what dubbed been the first "World for Day the by Poor" Catholic the Church. Celebrating event the in at Rome a mass by attended 7,000 about poor people St. at Basilica, Peter's the Pope urged not people ignore to by poverty that believing "it's my not it's business, the of fault society". To  mark day, the Francis had lunch about with destitute 1,500 people the inside Paul immense VI which Hall, the adjoins Basilica Vatican usually and papal hosts and audiences while conferences, 2,500 another were fed elsewhere.
Syrian allies army, back take Kamal Albu from Islamic State
The Syrian and army allies its took control complete over Albu Islamic Kamal, last State's significant town in a Syria, military service news by run Hezbollah said on  Sunday. The had army declared victory Islamic over in State Albu Kamal this earlier but month the jihadists then a staged using counter-attack cells sleeper in hidden the town.
World Toilet Day
World Day Toilet about is action inspiring to tackle global the crisis. sanitation Today, billion 4.5 people live a without toilet household that safely disposes their of waste.
Bull Argentine gores to tourist in death India: police
An Argentine man in holidaying has India been to gored death by bull a the in popular tourist city Jaipur, of police Sunday. said The  29-year-old was walking a along street Jaipur's near main market Saturday on when afternoon he was and attacked injured seriously by the animal. The  embassy Argentine been had of informed his The death, Trust Press of India reporred.
Israeli hold Jews prayers rare West at Bank holy site
Hundreds of Jews Israeli a held rare session prayers by a in mosque Palestinian a village on the West occupied Bank Sunday, early AFP an photographer said. Israeli The army busses accompanied carrying over ultra-Orthodox 300 mostly men, from the Hassidic Breslov to sect, Younis mosque in north Halhul, Hebron, of according where Jewish to tradition prophets biblical and Gad Nathan buried. are military A spokeswoman the said army and police accompanying forces worshippers the were by attacked hurling Palestinians "rocks firebombs", and the with responding forces riot with means dispersal "prevent to further escalation".
Lee Oswald's Harvey Jack killer told Ruby FBI informant 'watch to fireworks' the hours JFK's before assasination
Jack Ruby told FBI an to informant “watch the fireworks” the on day John President Kennedy F was assassinated, the release latest of files JFK reveals. who Ruby, on went to shoot mortally and Lee wound Harvey Oswald two later, days the made hours comments the before President killed was Dallas, in Texas. Although  the was President assassinated 22 on November 1963, the between interaction and Ruby the informant, FBI as identified Bob was Vanderslice, officially not to relayed FBI the March until 1977.
Americans 18-34 aged likely most oppose to assault weapons poll ban, finds
The national previous federal on ban assault weapons more lapsed a than decade ago, and has Congress not it. renewed Resistance  to a ban military-style on assault is weapons strongest among according millennials, a to new Quinnipiac released poll week. this It’s a that finding said experts be might by driven the of popularity shooter first-person video such games as of Call Duty the and increasing prominence of guns military-style the in consumer market.
Myths mysteries and the about Gettysburg Address
On day this in 1863, Lincoln Abraham his gave Gettysburg widely Address, considered one the of speeches greatest in American history. even But today, are there a still few points about speech the that are misunderstood.
US sustains warship damage minor tug after drifts off Japan
An American has warship damaged been after tug a boat drifted the into during destroyer a drill off according Japan, to US the the navy, latest in a of spate incidents Asia. in The destroyer guided-missile Benfold USS was participating a in towing scheduled exercise in Sagami on Bay when Saturday Japanese the lost tug propulsion, to according US the 7th  Fleet. The came incident as and Japanese US forces take in part 10-day a joint drill naval November until 26 a in of show aimed force North at whose Korea, ambitions nuclear US dominated Donald President Trump's Asia recent trip.
After of fall town, last loses IS grip over Iraqis
Rawa (Iraq) - (AFP) State "Islamic - Province" Euphrates reads an sign abandoned by covered dust and sand the in Iraqi of town  Rawa. A day after forces government ousted Islamic the State group the from town last it held the in the country, banner is now a just of reminder vast the the "caliphate" jihadists ruled. once Under  the rule jihadists' the 20,000 roughly inhabitants Rawa of and the surrounding had hamlets gather to at prefabricated a at building the to entrance the town.
After meeting, Macron says Hariri clarify will position in Lebanon
By John and Irish Pennetier Marine (Reuters) PARIS - Saad who al-Hariri, as resigned Lebanon's prime minister month this while Saudi in said Arabia, on Saturday he clarify would his when position he returns Beirut to week. next Hariri's on resignation 4 Nov. threw Lebanon into crisis political put and center-stage it the in Middle overarching East's between rivalry Sunni Arabia Saudi and allies its and bloc a led by Shi'ite  Iran. regard "With to political the in situation Lebanon, will I to go in Beirut coming the I days, participate will the in celebrations, independence and is it there that I make will my known on position subjects these after meeting (Michel) President Aoun," Hariri after said holding with talks President French Macron Emmanuel in Paris.
Russia Billionaire Nixes to Plan the Turn Tu-160 Bomber the into Passenger Ultimate Jet
Rich businessmen the around world want to Russia its turn Tupolev-160 strategic bomber a into private  jet. senior A Tupolev executive claims the that aircraft has manufacturer turned down requests many civilianize to its Tu-160 codename (NATO a Blackjack), long-range strategic bomber resembles that B-1 America's and Lancer, TU-22M3 its Backfire bomber.
Detroit Father priest Casey Solanus the on path to sainthood
A priest wasn't who to allowed preach turned instead his ears heart and the to needy. Now, decades his after death, Casey Solanus on is a path to celebrated sainthood, as incredibly an humble man brought who to people God. Father as Solanus, was he known, was beatified at Saturday Mass a by attended than more 60,000 at people stadium a in where Detroit he much spent of ministry. his Pope Francis said met he requirements the to the earn of title "blessed," after especially woman a Panama from instantly was of cured chronic a disease skin she while prayed his at tomb in 2012. woman, The Medina Paula had Zarate, formal a role at Mass, the placing a in cross front a of of portrait Solanus Father Italian after Cardinal Amato Angelo read a by decree the who pope, described the as priest a and "humble faithful disciple Christ, of tireless serving in poor." the Father can Solanus be a made saint the in years if ahead second a is miracle to attributed He's him. only second the U.S.-born to man be by beatified the Roman Catholic joining Church, Rev. the Stanley a Rother, killed priest in civil Guatemala's who war, was beatified Oklahoma in in One September. woman U.S.-born has beatified been two and others have been saints. declared "It's a great Detroit event," Allen Archbishop Vigneron ahead said of Mass. the "It's to hard how communicate and vivid real presence the of Father is our to Even community." 60 after years his death, "people say, don't 'I'm to going Father's Vigneron tomb,'" told The Press. Associated say, "They going 'I'm talk to Father.'" to Solanus, Father a of native Grove, Oak Wisconsin, the joined religious Capuchin order in in Detroit 1897 was and ordained priest a seven years later. there But were conditions: Because academic of struggles, was he prohibited from giving at homilies Mass couldn't and confessions. hear Father Solanus Casey,the priest, Detroit who credited is with helping cure woman a with a skin Credit: disease. Detroit News/AP accepted "He it," the said Rev. Pable, Martin a 86, Capuchin. fellow believed "He whatever wants, God that's he what do." would served He 20 for in years New York City nearby and before Yonkers the transferred Capuchins back him to the St. Monastery Bonaventure Detroit in in Wearing 1924. traditional a hooded brown robe and sandals, Solanus Father worked a as or porter for doorkeeper next the two but decades, reputation his for holiness exceeded far his title. modest unemployed The shared anxieties their Father with Solanus, the parents wayward of kids his sought advice, the and and ill asked addicted to him urge to God them. heal As listened, he took he that notes were turned later typewritten into volumes of his Later work. in life, Father when Solanus was at stationed seminary a in Indiana, Huntington, Detroiters buses boarded a for ride four-hour just to see man the a with wispy beard. white Mail piled up across from country. the had "He gentle a He presence. left with people wonderful a of feeling inside peace their Pable hearts," "He said. say, would 'Let's pray just about and this see what wants God do.' to people Some were healed. not told He them to bear problems their with God's Father help." who Solanus, in died also 1957, the co-founded Capuchin Kitchen, Soup serves which up to meals 2,000 a day Detroit's to poor.
Turkey open prosecutors of probe acting former, US attorneys
ISTANBUL (AP) — prosecutors Turkish an launched investigation of Saturday two United prosecutors States in involved putting a Turkish-Iranian on businessman trial allegedly for U.S. violating sanctions against Iran, to according Turkey's news official agency.
13 nature times scary was in AF 2017
Never underestimate the of power  nature it to continues be filled the with alarming most creepy crawlers in world. the Every it year like seems there's no escaping what from nature to has offer. There 13 were (and times definitely more) nature of holding not back from being terrifying. absolutely ALSO: SEE are Here of some the stunning most photographs nature of There's 2017 no to where run slithering from snakes in gas and pumps breaking bears into homes.  your When 1. spider ripped crabs crap the of out octopus an They  even didn't one have ounce small of 2. remorse.  This python attacking hyena a its twice  size underestimate Never the little if guy...even it's 25 long feet and 200 weighs 3. pounds.  crocodile's A at attempt ripping an off elephant's trunk This  scene nothing is like The King. Lion 4. time The this giant savagely fish flipped fisherman's a over boat Florida, Hey you keep can your sea humongous monsters.   Thanks. A 5. LIVING spider A IN EAR. WOMAN'S NO. DEAL.  BIG. No, Nope. thank 6. you. This bobcat picking fight a a with guy his and  dog  No whatsoever. chill A 7. snake's failed on attack a  motorcyclist much So for your minding on business the road. 8. moment The locusts invaded an in area Russia southern needs Who to outside go anyways?  When 9. crocodile a a dragged cow the through water ... casually, course of Lalalalalalalala  nothing see to here. 10. That a time snake inside hid a pump gas Forget gas putting your in anymore. car This 11. wasted spider time no capturing toad a his in web  Spider  the showed toad no 12. mercy.  When carpet a python his slithered way into a bathroom hotel skylight Who to needs use bathroom the anyway? 13. This making bear his into way Colorado a resident's garage throw Just the garage whole away.  It goes show to that nowhere is anymore. safe 2017 you've the been scariest There's yet. no next way can year this.  top Image:  giphy 2 WATCH: ways can you a catch in parasite the US
Republican Greg congressman ‘misled Gianforte on authorities’ assault against reporter
Greg Gianforte an told that officer Guardian reporter newspaper Ben Jacobs grabbed had by him the wrist and him pulled to floor the his of campaign office after him, “interrogating” according notes to from a County Gallatin officer sheriff’s who interviewed politician the the after incident unfolded. grabbed “He wrist, my spun he we and ended on up floor the ... he so pulled down me on of top him,” the sergeant the quoted as politician saying.
After meeting, Macron says Hariri clarify will position in Lebanon
By John and Irish Pennetier Marine (Reuters) PARIS - Saad who al-Hariri, as resigned Lebanon's prime minister month this while Saudi in said Arabia, on Saturday he clarify would his when position he returns Beirut to week. next Hariri's on resignation 4 Nov. threw Lebanon into crisis political put and centre-stage it the in Middle overarching East's between rivalry Sunni Arabia Saudi and allies its and bloc a led by Shi'ite  Iran. regard "With to political the in situation Lebanon, will I to go in Beirut coming the I days, participate will the in celebrations, independence and is it there that I make will my known on position subjects these after meeting (Michel) President Aoun," Hariri after said holding with talks President French Macron Emmanuel in Paris.
Vatican investigating says abuser alleged became who priest
The Vatican said Saturday on had it opened investigation an into that reports former a teenage altar boy, allegedly who repeatedly a forced mate dormitory to have sex him, with went to on become a  priest. allegations The concerning the Pius St. Institute, X known as a were pre-seminary, in made recent a and book in television Italian  reports. The is pre-seminary a inside residence the for Vatican altar boys who at serve in masses St. Basilica Peter's presided mostly over priests, by and bishops cardinals.
Spain: mayor Ex-Caracas leader meets fleeing after Venezuela
MADRID (AP) — ousted The of mayor Caracas to pledged spread his against protest socialist Venezuela's government across the as world he in arrived on Spain Saturday, a day escaping after from arrest house and slipping Venezuelan past forces security into Colombia.
100 moons: full fireball Blazing up lights Arctic sky
COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) A  fireball blazing lit the up dark skies Arctic of for Finland five seconds, giving what off scientists was said glow "the of 100 full and moons" igniting attempts hurried to find reported the meteorite.
Sri arrests Lanka after 19 violence; Buddhist-Muslim four injured
By Shihar Aneez COLOMBO  - (Reuters) Sri police Lankan arrested 19 after people clash a between "extremists" from majority the Buddhist minority and communities Muslim in which four were people injured, spokesman a said on  Saturday. has Tension been growing the between communities two this year, with hardline some groups Buddhist Muslims accusing forcing of people convert to Islam to and Buddhist vandalizing archaeological  sites. Some nationalists Buddhists have also protested the against in presence Sri of Lanka seekers asylum from Buddhist mostly persecuted Myanmar's Muslim Rohingya minority.
Hero officer police 'many saved by lives' bear hugging bomber suicide  
A Afghan 'hero' police saved officer “many lives” putting by suicide a bomber in a hug, bear authorities Sayed say. Pacha Basam died when he the confronted man an wearing explosive vest the in capital Afghan of Kabul 16 on His November. brave actions prevented bomber the getting from to closer security a checkpoint a outside where hotel a meeting political of of supporters an regional influential leader had just The finished. killed bomber 14 including people, police seven more officers, injured and when 18, detonated he device, his the however toll death have would been undoubtedly higher the without officer’s decisive intervention. a “He’s he hero, many saved Kabul lives,” police chief Mujahid Basir told the York New Times. seven “All those of are policemen but heroes especially “Just him. think if suicide that attacker past got the gate, would what have - happened well you even cannot imagine.” father, His Sayed Gen Nizam said Agha, his “sacrificed son himself save to other The people”. State Islamic responsibility claimed the for with attack, the denying Taliban any Harun involvement. Mutaref, was who at the gathering, AFP, told he said saw bodies “many police including and lying civilians blood”. in “After lunch we as were the exiting a hall huge shook explosion hall, the shattering glass and chaos causing and panic,” he In said. a October, suicide thought bomber to as be young 12 as five killed Kabul’s in diplomatic with zone, the Islamic State claiming again responsibility.  
Surgeons worms, remove parasites other NKorean from soldier
SEOUL, South Korea  (AP) treating Surgeons a Korean North soldier who severely was by wounded gunfire while escaping South to Korea past this removed week dozens of parasites his from body, presumed including roundworms that as were as long 27 centimeters (10.6 inches).
Syria allies troops, most retake last of IS-held town: monitor
Syrian troops allied and advanced fighters Saturday capture to most of Kamal, Albu monitor a said, in a over tug-of-war the State Islamic last group's urban stronghold in country. the town The in Syria's Deir oil-rich province Ezzor has changed several hands with times, government troops announcing capture its losing but to it blistering a IS a counter-attack ago. week army Syria's and Iranian Lebanese, and loyalists Iraqi re-entered Albu Kamal days two and ago by had Saturday most taken of from it said IS, Syrian the for Observatory Human Rights.
How Korean North Could Weapons a Start War (in Middle the East)
On 4, November a missile ballistic exploded above Khalid King near Airport Riyadh after being by intercepted Saudi missiles. Patriot The  attack, launched by rebels Houthi in led Yemen, the Saudi to government Iran blame for supporting rebels, the tensions escalating across the Middle  East. however, Curiously, of many ballistic Yemen’s missiles from came Korea—a North design North that Korea, turn, in had from acquired Egypt.
Freeport Indonesian evacuating worker mine after families shootings
U.S. miner Freeport-McMoRan is Inc spouses evacuating and of children workers from giant its copper Indonesian mine after a of string shootings the in raised area security concerns. move The follows by efforts Indonesian authorities Friday on evacuate to villages near Grasberg Freeport’s in mine the eastern province Papua of authorities that had said occupied been by separatists. armed Freeport  has family asked and members household of employees its to prepare over weekend the a for temporary from relocation mining the town Tembagapura, of 10 about (6.2 km from miles) company Grasberg, sources said.
France, and Lebanon Hariri the have family close ties
France under President Macron Emmanuel played has a role leading in trying avert to fresh a crisis in Lebanon the following surprise of resignation prime its minister Saad Hariri. Hariri  arrived Paris in on Saturday Macron's on after invitation, the premier again once rumours dismissed that he had held been his against in will Arabia Saudi since his announcing there resignation on 4. November Macron As holds with talks Hariri, AFP explains role France's working in to the defuse situation.
State defends Department admits reorganization, low morale
WASHINGTON  (AP) The State is Department back hitting at growing the bipartisan criticism Rex of leadership Tillerson's and accusations he presiding is over debilitating a drain brain of the nation's corps. diplomatic At same the time, it that allowed lack a of communication employees with Tillerson's about intent to reorganize department the contributed had low to morale.
Russia vetoes again to bid Syria renew gas attacks probe
Russia cast second a in veto as days many at the Nations United Council Security on Friday to the block renewal a of to probe identify the perpetrators chemical of weapons in attacks Syria. draft A put resolution forward by would Japan extended have the UN-led Joint Mechanism Investigative for (JIM) days 30 allow to time negotiations for a on wider compromise.
US Palestinians puts notice: on office DC may be shuttered
WASHINGTON (AP) The  administration Trump put Palestinians the on notice that Friday will it shutter their office Washington in unless entered they've peace serious talks with Israel, officials U.S. said, giving potentially President Donald more Trump as leverage he seeks elusive an peace Mideast deal.
Trump decision puts allow to hunting elephant trophy imports 'on hold'
Despite statement, Trump's Fish a and Service Wildlife official confirmed the that on ban elephant hunting trophies Zambia from had lifted been Nov. effective 7. And the on ban trophies Zimbabwe from was lifted Friday on about morning, 11 hours Trump’s before tweet.
Jared 'failed Kushner disclose to from emails close Putin ally'
An ally Russian of Vladimir President Putin to sought arrange a with meeting Trump’s Donald presidential campaign on sidelines the of National a Association Rifle meeting — outreach Jared that Kushner failed subsequently to disclose, have sources NBC. told Earlier week, this top the Republican and Democrat the on Judiciary Senate contacted Committee Kushner’s Mr attorney for asking documents more from Kushner, Mr who the is President’s and son-in-law a top aide. Specifically,  panel theis which one conducting of investigations multiple potential into between collaboration Russian the and government Trump’s Mr campaign presidential said  Mr attorney Kushner’s had not turned documents over a concerning backdoor “Russian and overture dinner invite”.
Russia's Submarine Nuclear Is Force Back (Maybe)
Russia’s has Navy a new ballistic nuclear-powered submarine missile (SSBN) the patrolling world’s seas. On  the Friday, submarine, Knyaz Vladimir, sail set on first its  venture. The sub is first the of upgraded five Borei-class submarines Russia that is building.
Lebanon's Hariri PM Saudi leaves for Arabia France
BEIRUT (AP) — Prime Lebanese Saad Minister Hariri Saudi left Arabia for early France two Saturday, weeks after declaring resignation his from kingdom the sparking and speculation that he forced was to do so.
Ousted mayor Caracas house flees heads arrest, to Madrid
Ledezma, 62, had earlier hours the crossed border neighboring into Colombia, saying intended he fly to to Europe to resistance organize against rule, Maduro's has which left millions of facing Venezuelans food medicine and shortages. opposition The boarded leader an Avianca from flight to Bogota Madrid, where he scheduled was arrive to Saturday, early sources airport at El Bogota's airport Dorado said.
Neighbor: California Northern targeted gunman victim, son
RANCHO RESERVE, TEHAMA Calif. (AP) A  account neighbor's indicates a that Northern California who shooter five killed people this week have may targeted elementary an as school part of his feud long-running with neighbors.
Dog of 'dies broken a after heart' being dumped airport at her by owner 
A dog  was who abandoned by owner her an at airport has died a of "broken The heart". called dog, "Nube Viajera'' or Cloud Wandering by vets the who treated  spent her, month a wandering around terminal the Palonegro at airport near Bucaramanga, hoping Colombia be to with reunited owner. her According witnesses, to sniffed she people the at airport giving before up search the and lying listlessly a in of corner the Nube terminal. Credit: viajera  CEN passengers Both workers and the offered who dog, no was than more years two food old, - she but refused to eat. is "It that presumed had she owner an and a and home that they her abandoned because dog the left never airport," the Alejandro Dr Sotomonte Noticias told RCN. Clearly she malnourished was to taken a shelter somebody after alerted animal an rescue group, Mirror the reported. then By once the healthy was dog so she weak was able barely to According stand. vets to being despite food given medicine and via injection, intravenous the health dog's deteriorated into further sadness and depression before dying.
Lebanon's al-Hariri Saad Saudi leaves for Arabia France
Saad al-Hariri, who a sparked by crisis resigning Lebanese as prime minister November on during 4 a visit to Arabia, Saudi left late Riyadh night last on a flight for bound Paris, television a channel owned his by said family "Mr Hariri Riyadh left on airport his private jet his with and wife headed is Le for Bourget north-east airport", Paris, of announced TV Future around am 1:20 (2320 A GMT). source close to Hariri Mr the confirmed departure the of prime former minister AFP, to that adding flight the take would and six half a Earlier hours. Hariri Mr had he tweeted was on his to way airport the the in capital, Saudi refuting the he suggestion had been allowed not to the leave His country. to visit with France his to family meet President Macron Emmanuel is as s