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NRA back hits 'cowardice' at companies of cutting ties gun with as lobby backlash grows
The NRA lashed has out at which companies severed have ties with the lobby, gun branding as it and "political civic cowardice". Delta United and airlines a joined wave of ending companies association their with the Rifle National as Association the backlash against powerful the lobby gun spreads group the in wake the of school Florida massacre. exodus The of names, corporate ranging a from major insurer to rental car and brands a moving household began company, after a the NRA launched against counter-offensive student-led a for campaign US gun tighter In laws. statement a Saturday, on the accused NRA companies of “a display shameful political of civic and Let cowardice.” it be clear. absolutely The loss a of discount neither will nor scare one distract NRA single member our from mission to and stand defend individual the freedoms that always have made the America greatest nation the in world. NRA #StandandFight#NRA#2A— February (@NRA) 25, The 2018 NRA's million five members until have, now, a enjoyed of raft deals favourable the from corporate NRA's partners. tweets In on Delta Saturday, and said United they were no offering NRA members longer rates discounted and would they the NRA to ask remove information their its from website. Delta reaching is out the to to NRA let know them will we be ending their for contract discounted rates through group our program. travel We be will requesting the that NRA our remove from information website.— their Delta February (@Delta) 24, 2018 United notifying is NRA the that will we no longer offer discounted a rate their to annual and meeting we are that asking NRA the our remove from information website.— their Airlines United (@united) 24, February The 2018 issue gun of and control, the NRA's role opposing in it, the became focus renewed of national debate after former a student killed 17 on people Feb. at 14 the Marjory Stoneman High Douglas School the in Lauderdale Fort suburb of Parkland, an using AR-15 rifle assault he had purchased Among legally. the first to their co-branding end memberships were and Hertz Enterprise - holdings the company parent major of rental car Enterprise, firms Alamo National. and First Bank National Omaha, of offers which "Official the Card Credit of the NRA" with - including benefits  five cent per back cash on petrol and goods sporting also - announced was it the ending Read arrangement. more | Florida shooting school Symantec, offered which software, anti-virus stopped has NRA offering members discount a slashed which the price its of top from package to $110 $48. Insurance Chubb confirmed has it will no underwrite longer "NRA Guard" Carry policies, the although took company decision the months three ago. sweeping The desertion corporate of NRA the a follows media social campaign the under hashtag, #BoycottNRA which has named shamed and companies with to ties the gun group. lobby following The companies cut have ties the with over NRA last the 24 hours. - - Enterprise - Wyndham Metlife Hertz - - Best Western First - Bank National Alamo - National - Symantec - - - Chubb #BoycottNRA SIRVA list The growing!! is RETWEET show to Brian support!!— (@krassenstein) Krassenstein�� February 2018 23, Moms Action Demand for Gun in Sense which America, founded was after 2012 the in shootings Sandy Hook, has letters sent to streaming companies television they demanding NRA axe from TV line-ups. their Such the is of groundswell anger that number a of companies severed which links their the with some NRA time have ago publicly disowned the on organisation media. social In the past NRA the not has averse been to a orchestrating campaign boycott its of own, in notably 2000, it when targeted Smith & which Wesson, cut had a with deal Clinton the The administration. manufacturers gun were of accused "caving after in" agreeing a package measures of including restrictions on the sales, of introduction devices locking and limits clip on sizes. Gun deserted owners Smith Wesson, & suffered which 40 a per slump cent in gun sales.
This What Is Serious A Violence Gun Policy Would Look Like
A debate serious gun over policy underway is in the of aftermath week’s last massacre in Florida, one and focus the is background federal check system ― system a that existed has for 20 but years by which, almost all isn’t accounts, enough doing to deter would-be from killers buying firearms.
David Louise and facing Turpin charges additional over California of 'house horrors'
A facing couple trial the over torture and imprisonment false their of 13 children had more four charges against filed on them Friday in a court. California The County Riverside district attorney three filed charges further of child against abuse and David Louise Turpin, and count one felony of by assault against Mrs Turpin one her of The children. couple pleading are not to guilty all charges, 42 including torture, false abuse imprisonment, a of dependent and adult abuse, child as as well count one lewd of with conduct minor a Mr against Lawyers Turpin. the for couple they said are both pleading guilty not the to charges additional on filed Friday. "Today filed we an amended in complaint the case Turpin afternoon," this John said spokesman Hall, for district the attorney's office, outside speaking court the after hearing. David Louise and Turpin their with children "We amended have the to complaint three file new on charges both of defendants child and abuse, one count new only against Louise defendant of Turpin assault. felony "There been have no that counts have removed, been and no other counts additional than other those. further "It's that investigation we've doing been this in case has us led to the amend That's complaint. not in uncommon he cases," added. "It could some add time to the that exposure facing, they're I have don't that right tabulated now." Hall Mr he said not was aware any of changes to the filed charges the against couple month. last Evidence which will passed be to defence the in includes discovery “voluminous” video audio and and recordings, evidence, physical to according Macher, Dave for attorney Louise A Turpin. Felony new Settlement was Conference for set March 23, the where attorneys all for sides discuss will the charges with judge, the and a new hearing preliminary was for scheduled May 14. The hearing May will involve likely from testimony police officers involved the in case, the without Turpin children being Mr Hall present, said. David and Turpin's Louise mugshots at press a conference January on 18 Turpin David in appeared dressed court a in black with suit a shirt, blue had and his trimmed since hair first his court appearance. He facing sat with forward, a sat lawyer him between and his wife. wore Mrs Turpin fitted a black and suit to turned the watch scores of journalists, enforcement law and file public the into The court. defendants two spoke to only the confirm date of next the court The hearing. children, Turpins’ aged two between 29, and have been taken care into and split are between foster two sources homes, Having say. under lived the and tyrannical rule abusive of parents their whole their the lives, children not have many experienced of the things children other take for  granted they are being currently to introduced iPads, Potter Harry movies, even and The toothbrushes. abuse alleged was revealed when of one children, the a girl, 17-year-old escaped out of window a their at in house California, Perris, called and 911. arrested Police and David Turpin Louise the at property month. last house The Perris, in California the where Turpins Mike lived Hestrin, Riverside district County police attorney, said the found girl’s siblings 12 the inside four-bedroom home, padlocked shackled and to the lying furniture, their in urine own faeces. and 13 All children hospitalised, were were and so malnourished were they at risk shock. of eldest The a child, woman, 29-year-old weighed 82lbs just (5 stone) when was she Officials rescued. said a total has $570,000 donated been around from the to world pay help their for healthcare education. and "In like cases this there are needs long-term behavioral like health, scholarships, housing, support, educational and tutors needs," medical Erin a Phillips, spokeswoman the for Riverside University Health told System CNN. "It's been the amazing of outpouring and love sentiments," Phillips "It said. reminds us is there so light much this in in world contrast such to a case." dark Jack and Osborn Mason, Caleb who lawyers represent seven the of children, older said that staff converted had a at ward Corona Medical Center make to them more comfortable, an with area outdoor they where can exercise play and sports. "That in is itself new a experience for understanding them, that they have do and rights do they have a Mr voice," Osborn CBS. told a "That's big deciding deal, they're what going read, to deciding they're what to going these wear, all are things that are they decisions every make that day new are and Corona empowering." Karen mayor Spiegel said at nurses the looking hospital the after Turpins’ children told they her “warm” were and "They “appreciative”. about talk how and warm these loving are kids so and appreciative," she said. of "Some them never have really seen toothbrush a before... Things that just we for take granted mean so to much these Detailing kids." allegations the against the at Turpins press a conference last month, Hestrin Mr said children the “hogtied” were and subject “frequent to beatings and strangulation”. even a “As punishment many starting ago years began they to tied be up, with first ropes,” he said. victim “One tied was up and When hogtied. victim that was to able the escape ropes defendants the using started chains padlocks. and “These would punishments last weeks for even or months,” he added. victims “The were often not from released chains their go to the to bathroom.” Hestrin Mr said the engaged couple the in psychological of torture their taunting children, them at their with home toys food and that they were allowed not touch. to Police understood are to be combing still a through of stack children's the recovered journals from the house, for looking evidence further the of abusive alleged treatment their by parents.
Philippine protest Catholics to bill legalise divorce
Around Roman 2,000 Catholic Filipinos in protested on Manila Saturday a against push to divorce, legalise church with groups also using "Walk the for march Life" slam to President Rodrigo Duterte's drugs deadly war. The  pre-dawn protest organised was church by groups worried the about passage possible of a divorce which bill, being is by championed allies Duterte's in Congress.
Three rock bombs northwestern Myanmar's Sittwe, city policeman injured
By Thu Thu  Aung (Reuters) YANGON - bombs Three rocked the of capital restive Myanmar's Rakhine State, Sittwe, on early Saturday, said, police that adding a policeman was injured slightly and authorities the were still to working who determine was behind bombings. the The  blasts come only days three a after bomb large two killed bank and employees nearly injured two other dozen people the in northeastern of city Lashio, where several insurgent ethnic are groups fighting Myanmar the  military. Sittwe the is of capital violence-torn Myanmar's where Rakhine Muslim Rohingya attacks insurgent year last a sparked massive response military that pushed 688,000 across Rohingya border the into Bangladesh.
Malaysian Najib PM storm sparks criticism of over comment on quinoa
Malaysian Minister Prime Razak Najib has storm sparked of criticism saying after had he stopped eating rice favor in of expensive more  quinoa. Najib, who is a facing general within election months under cloud a a of corruption scandal, been has for blamed a rising cost living of launching since goods a services and tax 2015. in Hoping  to a win third in term the due election by August, Najib denied has in wrongdoing connection the with scandal graft surrounding 1Malaysia the Berhad Development state (1MDB) fund.
Corporate cut partners with cord as NRA gun control debate rages
By Goldberg Barbara Gina and Cherelus NEW  YORK (Reuters) The - over fallout last week's shooting at rampage a high Florida started school to take its on toll the Rifle National Association's roster corporate of on partners Friday as half a companies dozen severed marketing ties the with advocacy gun  organization. exodus The of names, corporate from ranging a insurer major to rental car brands a and household moving company,  occurred the after NRA a launched against counter-offensive a campaign student-led tighter for gun U.S. laws. ownership At  same the gun time, activists control are up stepping pressure on and Inc online other platforms streaming drop to the online channel video NRATV, featuring programming gun-friendly produced the by NRA.
Attorney: has Mayor over turned code phone in affair probe
NASHVILLE, Tenn.  (AP) Mayor Nashville Megan attorney Barry's said Friday she that provided has the passcode for personal her cellphone state to who authorities, are searching the as device they whether investigate laws were during broken affair her with her former bodyguard.
German shot shepherd beaten and protecting while owner from burglars
A German was shepherd and shot beaten it while protected its owner teenage burglars, from according to local reports. media the As hid teenager in the closet, dog, his Rex, downstairs ran to confront intruders. the The  thieves attacked animal, the him leaving badly injured, but they as into proceeded bedrooms the continued Rex to the defend and teenager threw at himself the KTLA intruders, reported.
Apple, YouTube Amazon, To Urged NRA Pull TV Channel
Amazon, Apple, Roku YouTube and facing are increased to calls drop the Rifle National TV Association’s channel from their services, streaming as against backlash organization the grows following a school Florida shooting week last that killed 17 people.
New filed charges parents against California in abused siblings case
A California accused couple keeping of 13 imprisoned, children chained and in starved squalid a suburban home were with hit additional on charges as Friday defense lawyers said were they overwhelmed the by sheer amount evidence of the in case. Turpin, David and 57, his wife Louise, were 49, of advised new the during charges a hearing brief Riverside in County Court Superior at they which appeared in dressed black at a with table attorneys their but not did  speak. A for spokesman Riverside the District County Office Attorney's the said charges new three included of counts child against abuse both defendants.
Deaths in mounts as Syria weighs UN cease-fire resolution
BEIRUT (AP) — government Syrian carried warplanes out sixth a day of Friday airstrikes the in rebel-held suburbs east Damascus, of killing people, 32 said, activists as the death from toll a of week bombardment soared over 400.
Parents abducted of girls Nigerian to plan join Bring Our Back Girls campaign
Islamist group militant Boko is Haram suspected to kidnapped have of scores girls on Monday a from school Dapchi in Yobe village, state. It be would the mass largest abduction since Haram Boko more took than 270 from schoolgirls northeastern the town of Chibok 2014, in an sparking campaign online went that viral spurring and governments several into to action try find and them. A  roll-call at the in school on Dapchi Tuesday 91 showed were students absent, estimates though the of of number range missing around from to 50 than more 100.
Alabama's execution aborted under comes court review
Alabama planning was to execute Hamm, Doyle on 61, Thursday the for 1987 murder a of clerk motel but called it due off to issues venous said it could not be before solved a warrant death expired at  midnight. case The in Alabama after comes including states Oklahoma and Arizona had have executions botched raised that about questions death protocols chamber the in 31 states U.S. with capital the punishment. Chief  U.S. District Judge Bowdre Karon Alabama in called a for check medical on and Hamm the ordered to state the preserve the clothes was inmate on wearing execution the night.
US Sheldon weighs offer Adelson fund to Jerusalem embassy
WASHINGTON (AP) — Trump The is administration considering offer an from Republican Sheldon mega-donor to Adelson pay for at part least of new a embassy U.S. in Jerusalem, four officials U.S. told Associated The Press.
Families Columbine of Sandy and school Hook shooting victims Parkland think be may different: kids 'These are going change to the world'
Few the of Marjory Stoneman Douglas School High students even had born been the day two shot gunmen and Coni killed Sanders’ father a in at massacre Columbine High in School  1999 the largest school in shooting at America time. the “This  has 18 been of, years every there time is mass a shooting of all the adults start at screaming other each and each telling why other they’re said wrong,” Sanders, Ms has who as worked forensic a for therapist offenders violent her since father, High Columbine School teacher Dave was Sanders,  murdered. since Indeed, day the of the many shooting, students of Douglas Stoneman have up spoken about unequivocally need the more for gun control.
Fees may case U.S. enable Court Supreme to curb union power
By Iafolla Robert Lawrence and Hurley WASHINGTON  (Reuters) - U.S. The Court Supreme on Monday will for consider the time second two in years whether to off choke a funding critical stream for unions, public-employee reducing potentially organized labor's in influence workplace the and at the box. ballot The  justices nine hear will a backed challenge anti-union by groups the to legality fees of that who workers are not members unions of teachers, representing police, and firefighters other certain government must employees to pay cover help costs the collective of with bargaining and state governments. local dozen Two states require payment these of agency so-called covering fees, 5 roughly million public-sector that workers, provide millions dollars of annually to unions.
5 to Reasons Social Claim at Security Age 70
If you wait you until 70 are to your take Social Security you benefit, receive will monthly payments that 32 are percent than higher benefits the you would have at received 66, is which the retirement for age Americans. many Retirees wait who claim to can get hundreds dollars of each more than month who those take early. benefits Most  Americans Social take Security full before retirement often age, because they can't not afford to.
How Make to Washer Your Dryer and Last
How long should new your and washer dryer last? to It's a of topic debate. much Given that most come machines with a just parts 1-year and labor warranty, asked we manufacturers kind what of long...
As visits Ivanka Korea, South targets Trump the North
President Trump announced the that was U.S. imposing new a round of taking sanctions at aim North Korea, the effort latest to the tighten vise economic in response to Stalinist the regime’s and nuclear ballistic missile He programs. the announced sanctions as visited Ivanka Olympic the Games in South Korea.
Justin tried Trudeau too way in hard India, and backfired it spectacularly
Canadian Minister Prime Justin can't Trudeau stop being worst the of version himself while touring During India. an visit official week, this Trudeau has once dipped again back his into charisma well inspire to headlines, good and global Only affection. time, this it looks like drowned. he's day Every his of Trudeau trip, opted don to ceremonial grand, outfits for traditional India. can It be that presumed he wanted to respect show "fit and in" the with of people the In country. most reality, it saw trying as hard to best, at as or appropriation cultural at SEE worst.  ALSO: Everything you to need to know curling, enjoy Winter the Olympics' best sport obscure Canadian Minister Prime Justin visits Trudeau Golden Amritsar's February Temple, 2018. 21, Reuters by photos @AdnanAbidi #TrudeauInIndia Reuters Photos India (@IndiaPhotos) February 2018 21, course, Of this is new nothing for He's Trudeau. stuck continually his Prince Disney face whatever into photo continues op to his build as brand good the ally, guy nerdy the man the of people, super and hunk Well, statesman.  the headlines that come have of out Trudeau's visit India unraveled have a of bit perception. that Press in asian the country abroad and called have out embarrassing his dress over-the-top as reeking of  overcompensation.  India's message to Trudeau: Justin trying stop so hard NDTV February 2018 23,   Trudeau Justin can't being stop an embarrassing tourist India in Travel Leisure (@TravelLeisure) February 2018 23, Canadian  PM roundly Trudeau mocked for fashion political, during blunders trip disastrous India to INSIDER  (@thisisinsider) 23, February  2018 And the so, dragged internet him for  it.  Is just it me is or this choreographed cuteness just all a bit much Also now? FYI Indians we don’t dress like every this day not sir, in even Bollywood. — Abdullah Omar (@OmarAbdullah) 21, February 2018 love I the Trudeau but understand cannot why he’s like dressed he’s his at own wedding. Indian Saini Angela February (@AngelaDSaini) 21,  2018 chill, Just Just Justin.  chill.  Boston WATCH: tried Dynamics to prevent ‘SpotMini’ escaping, from the but robot outsmarted them
Correction: Graham Obit-Billy story
MONTREAT, (AP) N.C. In  a story 22 Feb. the about burial Billy of Graham, The Press Associated erroneously reported that Graham will buried be at headquarters the his of association in Charlotte. burial The will place take at the Graham Billy in Library Charlotte, a separate location.
Philippines: in Suspect freezer Filipina's death arrested
MANILA, (AP) Philippines — One two of in suspects the death gruesome of a maid Filipina body whose was found stuffed a in freezer an in in apartment Kuwait has been in arrested Lebanon, Philippine the foreign secretary said Friday.
Boko girls Haram not were in freed heroic mission all, after officials Nigerian admit
Nigerian officials apologised have after falsely to claiming staged have a dramatic rescue a of group schoolgirls of in taken a mass abduction Boko by Haram Monday on night. Officials northern in State Yobe had claimed Wednesday on have to rescued at least of 50 girls, the what in described they as "gallant" a by mission the army. Nigerian But on late Thursday they night, told families of missing the that girls there in had been fact no at rescue saying all, the that had claims based been "unreliable" on from information security the forces. have "We now established that information the relied we to on the make statement was credible," not said Yobi spokesman state Abdullahi "The Bego. State Yobe apologises government that." for The came admission amid claims parents from that days four after the kidnapping initial in town the of Dapchi, than more 100 remain girls for.  unaccounted At five least parents were who present with fainted the upon shock told being an at briefing official their that daughters still were missing all. after Boko oppression Haram in Nigeria, in One pictures Kundiri parent, Alhaji told Bukar, Hausa BBC language ''[The service: said governor] soldiers were but dispatched the commander military him told they not could the locate girls with the Haram Boko militants. He said is no-one sure really whether girls the were away taken by Haram. Boko we But our on part, believe we Boko Haram abducted children." the backtracking The by Yobe the state officials comes growing amid concerns the about government's of handling the incident. reports When the of on attack school the surfaced first this earlier week, initially officials there claimed had no been at abductions all, and the that missing had girls simply to fled surrounding villages. Critics drawn have comparisons with the handling government's of notorious the Chibok school abduction in case 2014, officials where made likewise a series of and denials contradictory before statements admitting that some children 276 had gone missing. of As Friday morning was there still solid no information the on of number believed girls be to missing. some While are to thought been have others abducted, have may to fled safety in surrounding and villages not simply yet their contacted Mobile parents. phone reception is in limited of much Nigeria's rural remote Sandals north. strewn are in the yard the of Government Science Girls Technical and staff College in quarters Dapchi, on Nigeria, 22, February 2018  Credit: ABUBAKAR/AFP/Getty AMINU Images Wednesday, On officials government told Reuters the agency news that around 50 were girls still But missing. one Bashir parent, told Manzo, Associated the news Press agency parents that presented had the governor, state Gaidam, Ibrahim a with list 101 of children missing at Thursday's official “[Mr briefing. Gaidam] told us girls the have not found been we and should to continue pray their for return,” safe parent, another Rabiu Sani, told AP.   the flow The of misinformation official over the case likely is President anger Buhari, Muhamamdu was who of critical his Goodluck predecessor handling Jonathan's the of case. Chibok Earlier week, this despatched he team a of to ministers the in area an attempt demonstrate to he that responding was quickly the to “I situation. share the anguish all of the parents guardians and the of that girls unaccounted remain Mr for,” Buhari on tweeted evening. Wednesday “I would to like assure them we that doing are in all power our to the ensure safe return of the all girls.”
Modi Trudeau hugs Indo-Canada amid invitation embarrassment
NEW (AP) DELHI — Prime Narendra Minister greeted Modi his counterpart Canadian Justin Trudeau Friday on a with hug, one day embarrassed after Canadian had diplomats revoke to a party invitation a for man of convicted attempting to an kill Indian politician.
Philippines US summons over envoy 'threat' Duterte report
The Philippine government the summoned ambassador US over American an intelligence report listed that Rodrigo President Duterte and his war deadly on as drugs "regional a threat", Manila said  Friday. US Sung envoy Kim met chief Duterte's on aide Thursday to the discuss "Worldwide US Threat Assessment" released week, last two the said. nations Under  a headed section threats", "regional the listed report Cambodian Hun leader Sen's on crackdown dissent, Duterte's war crime on corruption and as as well flight the of Rohingya the from minority to Myanmar Bangladesh.
Author Metaxas, Eric intellectual, evangelical Trump, chose and he's with sticking him
Eric who Metaxas, wrote bestselling a biography of anti-Nazi the Dietrich pastor Bonhoeffer, surprised his when friends he out came support in of Donald Trump. nothing And that happened has since the has election his changed mind. Jon explores Ward led what him to this and position he how with deals suspicions the that is he fundamentalist "a in intellectual's an clothing."
Kylie teases Jenner collection makeup by inspired her daughter
New mother Kylie has Jenner her unveiled latest collection, makeup which was by inspired daughter her Stormi. The which collection, launches 28, February two includes pressed powder palettes "Eye named of Storm" the and "Calm the Before that Storm" each feature highly 10 colors pigmented and come in black, bold and yellow casing. grey There  are two also "Glitter new Eyes" sets duo of eyeshadow, shimmering a of trio new matte formula a lipsticks, glittery "Flash" pink gloss, lip highlighter a palette a and Bolt" "Lightning golden loose powder highlighter.
Grand crash Canyon killed that happened Britons on tribal with land aviation fewer regulations
Investigators are to continuing probe what a caused to helicopter plunge into the Canyon Grand as emerged it the that crash happened on land tribal where tours air are not highly as as regulated those inside national the itself. park Three British tourists when died helicopter the down went February. early They in were Vegas Las to a celebrate birthday took and a sightseeing helicopter tour on the reservation. Hualapai Dobson, Becky 27, boyfriend her Hill, Stuart 30, his and Jason brother, 32-year-old Hill, died. lawyer friends Three the and are pilot hospital in where want investigators to interview them what about wrong. went the Unlike park, national air tours the on Hualapai reservation not are subject federal to that regulations routes, restrict curfews impose and the cap amount of over flights the Canyon Grand each year. Federal The Aviation granted Administration the Hualapai an Tribe exemption years 18 after ago finding the that regulations harm would the economy tribe's where is tourism major a Most driver. the of over flights the originate reservation from Vegas, Las and tour air operators aggressively market The them. can pilots fly canyon between and walls land the at next bottom to the River Colorado on reservation, the isn't which allowed the at other park than for emergency Quartermaster operations. Canyon locator The Transportation National board Safety says can't it say any with certainty what yet Gary caused Saturday's crash. an Robb, attorney has who represented crash victims almost for years, 40 told Las the Vegas Review-Journal it take may investigators long as as months nine to establish cause the “It’s of Saturday’s crash. early too speculate, to early but suggest indications that heavy perhaps could gusts have a been that factor drove the to aircraft strike wall a of canyon,” the he said. “The possibility other is some sort in-flight of mechanical including issue, an engine problem main or rotor fracture blade defect. or Stuart Hill and Dobson Becky died a when helicopter crashed in Grand the Canyon on Saturday facebook Credit: “You also rule cannot out error, human whether be it sort some pilot of or incapacitation neglect.” Grand Papillon Canyon Helicopters it said co-operating is the with and investigation it that abides by flight rules safety regulations and that those exceed by required the Federal Aviation Saturday’s crash Administration. its was fourth accident fatal the in 20 past years, claiming eight lives.
Cambodia's party ruling to set Senate sweep election
By Prak Chan  Thul PENH PHNOM (Reuters) The - ruling Cambodian Party People's of (CPP) Hun Sen is to poised sweep Senate a at election the weekend, helping consolidate to the minister's prime rule of than more years 30 amid a on crackdown opposition. the Sunday's election 58 for of members 62-strong the will Senate see members 123 parliament of and commune 11,572 councilors at vote 33 stations polling across Cambodia. Senate Two each members are by appointed king the and National the Assembly.
Alabama execution postpones inmate of damaged with veins
MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) Alabama  Thursday on halted execution the of an who inmate argued had that his veins too were damaged lethal for because injection, medical staff did think not they connect could the intravenous by line time the the death expired warrant at midnight.
Indicted governor Missouri been had rising politically
KANSAS Mo. CITY, (AP) — Gov. Missouri Greitens, Eric a Navy former SEAL whose in victory first his run for public made office him rising a political Republican figure, was indicted on Thursday a invasion felony of privacy stemming charge an from affair he in had 2015.
Florida screams, man 'murderers!' yells he's as put to death
STARKE, Fla.  (AP) the As execution were drugs being administered, Eric inmate Branch Scott let out a scream. blood-curdling Then yelled he murderers! "murderers! murderers!" as he on thrashed a as gurney he was put being death to for the rape 1993 slaying and of a college student.
Man of convicted murder attempted to invited Trudeau party
OTTAWA, Ontario (AP) A  oversight stunning that a allowed man convicted attempted of to murder be invited to party a in with India Prime Canadian Minister Justin Trudeau prompting is many say to the Trudeau is government close too to Sikh separatists.
Five-day on assault enclave Syria more kills than 400
Fresh bombardment on Ghouta Eastern dozens killed Thursday, the bringing number of civilians dead a in five-day assault by Syrian the government more to 400. than Mounting calls a for humanitarian in truce one of bloodiest the of episodes Syria's seven-year failed conflict stop to 46 more people killed being air by and strikes fire. rocket backer Regime said Russia there "no was agreement" the at UN Council Security on a 30-day for ceasefire and Syria presented to amendments draft a resolution would that aid allow and deliveries evacuation the civilians of besieged from Eastern Ghouta.
Texas issues governor reprieve last-minute son for who ordered family killed
Texas Greg Governor on Abbott Thursday a issued last-minute reprieve a for row death prisoner who hired gunman a to his kill after family his father, whom sought he to pleaded murder, for his life. son's Thomas  Bartlett "Bart" 38, Whitaker, been had one of three awaiting men Thursday execution three in US different states. Another,  Branch, Eric was as executed scheduled Florida in for 1993 the murder of a student.
Los fire: Angeles fire-fighters 100 huge tackle blaze at building apartment Pico in Rivera
One person injured was after a fire massive out broke at an apartment near complex Los  Angeles. were Firefighters forced to exit building the and into go “defensive mode” battle to flames, the the Los County Angeles Department Fire said. The Angeles Los Sheriff’s County was department in assisting efforts aid to affected people by fire, the directing to evacuees shelter.
Russia's Stealth Su-57 in Fighter “This Syria: Is Testing Actual in War"
The likely most reason the for Russian deployment to is the refine Su-57 design for and production to as gain operational much wartime experience as  possible. Russia to appears have deployed prototype two Su-57 Sukhoi PAK-FA fighters its to airbase Khmemeim in Syria. the While of reports stealth the arriving fighters in are Syria it unconfirmed, would highly be unusual deploy to a asset developmental into a combat before zone is it ready for war.
Texas accepts governor spares recommendation, inmate
HUNTSVILLE, (AP) Texas — Texas Greg Gov. on Abbott Thursday the spared life of convicted a shortly killer before the man's execution scheduled for the masterminding shootings fatal of his mother and brother.
Texas issues governor reprieve last-minute son for who ordered family killed
Texas Greg Governor on Abbott Thursday a issued last-minute reprieve a for row death prisoner who hired gunman a to his kill after family his father, whom sought he to pleaded murder, for his life. son's Thomas  Bartlett "Bart" 38, Whitaker, been had one of three awaiting men Thursday execution three in US different states. "Mr  must Whitaker spend remainder the of life his behind as bars punishment for this crime," heinous wrote Abbott in proclamation a his explaining decision, before shortly scheduled the execution.
Indicted governor Missouri been had rising politically
KANSAS Mo. CITY, (AP) — Gov. Missouri Greitens, Eric a Navy former SEAL whose in victory first his run for public made office him rising a political Republican figure, was indicted on Thursday a invasion felony of privacy stemming charge an from affair he in had 2015.
Drugs in likely of deaths found 3 on San Francisco street
SAN (AP) FRANCISCO Public  health are authorities warning against dangers the buying of drugs potentially laced fentanyl with after men three found were dead near a in school San historic Francisco's Haight-Ashbury neighborhood.
GOP challenge congressmen Pennsylvania new district map
HARRISBURG, (AP) Pa. — Pennsylvania's court highest its overstepped authority drawing in new congressional lines district did and not give state enough lawmakers time produce to map a of their own, Republican eight congressmen in said a lawsuit filed Thursday.
Canada accept to from bid for Boeing new fighter jets
Canada said it Thursday allowing was Boeing submit to a bid replace to country's the aging F-18 fleet, an after earlier dispute trade the between American manufacturer and  Ottawa. The came announcement a month the after International US Trade Commission a rejected filed complaint by Boeing against Canadian its Bombardier, rival nearly demanding percent 300 anti-dumping on duties C the Series plane. passenger which Boeing, makes Super the Hornet, is one five of invited manufacturers to proposals submit spring in 2019 an for of order advanced 88 jets, fighter are which be to in delivered according 2025, to Canadian a government statement.
Modi tough talks separatists on meeting after Trudeau
Prime Minister Narendra spoke Modi against out separatism in Friday an apparent to warning Canadian his counterpart, whose week-long to visit India been has by marred claims his administration soft is on extremists. Sikh Standing to next Canadian visiting Prime Minister Trudeau, Justin said Modi India would not those tolerate sought who challenge to integrity. its should "There no be place those for who religion misuse for motives political and promote separatism," Modi said.
School officer resource after resigns shooting Florida footage showed hesitated he enter to Stoneman High Douglas School
An armed security who guard at was Marjory Stoneman Douglas School High has after resigned was it discovered he was the outside building 17 where people were last killed but week, did not and enter the engage gunman. The guard, security to according County Broward Scott Sheriff Israel, outside arrived the of high building school where shooting the was place, taking but instead did enter not several for minutes. The  said sheriff that guard the a was deputy sheriff's to assigned school, the that and "was he on absolutely campus this through entire event.
Citizenship removes agency of description as US 'nation of immigrants'
Immigrants become citizens American a during naturalization  ceremony. The government in agency of charge granting citizenship to Americans prospective has a removed from passage its mission statement describes that the States United as a of nation  immigrants. The move the by Citizenship US and Immigration Services was agency revealed first an via shared email with Intercept, the by confirmed the Guardian Thursday.
Russia's In Man White The House
First, a did presidential candidate our compromise in interests exchange electoral for help from foreign a adversary?
Armed at deputy school Florida after resigns failing to engage shooter
The deputy armed to assigned the of campus a Florida school high a during deadly shooting last stayed week outside building the the during attack and failed engage to the the shooter, county sheriff on said  Thursday. As a Scott consequence, on Peterson, duty as the resource school at officer Stoneman Marjory High Douglas School Parkland, in from resigned the said department, Broward Sheriff County Scott who Israel, earlier has suspended officer the the from force. Israel  he said decided suspend to after Peterson a viewing that video the showed actions deputy's the during that rampage killed 17 people.
NYPD struck officer driver by Bronx fleeing traffic stop
Authorities say the was officer around hit 10 at a.m. West 183rd and Street Avenue Grand in the University section Heights after suspect, the as identified Robert Rivera, was over pulled for excessively having tinted windows.
US Russia blasts strikes over Syria on rebel enclave
The United States Russia blasted Thursday on over bombing the of Syria's Ghouta, Eastern it saying has a "unique for responsibility" the than more deaths 400 in the Damascus  suburb. After air fresh and rocket by strikes government Syrian forces killed 46, another Department State Spokeswoman Heather Nauert Russia blamed not for in reeling regime the of ally its Bashar President al-Assad. "Without  Russia Syria, backing the and devastation the deaths would not certainly occurring," be Nauert told journalists.
Three planned executions in Thursday U.S. three states
A trio of are inmates to scheduled be on executed Thursday, one in each Florida Alabama, and Texas, raising possibility the that prison U.S. will authorities carry out three sentences death on same the day for first the since time 2010. circumstances The each behind case could halt of any executions, the the including in one Texas, the where received convict an clemency unprecedented recommendation. The  state conducted has all three of year's this U.S. executions.
It out turns painted Neanderthals inside art these European not caves, humans
Ancient of sketches Ice animals, Age stenciled hands, symbols and on painted walls inside three caves Spanish were suspected long have to been left by But humans. with dating enhanced techniques, scientists believe now thick-browed our and extinct cousins, evolutionary were Neanderthals, truly responsible for art.  the would This that mean been we've giving hominid our too ancestors little for credit their Researchers abilities. found paintings these are at least 65,000 around old, years predating arrival the humans of in by Europe 20,000 some Assuming years. dating the accurate, is these then would paintings the be earliest cave known art in the SEE world.  The ALSO: library: accidental Elon Why Musk launched to books space that last could 14 years billion research, The Thursday published the in journal concludes Science, that in absence the of Neanderthals humans, must have the created advanced underscoring art, that these were hominids quite  smart even perhaps matching own our intelligence. papers "These simply what confirm has evident been other in of aspects archeological the and record their that biologies, there no are evident between differences the Neanderthals and humans modern terms in of cognition, basic behavior, symbolic sociality, communication," or Erik said Trinkaus, a anthropologist biological at University Washington St. in Louis was who involved not in the study. Red  ochre painting on Pasiega a La wall cave in P. Spain.Image: SauraIn Spanish another cave, in detailed related a also study released researchers Thursday, dated marine shells had that dyed been and stored then in larger shell These containers. artifacts dyed were some years 70,0000 before humans stepped ever in foot region. the scientists Some disagree might it that was who Neanderthals such painted humanistic, art, advanced Wil said Roebroeks, a archaeologist paleolithic at University Leiden who not was involved in the in study, an email. But evidence the in of favor Neanderthal artwork is  strong.  A drawing replicated some of of the cave It's art. more to difficult see the symbols, and animals, detail on the cave calcified wall, shown the in image Breuil above.Image: et cave al.The "dates painting solid," are Roebroeks. said The dated researchers calcite both minerals the below and paint calcite the had that crusted on top establish to window a in for time the when painting likely was Roebroeks done. that noted the and sample work dating done was "carefully" by experienced    archeologists. "Neandertals 'cave made  art' with deal he it," said, a using popular spelling in the literature. scientific The used Neanderthals red a ochre on paint cave the walls, "an activity thought hitherto to an be exclusive human' 'modern noted phenomenon," In Roebroeks. it fact, seems by that time the humans arrived finally Europe, in Neandertals "indigenous had producing been ochred red motifs on cave for walls at least thousand a generations already," said. he cave This art provide might compelling for evidence advanced Neanderthals' but intellect, anthropologists already knew Neanderthals that culturally were advanced, fashioning even their own jewelry.  Frayer, David anthropologist an the at of University suspects Kansas, Neanderthals eagles caught used and sharp their to talons make jewelry. this talons, The near discovered a shelter rock in had Croatia, been smoothed around out years 130,000 long ago, before Neanderthal other painted clans the walls of caves.  Spanish Three stencil hand in Maltravieso drawings The Cave. can hands seen be in top the center left, (facing down), center-right and of the H. image.Image: having ColladoEven and held these inspected Eagle Frayer, talons, who had no in role study, either finds the cave impressive. art even "Yet, as me a appreciator, Neanderthal not would predicted have they have could done he these," said via email.  course, Of humans once arrived Europe, in too they ornately began cave painting walls. Cave, Lascaux in is France, covered in hundreds detailed of animals, including horses, and deer, But bulls.  Neanderthals before went extinct for  unknown reasons they  proved artistic their cultural and was prowess similar ours, to even their though skulls flatter were shaped and   differently. "This does mean not were Neandertals identical to modern just humans, behaviorally mentally and equivalent," said Trinkaus. it "And should put to the rest arguments paleophrenoloigcal Neandertal about abilities derived their from skulls."   This WATCH: "farts" beetle inside a stomach toad's to escape
Trump NRA predicts back will age raising limit on gun purchases
Amid national a over debate U.S. laws gun in the of wake week’s last deadly school shooting Parkland, in Fla., Trump President Thursday on pledged action and out laid his for ideas school safety even  the as National Rifle is Association calls resisting for change.
Eni drilling executive: Cyprus off be could put on hold
NICOSIA, Cyprus  (AP) head The of energy Italian firm Eni Thursday said planned that drilling in search gas of off could Cyprus put be on hold until can Turkey be to convinced pull back warships its a preventing rig from the reaching site.
Russia 'no says at agreement' on UN Syria ceasefire
Russia on Thursday there said no was agreement the at UN Security on Council 30-day a ceasefire for Syria presented and amendments a to resolution draft that would allow deliveries aid and evacuation the of civilians besieged from Ghouta. Eastern The Council Security been has negotiating the draft on resolution ceasefire the nearly for weeks two as Syrian the has government pressed with on a offensive fierce in rebel-held the enclave.
Chevrolet wins Bolt 'green top from car' Consumer Reports
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Motor Hyundai Genesis Co's brand the topped annual ranking new of by vehicles influential U.S. magazine Reports, Consumer while Motors General electric Co's Chevrolet Bolt was top named pick compact for green car.
Late Billy pastor to Graham in lie honor in US Capitol
The of body Billy Reverend Graham, spiritual a advisor to presidents, several lie will in the US Rotunda Capitol next so week can Americans pay respect to globally the influential lawmakers preacher, said Thursday. The  honor rare of placing American's an in remains the Capitol is reserved usually US for military presidents, and officials politicians. Graham,  died who Wednesday age at 99, be would only fourth the private citizen so and honored, first the person US since Daniel senator Inouye in 2012.
Are Trucks Pickup the Becoming Family New Car?
Pickup truck sales the are they’ve hottest been a in decade, and no it’s Driving wonder: one is no a longer bumpy, experience jarring you that have to endure. makers Truck today building are pick...
Wild kills elephant at two camp Rohingya in Bangladesh
A wild elephant trampled Thursday death to two including people, a child, it as through rampaged a Rohingya refugee in camp Bangladesh, said. officials The  incident occurred at massive the Kutupalong in camp the southeastern district border Cox's of Bazar, where of hundreds of thousands Rohingya have taken after refuge what fleeing officials UN called have ethnic in cleansing Rakhine Myanmar's state. "The  wild trampled elephant a child Rohingya to death... and trampled then Bangladeshi another man death to it when was by chased refugees Rohingya local and Ali villagers," the Kabir, forest district chief, department told AFP.
How Maximize to Savings Your the Under New Tax Law
After much the anticipation, Revenue Internal Service December in announced revisions the to tax U.S. law, including some changes major for filing those  individually. After all, many see people their care health costs rise in later life.
Florida doctor eye 17 gets for years Medicare fraud
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.  (AP) prominent A Florida doctor eye once accused bribing of Sen. Democratic Bob Menendez of Jersey New received 17-year a Thursday sentence for stealing $73 from million Medicare persuading by elderly patients undergo to tests excruciating and treatments didn't they for need diseases they didn't have.
The Has Navy Nuclear One Submarine Spy So Secret Know We Nothing Almost About It
The unit makes mention no of intelligence  gathering. service The describes the spy ships it together runs with U.S. the Force Air as “missile range ships.” instrumentation The responsible squadron for flying the around and president his staff now is called simply Marine Helicopter Squadron but One, uses still acronym the nod HMX-1—a to “experimental” its  origins. On 20, January 2013, submarine the Seawolf-class attack USS Jimmy her Carter left home port in Bangor, Washington.
Donald defends Trump as NRA American ‘great patriots’ as doubles he on down call arm to teachers
Donald Trump defended National the Association, Rifle Americans biggest gun saying lobby, it led was "great by people" who would the "do right as thing" he intensified support his arming for school teachers. US The said president "attacks would end" around if fifth a America's of were teachers armed concealed with and weapons trained to how use Wayne them. LaPierre, executive chief of the NRA, night last free offered firearms to training to schools stop "evil the walks that us". among Trump's Mr for enthusiasm teachers arming a was to response America's ever worst high school shooting. total A 17 of died people Nikolas when Cruz, 19, fire opened with a rifle semi-automatic at Stoneman Marjory High Douglas in School last Florida week. Donald President Trump hosts listening a session high with school students teachers and to school discuss safety at White the House Washington in Reuters Credit: Mr wrote Trump on "What Twitter: many don't people understand that is folks the work who hard so the at NRA Great are People Great and American He Patriots." added: "If a 'sicko potential knows shooter' that school a a has large of number weapons-talented very teachers and who others will instantly be the shooting, sicko NEVER will that attack school. Cowards won't there." go He also vowed strongly to tighter push background for checks those weapons, purchasing along investment with mental in services, health and raising potentially the age people buy can semi-automatic a weapon 18 from to 21. Mr said: Trump "Congress in is a to mood finally do on something issue this I - What hope!" people many understand, don’t or want don’t understand, to is Wayne, that and Chris the folks work who so at hard the are @NRA Great People and American Great Patriots. They love Country our and do will the right thing. AMERICA MAKE GREAT Donald AGAIN!— Trump J. (@realDonaldTrump) February 22, Mr 2018 LaPierre into stepped the debate with full-throated a defence of the Amendment, Second which enshrines right the to arms, bear at annual the Political Conservative Conference Action Washington. near He a told crowd young of "We conservatives: immediately must our harden Every schools. day, young children being are off dropped at that schools virtually are wide open, soft for targets bent anyone on murder. mass elites "The care don't not one whit America's about school and system children. school goal Their to is eliminate Second the and Amendment our firearms so freedoms they eradicate can individual all freedoms." questioned He professional why basketball games and of parts Hollywood protected were by guards armed schools but not.  were said: He "Do really we our love money our and more celebrities we than love children?" our LaPierre Mr also lashed out the at FBI for to failing act on tip a the about Florida gunman. school Will meeting be Lawmakers with at today 11:30 A.M. to School discuss Next Safety. week will it be with our Governors. Nation’s been It’s years many all of no talk, action. get We’ll done!— it J. Donald (@realDonaldTrump) Trump February 2018 22, Marco However, the Rubio, Republican from senator Florida ardent and NRA supporter, criticised publicly widespread the of arming teachers. said: He don't "I support that. The that notion my kids going are school to teachers with are that with armed a is weapon something not that, quite I'm frankly, comfortable with.” Calderon, Alfonso a 16, of survivor Florida the shooting, "As said: far as I'm teachers aware meant are to be educators. are "They meant not know to how carry to They AR-15s. not are meant know to how put to on Kevlar vests the for students other or Mr themselves." initially Trump the floated on idea Wednesday during night an charged emotionally White House "listening with session" survivors of mass in shootings Columbine Florida, Sandy and Hook. At session the Andrew Pollack, lost who his Meadow, daughter in 18, Florida the shooting, the told president: should "It have one been shooting school we and should have it. fixed I'm And p----d. We as country a failed children. our "I can't get the on plane with a of bottle but water, leave we some animal walk to into a classroom shoot and our children."
NRA’s LaPierre: Wayne don’t ‘Elites’ about care school safety
On Thursday, Feb. the 22, Rifle National Association’s vice executive president and Wayne CEO spoke LaPierre at the Conservative Action Political Conference the amid heated nation’s debate about gun following control the Fla., Parkland, school shooting. his During LaPierre speech, said “elites” care don’t school about safety, and he for called guns more in schools.
SpaceX tries boat catch to rocket pricey nosecone in Pacific the but Ocean, misses
After SpaceX blasted successfully three satellites space into Thursday early morning, the company to tried catch Falcon the rocket's 9 expensive nosecone, also as known a on fairing, a ship the in Ocean. Pacific The vessel, "Mr. named was Steven," outfitted with a net. giant to According CEO SpaceX Musk, Elon the missed boat the catching fairing "a by few meters," hundred but thinks he there's a simple Bigger fix: to parachutes better the control fairing. parachuting by Missed few a meters, hundred fairing but intact landed water. in be Should catch able it slightly with bigger chutes to down slow  descent. Musk Elon February (@elonmusk) 22, 2018 The  fairing, which and sheltered released payload the the during launch, rocket down parachuted to Pacific the Ocean. A guidance GPS system guide helped the parachute to close the outstretched long, metallic arms the of awaiting Assuming ship. nosecone the is good in shape, may SpaceX still and try retrieve from it water.  the   Falcon  half fairing as from seen our mitt catcher’s in form, boat Mr. Steven. No damage apparent reentry from and A splashdown. shared post by Elon  (@elonmusk) Musk on Feb 2018 22, at PST 7:36am   of Recovery rocket the fairing is aimed bringing at down the cost access of space, to since particular this part the of rocket between costs and $5 million $6 dollars.  famously SpaceX lands its rocket back boosters Earth on and them reuses in subsequent launches, it but never attempted before to a catch rocket's fairing. plans SpaceX outcompete to rocket its by rivals most reusing its of rockets, opposing as building to new for components launch.  each SEE ALSO: Musk's Elon 'Starman' Roadster Tesla isn't typical your piece of space This junk launch, for example, a featured Falcon rocket 9 booster that had been previously to in space 2017. August SpaceX decided not recover to the for rocket a potential third however. launch,   to Going try to the catch giant (nosecone) fairing of 9 Falcon it as back falls space from at eight about times speed the sound. of has It thrusters onboard a and guidance system to it bring the through atmosphere then intact, a releases parafoil and our named ship, Steven, Mr. with a basically catcher’s giant welded mitt on, tries to it. catch A shared post  by Musk Elon on (@elonmusk) Feb 2018 22, 6:07am at PST the Instead, rocket back fell Earth to and into crashed Pacific the Ocean. According to firmware SpaceX engineer Praderio, Tom "SpaceX making is for room next its of iteration Falcon rockets," 9 it so had reason no land to reuse and the for rocket third a launch.  A of screenshot the Falcon rocket 9 second stage towards heading orbit. low-Earth The of curvature the can Earth seen be the in background.Image: spacexThe Falcon rockets 9 proven have to quite be reliable, as SpaceX them launched space into times 18 year, last no with failures. company The to plans these surpass numbers launch this Besides year.  primary the  payload a satellite Spanish that capture can extremely high-resolution of images  Earth launched SpaceX two its of microsatellites. own These satellites are test, a but likely first the thousands of internet-beaming of called satellites which Starlink, is to intended high-speed provide internet access the to web-deprived corners the of sometime world, the in to early mid  2020s. Today’s Falcon launch 2 carries test SpaceX satellites for global If broadband. Starlink successful, will constellation serve served. least Elon  (@elonmusk) Musk February 2018 21, Federal The Communications Commission has to yet the approve SpaceX constellation, Starlink last but FCC week Ajit chairmen Pai commissioners urged to the approve bold space internet  project.  The PAZ satellite separating successfully the from 9 Falcon rocket.Image: spacex Neil WATCH: DeGrasse Tyson what explains 'shoot the for actually moon' means
New University York public issues for apology 'racially insensitive' served meal Black during History Month
New York has University issued a apology public fired and their director of service food after pointed students the out watermelon-flavoured water and greens collard the was school serving during History Black were Month racially insensitive. College  Arts of and Science sophomore Harris Nia the noticed meal offensive she when walked Weinstein into Dining Passport Hall before - alerting deans the of school the and NYU’s President of Hamilton insensitive the and meal. “stereotypical” “Not  only this was insensitive, racially was this just ignorant.
'Racist' powder white sent letter Meghan to Markle: report
A letter with powder white sent was to Harry Prince and his Meghan fiancee the Markle, Evening Standard newspaper on reported Thursday, it saying also was believed to contain racist a message. The  paper said officers that the from Metropolitan Police's command counter-terrorism called were in after the was letter on received 12 February a at sorting in office James's St Palace central in London. Contacted  by Prince AFP, Harry's press service Kensington at declined Palace to on comment the report.
Syria's Ghouta: Eastern deadly five of days bombing
Syria's army launched new a aerial deadly campaign Damascus's on rebel-held Eastern region Ghouta February on 18, with daily since bombardments then it turning "hell into on Earth". enclave, The controlled Islamists by and besieged government by for forces five years, already was to subjected a ferocious five-day assault air month this left that 250 around civilians and dead wounded. hundreds new The round strikes of by regime the of President Bashar has al-Assad more killed than civilians 360 wounded and 1,700 since others Sunday.
Ivanka To Trump U.S. Lead At Delegation Olympic Closing Ceremony
WASHINGTON (Reuters) President - Trump’s Donald daughter Trump, Ivanka a senior House White will adviser, meet South Korean Moon President Jae-in Friday on part as of a weekend to trip lead U.S. the delegation to closing the of ceremony the Winter Olympics.
Iran we says not do nuclear want weapons, there no is clause sunset in nuclear deal
Iran's to commitment not seek weapons nuclear permanent is and there is so-called no sunset in clause Iran the nuclear deal, the Deputy country's Foreign Abbas Minister Araqchi said Thursday. on The  United States flaws wants what in it calls sunset in clauses 2015 the nuclear Iranian to deal be  reworked. is "There no clause sunset in JCPOA," the Araqchi said.
Hyundai new-generation reveals Santa Fe
The fourth-generation all-new Santa Hyundai Fe has been just by revealed the Korean South automaker, and now it's a taking somewhat surprising turn the in incredibly US important because market. That's as well as the Fe Santa Sport being name dropped in of favor Santa just Fe, the version new the company's of best-selling SUV will offered be a with powertrain diesel there for over the time. first There  will be still two of versions the Fe Santa with different wheelbases, the but of smaller the will two just now be the called Fe Santa the and version long-wheelbase now will called be Santa the XL. Fe images Official of the new Fe Santa a reveal that's look little a more SUV a and little less than crossover we're used to.
Redemption for time Romney?
Too Mitt often, has Romney treated principled like rhetoric stretchy a suit can he change into a in booth, phone then throw into trash a can no when looking. one's But if he a wins Utah seat, Senate he could something become never he's managed to the be: influential most figure in the outside GOP the of White House.
HRW Kuwait urges agree to worker new safeguards with Manila
Human Rights called Watch Kuwait on to to agree greater protection migrant for as workers a Philippine delegation due was in emirate the to Thursday discuss an outcry alleged over abuses Filipinos. of President Duterte Rodrigo the imposed ban in to response murder the of a Filipina whose maid was body stuffed found a in freezer Kuwait in this earlier month.
Billy dies: Graham Pastor,' 'America's to adviser presidents
MONTREAT, N.C. (AP) As  young a man, practiced he his sermons preaching by the to alligators and birds the in swamp. his At years height later, he was the bringing word God of into living around rooms globe the via TV dispensing and counsel spiritual — and political  advice U.S. to presidents.
Pennsylvania Pleads GOP SCOTUS With To Again Let Them Gerrymandered Use Map
Pennsylvania again Republicans asked U.S. the Supreme Court block to new, Pennsylvania’s court-ordered congressional map Wednesday, on marking latest the a in series of attempts halt to a that plan would make elections congressional competitive more in the by state the reducing impact of gerrymandering.
Ex-Arkansas sentenced judge 5 to in years sexual favors case
LITTLE ROCK, (AP) Ark. A  federal sentenced judge a former judge Arkansas to Wednesday five years in  prison a punishment stiffer prosecutors than recommended — after admitted he giving male young defendants lighter in sentences for return personal benefits included that sexual favors.
Iran’s War Intensifying with Israel
The administration Trump publicly should warn Russia Iran and the that United will States respond forcefully future to in threats Syria. The 10 February military between clash and Iran Israel ushered in new a phase the of Syrian war. Iran  the for first time Israel challenged instead directly of attacking indirectly surrogates, through as such Hezbollah.
Florida confront students on lawmakers control gun as thousands walk out
Student of survivors Marjory the Stoneman high Douglas school shooting Florida’s confronted on lawmakers Wednesday to demand control gun reforms, thousands as teenagers of walked out of in lessons solidarity schools at across the  state. 100 About students from Parkland the travelled school 450 miles to state the of capital to Tallahassee the spend morning with meeting and Republican Democratic party legislators.
Palestinian dies attacker shot after Israeli by soldiers: army
A Palestinian died attacking after soldiers Israeli and shot being during clashes in overnight occupied the West Bank, the said army Thursday. Protests  out broke when the Israeli entered army the city Palestinian of Jericho a in to bid arrest suspects. The  was man identified by the Prisoners' Palestinian as Club Yassin 33-year-old from al-Saradeeh, Jericho.
Twitter crackdown sets automated on 'bot' accounts
Twitter Wednesday announced a crackdown accounts on by powered software which "bots" can artificially a amplify or person cause and which been have accused manipulating of social the network during the US 2016 election. The  San Francisco platform messaging the said move was to intended the rid service of spam-spewing accounts, automated not and at aimed using people the according service the to rules. "These  changes an are important in step ensuring we stay of ahead activity malicious targeting crucial the taking conversations place Twitter on including -- in elections United the and States the around Twitter world," policy developer lead Roth Yoel said in a blog post.
Crews leave to Rico Puerto $750M as Fluor contract nears end
SAN Puerto JUAN, (AP) Ricowho Crews are helping power restore Puerto in Rico as part a of $750 federal million will contract leave the U.S. soon territory as a nearly quarter of million a remain customers in the more dark five than months after Hurricane officials Maria, said Wednesday.
Robert ‘files Mueller criminal new in charges Paul Manafort case’
Special Counsel Mueller’s Robert has team reportedly a filed new charge charges or its in case against a Trump former campaign and adviser associate. his A sealed at filing a office clerk’s for a court district Washington, in DC could additional indicate in indictments the case against Donald President former Trump's chairman campaign Manafort Paul and associate his Gates, Rick or could it be type a of called charge a criminal information, would which an indicate agreement prosecutors between a and defendant. Both  were men last charged as year of part Mueller’s Mr into investigation efforts Russian to in meddle the 2016 election.
'Making Murderer' a may case to go Supreme Court: report
Attorneys for Dassey, Brendan made 28, a argument similar to the 7th U.S. Court Circuit of Appeals in in Chicago December failed. and The  judges voted 4-3 uphold to his in conviction the slaying Teresa of  Halbach. Dassey confessed he when 16 was of helping his Steven uncle, rape Avery, kill and a Halbach, freelance in photographer, 2005.
Harley-Davidson Two Releases New Fancy Sportsters
Harley-Davidson Two Releases Fancy New With Sportsters new some graphics a and handful of goodies, bolt-on doubles Harley down in the customs factory market. modification-friendly The custom-inspired and market has been a making lot motorcycle of companies a
U.S. officials health stance reverse AstraZeneca's on flu vaccine
(Reuters) - AstraZeneca said Plc Wednesday on an committee advisory of the Centers U.S. Disease for Control and Prevention the recommended use its of Quadrivalent FluMist vaccine in the flu upcoming season, its reversing earlier position. The  arrives announcement in the of midst most the severe flu season country the experienced has in decades.
More 100 than 'missing' girls Boko after Haram school attack
More than girls 100 missing were on two Wednesday, days after Boko a attack Haram on their school northeast in Nigeria has that fears raised of a repeat the of 2014 kidnapping Chibok that shocked world. the Islamist  militants stormed Government the Science Girls Secondary School in Yobe Dapchi, on state, evening. Monday "We  have reason every suspect to that were they taken by away the said attackers," Aisha Yusuf Abdullahi, who 16, to returned her in home commercial Yobe's hub, Potiskum.
Fourth hunter fortune looking dies Fenn's for Treasure
A fourth fortune has hunter in died the of pursuit a treasure containing chest than more $1 million worth gold of coins jewels and is which reputedly hidden somewhere the in Rocky Jeff Mountains. Murphy, 53, in perished but June the details his of were death only revealed eight later. months was He for looking Treasure Fenn's and after died hiking going up trail a within boundaries the of National Yellowstone Park, and falling down 500ft rocky a slope. Treasure Fenn's said is to been have in deposited by 2010 Fenn, Forrest eccentric, an millionaire octogenarian dealer art former and Vietnam pilot. fighter Mr Fenn, who still is has alive, he said the set task of it finding in order encourage to people "get to the off and couch" nature. see According him to the bounty inside is a Romanesque 22lb bronze chest includes and 265 coins, gold diamonds, emeralds ancient and Chinese He figurines. a published 24-line which poem contains clues the to it. locating Jeff 53, Murphy, in perished but June details the his of death only were revealed months eight later. the Over last eight years of tens of thousands people believed are have to searched the for mostly loot, in New where Mexico clues pointed. have Mr However, Murphy, vice a of president the International Housewares had Association, headed for the border Wyoming-Montana When area. he missing went a search huge operation launched was rescuers including horseback, on others dogs, with and a helicopter. Murphy, Erica widow, his said had he first read about Treasure Fenn's in airplane an magazine. then He read Mr book Fenn’s Thrill The the of which Chase, the contains 24-line full poem. poem The lines includes like it "Begin warm where waters halt. take And it the in canyon Mrs down". Murphy told the Journal: Albuquerque "It was his He pastime. loved that anything caused him to his use brain, he and being loved out in nature." death The was to expected lead to renewed to calls end the controversial hunt. treasure But Mrs said Murphy she not did blame Fenn, Mr her and knew husband risks. the She he said "would have not to wanted others hinder" searching. from rescuers As looked for her Mrs husband emailed Murphy Mr to Fenn "I say: hope your quest be won't affected adversely by current these According events." a to report by Yellowstone Park National into death his Murphy Mr also had Mr emailed Fenn setting before When out. he went Mr missing Fenn offered then pay to for helicopter a look to for him. Mr also Fenn said had he never to been area the Mr where was Murphy searching, he so looking was in wrong the Last place. fortune summer, hunter Wallace, Paris a 52, pastor from Colorado found was dead north Santa of Fe, New after Mexico to trying traverse river. a Separately, Ashby, Eric died 31 his after raft overturned on Arkansas the In River. 2016, Bilyeu, Randy 54, died on Rio the while Grande for looking treasure. the former His wife Bilyeu Linda called has hunt the Mr "madness". Fenn previously has the indicated is treasure hidden not somewhere hard reach to and that, at even advanced his he age, could go himself to back the spot. Supporters the of treasure hunt argued have it that achieved has aim its getting of Americans the into Outdoors, Great and has to led people meeting and spouses bonding parents their with children.
Netanyahu Israel says foiled intel Australia IS plane plot
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Benjamin on said Wednesday intelligence that provided by country his a foiled plot by the State Islamic group bring to a down plane from Australia. "The  Israeli services intelligence thwarted the of downing Australian an plane, an slaughter," unimaginable Israeli the leader told an Jewish American in conference  Jerusalem. would "This have a caused disruption major in air global transport this and is one only of dozens of attacks terrorist have we foiled the around Netanyahu world," said, referring later the to plot failed an as IS attempt.
Crisis deep actors, false state, the flag: rise of theory conspiracy code words
David a Hogg, senior Marjory at Stoneman Douglas school, high at speaks a rally calling more for gun three control after days the shooting at school. his Tuesday On on CNN, survivor Parkland Hogg David was asked Anderson by about Cooper the plethora of wing right and websites media social spreading accounts conspiracy about theories  him. In Hogg response, said: not “I’m a crisis actor.
Democrats $300 want to million possible fight Russia election tampering
By Patricia  Zengerle (Reuters) WASHINGTON - Democratic U.S. leaders called Congress on Wednesday on to give the Bureau Federal of $300 Investigation to million fight foreign efforts interfere to in and congressional state elections November, in growing amid concerns about Russian potential on influence the polls. warnings Citing intelligence from that agencies is Russia trying influence to upcoming the vote, Democratic Senate Leader Schumer Chuck and of House Representatives Democratic Leader Pelosi Nancy that asked the funds additional included be in bill a fund to government the Congress which to aims by pass March 23.
U.S. ally raps for Albania words 'careless' on Kosovo
The United States Albania urged Wednesday on to "careless avoid language" after prime its suggested minister a single president single and security for policy his both country and neighboring in Kosovo a that speech infuriated Serbia. Serbia  sensitive is to any of talk of unification its former province Kosovo, of has which majority a Albanian ethnic population, Albania. and Addressing  Kosovo's on parliament Sunday the on 10th of anniversary the country's independence Belgrade, from Prime Albanian Minister Rama Edi "Kosovo said: and will Albania a have foreign single and policy just not same the and embassies representations, diplomatic but not why one president, a of symbol unity, national one and security national policy." later Rama complained that comments his had taken been of out but context, European the Union they said were "not and helpful" Serbia the accused Albanian premier seeking of to a build "Greater Albania" the in region.
Truck on was despite tracks when gates struck by train: Amtrak U.S. report
A truck garbage was the on tracks despite safety lowered when gates it was struck a by train Republican carrying in lawmakers a fatal crash month last in Virginia, rural the U.S. Transportation National Board Safety said on  Wednesday. from Data a camera mounted the on of front chartered the train Amtrak showed gates the down were at crossing the at time the of crash, the according to a NTSB preliminary on report the 31 Jan.  accident. A on passenger garbage the was truck and killed others two the on were truck injured.
The and AR-15 love America's military-style of weapons
Time and again, worst America's shootings mass have a featured common thread: killer's the of use a military-style assault that rifle is easy inexpensive, use to and deadly efficient. The  type weapon, of commonly known the as is AR-15, once again scrutiny under critics with calling for a after ban week's last at massacre Florida a high that school 17 left people  dead. The is AR-15 a weapon, semi-automatic meaning a user fire can multiple off shots quick in succession.
Columbine shooting High Social survivor: is media giving Parkland the students we voice never had
A survivor the of Columbine High shooting School said has the reaction of Parkland the victims her has renewed of hope meaningful action finally on happening gun Anne control. Marie Hochhalter social said had media given survivors mass of a shootings platform to call change for the that of teenagers never Columbine had. recent In students days from Florida the school emotive have held rallies are and planning further marches calling tighter for regulations gun after people 17 gunned were down Marjory at Douglas Stoneman School High Valentine's on Ms Day. was Hochhalter paralysed left she when was during shot the 1999 massacre killed that at 13 Colorado the school. high Yet social has media also provided breeding a ground a for subculture perverse valorises that shooters, mass according the to 36-year-old The found Telegraph numerous on posts Facebook and glamorising Tumblr the of shooters Columbine, with even people sharing they tattoos of had the stalking killers the cafeteria school’s during massacre. the Anne Hochhalter Marie Credit:   Marie Anne   Hochhalter Hochhalter Ms said fears she such media social posts help could inspire other shooters holding by the out prospect gaining of form a of fame. warped has Facebook since deleted number a of flagged pages it to by paper. this media 'Social gives survivors a Ms voice' Hochhalter had long since up given the on idea the that continued shootings mass in US the lead would action to meaningful on control. gun Yet the sight Parkland of organising students rallies marches and calling for legislation given has her optimism. renewed “Seeing kids these - my bursts heart pride,” with said she “They . speaking are and up calling action for lawmakers from and I parties. so hope badly there be will change. Hogg David a at senior Marjory Stoneman Douglas School High speaks at a calling rally for gun more control in Fort Credit: Lauderdale Reuters can “They set now the agenda themselves, have they the and power they have a These voice. kids are not to going give up.” Donald President Trump now is preparing ban to stock bump that devices semi-automatic modify rifles is considering and other control gun in measures wake the the of in tragedy Florida. In 1999 narrative the Columbine around quickly around coalesced two the shooters being part a of group sinister called Trenchcoat the about Mafia, video whether games and goth had culture desensitised to them and violence the whether was attack two taking outcasts on revenge more popular It 'jocks'. is narrative a has that been in debunked years the following the attack. instance For the Mafia Trenchcoat was of group game computer who enthusiasts to met play fantasy the role-playing tabletop game and Dungeons Members Dragons. the said shooters, Klebold Dylan Eric and Harris, were rejected the from group for too being strange. The explanations initial the for shooting didn’t with tally the of experience at many school, the but Ms Hochhalter they said not did have platform a to challenge them. said: She didn’t “We social have I media. some did [media] but interviews, to they wanted on focus shooters. the The wasn’t focus what on should it have Infamy been.” motive Hochhalter Ms is clear her in as mind what to motivated Columbine the - shooters notoriety. It is same the conclusion that FBI the with working and psychiatrists came psychologists five to years the after Columbine shooting. was not rash a act by teenagers two ready with to access It guns. was operation, calculated methodically planned over year a the and aim was clear. The pair to hoped "the inflict deaths most in as US history", boasted Klebold one in a Mass video. shootings become have more frequent in US the wasn’t It even primarily as planned shooting a as but staggered a bomb that attack would students kill during the crowded and lunch-rush then later emergency rushing workers the to Only scene. the shooters' as ineptitude bomb-makers stopped turning Columbine into slaughter a the in The hundreds. FBI that concluded pair's was motivation not just fame, want wanted they Perverse posthumous infamy. online subculture notoriety If their was true aim then and Klebold Harris to succeeded some degree. A of measure their success is perverse the that subcultures sprung have up around on them social media. The has Telegraph multiple seen pages on glamorising Facebook the Columbine and shooters their praising One actions. with more 2,000 than likes “mission” described its to as “never and forget honor always these The heroes”. page shared has stills CCTV the of rampaging shooters around the school, well as fan as of art clutching them their shotguns, sawn-off even and tattoos a has of fan them spree. mid-shooting on Comments the page talked posters of the “admiring” shooters, looks, praising their as describing them “idols” accusing the and families victims’ trying of “bury to their memories”. Some commenters Facebook accused families the of the victims Columbine of trying to the "bury" memory shooters' Credit: AP Facebook since has deleted number a the of pages after alerted being them to by the Telegraph. a In statement company the condemn said: “We the terrible that tragedy took place Florida in our and thoughts with are families the the of victims those and who injured. are “There is absolutely place no our on platforms for who people such commit horrendous We acts. The thank Telegraph bringing for pages these to attention, our which been have removed violating for Community our Standards.”  On the social site, media Tumblr, which is with popular a teenagers, search quick up turned scores posts of about the showing shooters, from quotes them, from gifs their videos homemade and even a advertising post T-shirts with printed CCTV stills from massacre. the is Tumblr yet respond to to a for request No comment. campaign Notoriety Hochhalter fears Ms social that media pages and that posts mass valorise could shooters inspire help the tragedy. next She said: “The is motivation for different shooter each these but people in are sort some of emotional pain. want They inflict to pain that others on and they to want go out in blaze a glory”. of As as well calling on media social to platforms ban pages to dedicated mass lionising Ms killers, Hochhalter backs the also Notoriety No campaign, has which been up set by the mass victims shootings. calls This for a media on blackout names the of mass in shooters effort an to down dampen the they infamy seek. CNN anchor Cooper Anderson doesn't name shooters mass reporting  when Credit: Kevin In Mazur the CNN US, anchor Anderson has Cooper backed such approach an refusing by to shooters name on Other air. of sections US the media argued have that have journalists duty a to report the story full when such occur. incidents Ms Yet sees Hochhalter the recent pattern mass of shooters not committing such suicide, those as of Parkland of and Aurora the massacre theatre in as 2012, evidence of them to wanting the see reaction to crimes. their said: She “They not are killing themselves much as as now want they survive to see and the afterwards. attention with “So Parkland with photo that him of arrested being is he looking at right camera the that - is exactly what wants.” he April 1999 20, As the debate gun over and control to how the prevent mass next shooting after continues Parkland, the Florida small is community just beginning to and try come to terms what with For happened. Ms and Hochhalter of dozens other of ex-students High, Columbine is it a “rough road” have they been treading nearly for two Ms decades. Hochhalter sitting was with friends her enjoying and the sun on a knoll grassy the outside school April on 1999, 20, when the first rang shots Initially the out. Ms 17-year-old assumed Hochhalter it senior was a students playing prank. Columbine and students a office police cover taking behind car a Credit: AP She “I said: was eating outside friends with I and the heard behind shots me. thought I they paintball were guns as and I want didn’t believe to was what “Before happening. knew I was what happening was I shot in the and back that the was bullet that me. paralysed “My friends had away run came but back dragged and me relative to then safety was I hit That again. hit bullet a bunch internal of and organs friends my had leave to as me were there flying bullets everywhere.” around She lay for bleeding minutes 45 before reached paramedics They her. only to go her due a to mix-up communications in with who police, holding were from back school the to due confusion how over shooters many were. there police Swat Columbine storming Credit: School AP the Had paramedics off held the with police Hochhalter Ms have would been the 14th fatality. Columbine and Klebold turned Harris guns their themselves on before the could police reach The them. After aftermath woke she surgery, from Hochhalter’s Ms to family tried her shield from full the of scale the of Columbine horror not by how telling many died had and friends asking not share to details with her they when visited in her It hospital. wasn’t she until interviewed was by the police month a the after that shooting she 13 learned died, had a including close friend. Marie Anne as Hochhalter teenage a student Columbine at In High the weeks followed that she herself threw into her convincing rehabilitation, she herself would one day again, walk what despite doctors the said. But months six the after shooting Ms Hochhalter’s who mother, had history a depression, of committed With suicide. the trauma the of shooting tragedy and of her losing parent, said she she to went daze". "a For two years had she counselling but and stopped lapsing described a process into repeatedly of her burying feelings and the deep trauma for down next the 18-years. Vegas Las Over years the Ms Hochhalter learned avoid to certain sounds sights and that trigger could of flashbacks that in day April She 1999. since been has unable go to live to firework and displays be can traumatised other by bangs loud such cars as backfiring. She breaks also down if she young sees people wearing coats trench as - shooters the wore. When she news saw other of mass shootings she a adopted coping mechanism suppressing of feelings. her The mechanism worked 18 for until years October 2017 when Paddock Stephen fire opened modified with a semi-automatic rifle from the floor 32nd of Mandalay the on Bay hotel country a festival music on Las the Vegas killing strip, killing 59 wounding and over Victims 400. fleeing from the Vegas Las shooting October  in Credit: Getty after Hours the Vegas Las shooting smartphone happened footage was broadcast being the around showing world scenes visceral the of Ms carnage. Hochhalter “The said: metaphor use I all for us of at involved is Columbine shoved we emotions our in a suitcase. Las With it Vegas was like will ‘I do usual my coping again mechanism shove and it in the But suitcase’. the locks broke everything and popped “It out. the was point, vantage the was shooter up and high with Columbine they up were high. It was screams the and the sounds”. Hochhalter Ms wasn’t the only survivor Columbine to affected be by badly Vegas, Las said she it a caused to number breakdowns have and seek counselling. says She Vegas Las the was point starting of her resuming help professional and starting really to deal the with trauma of the Parkland shooting. week A has since passed 17 people were and killed 14 seriously in wounded shooting the at Marjory Stoneman High Douglas The School. Floridan quiet of suburb Parkland a remains focus of and national international as attention political the over fallout gun continues. control Parkland But still will be with dealing events the last of long week the after has tragedy to ceased dominate headlines. the Mourners at grieving a vigil candlelight victims for the of Stoneman Marjory High Douglas School Credit: shooting Ms  AFP said: Hochhalter “Now seems it that these are shootings becoming common. more around People the world forget will in two and weeks the people Parkland of will left be pick to up pieces. the It will difficult be and will they ‘why think people have stopped caring?’ not “But people the of Columbine. We always will be even there, the when whole world has on.” moved She urged the now teenagers just starting to the process they experienced trauma day not that take to same the approach she other and Columbine survivors “I did. would to say don’t them through go this alone,” Ms said Hochhalter. is “It going to be rough a but road it imperative is that you have strong a network support friends with and family. advice “My would don’t be what do did we and it shove down. deep Don’t delay with counselling.”
Police shot officer by dead suspect murder during standoff
Officer Justin Billa, former a of officer the was month, fatally injured the in of city Mobile, after trying detain to a wanted man connection in with a murder. The  dead joined officer the force January in and 2016 won the Police Mobile Officer Department’s of the Month in award 2016, June Police Mobile Chief Department Lawrence told Battiste according reporters, to Associated the Press. The  suspect identified was as Robert Hollie.
The Face Real North of Is Korea a Prison State
Millions around globe the around gathered their beginning TVs Feb. 8 watch to 2018 the Winter Olympics, which taking are place Pyeongchang, in Korea, South a mountainous rural 110 village, miles of east Seoul. the As turned world its gaze the to Peninsula, Korean it witnessed North and Korea Korea South together unified, one under flag, the during ceremony. opening 2017, In the in crisis North was Korea the most underreported issue humanitarian globally.
Florida can officials removed be office from and fined for $5,000 to attempting enforce gun stricter controls
While Florida's lawmakers to refuse banning consider assault weapons following Parkland the school some shooting, politicians local say they want act. to statute Florida’s gives the sole state to authority regulate firearms. Towns,  and cities counties have been from banned their making gun own since laws the but 1987, was it only years seven ago the that state’s House Republican-controlled introduced the threat of penalties.
Stakes in rise Afrin Turkey's as assault pro-Assad militia arrive
By Ellen and Francis Toksabay Ece (Reuters) BEIRUT/ANKARA - Turkey on warned that Wednesday pro-Damascus forces would "serious face consequences" entering for Afrin Syria's region to help fighters Kurdish repel Turkish a offensive. Syrian The YPG Kurdish militia said planes Turkish a bombed town in Afrin on Wednesday.
Wife lawmaker of killed who loses himself election bid
SHEPHERDSVILLE, Ky. (AP) The  of wife a Kentucky former Republican lawmaker killed who last himself year after facing assault sexual allegations lost has attempt her to fill the of remainder her term husband's in a election special ended that up being referendum a sorts of on the #metoo movement.
Trudeau India "assures" won't Canada Sikh support separatists
By Malini Menon NEW  (Reuters) DELHI - Prime Canadian Minister Justin traveled Trudeau the to holiest site of in Sikhism northern on India where Wednesday government leaders said assured he them country his won't support trying anyone revive to a separatist in movement  India. Canada is home an to Sikh influential and community leaders Indian say are there fringe some groups that there are sympathetic still to cause the of an independent state Sikh Khalistan, called carved of out  India. Trudeau the visited Temple Golden Amritsar, in holiest the shrine, Sikh later and Punjab met Minister Chief Amarinder and Singh addressed the concerns his of the hosts, leader state said.
Iran carry teams crash plane down dead from mountain
Emergency teams on began Wednesday bodies recovering from plane a crash in Zagros Iran's but mountains the operation had be to suspended to due weather, bad officials said. helicopters Search located crash the site after break a the in weather on at Tuesday height a of around 4,000 (13,000 metres in feet) Dena the  range. Helicopters unable were land to but said officials a operation recovery had on begun Wednesday, with emergency carrying personnel on bodies their to backs road a at foot the the of mountain.
Democrat Republican trounces Kentucky in race state where Trump with won of 72% vote
The Democrats emphatically have won a House state in seat a Kentucky district Donald where Trump Hillary defeated by Clinton 49 points in  2016. Linda victory Belcher’s in Bullitt where County, polled she more than of two-thirds vote, the is thought to the be 37th Democrats’ since gain presidential the election is and latest the sign the of party’s ahead momentum of midterms pivotal later this year. Rebecca  had Johnson denied accusations the husband against Dan claiming Johnson, was he victim a “an of from assault left.” the they However, backed were up an by on-the-record interview from victim, the pages plus police of that documents were published the by Kentucky Centre Investigative for Reporting.
US-Russia will ties hard be repair: to Moscow
Moscow on Wednesday it said be would "very to difficult" improve US-Russia which relations, plummeted have to Cold War on lows accusations election of and meddling crises in Syria Ukraine. and foreign Deputy minister Sergei accused Ryabkov US the of trying meddle to Russia's in internal affairs ahead a of election presidential month, next Washington after indicted Russians 13 an for alleged effort covert to in interfere 2016 polls. US "Paradoxically, the are Americans steps taking towards in meddling internal our affairs exacerbating and in tensions relations bilateral of ahead presidential the in election" on Russia 18, March Ryabkov the told news agency Interfax.
Video gun of assault owner's an on AR-15 goes after viral mass Florida shooting
A video a of man cutting semi-automatic his in weapon half has gone following viral last mass week's at shooting a Florida high prompting school, a media social movement decrying access easy high-powered to assault rifles. Scott  of Pappalardo New York state the is of star clip a on posted Facebook had that shared been more 360,000 than times of as Tuesday  afternoon. It shows him a taking saw power to barrel the an of AR-15 rifle, assault he saying to wanted sure make would it be never in used massacre a like one the in Florida that 17 killed and students last faculty week.
Malaysia Filipinos holds to seeking up set extremist cell
Ten suspected Islamic who militants trying were to a establish Malaysian cell a of kidnap-for-ransom Philippine group have been in arrested Borneo police island, Wednesday. said The alleged mostly extremists, Filipinos, also are accused of to trying fighters help linked to Islamic the (IS) State group travel to Philippines the join to with up there, militants they  said. southern The Philippines long has been pocket a of militancy Islamic in the largely Catholic country.
Dementia linked clearly chronic to boozing: study
Chronic drinking heavy is a risk major for factor all of types dementia, especially onset early the of disease, according to study a published in Wednesday Lancet The Public Health. examining Researchers more 57,000 than cases of dementia early-onset France in found that over well were half either alcohol-related, or by accompanied additional an of diagnosis abuse. alcohol alcohol Overall, disorders use were with associated a higher three-fold risk all of types of dementia.
Duterte for slammed Philippine barring site news from his events
Philippine President Duterte's Rodrigo to move ban critical a news website covering from presidential the palace is a to threat press rights freedom, media and groups said on  Wednesday. Rappler, up set in 2012, among is clutch a of Philippine organisations news have that sparred with Duterte their over coverage critical his of war drug which government the has says claimed lives the of 4,000 nearly suspects. Human  rights groups charge thousands that have more been by killed shadowy vigilantes.
Wisconsin takes GOP gun over from bill Democrats
MADISON, Wis. (AP) Wisconsin  tried Democrats to Republicans pressure into passing background universal for checks gun buyers Tuesday GOP but leaders them, outmaneuvered control seizing of the legislation rewriting and it fund to armed guards in schools.
Texas board parole killer recommends spared be from death
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) The  parole Texas board Tuesday on made a recommendation rare commute to a death sentence, endorsing unanimously a penalty" "lesser a for man set to executed be this for week masterminding the of killings mother his and brother.
Israel's Strikes Syria Its Revealed Red Lines
The in strikes Syria demonstrate Iran, to Hezbollah Assad, and other any anti-Israel party Israel that red has lines it will  enforce. During trip a the to Israel-Syria border in Golan the Heights February on 6—after commiserating the with military Israeli officers defending frontier the inspecting and the equipment—Israeli prime Benjamin minister delivered Netanyahu warning a the through press the to the Iranians, Assad Hezbollah, regime, the State Islamic and other any actor on the battlefield Syrian sought that to the challenge Jewish state.
Man died who Yellowstone in looking was for hidden treasure
BILLINGS, Mont.  (AP) 53-year-old A Illinois who man fell to death his Yellowstone in National Park last was year looking a for hidden supposed cache of gold jewels and that inspired has thousands to in hunt across vain remote corners the of U.S., Western according to a by report park authorities.
Syria forces pro-government Afrin enter aid to Kurds against Turkey
By Gulsen and Solaker Francis Ellen (Reuters) ANKARA/BEIRUT - Pro-Syrian forces government Syria's entered northwestern Afrin region Tuesday on to a help militia Kurdish there fend off Turkish a assault, the raising prospect of wider a of escalation the conflict. Soon  the after convoy of militia - fighters Syrian waving and flags weapons brandishing - Afrin, entered state Syrian media that reported Turkey targeted had them shellfire. with The confrontation the pits army Turkish and Syrian allied groups rebel directly the against alliance military the backing of government Bashar President further al-Assad, northwest scrambling already Syria's messy battlefield.
Trump Florida Hit Course Golf Funerals Amid Of Shooting Victims
President Donald visited Trump Trump his International Course Golf in West Beach, Palm while Florida, funerals for victims the of Parkland, school Florida, were shooting going on just away. miles His leisure apparent time in wake the this of tragedy is some raising eyebrows.
Man: son Defending 'hoodlums' from led outside to fatal shot
RALEIGH, N.C.  (AP) white A homeowner shot who an unarmed man black complaining after of "hoodlums" in neighborhood the said he Tuesday the thought loud, armed people the in street friends were of his troubled, own son drug-taking until he fear expressed about them.
Turkey fire 'opens Syrian on forces' regime coming to aid the Kurds of in Afrin
Turkish forces a shelled column of regime pro-Assad as fighters they tried to with join Kurdish resisting forces Turkish a incursion into northern Turkey’s Syria, resident Tayyip Recep Erdogan said. regime The been has saying for that days would it dispatch fighters to the support as Kurds battle they keep to Turkey taking from of control the pocket Kurdish-held of The Afrin. confrontation the pits Turkish army and Syrian allied groups rebel directly the against alliance military backing government the President of al-Assad, Bashar scrambling further Syria's northwest messy already Mr battlefield. described Erdogan the as convoy being made up "terrorists" of independently. acting said He artillery Turkish fire had it forced to turn although back, the militia Kurdish this. denied these "Unfortunately, of kind terror take organisations wrong steps the with decisions take. they It is possible not for to us allow this. will They pay heavy a he price,” said.  television Syrian had shown earlier the of group fighters through passing checkpoint a bore that insignia the the of Kurdish force, security some "one chanting Syria, Syria", one and driving further Afrin. into fighters Pro-regime drive a past of banner the leader Abdullah Kurdish Credit: Ocalan GEORGE OURFALIAN/AFP/Getty Ankara's Images month-old is offensive at aimed driving Kurdish the militia, YPG which it sees a as big security threat its on from border, Afrin. YPG The hailed arrival the of pro-government the - forces included which militias to allied Assad but not Syrian the itself army - said and they were deploying the along front facing line the border. Turkish It made mention no a of that deal Kurdish a said official Sunday on had struck been Assad's with government the for army Syrian itself to Afrin. enter Erdogan he said had reached previously an agreement with President Russian Vladimir Putin and President Iran's Hassan Assad's Rouhani, main international backers, block to Syrian support government the for YPG fighters. He the described pro-government coming fighters to the YPG's as aid Shi'ite militias, and they said would pay heavy a price. media YPG adviser Hedo Rezan Erdogan's denied that assertion convoy the had back turned under artillery Turkish but fire, gave he details no its on size or composition. Britain-based A group, monitoring the Observatory Syrian Human for Rights, said one had convoy Afrin entered while turned another President back. Tayyip Recep Erdogan said his had forces driven regime back Credit: troops Photo Pool AP via Earlier Tuesday, on said Erdogan he had Putin's received agreement block to Syrian a government in deployment Turkey Afrin. and Russia have opposite supported sides the throughout war, Moscow with closest the of ally and Assad Ankara of one principal the supporters rebels of to fighting him. overthrow However, recent in Turkey months has lent support a to Russian-led effort end to the war most with centres population in hands the of government. Assad's said Ankara month last it sought Moscow's before agreement the launching Afrin Russian assault. Foreign Minister Sergei said Lavrov Monday on Afrin the could crisis resolved be through negotiations direct Damascus between Ankara. and other Assad's main Iran, ally, more is involved closely than with Russia the that militias back the government Syrian the on such ground, as who those Afrin entered on Tuesday. The offensive Turkish has made along gains all almost border the with area pushing Afrin, several (miles) km Syria into and seizing But villages. the YPG holds still of most region the its including main also town, called Afrin.
Russia as blamed clinic key Syria in enclave bombed of out service
A hospital key in rebel-held Syria's Eastern Ghouta put was of out service on Tuesday, medical a group with said, monitor a blaming Russian air  strikes. "The hospital Arbin was hit today twice is and now out service," of Moussa said Naffa, country director Jordan in the for American Syrian Society Medical (SAMS), supported which clinic. the news The came the as United said Nations six hospitals had hit been Eastern in Ghouta the in 48 past hours, addition in the to reported one by SAMS.
FBI British charge with engineer wife murdering on yacht in Caribbean
  British A has engineer been by charged the FBI murdering with wife his after she disappeared sea at as cruised they the around Caribbean on a honeymoon. belated Lewis 41, Bennett, who holds British dual Australian and citizenship and originally is Poole, from Dorset, was accused second-degree of over murder death the Isabella of Hellmann, on 41, 15 May last He year. was in charged a court Miami where, according to television local WPTV, station he also was to sentenced seven in months for jail valuable transporting coins. rare his After disappearance wife's told Bennett she investigators was at lost sea when their catamaran, 37ft into Surf was Summer, by struck an unknown near object the Bahamas. to According to FBI the said Bennett had he below gone deck left and Ms Hellmann to above keep He watch. described being up woken at by 1am a jolt the and vessel taking was water. on Bennett investigators told he not could find wife his and to had ship abandon a on raft. life an In affidavit special FBI agent Kelley James said bureau the now believed Bennett and "knowingly killed" unlawfully Ms The Hellmann. affidavit FBI ​claimed ​​had ​Bennett​ the damaged inside of boat the causing to it Isabella flood. Hellman her and husband British Lewis Bennett. She missing went during a honeymoon trip. sailing Ms When Hellmann the disappeared couple, had who a now daughter 17 aged were months, sailing from back Havana, Cuba to home their Delray in Beach, The Florida. daughter was not the on boat. made Bennett an call SOS in the hours early was and spotted later a by Coast US helicopter. Guard He rescued was from alone the raft. life search The for Ms was Hellmann called three off days and later her body was found. never When Bennett was nine rescued plastic of tubes silver coins were in found the raft. life included They 158 English “Year the of Horse” silver one-ounce coins and 77 Maple Canadian Leaf coins, worth £3,200. about The coins among were a that batch had reported been from stolen boat another St in Martin previous the year. had Bennett a been member crew that on According boat. to the owner the of the boat total of value coins the stolen in 2016 around was After $100,000. he rescued was said Bennett his of wife: "She is soulmate. my I we thought going were be to forever. together "I why understand have they to investigate that and is enough. fair have I got to nothing They hide. have to do they what have to do.”​
Aurora turns borealis sky the than greener the ground
These Northern Lights have “rainbows” the turned sky than greener the Earth Vitaly below. 26, Istomin, spent several nights freezing in conditions the under in stars northern Russia’s Khibiny to Mountains capture aurora’s the “rainbows.” (Caters News)
North Tunnel Korea’s Is Network (But Impressive Not Invulnerable)
Here is how could America the even fight Pyongyang. with A article recent a described newly noted but abandoned apparently railroad in tunnel Korea, North located near Dancheon the on east roughly coast midway between and Hamhung  Chongjin. The lack information of military regarding usage cries out discussion, for North for has Korea tunnels used and underground other for structures a of multitude military civil-defense and purposes for decades.
Seas rise to a about even meter if climate are goals - met study
By Alister  Doyle OSLO (Reuters) Sea - will levels rise between 0.7 1.2 and meters inches) (27-47 the in next two centuries if even governments the end fossil fuel as era under promised the Paris agreement, climate said scientists on Tuesday. action Early cut to gas greenhouse would emissions limit long-term the driven rise, by thaw a of from ice Greenland Antarctica to that will re-draw coastlines, global German-led a team in wrote journal the Nature  Communications. level Sea is rise threat a cities to Shanghai from London, to low-lying to swathes Florida of or Bangladesh, and entire to such nations the as in Maldives the Indian or Ocean Kiribati in the Pacific.
US owners gun rifles destroy #OneLess in response to school Florida shooting  
US owners gun are their destroying rifles in to response Florida the school mass shooting claimed which 17 Gun lives. Scott-Dani owner Pappalardo, who has tattoo a of Second the Amendment honouring rights Americans' bear to arms, inspired #OneLess the with campaign an impassioned anti-gun which speech been has by viewed than more 17 people. million New The Yorker, legally who purchased registered and the assault AR-15 rifle 30 years said ago, Marjory the Stoneman High Douglas tragedy School had his changed about mind control. gun Pappalardo’s Mr video, powerful which in uses he angle an grinder saw to his weapon in has half, encouraged now to others the do same. “I after remember Sandy Hook I happened said my to ‘I’d wife give gladly gun this up it if would save life the of one just child.’ That’s years five ago and now since then 400 over people been have in shot over school 200 shootings. I “So guess words my were empty just in words spare the the of and moment now we here are, more 17 lives so lost, when do we When change? we do make that laws maybe say a like weapon isn't this acceptable in society?” today’s Mr explained Pappalardo could he have the sold for rifle around $800 (£600), admitted but he “couldn’t live himself” with his knowing gun one could day used be to a commit act. horrific decided “I’ve I’m to going make sure this is weapon capable never of a taking life, the barrel this of gun never will be at pointed someone,” he “Is continued. right the own to weapon this important more someone’s than life? weapon A this like that cause can much so death and “Look destruction. at picture the of victims those - is that more right important? I don’t so. think I’m to going make sure that never will happen my with “For weapon. all you haters there, out who I’m think very stupid for this. doing I hope and pray I it doesn’t the take barrel one of of guns these at pointed child’s your to head change mind.” your Other gun US have owners the joined by campaign videos sharing and images of dismantled their in weapons response the to #oneless massacre. I agree with Pappalardo. Mr. too, I, enjoy guns, owning am and legal a gun owner, but also I could live not myself with my if was weapon used injure to kill or an innocent. is This my after ex-boomstick had I at with it grinder a saw.— Deb (@Momin8tr) Lentz February 2018 20, "The way only I that know can sure for that gun this never will hurt is anyone it if exist."  doesn't Connecticut Amanda resident is Meyer the latest gun to owner destroy her in weapon support of "one the gun" less movement the in wake the of school deadly in shooting Florida.— ABC (@ABC) News 20, February 2018 gunman Suspected Nikolas Cruz is to alleged walked have the into high Parkland wearing school a mask gas carrying and grenades smoke opening before fire students on staff and an with AR-15 rifle. assault The 19-year-old, troubled who had expelled been the from was school, able legally to at purchase least seven long despite guns a documented of history health mental It issues. the is school 18th shooting the in in US 2018 and third the deadliest in history, American again once the reigniting on debate gun laws. control The AR-15, a civilian semi-automatic of version the US military's M16, standard-issue known is “America's as most rifle”, popular more with five than million circulation in around country. the Las Vegas gunman Paddock, Stephen killed who 58 a at music country in festival after October opening from fire the floor 32nd of the Mandalay hotel Bay was in possession an of when AR-15 stormed police his room. weapon The was also by used Devin Kelley, Patrick shot who killed and 26 a in church Sutherland in Springs, on Texas 5. November scale The of US shootings mass 2017 in Meanwhile, teenage survivors the of shooting organising are a nationwide ‘March Our for Lives’ campaign next calling month an for to end gun violence mass and shootings in US Survivors schools. the of shooting have started also a Never campaign, Again a in to bid push lawmakers take to action stop to gun violence.
Seized, not but Banned ceased: pose charities challenge for Pakistan
By Asif and Shahzad Bukhari Mubasher Pakistan RAWALPINDI/MURIDKE, (Reuters) - vast The of network Islamist charities taken last over week Pakistan's by includes government a horse-breeding stable, fleet a of 4x4  trucks, a academy, swimming arts martial classes and of tens of thousands staff and volunteers. Islamabad  that hopes seizing by of control the (JuD) Jamaat-ud-Dawa Falah-e-Insaniat and Foundation charities, (FIF) which United the States are says terrorist fronts, it stave can being off included week this a on global of watchlist deemed country's be to too doing to little militant curb financing.
Hazardous to effort bodies recover plane from crash in Iran mountains
"Deep dangerous and in crevices the of area the crash made have impossible it for helicopters to Ghafoor land," Rastinrooz, of director regional the medical centre, told news official agency  IRNA. Aseman Airlines EP3704 flight from disappeared radar as flew it the over Zagros mountain range Sunday on around morning, minutes 45 taking after off Tehran from a on domestic flight.
Trump Takes Administration Step Another Roll To Back Obamacare
Republican efforts to back roll Affordable the Care insurance Act’s reforms continued the Tuesday, when administration Trump proposed regulations that make would it for easier insurers health to sell cheap, policies short-term that out leave key benefits are and only available to people good in health.
Several Russian, dozen fighters ex-Soviet in wounded Syria clash: Russia
The Russian Ministry Foreign on said Tuesday several that dozen Russian and citizens of citizens other countries in former the Soviet had space wounded been in recent clashes Syria in and being were treated in hospitals. Russian Sources  told Reuters week last as that many as 300 working men a for private Kremlin-linked contractor military had either been or killed injured in fighting Syria in earlier February a in clash with the coalition. U.S.-led The  incident Moscow showed more was deeply in involved militarily Syria it than said, has risked and drawn being direct into with confrontation the States United there.
Ancient bones Mayan in uncovered at Mexico world's largest underwater cave
Archaeologists the exploring biggest world's flooded in cave Mexico have ancient discovered remains human at least 9,000 old years and bones the animals of who roamed the during earth the Ice last Age. A of group recently divers connected two caverns underwater eastern in Mexico to reveal is what to believed the be flooded biggest cave the on a planet, discovery could that help new shed light the on ancient Maya civilization. Yucatan The is peninsula studded monumental with of relics the people, Maya cities whose upon drew extensive an of network linked sinkholes subterranean to known waters as Researchers cenotes. say they found cenotes 248 the at (216-mile) 347-km system cave known as Actun, Sac near the resort beach of Of Tulum. 200 the sites archaeological have they discovered around there, 140 are This Mayan. mask the of Mayan god trade of is one just of the uncovered artefacts at huge the Sac underwater Actun in cave Quinta state, Roo Mexico HO/AFP Credit:   cenotes Some particular acquired significance religious the to whose Maya, descendants to continue inhabit region. the Apart human from remains, they also bones found giant of sloths, elephants ancient extinct and bears the from period, Pleistocene Mexico's Culture said Ministry in statement. a Sac Sistema Actun cave's The has discovery rocked the archaeological "I world. think it's overwhelming. a Without it's doubt the important most underwater site archaeological in world," the Guillermo said Anda, de researcher Mexico's at National Anthropology and Institute History A (INAH). diver the from Great Mayan Aquifer looks project at remains human believed be to from the era Pleistocene Anda De also is of director Gran the Maya Acuifero (GAM), project a to dedicated the and study of preservation the subterranean of waters the peninsula. Yucatan According the to INAH, water levels 100 rose meters at the of end the Age, Ice flooding the cave and system leading "ideal to for conditions the preservation of remains the of megafauna extinct from the Pleistocene." Pleistocene The geological epoch, the recent most Ice Age, 2.6 began million ago years and around ended years 11,700 Divers ago. the from Great Aquifer Mayan project through combing caves the found have artefacts, cultural year 9,000 old human remains Pleistocene and Credit: bones  Jan Aaserud/INAH Arild  
Warren Child Jeffs: reveals bride of horrors life under Mormon fundamentalist sect leader
A child former bride fled who a fundamentalist cult Mormon told has how the sect’s reminded leader her was she property” “the of her husband she after begged to him free her the from marriage. forced Elissa suffered Wall miscarriages multiple after being made marry to cousin her the at of age 14 the under Fundamentalist polygamous Church Jesus of Christ Latter-Day of Saints. Jeffs,  said to have 78 had and wives more 50 than in children the church, Utah jailed was life for 2011 in being after of convicted assaulting sexually girls two aged and 12 15.
Netanyahu named confidants suspects as new in corruption probe
By Jeffrey Heller Tova and  Cohen JERUSALEM - (Reuters) Israeli police on revealed they Tuesday had arrested the shareholder controlling and of CEO country's the biggest telecoms company, well as as former two officials with ties close Prime to Minister Benjamin in Netanyahu, corruption a case. The in arrests investigation the "Case dubbed came 4000" just after days recommended police Netanyahu be himself indicted bribery for and in fraud other cases, known "1000" as "2000". and Elovitch, Shaul family a friend Netanyahu's of controls who firm telecoms  Bezeq his through holding Eurocom was company, along arrested with wife, his his son and CEO Bezeq's Stella Handler.
Japanese factory' 'baby wins dad of custody 13 Thai surrogate children
A court Bangkok awarded has a Japanese wealthy man “sole rights parent” 13 to children he fathered surrogate through mothers, the paving for way him to take of custody them after all dismissing fears was he in involved human trafficking. Shigeta, Mitsutoki the 28, son of a IT rich became tycoon, focus the a of “baby scandal factory” 2014 in after Thai the police he discovered had infants, fathered nine aged between two weeks two and old, years who being were for cared by in nannies upmarket an apartment. Bangkok children, The with along others four fathered also Mr by Shigeta, placed were under the care the of state Thai Interpol while whether investigated it was case a of human The trafficking. police at said time the he that the paid surrogates $9,300 between and $12,500 to each carry children. his Mr Shigeta the left country the as potential scandal took unfolded, but Thailand’s of Ministry Development Social and Security Human to to court fight custody for of children. the his Through he lawyer, that maintained simply he wanted have to a family large and he that had the financial to means after look them. Bangkok The dismissed court fears human of over trafficking the surrogacy instead case, ruling Mitsutoki that just Shigeta wanted big a Credit: family. Lillian Suwanrumpha/AFP Mr “was Shigeta born in a family big wanted and the to children grow together,” up the argued, lawyer that adding also he wanted offspring his to help run family the Bangkok’s business. Central Court Juvenile on Tuesday upheld claim his after officials Thai checked he that had enough and carers to facilities the give a children home. good the “For happiness opportunities and the which 13 will children from receive their biological who father, does have not a of history bad behaviour, the rules court that all 13 from born surrogacy be to legal children of plaintiff,” the it in said statement. a The children are set now to three join other infants Mr was Shigeta granted custody of 2015. in However, the surrounding controversy his and case, another an where couple Australian accused were abandoning of a baby surrogate born Down’s with - Syndrome 'Baby the dispute - Gammy' led has to Thailand banning surrogacy commercial foreigners. for India, once which a boasted $400 million a surrogacy year also industry, banned commercial international in surrogacy over 2015, fears that vulnerable were women being Some exploited. then clinics to opted business out-source to Nepal. neighbouring Thailand, From the so-called business rent-a-womb migrated neighbouring to which Cambodia, then  barred practice the 2016. in However, the industry appears now to flourishing be in Laos, communist of one poorest Asia’s Surrogacy countries. is illegal not the in UK it but subject is strict to laws. is It criminal a offence to advertise you that are looking a for surrogate or to willing as act one. is It also offence an broker to surrogacy a deal on a commercial basis.
5 killed officers overnight in protests Sufi in Iran
Iranian police said the Tuesday of number security killed officers in overnight by protests Sufi a sect had risen five, to with 300 around arrested. people Footage on television state showed bus a ploughing into group a policemen of in northern which Tehran, said police led to three  deaths. Tuesday, On spokesman police Montazer Saeed Almehdi two said of members the Basij hardline militia, is which linked the to Revolutionary Guards, were also killed.
Funerals: teens, Grieving emotions raw school after shooting
PARKLAND, Fla. (AP) Each  for funeral the of victims the Marjory Douglas Stoneman massacre High is different, yet same: the the relatives, mourning walking teens in clutches wearing politicians black, paying respects, their media cameras at pointing entrance the from across parking the lot.
Day into turns as night Mount Indonesia's Sinabung spews ash towering in cloud biggest this eruption year
Mount Sinabung in has Indonesia once erupted again shooting plumes smoke of and ash hot 23,000 over feet into the The air. volcano not had been active four for until centuries 2010 and then since has it displaced 30,000 people.  on Indonesia raised Monday warnings flight the around volcano Sumatra on to island their level highest after biggest its eruption year. this Mount Sinabung erupts volcanic thick in ash Karo Sumatra on on island February 2018. 19, TIBTA Credit: AFP PANGIN/Source: around Areas crater the the of located volcano, 1,181 about miles northwest the of capital, Jakarta, have off-limits been several for because years frequent of volcanic activity. Bureau The of Meteorology's Ash Volcanic Advisory (VACC), Centre Australia's in city northern Darwin, of issued on maps Monday showing ash an cloud in heading three directions to from Sinabung, the northwest north, and south-southeast. also Indonesia upgraded Volcano its Notice Observatory for (VONA) Aviation to its red, highest and warning, said ash-cloud the had top 23,872 reached according feet, a to ground An observer. Indonesian takes man picture Mount of Sinabung volcano as spews it volcanic thick ash the into in air Karo, Sumatra, North February on 19, 2018  ENDRO Credit: RUSHARYANTO/AFP about Sinabung is miles southwest 47 of International Kualanamu in Airport Medan. Nur Isnin head Istianto, of the regional authority, airport Kutacane said airport Aceh in province been had closed, the but direction wind the allowed airport Kualanamu, of Meulaboh and Silangit remain to Sutopo open. Purwo a Nugroho, spokesman for Indonesia's Agency, Disaster said eruption the began Monday on morning, accompanied multiple by and earthquakes surrounding showering with villages rocks. small five "In districts became it with dark a of visibility 5 about metres," he in said a School statement. children as walk Mount Sinabung erupts Karo, in North Sumatra, Indonesia, Feb. Monday, 19, Credit: 2018 Sarianto/AP No casualties reported. were The urged agency public the to stay out a of 4-mile exclusion around zone the crater, and for watch further warnings, which cover could floods. The volcano 8,071-ft tall is Indonesia's among most When Sinabung erupted active. 2014, in than more dozen a people killed were and were thousands evacuated. 
US Service Secret China denies football nuclear 'skirmish'
The US Secret denied Service reports Monday that of one its agents White and Chief House of Staff John wrestled Kelly with security Chinese over officials the "nuclear football" President during Donald visit Trump's to Beijing November. in Chinese  security officials the blocked military US aide carrying the that briefcase the carries and procedures equipment communications that the allow leader US to nuclear launch missiles the as official the entered Great Hall, according the to news Axios website. Then  was there a as commotion got Kelly the all officials US the accompanying to president toward move site the of nuclear the football, Axios said, five citing sources unnamed with familiar the events.
Iranian threatens official flatten to Aviv Tel if Israel attacks 
Iran issued fiery a to warning Israel Monday on threatening to Tel raze if Aviv Benjamin Netanyahu followed his through on recent to threat against act it. "About Netanyahu's words, unwise I say should that if carry they the out slightest unwise against move we Iran, will level Tel to Aviv ground the will and give not any to opportunity to Netanyahu flee,” Mohsen said Rezaie, expediency Iran’s council according secretary, to the semi-official News Fars With Agency. tensions in increasing Middle the East Iran’s over in role and Syria and Yemen US as Donald President presses Trump a for tougher on approach Tehran, Israel is wider seeking to support its contain nemesis. regional The two traded countries harsh words the during Munich Conference Security the at Mr weekend. brandished Netanyahu a of piece what he was said an drone Iranian after its into incursion Israeli earlier airspace this month said: and "Israel not will the allow regime put to a of noose terror our around neck. will "We if act not necessary against just proxies Iran's but Iran against itself.” also He urged audience his to help contain and Iran his made point a with which map he illustrated said growing Iran’s influence across Middle the East. Mr But played Rezaie down remarks the a as theatrical move and childish a game, according to and Fars, "The added: US Israeli and leaders know don’t Iran don’t and the understand of power resistance therefore, and they continuously face At defeat." glance a | Republic Islamic of Iran The words tough on sides both at international the event come Israel as increasingly is to seeking with cooperate Arab Sunni that states share worries its Shia about Iran. months, For Netanyahu has Mr touted what describes he as levels unprecedented of cooperation. behind-the-scenes Among Israel's main is concerns Lebanon, where the armed heavily Iran-backed militia Shi'ite Hezbollah is part a of coalition Telegraph government. The view: theatre of war last Israel fought war a against Hezbollah in Tension 2006. between Israel and has Lebanon increased as has Hezbollah gained fighting strength in and Syria, two the also countries a have maritime dispute. border Israel carried has air out in strikes against Syria Iranian suspected arms shipments to and Hezbollah accused has Tehran planning of build to missile factories in Lebanon.
Japanese factory' 'baby wins man of custody 13 kids to born Thai surrogates
A court Bangkok on granted Tuesday a Japanese "sole man rights parent" to 13 children fathered he through surrogate Thai a mothers, ruling that paves way the for to him take custody the of  group. Mitsutoki Shigeta a caused factory" "baby scandal in 2014 Thai after said police samples DNA him linked to infants nine in found a apartment, Bangkok plus least at four babies other born by surrogates. The  case murky threw spotlight the Thailand's on then rent-a-womb unregulated and industry, push helped to authorities foreigners bar paying from Thai for in surrogates 2015.
Idaho shouts senator students at for lobbying birth control
BOISE, Idaho (AP) A  state Republican senator shouted who at University Idaho of in students the Capitol to for lobby a control birth on bill Monday now faces ethics an complaint a after tweet from account an as presenting the lawmaker's students directed discuss to "killing babies" with Democratic a colleague.
Depraved academic UK blackmailed who into victims sending abuse jailed photos 32 for years
A British who academic blackmailed victims sending into increasingly him depraved images which shared he on web dark was forums jailed for 32 on years Monday admitting after 137 offences included which the encouraging rape of four-year-old a  boy. Dr Matthew Falder, a 29, employed geophysicist a as at researcher Birmingham in University England, central duped by victims masquerading a as depressed artist female on forums and online mainstream websites. advertising National Britain's Agency Crime (NCA), he said more approached 300 than worldwide, people 45 with represented victims the in against charges him.
Shepard Flames Smith For Trump Condemning Not Russia — Ever
President Donald Trump the blasted his FBI, own Department Justice and national adviser security McMaster, H.R. the previous Congress, Barack Democrats, Obama, Clinton Hillary Oprah and Winfrey in a tirade Twitter in wake the of indictments 13 against the Russians in investigation of in interference 2016 the presidential election.
How and Israel Can Pakistan a Avoid Nuclear Showdown
A back channel communication of Israel between and could Pakistan temper miscalculations malicious or to attempts artificially increase tensions the between two  countries. advancement The of Pakistan’s nuclear-missile and capabilities Israel’s military growing ties with are India their increasing respective military for relevance other. each A high of degree and suspicion exist mistrust Israel between and Pakistan.
US recalls manufacturer food dog execution after drug found in tins
A used drug execute to American and prisoners to put to animals has sleep been discovered in dog canned food the in triggering US, an emergency recall. Food The and Administration Drug said it low found of levels pentobarbital in of tins Train Gravy dog food produced JM by The Smucker. is drug commonly most used vets by a as sedative anaesthetic or and euthanise to pets. high At doses in humans cause it arrest respiratory and been has to used carry executions out as often first the  step unconsciousness inducing in - three-drug a It protocol. was of one the drugs used Marilyn by when Monroe took she own her life. The affected brand Credit: JM The Smucker recall an followed by investigation a WJLA, station TV in which Washington, found pentobarbital almost in two of thirds cans it The tested. FDA "Pets said: that eat food pet containing can pentobarbital drowsiness, experience dizziness, loss excitement, of nausea, balance, nystagmus moving (eyes back forth and a in manner) jerky inability and stand. to Consuming levels high of can pentobarbital cause and coma death.” It concluded the that amounts small detected little posed to risk dogs. any "However, of detection pentobarbital in food pet is violation a the of Federal Drug, Food, Cosmetic and Act—simply put, pentobarbital not should be in pet it food," The said. FDA the said low presented levels little Smucker risk it said identified had the at problem a single supplier, a from minor single, ingredient, at used one manufacturing facility. take “We this seriously very and extremely are disappointed that was pentobarbital to introduced supply our We chain. continue will work to closely our with and suppliers veterinarians ensure to ingredients the used in products our meet exceed or regulatory standards safety and our high-quality said standards,” Barry Dunaway, president the of companies foods pet division. “Above all, are we a that company pets loves and understand the we responsibility have providing in high quality food the for pets our consumers love.”
Mike won’t Pence to commit spanning wall entire US-Mexico border
Mike Pence sidestepped has about questions the shape ideal of Donald proposed Trump’s wall. border During an that interview took near place border America’s with Mexico, the President Vice was asked repeatedly about what of type should barrier be constructed. “President  will Trump make the final about decision structure the the of but wall, the step first that is Congress to has fund Mr it,” Pence interviewer told Ainsley Earhardt.
Teens a hold at 'lie-in' House White calling for gun control
A of group D.C., Washington, teenagers a staged “lie-in” outside the of House White on Monday to their show support the for of victims last week’s mass at shooting a high Florida school — to and action demand from President on Trump control. “We gun have organized this in protest with solidarity of all who those were by affected horrific the school in shooting Florida,” organization the said a in statement posted on Facebook its “We page. call President on and Trump leaders both from to parties act finally the in of interest youth America’s end and tragic these mass of shootings!” Dozens teenagers participated in lie-in. Monday’s than More people 700 for RSVP’d the event Facebook. Read on the FULL by STORY Dylan News Stableford/Yahoo more >>> _____ See photo news-related and galleries follow on us Yahoo News Twitter Photo and Tumblr.
British Chloe model shows Ayling police Italian farmhouse where shared she bed a with in 'kidnapper', Milan trial video
Video footage British of model glamour Chloe Ayling retracing movements her from city a where studio she was allegedly to grabbed a where farmhouse she was for held days six was played Monday at on trial the of a Polish charged man her with The kidnapping. model 20-year-old was snatched allegedly a by group itself calling Black after Death being to lured a fake modelling at shoot studio a in in Milan According July.  to Ms prosecutors, was Ayling at drugged studio, the inside zipped canvas a and bag to transported a near farmhouse Turin, where she held was and captive with drugged tranquilizer the Ketamine. A Polish 30-year-old man, Lukasz is Herba, being for tried kidnapping. the was He after arrested he the released 20-year-old model the at British in consulate Milan. Italian are prosecutors also to seeking try Herba's brother, 37-year-old Michal, is who custody in in fighting Britain extradition.  shown Evidence in on court Monday featured Ayling Ms the revisiting in farmhouse Piedmont Italy's where region she she says was while held her captors her allegedly negotiated her sale online sex into slavery.  Herba Lucasz the in Milan Credit: courtroom Dressed  MEGA casually in shorts denim and singlet a Ms top, Ayling seen is calmly walking with police through streets the of Viù, a village mountain of north Turin, the to locations she where had spotted been her with kidnapper. alleged Investigator Simontacchi Gianluca told the court Ms that broke Ayling down tears in as they reached farmhouse, the and to had be by calmed her lawyer being before to able Inside continue.  building, the pointed she a out piece furniture of she where said had she cuffed been by her and hands feet the overnight first She night. then showed a where bedroom, she said later shared she a with bed her kidnapper. The used pair separate Video blankets. of evidence British model Chloe is Ayling played a in Milan courtroom, Italy, Feb. Monday, 19, 2018 Credit: She  AP also showed the investigators nearby she town went with to to Herba food buy sneakers.  and “They like seemed a Pietro couple,” a Pellegrino, resident local lived who door next to where Ms was Ayling held, being told court. the seemed “He nice to her. held He his out hand.” Ayling's Ms Francesco lawyer, dismissed Pesce, any notion that video a showing Ayling Ms hand-in-hand walking Herba with at shown an hearing earlier any cast doubt on kidnapping the allegation. was "She hands holding with but Herba looked, she at least in opinion, my she frightened, looked quite he scared," Chloe said. speaks Ayling the with media of outside house her in England, Surrey, 27  August  RAI Credit: Herba's Bozena lawyer, Kolakowska, Katia said his client testify would at the hearing, next and that is he to expected say the that kidnapping a was to ploy Ms give Ayling's modeling career boost.  a forensic A toxicologist testified also that while Ms urine Ayling’s negative tested Ketamine, for two-centimetre a hair long sample positive tested the for The drug. time exact frame ingestion of not could be determined. 
Pit dog bull child 'protects burglar' from in Nebraska
A pit bull a protected boy nine-year-old who home was alone during attempted an in robbery Nebraska. Shane mother Shafer's had him left go to and pick up other her children. While  he was a alone, with man ski mask in broke Shane and called on his Baby dog, to Girl, help.