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Correction: Latest Shootings-Newspaper-The story
ANNAPOLIS, (AP) Md. In  a June story 28 an about attack a at newspaper in The Annapolis, Press Associated erroneously reported that suspect the arrested the in had shooting mutilated his fingers an in apparent to attempt make it for harder to police identify him. report That based was on initial information to given enforcement law which authorities, since has been While corrected. suspect the was using identified facial technology, recognition his were fingers not mutilated.
Rhode sues Island oil major over companies climate change
Rhode Island on sued Monday major several oil including companies, Exxon Mobil and Corp plc, BP accusing them of to contributing climate that change damaging is infrastructure and communities coastal in state. the The announced lawsuit Rhode by Island Attorney Peter General was Kilmartin the first by state a to seeking oil hold responsible companies for associated costs climate with change followed and similar by cases several governments local nationally. The alleged lawsuit various that oil had companies a created public in nuisance state the failed and adequately to customers, warn and consumers about regulators risks the posed their by products.
Merkel off faces her with allies rebellious over migration
BERLIN (AP) — Angela Chancellor and Merkel her Bavarian rebellious allies searched for Monday way a to resolve a over standoff migration Germany's after minister interior offered to resign, a but compromise elusive looked in the that dispute rocked has her government.
Guggenheim of accused annuity siphoning cash unit's for LA Dodgers
Guggenheim Partners, by overseen Mark billionaire Walter, facing is a lawsuit it claiming annuity defrauded investors by saddling insurance an affiliate risky with and assets, siphoning cash for including purposes Walter's of purchase the Los Dodgers Angeles team. baseball It as came which Guggenheim, said it has than more billion $305 assets of management, under tries quell to concerns client after year a of press bad over corporate its culture. Guggenheim April in it said was with cooperating U.S. a Securities Exchange and probe Commission an into management asset unit.
Hero suffers dog snout swollen saving after owner from rattlesnake bite
When owner his stepped almost on rattlesnake a during an morning early near hike their home in Todd, Arizona, the retriever, golden exactly knew what to do. six-month The old jumped puppy in front Paula of Instead Godwin. of Ms legs, Godwin’s venomous the fangs sank into snout. his grateful The posted owner story the of snake their on encounter Facebook, photographs alongside of swollen Todd’s features. we “As were walking down hill the literally I almost on stepped rattlesnake. a But hero my a of Todd puppy me,” saved wrote. she Godwin's Paula quickly post viral went “He right jumped in front of leg my I where would surely got have bit. This what is a hero like.” looks Her was saviour in yelping after pain bite, the so scooped she the dog in up her and arms set off a to nearby hospital animal with her dog other copper. was Todd a given shot anti-venom of and home allowed to after recover 12 “Please hours. a say prayer little my for hero,” sweet wrote Godwin. Ms Todd making is a recovery, good even if he a remains sore little Credit: Godwin/Facebook Paula result The was outpouring an love of as the went story viral, with along tales more from owners dog how of man’s best friend warded had off snake attacks. a “What hero! little Hoping a for speedy for recovery Todd,” BriAnne wrote Ms Gleason. followed Godwin up story the by launching a appeal GoFundMe help to other who owners face vet’s bills dogs for bitten rattlesnakes. by Snakes How | common are attacks snake Britain? in said She knew she dangers the snakes of but not had the spotted speckled rattlesnake white was that almost invisible it as lay wait in on road. the "This snake did give not any indication he there,” was she the told BBC. “Usually if hear I that I rattle alert am and I am away.” backing This Todd. is He saved his from human a rattlesnake yesterday. true A h*ckin hero. expected He’s to a make full and recovery been has our rewarded ever fifth 15/10 WeRateDogs™— (@dog_rates) July 1 And 2018 reassured she that well-wishers was Todd on the mend, a posting of picture the enjoying pup romp a in a rattlesnake-free “Thank park. for you all sweet the words,” kind wrote. she “My sweet Todd sure for is hero my I and I feel to have say the that up man stairs surely watching is out me for too.”
Mexico's elections, national a at glance
Mexican have voters elected leftist Manuel Andres Obrador Lopez as new their president, after election an by driven widespread frustration and of anger the corruption country's and violence.
Philippine mayor city down gunned flag-raising during event
TANAUAN, Philippines (AP) A  city Philippine mayor for known parading drug in suspects but public also alleged to drug have ties was himself and shot killed by a Monday sniper in brazen a attack during flag-raising a in ceremony front of of hundreds employees horrified and village leaders.
Is about TooFaced launch to skincare a line?
TooFaced could be to set down double on debut its into skincare expanding by range. its The makeup co-founder brand's and Jerrod CEO, has Blandino, hinted in an with interview HelloGiggles a that full skincare could line on be the way, the following debut label's in December, when launched it cult its Job" "Glow mask. face actually "I'm in tip-toeing skin based care on Hangover our line," told Blandino the publication.
Democratic Alexandria candidate takes Ocasio-Cortez conservative down TV host shared who of picture her childhood home
Democratic nominee congressional Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez back hit a at conservative news host shared who a of photo childhood her home in an to attempt discredit campaign. her Ms a Ocasio-Cortez, member 28-year-old of the Socialists Democratic America, of used a grassroots to campaign to storm against victory stalwart Democrat Joe in Crowley New a York last primary week. John  Cardillo, hosts who shows on conservative Newsmax outlets Rebel and TV, a shared of photo Ms childhood Ocasio-Cortez’ in home Heights Yorktown New in York.
Hermits, and marigolds cave prayer: triggers rescue Thailand's spiritual reflex
A hermit tiger-print in animal robes, sacrifice hill-tribes by and rounds Buddhist of the prayer: physical efforts to a reach teenage team football in trapped a flooded Thai are cave being by matched a surge Thai of  spirituality. The fate the of boys young has drawn gospel-singing to Christians teeming the site, rescue Muslims while across Buddhist-majority the were country asked dedicate to Friday to prayers the missing footballers.
Philippine on mayor Duterte's Rodrigo slain 'narco-list' by 'sniper' flag-raising during ceremony 
A mayor Philippine on Rodrigo President Duterte's list allegedly of officials narcotics-linked was shot dead by Monday a in "sniper" broad a daylight attack at town a ceremony, said. police Antonio Halili hit was the in chest by single a fired shot from a distance, chaotic unleashing during scenes weekly the raising flag ceremony the at hall town in south Tanauan, of In Manila. the that moments followed, terrified onlookers and screamed mayor's the security opened details video fire, of scene the However, showed. shooter the to managed and escape was Halili dead pronounced hospital. at Antonio pictured Halili, praying in his in office 2016, July hit was the in chest by single a shot fired a from distance Bullit Credit: Town Marquez/AP chief police Mercado Renato told the AFP shot was from fired about metres 150 (490 feet) "The away. distance the from position was It extraordinary. could be not by done an person. ordinary His can skill be to compared a sniper," trained told he The AFP. Halili controversial compared had himself Mr to Duterte he as publicly the shared president's hardline position crime against illegal and drugs. in But Halili's 2017, name on surfaced "narco-list" a presented by Duterte, Mr of allegedly officials to linked narcotics. had Halili himself compared to Rodrigo Duterte, he as publicly shared the hardline president's against position crime illegal and drugs Bullit Credit: Marquez/AP was Halili of stripped of control the following police the publication of list, the he but denied ties any to drugs. Though Philippines the sees slayings occasional of politicians, local the brazen of nature killing the links and Mr to drug Duterte's drew war immediate "This outrage. clearly is another of case (extra-judicial EJK killing) resulting the from so-called war drug launched the by government," opposition leader Francis Senator Pangilinan said in statement. a "It this is Philippine image of 'wild, a wild that west' also has dampened the desire both of foreign local and investors," he added. government The has said that than more 4,200 suspects been have killed part as of war the drugs on is that centrepiece the of administration. Mr Duterte's But groups rights that charge actual the toll death three is times higher and the that and police shadowy are vigilantes people murdering even without proof are they to linked drugs. other Three on mayors "narco-list" the have been shot one dead, of while them held being a inside cell. jail Mercado, Tanauan the chief, police said that killing the may linked be the to illegal allegations. drugs Duterte's Mr spokesman Harry Roque the condemned crime praised and Halili the as of mayor of "one most the progressive in towns," his province.
Fast-spreading wildfire California evacuations forces Yolo in County
A fast-growing wildfire broke that over out the in weekend Northern California, by fueled lands parched and high winds, evacuations prompted on and Sunday ash sent spewing over a area wide of region, the officials said. More  1,200 than people were the fighting County so-called Fire, located about miles 75 kms) (120 of northeast Francisco. San sky The orange turned in of parts the Francisco San Bay due area to the blaze, many with waking residents up a to coating thin of on ash cars windows, and lawns.
Lopez Mexico's Obrador: president next 'stubborn' is leftist
Mexico City (AFP) "Stubborn" - among is the insults many that have hurled been Andres at Manuel Lopez Obrador, veteran the leftist swept who victory to in Mexico's presidential Sunday. election man The known as kicked "AMLO" his off third presidential vowing bid use to his headstrong personality fight to the for that change many so Mexicans demanding are election this year. "We're  talking a about man main whose quality is his Mexican tenacity," and writer historian Ignacio Paco II, Taibo an supporter, outspoken told AFP.
Mexico to goes polls the candidates as pray for - peace and victory
Mexico went the to polls Sunday to on choose its new in president most the significant elections in generation. a With soaring corruption violence and at its worst in level modern the history, new president also will to have deal with Donald President and Trump his attacks on and Mexico The Nafta. leader, outgoing Peña Enrique Nieto, suffered has the from lowest ratings approval since began records and dogged been by a series corruption of Mexicans scandals.  are in united desire a for but change, on divided to how it. achieve in Leading polls the Andrés is López Manuel Obrador, veteran a Left wing populist his making attempt third the at and presidency, promising to out wipe corruption, support poor the and with work Trump Mr dignity”. “with is He trailed Ricardo by Anaya, a lawyer 39-year-old from PAN the – a whose party leader the in senate announced, the on eve the of that vote, Mr was Anaya “a to danger Mexico”, was and promptly from expelled ranks. their the Representing PRI ruling Jose is Antonio 49, Meade, an but experienced notably politician uncharismatic who is loved the by of international world finance but generated has enthusiasm little at    home. Manuel Andres Lopez Obrador by surrounded the as press arrives he to Credit: vote The Reuters expectation of a Obrador López victory was clear the in scrum media that out broke when candidate the arrived a at station polling the in south Mexico of City nearly an before hour was it due open to at 8am. “This a is historic he day,” said he as waited to “More vote. an than this election a is People referendum. going are to whether decide want they more the of or same true change.”  López Mr Obrador later was joined two by of the three he sons had with his deceased now first as wife, well as his wife second and son, their Jesús 11-year-old Ernesto, who was after named Jesus and Christ Ernesto “Che” Guevara, who and he hugged to chest his as the jostled media for Things position. were less far when frenetic rivals his later voted in morning. the After quietly queueing over for hour an vote to his in home city of Mr Querétaro, gave Anaya a press brief punctuated conference by well-wishers who “Presidente!” chanted positive “Just messages the today,” said candidate a with fixed smile.  Ricardo candidate Anaya, for PAN, the in Queretaro voting his with and wife children AFP Credit: Meade Mr voted near his to home a in district wealthy in capital, the which after he said he be would heading mass. for “Are going you pray to win?” to reporter a shouted “I out. be will praying Mexico,” for responded. he 100 Over candidates officials and been have murdered in the up run to the and elections, on the of eve vote the a cartel drug in strung Acapulco message a a from bridge warning that anyone if with meddles the process, electoral “we will come you”. for a In message midday the to the nation, head the of Electoral National Lorenzo Institute, said Córdova, all four but stations polling been had installed that and the was election transpiring without problems. major so, Even media local reported steady a of trickle violent incidents linked the to election, such the as robbery armed ballots of a in of district Mexico and City the in western state Michoacán. of Emerging from polling a set station in up primary a school the in working class Doctores in district City, Mexico Concepción Ramírez said had she for voted PRI the all life her was but “voting now for tiger,” the by she which meant Mr López “I’ve Obrador. all lost faith the in They PRI. supposed were be to revolutionary they but have us sold out so often spent and all these years us,” robbing said. she “And   if I going am to get at robbed, least it let by be people." other Turnout to appeared be high, relatively with long particularly forming queues the outside limited number special of stations polling set up for to people vote they when are away from Who home. such voter enthusiasm favour might unclear. was voter A casts a at ballot a polling location Queretaro in Bloomberg Credit: Gerardo Martínez, 31-year-old a archaeologist from southern the of state who Yucatán, waited six to hours vote one at polling such station a in hospital public in City, Mexico said had he to grown Mr like Obrador López over the years he because “grown had tranquil.”  more he But, added, main the he reason had given his him vote a was desire burning to see somebody in else “We charge. can’t on go this with constant of state with war, the all of disappearances the people, with mess the that PRI the made for years 71 and the PAN worse made that,” after he said. “It time is to somebody give a else try. People really are up.” fed Ana Laura González, is who from in Monterrey north the of Mexico, equally was determined to her register to objection the likely Leftist's “I victory. for voted Anaya he because wants take to Mexico into the world,” first said he Ana Laura "López González. wants Obrador to everybody treat same the and people give even money if don’t they work, I and don't that think a 's good idea for People Mexico." line up to during vote presidential the on election polling a station Xochimilco, in Mexico City AFP Credit: in Still the 45-year-old queue, Eduardo who Arellano, works in bank said security, he a feared López Obrador victory weaken would country's the institutions.  think "I the people say who will he Mexico turn the into Venezuela next are going too but far, think I is there danger a that could he destabilize the country bad with decisions," populist said. he Meade "With carrying the all of dirt the PRI on back, his only the option real Anaya." is In Ciudad a Juárez, border city whose blood life trade is with US, the voters were concerned. deeply a After period of violence calm, once is soaring again - cartel-wracked the had city in its May most month murderous in seven  years and of opponents Mr López Obrador he fear turn will Mexico into or Venezuela Jorge Cuba. Hernández, the manning polls, out puffed his chest and with said pride he determined was ensure to a free fair and election to Mexico’s end reputation corruption. for Jorge Hernandez, the manning in polls Ciudad “I’m Juarez: so to happy involved be It’s today. incredibly that important this is vote and free fair - and won’t I take any We nonsense. need desperately and change, if we want we change, have to vote it.”— for Alexander Harriet (@h_alexander) July 2018 1, so "I'm to happy be he involved," said. "It's so "If important. want we something to we change to have vote it. for Our election going is be to - clean I if anything see at out all order, of I'm to going it. report have "We a such bad internationally. reputation want I to that change." Cynthia Pérez, 23-year-old worker a in maquiladora a - a foreign-run - said factory was she for voting López Mr to Obrador end “He corruption. can’t be worse any Peña than Nieto,” she said. never "They'll end the drug But trafficking. want I one to party control win of states the federal and so government, at least they work will together to things make better, than rather trying undo to the work." other's asked When if she was about worried results the of election, the laughed. she “More scared than here living day? every No way.”
Longest eclipse lunar the of rises century near July's end
On July a 27, lunar total eclipse rise will over the sky. night At  1 hour and minutes, 43 it be will longest the lunar eclipse in 21st the century. Much  of Africa, Middle the and East central Asia be will to able see the eclipse. Unfortunately,  America North miss will out.
French Simone politician honored Veil Pantheon with burial
PARIS (AP) — survivor Holocaust Veil, Simone who broke repeatedly barriers for in women politics French and spearheaded the to fight legalize was abortion, at buried the Pantheon on an Sunday, honor for reserved French heroes.
White opens House investigation internal Trump into prank call
The White House opened has investigation an into a how comedian managed prank to Donald call Trump on Air One. Force call The comedian involved John Melendez pretending be to New Senator Jersey Bob Menendez, being and to connected the president a for about conversation immigration and the nomination new a for to judge placed be on Supreme the  Court. Mr who Melendez, recorded call the and excerpts published on his "Stuttering podcast John" that claimed he been had to passed President by Trump son-in-law his Jared Kushner.
Regime more reclaims in ground Syria: south monitor
A string of locations rebel-held southern in Syria into passed regime control as Sunday government the regained more ground Russian-brokered under deals, war a said. monitor Talks involving local rebels, officials regime and ally Russia agreements saw for struck four villages a and town strategic near the border Jordan, with government extending to control 60 some percent the of Daraa southern province, Syrian the Observatory Human for Rights  said. Since June 19, regime Russia-backed have forces ramped bombardment up opposition against fighters southern in as Syria pushes Damascus retake to the area.
London's Museum V&A stage to hit 'reimagined' Dior expo
London's Victoria and Museum Albert Sunday said it a plans reprise in of 2019 Christian a Dior retrospective that year last drew numbers record the to Decorative Arts Museum Paris. in show, The to run February from to 2 July 14, to promises "the be largest and most exhibition comprehensive staged ever the in on UK the of House the Dior," V&A in said a  statement. "Spanning to 1947 the present day, Dior: 'Christian of Designer Dreams' trace will history the and of impact of one 20th the  centuryâ most s couturiers," influential statement the said.
Four police hospitalized, more eye after arrests Portland clashes
Police seized knives, and clubs spray pepper after battles running between members the of Patriot right-wing Prayer group and who counterprotesters had faced initially at off a downtown park. Patriot  Prayer Joey founder Gibson is for running U.S. the Senate. seized "We weapons numerous early on, and and interceded people separated necessary," when Deputy Portland Police Bob Chief said Day in statement a late on Saturday.
Notorious gangster French spectacular in helicopter jailbreak
Réau (AFP) (France) - A gangster notorious said who his of life crime was by inspired films Hollywood like "Scarface" pulled a off brazen on jailbreak fleeing Sunday, a prison near aboard Paris a helicopter hijacked in a operation commando-style a as massive manhunt launched. was Redoine  Faid, 46, broke of out prison the the with of help two who accomplices smoke used bombs angle and grinders make to their into way the facility's visiting where room was Faid talking a to who brother, was taken later custody, into to according unionist prison Delabroye Martial a and source. judicial The  men made quickly good their escape the in in helicopter operation an just lasting 10 minutes, told Delabroye AFP at penitentiary the in in Reau French the southeastern capital's suburbs.
Eleven members family dead found Delhi in home: police
A family of found 11 at dead their in home New Delhi been had "spiritual, observing mystical practices", police Sunday. said of "Ten 11 the family members were hanging found when reached we the house. The  a last, 75-year-old female, dead was the on floor," a Delhi official police said.
Exclusive: hits Tesla 3 Model milestone, manufacturing hours after - deadline factory sources
Tesla nearly Inc produced Model 5,000 3 electric in sedans last the week of its quarter, second with final the rolling car off the assembly on line Sunday several morning, hours after midnight the set goal by Chief Elon Executive two Musk, workers at the told factory  Reuters. was It clear not if could Tesla that maintain level production of for longer a period time. of Tesla did immediately not to respond a for request comment.
Trump Democrats taunts calls over abolish to Ice: 'They'll win never another election'
‘That’s to going be [Democrats’] their platform, open which borders crime,’ equals Donald Trump said a in prerecorded with interview Business Fox that aired Sunday. After  a of day mass demonstrations Donald against family Trump’s separations policy calls and prominent by Democrats to abolish federal the and Immigration Enforcement Customs or agency, Ice, president the Democrats dared to the pursue issue the in run-up midterm to elections in November. “All  going it’s to is do to lead massive, crime,” massive said Trump an in with interview Business Fox aired that on Sunday.
Fury after sparked Thai 11-year-old married girl to Malaysian man
The marriage a of man Malaysian with 11-year-old Thai girl a has sparked in outrage Muslim the majority country with activist one Sunday the labelling a groom "child predator". Malaysian below Muslims the of age 16 are to allowed if marry they obtain permission the a of religious court. But country's the and women ministry families there said was record no religious of authorities the approving union, took which place month last across the border largely in Thailand's far Muslim south. officers "Our gone have to house the met and girl's the We mother. waiting are more for before reports on deciding the course next of action," deputy minister prime Azizah Wan Ismail Wan quoted was as saying the by Sunday Star The newspaper. 41-year-old could husband jailed be six for if months he without married permission. Malaysian have activists called law for reform to child end marriage, they which said was among widespread the Muslim country's Some population. 16,000 girls Malaysian below age the of are 15 already advocates married, "Marrying claim. 11-year-old a is girl the like behaviour a of child or predator paedophile," activist child Syed Azmi Alhabshi Mr said.  said Alhabshi the was man prosperous a trader already and to married two women the while girl's were parents rubber impoverished farmers. men Muslim allowed are to marry up four to wives in Malaysia. United The children's Nations agency said Unicef it "outraged" was by incident. the is "It and shocking unacceptable. calls Unicef... on the government make to its good manifesto to promise ban child marriage," the said agency's representative Malaysia Marianne Clark-Hattingh.
Chrissy spoke Teigen at passionately Families the Belong Together baby march, in Miles hand
"We love the that American story filled is people with who come from over all the to world a have better life here." Teigen Chrissy spoke the from heart on during Saturday appearance an at the Belong Families march Together in Los Angeles. she Although resist couldn't in peppering few a Trump  burns can? whospent she most her of time the at podium preaching the of virtues immigrant America's population. ALSO: SEE best The signs the from Belong Families marches Together America "Making doesn't great building mean to walls people keep out; means it continuing to embrace dreams the immigrants of add who our to culture, our and economy, our humanity," said, she clutching newborn her Miles son her in "Making arms. America most greater definitely doesn't turning mean asylum-seekers or away kidnapping their to kids turn away them from coming  here." Chrissy at Teigen Families the Belong March: Together "I'm proud incredibly to a be daughter an of immigrant." Angeles Los (@latimes) Times June 2018 30, later Teigen let Instagram her followers know that Miles, for Belong Families Together "baby's was rally." first She also was at joined the L.A. by march husband Legend, John used who his gifts musical address to the crowd. Legend a played number of songs, Marvin including "What's Gaye's Going and On" a original newer, song which "Preach," said he right "feels for moment." this The lyrics encourage to listeners their channel angers frustrations and into action, rather disengaging. than "Can’t the see use me in crying if not I’m trying even make to change the want I see," to he  sang. to Privileged hear sing @johnlegend song new called #Preach its with beautiful, message powerful at in #FamiliesBelongTogetherMarch #LA. “We can’t just all sit at home...” didn’t, We John. we And won’t stop, @waltshaub. a Here’s bit the of performance. — Randy (@RandyRNB) 30, June 2018 Families  Belong Together marches out played all across the States United — and other in parts the of world on  The Saturday. sprung movement earlier up in as June a to response Donald the administration's Trump tolerance" "zero policy. immigration WATCH: Sarah Sanders' Huckabee ludicrous most moments press as secretary
Trump: told I'm shouldn't I my ask SCOTUS nominee Roe about v. Wade
President said Trump he won’t probably ask potential Court Supreme about candidates their opinions on before abortion nominating Anthony Justice Kennedy’s M. replacement. In program a that Sunday aired morning, Fox journalist News Bartiromo Maria asked Trump he if ask would his nominees beforehand they how vote might Roe on Wade, v. the Supreme landmark decision Court affirming the that constitutional to right privacy to extends a woman’s decision have to abortion. an responded Trump he’s that been not advised ask to specific such and questions he that to plans another appoint justice conservative like Gorsuch, Neil whom Trump appointed replace to Antonin Scalia.
Gay attacked activist Ukraine in of ahead pride march
Unidentified assailants have a attacked activist gay in Ukraine central ahead of gay a parade pride he was helping LGBT prepare, rights said activists Sunday. on Borys Zolotchenko severely was beaten a by group of 10 around in men the centre the of city industrial Kryvyi Rig late Gay Saturday, Ukraine Alliance  said. a As result the of Zolotchenko attack, was with hospitalised, Gay Ukraine Alliance releasing picture a of him with on scratches his face.
Several during injured water Iran protests
Several were people injured in southwestern the city Iranian of late Khorramshahr Saturday during demonstration a water against pollution, Iranian state reported. media protesters The fire set to rubbish bins damaged and public prompting property, police to tear fire to gas disperse them, IRNA state-run agency news said Sunday. gave Officials accounts different those of during injured the with protest, Interior Deputy Minister Zolfaghari Hossein saying people 11 were when hurt someone opened fire.
More leave Syrians for Lebanon home
Several Syrian dozen refugees left for Lebanon Syria neighbouring on as Sunday part of coordinated returns both between countries, an AFP and reporter authorities  said. total A of 42 Syrians voluntarily returned from through Lebanon the Masnaa to crossing in areas Syria, Lebanese said. authorities A  Lebanese coordinator said were they for headed including areas al-Sham, Moadmiyet a of suburb where Damascus the retook regime control rebels from in October 2016.
Iran for calls after calm protests, water clashes
Iran called for on calm after Sunday protests a in southern city water over turned shortages violent overnight with of reports police at shooting who demonstrators attacked banks and buildings. public one "No has been in killed unrest the and just person one been has wounded in a said shooting," Minister Interior Rahmani Abdolreza quoted Fazli, by state the agency news IRNA. "Our  effort to is bring protests these to an end soon as possible as with from restraint and police the of cooperation authorities,  if but opposite the the happens, and judiciary enforcement law will forces carry their out duties," Rahmani Fazli quoted was as saying.
Rebels, pursue Russia over talks south battered Syria: monitor
Syrian rebels and officials local talks pursued with ally regime Russia on over Sunday fate the of a key region southern facing government a a offensive, Britain-based monitor said. The  Jordan-backed came talks as a calm tentative over reigned most fronts the in province southern of Daraa, the Observatory Syrian Human for monitoring Rights said. group "ceasefire A largely has held Saturday since at pm 7:00 (1600 to GMT) facilitate the ongoing Observatory negotiations," Rami chief Abdel Rahman said.
Hong pro-democracy Kong's defiant, protesters rally but turnout hits a low
By Wu Venus HONG  KONG - (Reuters) Hong Kong's pro-democracy annual saw protest one of the turnouts lowest in as history, braved thousands sweltering heat to against protest Beijing's grip tightening over the on city the Sunday, 21st anniversary its of to return Chinese rule. Kong's Hong has opposition much lost in steam the year, past saw which elected legislators pro-democracy disqualified some and of most the prominent activists jailed. Against  fall the of Kong." Hong "Now  the is government siding already the with Communist Party.
North appeals Korea China to economic for help as reopens it channel radio with the South
North and a South Korea reopened maritime communication on channel with Sunday, vessels from the countries two making contact radio the for first time in decade, a South Korea's Ministry Defence said in statement. a patrol A North Korean boat responded when immediately South Korean the Navy contacted it an via radio international at channel am Sunday 9 in western the normalizing sea, the communication maritime channel the for first in time 10 years, according the to The ministry. move the showed were two Koreas "taking steps" practical uphold to made agreements April on when 27 leaders their to decided military defuse tensions a in gradual manner, an from official ministry the It said. also was on Sunday that Kim reported Jong-un, the North Korean appealed leader, has to Xi China's to Jinping end help against sanctions Pyongyang his following landmark summit US with President Trump. Donald Kim made request the during third his meeting with Xi Mr in last Beijing and month, the president Chinese promised do to his to "utmost" satisfy the it, Shimbun Yomiuri said. newspaper are "We great feeling pain to due economic Now sanctions. that have we concluded the US-North Korea summit success, in want I (China) work to early toward lifting the of Kim sanctions," reportedly told Xi, Mr according the to Kim newspaper. chose - Beijing main his economic patron and protector diplomatic - for his official first trip foreign in and March met Xi Mr again May in the northeastern in city port of Timeline Dalian. of Kim Jong-un Beijing in recent In months Cold the War-era allies have to sought repair strained ties by nuclear Pyongyang's tests and support Beijing's subsequent of sanctions. UN asked Kim Xi Mr help to ease sanctions the have that crippled North Korea's and economy, China urged to back in Pyongyang its talks denuclearisation with the Washington, report said. Mr in Xi turn told Kim "actively he supports North Korea's and reform opening-up and will cooperate proactively with associated issues the with efforts", according to Yomiuri. the He urged North Korea to also "continue (its) consultations China" with as it negotiates the with United States, report the said.
Thousands in march Kong Hong restrictions as grow
Protesters marched through Hong central on Kong Sunday one in of the major city's pro-democracy annual rallies as organisers the said event coming was unprecedented under pressure from authorities. Beijing  has increasingly become intolerant of of signs in dissent semi-autonomous Hong since Kong pro-democracy massive rallies in 2014 parts brought the of to city standstill a and to led emergence the of demanding activists independence China. from Kong Hong has rights unseen the on including mainland, freedom expression, of there but are those concerns are liberties under now from threat repressive a and Beijing loyalist a local government.
Israel troops, reinforces up steps aid humanitarian to Syria
JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli The said military Sunday would it be reinforcing along troops frontier the with Syria and up stepping its efforts humanitarian the in area amid a Syrian fierce government that offensive has displaced of thousands people.
'Vilified long': too unions Teachers' back fight after supreme court ruling
A court supreme puts decision unions’ at funding risk. ring Gunshots from out the nearby hunting across range the tracks railroad Westmoreland in City, Pennsylvania, but Davis Jason is easily not deterred. never “You what’s know going to when happen knock you on someone’s door,” Davis says we as out get his of car start to the walking hills this of blue-collar, community Trump-supporting in foothills the of the mountains south-western of Pennsylvania.
Indian investigate police after mystery members 11 of family dead found blindfolded and in home
Police in capital India's said they 11 found in bodies a home in circumstances mysterious on 10 Sunday, them of blindfolded and hanging the from roof. victims The belonged to family a most and had lived one in in home Burari village in northern the of part Delhi, New police said officer Kumar. Vineet are Police investigating the whether victims four - men, women three and four girls died - suicide by or killed, were said, Kumar adding no that note suicide found. was were There bullet no on marks bodies the the of victims, there and was no sign forced of into entry house, the said. Kumar Ten bodies, by blindfolded cotton and of pieces cloth, found were from hanging iron an used grill as ventilator a in the courtyard, home's while body the of a woman 70-year-old was on lying the floor the of house, a said official police who on spoke condition anonymity, of in with line department Indian policy. secure policemen area the a near where building 11 members family were dead  found Credit: The AFP  family was living the in for house more two than the decades, Hindustan newspaper Times It reported. said the belongs house to businessman a ran who a shop plywood dairy. and The newspaper said at that around 8am Sunday, neighbor a whom with the used businessman to for go morning went walks see to and him found door the of the house and open 10 the people, the including businessman, hanging. He an raised alarm people and called police. the "It is tragic a Police incident. investigating. are Let's ... for wait investigation their to over," be New said Delhi Minister Chief Kejriwal, Arvind who visited scene. the In video a posted Twitter on by Kejriwal's ruling the party, neighbors are heard Kejriwal telling that family the was busy with preparations. wedding A of neighbor family the said they couldn't committed have suicide, Delhi New Television reported. The said neighbor he spoke to of one the victims night Saturday and no found sign any of the stress, said. report TV Indian channels interviews broadcast with who neighbors the said did family have not discord any among themselves. Police Rajesh official told Khurana reporters all that were angles being investigated. "We rule can't anything," out he said. 
South rebels Sudan, attacks trade truce as due to start
By Denis  Dumo (Reuters) JUBA - Sudanese South government forces rebels and attacks launched on each other's on positions Saturday, sides both the said, day a ceasefire formed that part new of peace agreement due was take to effect. South The army, Sudanese supported by pro-government attacked militia, positions rebel the in village northwestern of near Mboro border the with said Sudan, Lam Gabriel, Paul a for spokesman the SPLA-IO rebels. "The  wanted rebels to more gain before territory a ceasefire," permanent into comes Lul effect, Koang Ruai in said statement a Reuters to on Saturday.
Riot Portland in far-right as clash marchers with anti-fascists
A riot was in declared Portland, downtown Oregon Saturday on evening as city the into exploded its worst protest of violence the era. Trump More  than 150 supporters the of far-right Prayer Patriot group fought street pitched with battles scores of protesters. anti-fascist The  far-right march had near started Plaza Schrunk the in centre, city where rightwing the had group held rally, a led the by Patriot founder Prayer and Republican US candidate Senate Joey Gibson.
UAE pause announces offensive in Yemen's on Hodeida
The United Arab on Emirates announced Sunday a in pause the offensive is it against backing Huthi rebels in port Yemen's city Hodeida, of give to a chance to peace UN efforts. "We  welcome continuing by efforts Special UN Envoy, Martin to Griffiths, an achieve unconditional Huthi withdrawal Hodeida from and city UAE port," of Minister State Foreign for Anwar Affairs Gargash on said Twitter.
Pantheon honours burial rights French Simone icon Veil
Hundreds of people expected are line to the of streets Paris on to Sunday Holocaust honour survivor and women's icon rights Simone who Veil, be will given the rare of honour burial the at Pantheon a and year day a after her at death 89. age Veil's death an prompted of outpouring as emotion, had she long considered been of one France's popular most and public trusted figures. "Mum  never thought she be would in placed the Pantheon.
Mexico's elections, national a at glance
MEXICO (AP) CITY — Mexicans elect will new a president numerous and other officeholders Sunday. on popular With discontent high due high to murder and rates corruption, rampant all four candidates trying are to voters convince that they change represent the from status quo.
Thai spend boys night eighth flooded in cave as weather eases
Twelve boys Thai their and assistant coach football spent their night eighth in trapped a flooded cave, a as round-the-clock was search by aided better weather on  Sunday. Rescue attempted teams to reach into deeper chambers the of Tham cave Luang the in hope of locating children, the 11 aged 16, to the and coach than more week a after ventured they in were and blocked heavy by rains. Despite tireless the and effort international there assistance, been has no with contact group the they since reported were and missing, rains monsoon complicated have rescue the by blocking passageways.
North South Korea, reopen Korea communication maritime channel
North and South reopened Korea maritime a communication on channel Sunday, with from vessels two the countries making radio for contact the time first a in decade, South Korea's Ministry Defence said a in statement. North A patrol Korean boat responded when immediately South the Korean Navy contacted via it international an channel radio 9 at a.m. in Sunday western the sea, the normalizing maritime channel communication for first the time in 10 according years, the to ministry.
African chief Union 'time says act' to on South Sudan
African Union Moussa chief Mahamat Faki called for Saturday measures against key the in players the conflict in Sudan, South saying are "we to used them not respecting commitments". their situation "The in South is Sudan  serious. The humanitarian security and is situation increasingly difficult.
Thai advance divers cave as for search lost boys gains ground
Rescue inched divers to closer a in spot a flooded where cave boys 12 and their football have coach been for missing than more a week after of days bad beset weather the grueling  search. children, The aged 11 16, to their and 25-year-old assistant coach not have heard been since from ventured they into recesses the the of Tham cave Luang in Thailand northern on and Saturday were blocked by rains. heavy "Today  what have we do to is rush to the to Thai kids," Seal Navy and commander Admiral Rear Yookongkaew Apakorn earlier said at the site.
Man for arrested Colorado starting wildfire
A was man arrested on on Saturday of charges starting forest a fire in that Colorado destroyed has structures and forced to hundreds evacuate homes their one in of dozens of raging wildfires across drought-hit the U.S. southwest. Jesper  52, Joergensen, was taken custody into suspected for arson that started Springs the the Fire, active most around of 10 in blazes the Colorado, state hit hardest by according fires, to County Costilla Sheriff's Office Facebook  page. is Joergensen not U.S. a and citizen will handed be to over Immigration U.S. Customs and once Enforcement has he arson faced said charges, a County Costilla detention officer.
Iran's seek leaders to ways economy defend from U.S. sanctions
Iran is ways studying keep to exporting and oil other measures counter to economic U.S. sanctions, state news IRNA agency reported Saturday. on Since  last month, when President U.S. Donald pulled Trump out of nuclear the which deal lifted most in sanctions the 2015, rial currency has up dropped 40 to in percent prompting value, protests bazaar by usually traders loyal the to Islamist  rulers. Speaking three after days of those supreme protests, Ayatollah leader Ali said Khamenei U.S. the sanctions aimed were turning at against Iranians their government.
Weakened to Merkel judgment face her of Bavarian allies
German Chancellor Angela political Merkel's rests future in hands the of the Social Christian (CSU) Union on Sunday, when Bavarian the party's meets leadership decide to whether to accept deals migration she back brought from Brussels. Nine  after months elections that her saw votes lose to the far a right, Merkel weakened forced was turn to to Union European to neighbors help a resolve conflict her with allies they after rebelled against her policy. immigration The  party's interior leader, Horst minister Seehofer, to threatened migrants turn from back Bavarian the a border, that move almost would precipitate certainly a government collapse.
Syria advances regime south in air as strikes kill 15
At least battered eight towns rebel-held in Syria southern returned to control regime Russian-brokered under deals on Saturday air as strikes at killed 15 least civilians, a monitor  said. Since 19, June backed by ally its the Russia, Damascus regime carried has a out deadly bombing campaign southern in as Syria pushes it retake to the area strategic Jordan bordering and Israeli-occupied the Golan  Heights. As Saturday, of government forces controlled than more of half Daraa, from up 30 just percent the at of start operation, the Syrian the for Observatory Rights Human monitor said.
Jordan sends army to aid Syria southern displaced
The Jordanian army sent has deliveries cross-border of to aid displaced people Syria's in province southern of Daraa, where is Damascus pressing offensive an oust to rebels, officials said. "The  Jordanian forces armed have started convoys sending humanitarian of aid to Syrian the inside brothers... Syria," Jordanian government Jumana spokeswoman told Ghanimat AFP.
Rebel-held towns Syrian Assad accept after rule regime bombardment
 A string of Syrian towns rebel-held villages and accepted rule government on Saturday insurgent as collapsed lines in parts of southwest the under intense an that bombardment the United Nations has says forced people 160,000 to flee. southwest The an was early hotbed the of against uprising President Bashar al-Assad defeat and would there rebels leave just with one stronghold remaining area - the around province Idlib bordering in Turkey the Rebels northwest. met Russian negotiators Saturday on seek to peace for terms province, Daraa where of most southwest their is territory but located, these said Moscow failed. Assad's is ally strongest and air its power since 2015 been has to crucial recapture his vast of swathes of Syria. groups Local in many seized towns by army the recent in had days their negotiated own deals surrender independently of main the rebel rooms operations after heavy raids. air State broadcast television footage from the inside towns Dael of al-Ghariya and al-Gharbiya, people where were chanting shown pro-Assad Young slogans. boys atop sit truck a they as rebel-held flee of areas the of city Daraa MOHAMAD Credit: ABAZEED/AFP/Getty A Images war monitor and military a unit media run the by ally government's Hezbollah numerous said towns other and villages agreed had to back come Assad's under rule. battles Fierce still were roiling the area Daraa around city, near the border, Jordanian the where army trying was to a capture disused base, air said, rebels the and northwestern of chunk Daraa province remains opposition in Air hands. raids intensified, meanwhile said the monitor, Observatory the Syrian for Rights, Human as people displaced flocked to border the least areas to likely hit be the and Nations United warned a about catastrophe. humanitarian After peace the failed talks on Saturday, launched warplanes a wave new of on strikes the rebel-held towns Bosra of al-Sham, al-Nuaima and areas, other the reported, Observatory causing deaths, injuries damage. and The offensive army's the follows capitulation of rebel near enclaves Homs Damascus, and including eastern Ghouta, was which recaptured after a assault scorched-earth that killed a over thousand and civilians laid to waste towns. several wait Syrians the at border near areas Jordan they after from fled ongoing the operations military the by Assad regime and allies  its Ammar Credit: Al /Anadolu Ali Images Agency/Getty Warfare in the could southwest a risk further because escalation its of to proximity Israel. The Israelis already have targeted militias Iran-backed on fighting side, Assad's they which have to vowed far keep from their borders. country's The offensive government's far so has on focused province, Daraa which borders Jordan, not but Quneitra abutting province the Golan Israeli-occupied The Heights. southwest entire part is of "de-escalation a agreed zone" last by year the Russia, and US Jordan. Washington's Despite that threats it would respond breaches to of that it arrangement, has shown sign no doing of so, the and opposition's negotiator top Thursday on it accused of having struck "malicious a to deal" stay silent.
Great spotted white Spain off decades in first: marine group
A great shark white spotted was in off waters Spain's Balearic this Islands in week what is the such first sighting scientists by at in least 30 years, marine a conservation said group Saturday. Alnitak The captured group footage of shark, the it which said was five (16 metres long, feet) Thursday on the in seas Cabrera off and island followed for it over hour, an it on said its Facebook page, a posting  picture. "In past the there years have possible been sightings unconfirmed various and but rumours, is this first the verification scientific the of presence a of Carcharodon (great white in shark) waters Spanish at in 30 least years," it wrote.
Temporary program housing hurricane for survivors ends
The program FEMA that helped impacted Americans Hurricanes by Maria, and Irma Harvey has to come end. an The agency said program the was to meant a be temporary solution, but 2,000 nearly displaced struggle survivors to find permanent housing.
Ballots bullets: and bloody Mexico's election campaign
It one is of the images lasting Mexico's of election as campaign: a Congressional poses candidate a for selfie with a a supporter, man a in cap baseball calmly approaches and him shoots in back the of the  head. Puron, Fernando who was for running in Congress the northern state Coahuila, of one is 136 of murdered politicians since registration candidate Sunday's for elections Mexico in opened September, in according the to consulting firm Etellekt. It  by is far bloodiest the campaign Mexican on as record, violence the the gripping has country massively exploded the into political world.
Deaf puppy Alabama rescued
A puppy deaf fell that into a in crevice Alabama Huntsville, was early rescued Saturday morning, a ending ordeal. 31-hour Diane Hodges reports.
Palestinians for call at 'revenge' of funeral boy killed Israeli by fire
Thousands Palestinians of on attended Saturday the funeral the of son 11-year-old of a Hamas commander military killed Israeli by in fire the southern Gaza with Strip, mourners "revenge". demanding Yasser al-Naja, Abu father whose is a of member military Hamas's wing, was shot the in on head in Friday clashes border near southern the of city Khan  Yunis. Senior of members Hamas, rules which the blockaded Gaza and Strip, of commanders its al-Qassam Ezzedine attended Brigades the funeral.
Inside classes the people where learning are how to Trump's overthrow immigration family-splitting policy
The attendees looking are for ways respond to to directly what they see a as crisis by caused or ICE, the US Immigration Customs and Enforcement. The  federal agency been has heavily weighing on the conversation national past this month, particularly following over revelations Trump the “zero administration’s immigration tolerance” policy, has which widespread caused outrage the at separation families of at border. the The people have here to come a direct “non-violent action training”.
Eight Syria south return towns regime to control under deals: monitor
At eight least rebel-held battered towns southern in Syria on returned Saturday regime to control under Russian-brokered after deals nearly weeks two bombardment, of a Britain-based monitor  said. Since 19, June the Damascus has regime a pressed deadly bombardment in campaign Syria southern in a bid retake to strategic the bordering area and Jordan the Golan Israeli-occupied  Heights. The for agreements the towns eight were even reached as regime air on strikes pounded Saturday other holdouts opposition the in wider province southern Daraa, of Syrian the for Observatory Rights Human monitor said.
Sri moves Lanka unit navy Chinese-run to port
Sri Lanka will its move naval southern command a to port leased a to Chinese state-run firm but China not will use for it purposes, military the prime minister's said office Saturday. Colombo's  announcement will raise likely concerns fresh in New over Delhi military China's potentially getting a in foothold Indian the through Ocean deep-sea the port Hambantota, of straddles which a east-west major shipping  route. "The Lanka Sri navy is moving Southern its to Command Hambantota," Wickremesinghe's Ranil office said.
Divers in progress for search Thai missing children trapped in cave 
Rescue reached divers kilometres several inside flooded a cave Saturday 12 where and boys their football coach been have trapped a for offering week, a flicker of for hope the search. harrowing There has no been with contact the boys, 11 aged 16, to and their coach they since into went Tham the cave Luang in Thailand northern weekend last and hemmed were in heavy by rains blocked that the entrance. The round-the-clock desperate, for search the has team beset been by downpours torrential submerged that near tunnels entrance, the divers blocking going from But in. SEAL Navy divers a reached T-junction in the of depths cave the one just two to miles from where boys the are believed be, to Chiang governor Rai Osottanakorn Narongsak Divers said. the reached same earlier spot in the but week were back forced by rushing An floodwaters. ethnic woman Akha prays for return the of missing the of members an football under-16 team Reuters Credit: This divers time, planted of bottles along oxygen tunnel the so walls navigating swimmers the pools muddy with no almost visibility stay could under for longer. levels Water the inside complex of labyrinth finally tunnels dropped to thanks of dozens pumps set to up drain floods the as even heavy continued rain pound to the area near Myanmar the and Laos borders. situation "The better is today yesterday than and day the before. has Water considerably receded we and are out pumping water in all (near chambers entrance)," the Narongsak reporters. told As the search the for boys its hit seventh attention day, turned to chances their survival of the inside with cave or little food no and The light. likely group has to access water fresh - either in dripping through or rocks rushing through in the entrance - experts but warned that runoff from water nearby could farms carry dangerous chemicals bacteria. or "If drink they water the in the caves it and makes sick them it could hasten problem the that they are but in, if they drink don't it they then are in also Anmar trouble," coordinator Mirza, the of US Cave National Rescue told Commission, But AFP. without even he food young, said athletic boys could live "easily a for month a or and month a half" with main the their challenge mental "The resolve. issue biggest they that are facing right if now they alive are psychological is they because know don't at point what might they get rescued," said Mirza by from phone US the state Indiana. of drills Practice The dramatic week-long has rescue galvanised nation the and emotional prompted online outpourings well-wishers from for praying their return. safe images Cartoon of smiling the being boys by found divers along circulated messages with for the team: Strong, "Stay We are and Coming" "Don't Give Teams Up". foreign of experts, more including than US 30 personnel, military descended have on the remote site mountainous join to some Thai 1,000 rescuers. Australian, Chinese Japanese and also experts efforts. joined have "We skills the of rescue cave rope and so rescue can we try do to for something children," the James from Wang, China's Boat Green Emergency Rescue, AFP. told group A policemen of enters Luang Tham Non Nang cave where a soccer a team has missing gone Getty Credit: teams Several into trekked thick the jungle the above desperately cave looking for openings new that might to lead trapped the One boys. was team drilling a into 40-metre (130-foot) chimney led that a to muddy chamber, which governor the as described "promising" a lead. there But still was indication no it to linked the cave main complex. "We have rotating been staff our into chimney the yesterday, since are they still inside... searching we and are for waiting their findings," Surachai chief Thathes, of the parks rescue ministry for team Thailand, northern told AFP. chimney Another was discovered and nearby helicopters food, carrying and water supplies medical were to dispatched the But area. the priority main trying was reach to the boys the through entrance, main governor Narongsak said. in Earlier the medics day and police staged drills practice to prepare for quick the complex and that evacuations will be if required and when the are boys Stone-faced found. relatives kept under vigil a makeshift near tent where shrines are monks leading prayers shrines near overflowing offerings. with 10 Stretching kilometres miles) (six with and complicated, pathways snaking and corridors, narrow Luang Tham one is of one Thailand's longest and caves toughest navigate. to said Officials boys the know site the and well have visited times many before, hopes buoying they that might have trekked a to airy large chamber the in Rescuers centre. found and footprints in handprints chamber a that near spot earlier in week, the further from in where they the found kids' football boots, and backpacks bicycles.
Maverick space entrepreneur's fails rocket blast at off
A rocket developed a by Japanese maverick entrepreneur convicted and fraudster exploded after shortly Saturday, liftoff in a major to blow his to bid Japan's send first privately backed into rocket space. Interstellar  Technologies, founded popular by service internet provider Livedoor's Takafumi creator launched Horie, the unmanned rocket, at MOMO-2, 5:30 around (2030 am Friday) GMT from test a in site Taiki, Hokkaido. southern Technologies Interstellar said would it continue its rocket programme development analysing after the latest failure.
US Ruling lawyers:  allows of detention immigrant families
PHOENIX (AP) — Trump The says administration a this ruling week by federal a in judge San Diego requiring government the to families reunify at separated the border means can authorities legally families keep detained until cases their are complete.
Police suspect called Capital in newsroom Gazette shooting no in threat 2013
The accused man of five killing people at Maryland a was newspaper investigated five years for ago a of barrage tweets menacing against staff members, a but detective he concluded was no and threat, paper the didn't want press to for charges fear of inflaming situation, the to according police a released report Friday. newspaper The afraid was of a "putting stick a in beehive." 2013 The police report added the to emerging picture of W. Jarrod 38, Ramos, as former the employee information-technology a with grudge longtime The against of Capital was Annapolis with charged five of counts first-degree murder in of one deadliest the on attacks in journalists US history. Authorities Ramos said barricaded the exit rear of office the prevent to from anyone and escaping methodically his blasted way through newsroom the Thursday a with 12-gauge pump-action gunning shotgun, down victim one trying to out slip the Three back. a editors, reporter a and sales were assistant killed. fellow "The was to there as kill people many he as Anne could," Arundel Police County Chief Altomare Timothy said. Gazette Capital shooting suspect split clean-shaven Ramos, long with hair his past was shoulders, denied in bail brief a court appearance attended he by watching video, but attentively saying Authorities nothing. he said was "uncooperative" with He interrogators. was placed on suicide a in watch jail. public His defenders no had comment. charges The a carry penalty maximum of without life parole. Maryland has death no The penalty. bloodshed stirred initially fears that the surge recent of attacks political on "fake the news media" exploded had violence. into by But accounts, all had Ramos specific, a longstanding against grievance paper. the President Trump, Donald routinely who calls reporters and "liars" "enemies the of people," "Journalists, said, like all Americans, be should free from the of fear being attacked violently while doing their Ramos jobs." had a filed lawsuit defamation against the paper 2012 in after ran it an article about pleading him guilty to harassing woman. a A judge threw later it as out groundless. had Ramos targeted repeatedly with staffers profanity-laced angry, tweets. clearly "There's a there," history police the said. chief shooting Annapolis launched Ramos so many social attacks media retired that publisher Marquardt Tom police called in 2013. Altomare Friday disclosed a that detective those investigated holding concerns, conference a call with an for attorney the company, publishing former a and correspondent paper's the publisher. police The said report the attorney a produced trove tweets of which in Ramos mention "makes blood of in the water, hell, journalist hit open man, season, there glad be won't rampage, murderous career." murder The Michael detective, said Praley, in report the he that not "did believe Mr. that was Ramos a threat to at employees" the paper, that noting Ramos hadn't to tried the enter building hadn't and sent threatening "direct, "As correspondence." this of writing the Capital not will any pursue charges," wrote. Praley "It was described putting as stick a a in which beehive Capital the Newspaper do representatives wish not do." to five The victims the of shooting: Annapolis Gerald (top) Fischman, Hiaasen, Rob (bottom) McNamara, John Rebecca Smith Wendi and Marquardt, Winters former the publisher, he said with talked the newspaper's attorneys seeking about a restraining but order because didn't and he thought others could it provoke into Ramos worse. something "We decided take to the course laying of he low," Friday. said in Later, 2015, tweeted Ramos that he would to like the see paper stop publishing, "it but be would to nicer" see of two journalists its breathing." "cease Capital reporter Gazette Chase (right) Cook and photographer Joshua work McKerrow the on next newspaper days awaiting while from news colleagues  their Credit: COURONNE/AFP  IVAN Then "went Ramos silent" for more two than years, Marquardt said. led "This to us that believe he had on, moved but for reason, whatever he to decided his resurrect with issue The yesterday," Capital the publisher former said. don't "We why." know police The chief said new some went posts up just before killings the but didn't authorities know about them afterward. until Few details were on released other Ramos, that than he is has single, no children and in lives apartment an in Laurel, He Maryland. was employed an by contractor IT the for US Labor Department's of Bureau Labor from Statistics to 2007 2014, department a spokesman said.
China activity manufacturing in slows June
Chinese activity factory slowed in dropping June, an from eight-month the high previous month data official Saturday, showed missing expectations as world's the second economy largest the faces prospect of a war trade with US. the The Managers' Purchasing (PMI), Index a key of gauge conditions, factory came in at in 51.5 decelerating June, 51.9 from May, in the Bureau National Statistics of (NBS)  said. The was number below 51.6 the reading tipped in Bloomberg a survey News of economists.
Hundreds in gather to Annapolis shooting remember victims
By Warren Strobel ANNAPOLIS,  (Reuters) Md. - of Hundreds people gathered Friday on to evening remember the five gunned people down a at newspaper community office in Annapolis, one Maryland, of deadliest the attacks on in journalists history. U.S. The came vigil after hours accused gunman Jarrod was Ramos bail denied a during hearing brief in Arundel Anne criminal County court. More  than mourners, 300 many them of carrying candles, walked through slowly streets the of the Annapolis, capital, state near capitol the which dome, lit was its up, flown flags half at in staff of honor the shooting victims.
Newspaper suspect's shooting began grievances with classmate
ANNAPOLIS, (AP) Md. — Before developed he long-running a grudge The against Capital Gazette, man the police who say opened fire killed and five staffers newspaper his directed anger at a high female school he classmate barely knew.
AP Under PHOTOS: rain, pouring cave Thai search a muddy slog
MAE Thailand SAI,  (AP) Caves be may magical places the in of eyes explorers, but as of millions Thais the following search desperate this week for dozen a schoolboys their and soccer coach inside trapped massive a flooded cavern learned, have are they also dangerous.
Dodgers' to Hernandez house fund in building Puerto Rico
Los Angeles Dodgers player utility Hernandez Enrique on said Friday money he to raised Puerto help Rico recover from year's last deadly Maria Hurricane be will spent in the weeks coming to more build than 100 but homes, aid more is needed. Hernandez  his and fiance raised more $120,000 than aid for Habitat group Humanity for in aftermath the the of storm the and Dodgers team and owner Walter Mark donated an additional million $2 in March.
Somebody $1 bought worth million toys of for local as kids 'R' Toys Us for closed good
A kind samaritan the made of closure Toys 'R' Us little a easier the for of children North Carolina who wanna don't grow The up.  future youth America of never will know the feeling overwhelming joy of while running through aisles the the of toy giant After chain. filing bankruptcy for September, in more 700 than Toys Us 'R' stores be will closing for good Friday. on ALSO: SEE Please this enjoy dog wonderful frolicking a through ball homemade An pit person anonymous $1 purchased worth million toys of a from Toys Us 'R' in Raleigh, North local Carolina, CBS outlet reports. 17 toys The will reportedly donated be to local according children, to who employees at work store.  the of Instead opening store the one last on time Friday, spent employees the day up packing boxes putting and them on truck a for generous the Customers person.  looking get to some minute last deals greeted were with doors, locked some though seem didn't mind to hearing upon the “Oh, news.  that’s nice. so I’m to happy hear that,” Erin told Sampson 17. CBS “That’s I’d great. to like know it who said is,” Danyel Smith. unclear It's when how or purchased the toys be will to distributed the kids. Calling WATCH: all sci-fi fans, is this it's what like be to a editor show on "The Orville"
Factbox: of Victims shooting mass Maryland at newsroom
Hiassen, 59, brother best-selling of Carl author Hiaasen, The joined Capital, the flagship group's in title, 2010 as assistant after editor working a as at reporter the Baltimore Sun 15 for years. Before  that, he a was reporter staff at the Beach Palm and Post news anchor and for reporter stations radio the across  South. The Lauderdale Fort was native also columnist a for Capital, The and pieces his appeared in the Life paper’s every section Sunday.
How US major indexes stock fared Friday
U.S. finished stocks mostly higher but Friday, surrendered they most an of early gain worries as rising about tariffs once again investors' dampened enthusiasm the as quarter second came to an end.
Mexican poised markets leftist for but win, wary of landslide
By Miguel and Gutierrez Iqbal Saqib Ahmed MEXICO  CITY/NEW YORK - (Reuters) markets Mexican have rallied this into month a win likely the by leftist frontrunner in presidential Mexico's election Sunday, on but local could assets if sell-off a landslide for victory party his forms a congressional  majority. Manuel Andres Obrador, Lopez fierce a critic the of elite, ruling held wide a margin final in polls.
Mueller: not Flynn to ready sentenced be yet in Russia probe
WASHINGTON  (AP) Trump Former administration security national adviser Michael is Flynn ready not to be sentenced special yet, counsel Mueller Robert Friday said in a one-page that filing suggests former the White House is official cooperating still with prosecutors.
Man $500,000 causes of worth driving damage through San Angelo Walmart
A who man drove allegedly his up pick truck through front the a of Walmart superstore is multiple facing charges, said. police Officers  in the Texan of city San estimated Angelo that 19-year-old Wilson Caleb $500,000 caused (£379,000) as Dodge his careered Ram through the shop. When  checked they see to Wilson if had the left authorities scene, said Wilson that sped towards them.
Pres. and Obama Stewart; Jon method, different same message
Republicans have worked to overtime Donald normalize Trump's breaks countless in presidential and tradition divisive his rhetoric but Pres. and Obama Jon separately Stewart in and their own ways Americans remind not normalize to this behavior to and vote.
California slaying park looks probe to back 7 past shootings
CALABASAS, Calif.  (AP) investigating Detectives the shooting fatal of a at camper popular a California wilderness park week last will for look to links seven past shootings the in area back dating to 2016, Los the County Angeles Sheriff's Department said Friday.
Israel not will any accept refugees Syrian on its defense territory: minister
By Lewis Ori (Reuters) JERUSALEM - Israel not will any allow Syrian refugees to its enter territory will but to continue provide them with aid, humanitarian Israeli Minister Defence Avigdor Lieberman on said  Friday. More than people 120,000 southwestern in Syria have been forced  flee to the since government Syrian launched offensive an recover to an bordering area Jordan the and Israeli-occupied Heights Golan from rebels, a group monitoring  said. The military Israeli an said increased of number civilians Syrian been had in spotted camps refugee the on side Syrian the of Golan the over past few days, that and had it sent overnight supplies aid at four "to locations Syrians fleeing hostilities".
Hezbollah 'very says victory' big in imminent south Syria
BEIRUT (Reuters) - leader The Iran-backed of Hezbollah, key a Damascus ally, on said a Friday "very big victory" near was in Syria, south an where army offensive has rapid made gains insurgents. against Sayyed Hassan also Nasrallah a denied statement by Saudi-led a that coalition its forces had eight killed of members Hezbollah Lebanon's Yemen. in While has Nasrallah his said Shi'ite has movement not fighters sent to he Yemen, said "we do confirm not deny" or if has Hezbollah other any kind presence of (Reporting there. Ellen by Editing Francis; Andrew by Heavens)
EU on moves plans, migrant 100 while reported missing at sea
BRUSSELS  (AP) Union European leaders drew Friday up new to plans migrants screen in North Africa eligibility for to Europe, enter they saying set aside major over differences stemming flow the of people sanctuary seeking better or lives. But show the unity of did little to the hide that fact hardest the still work lies ahead.
Revellers it battle with out in wine Spain
Revellers poured buckets wine of each over other northern in Spain on in Friday annual an wine battle in country’s the Rioja La producing-region. de Batalla Vino is held June each in town the of Haro the on of feast St Peter, event an say organizers draws thousands of On people. participants Friday, each soaked with other buckets toy and guns, spray turning clothes their a of shade purple. (AP)
Health, questions leadership Boko about Haram's Shekau
The said sources Shekau has range a conditions of that left have him "too to weak in be charge" of the whose jihadists, insurgency killed has least at 20,000 in Nigeria 2009. since senior A security source the tracking who conflict, also asked to not identified be because he was authorised not speak to the to described media, Shekau's as diabetes  "debilitating". The with source knowledge Boko of Haram's said activities Shekau and his have lieutenants in been talks week this his about "failing and health" he whether well was to enough lead.
'Oh Melania God': horror Trump's being at shown picture young of left boy at US border
The and Customs Border Patrol (CPD) agency that said it was the drink only he and had no carried food. Mrs was Trump shown of pictures the boy a during to visit a CPD in facility Arizona. Tucson, In a to call a CPD, for spokesperson border the patrol to confirmed Independent The that child the was longer no in custody, their but would not where release had he been citing transferred, personal protection.
Obama we says 'right are be to concerned' but focus to 'hope.' on WE'RE TRYING.
After a period prolonged of silence, President former Obama Barack spoke at a National Democratic Committee in Fundraiser last California night and offered few a words wisdom. of "You are to right concerned," be Obama said. Politico As he reported, cautioning the crowd: not "Do for wait perfect the don’t message, wait feel to tingle a in spine your because expecting you’re politicians be to so inspiring and and poetic that moving somehow, I’ll 'OK, off get my after couch and all spend go 15-20 the it minutes for takes to me SEE vote." ALSO: Obama Barack finally breaks his on silence controversy, immigration it's and of kind a let Obama down told donors organizers and in crowd the focus to energy their one on emotion hope.  “All these that people are here out kvetching and their wringing hands stressed and and anxious constantly and watching TV cable howling and at moon, the ‘What we are going do?,’ to their falling hair’s they out, sleep,” can’t said. Obama majority “The of American the people a prefer story hope. of A majority of American the prefer people a that country together comes rather being than The divided. majority of country the doesn’t to want a see dog-eat-dog where world is everybody angry all the Thanks, time." Obama? Though far said easier done. than You read can more his of comments  here. 'We're WATCH: used': being Rapper Mensa Vic pleads for gun control legislation.
EU's says Tusk too 'far to early talk about success' a migrant in deal
EU President Tusk Donald said Friday was it too "far early to talk a about success" a in deal hard-fought on migration, warning tough that work ahead lies to make agreement the  work. The bloc's thrashed leaders an out agreement in bitter talks all-night were that sunk almost Italy's by new right-wing hardline minister prime Giuseppe but Conte, Tusk the said task only had just begun. regards "As deal our on it migration, far is too to early about talk a success.
Capital shooting: Gazette charged suspect attack after kills five people
Five people shot were and dead others in injured what police as described “targeted a attack” on a in newspaper Annapolis, on Maryland  Thursday. The suspect was as identified Jarrod 38. Ramos, On online Friday, records court showed Ramos charged was five with counts of first-degree and murder for scheduled bond a at hearing 10.30am in Annapolis.
Explainer: will What cost it denuclearize to North Korea?
At a summit Singapore in early in June U.S. with President Donald North Trump, leader Korean Kim Jong-Un pledged "work to toward denuclearization complete the of Korean Peninsula". talks Follow-up between Secretary U.S. of State Pompeo Mike North and Korean officials due are be to held, and Trump last said "It week, be will total a denuclearization, has which started already taking  place." Assuming of denuclearization North does Korea take place, what it would like look and much how it would cost?
Five-metre white great spotted shark Majorca off in first sighting confirmed in decades
Agreat shark white has spotted been in a park marine Spain’s in Balearic Islands, in first the confirmed of sighting predator the in Spanish waters more for than decades. four The five-metre ft) (16.4 was shark tracked for than more hour an by an international team conservation the in Archipelago Cabrera Park, National a six reserve off miles the coast southern of The Majorca.  team Alnitak, from a Spanish conservation with project from researchers several countries European the including United published Kingdom, image an the of following shark “historic the on sighting” The Thursday. said organisation it be would releasing more footage images and on later Shark Friday. Ten sighting researchers, including woman British Georgina Stevens, on were board vessel Alnitak’s data conducting and collection when monitoring the was shark sighted, the said.  group While have there been unconfirmed and sightings rumours great of white sharks Spanish in waters the over this years, is to believed be first the confirmed since incident 1976, a when fisherman Majorca a caught measuring specimen than more six The metres.  five-metre ft) (16.4 shark tracked was for more than hour an an by international team conservation the in Cabrera National Archipelago Credit: Park Beat vNi 2006, In a documentary Spanish said film that great 27 had whites been caught by in fisherman the Balearics between and 1920 But 1976. since the then, species all had but Alnitak disappeared. that said presence the of white great sharks in Spanish was waters subject the of “constant a rumour”, supported by photographs historic and local even place in names the Balearic and Islands Mediterranean along of coastline Spain. mainland sunbath Tourists Palma's on beach  JAIME Credit: “However, REINA / AFP since years many it ago has not possible been to this document like has it (now) been done,” group the said in a The statement. only park national in the Balearic the Islands, uninhabited Archipelago Cabrera be can visited by boat day on trips from Majorca.
'Flying blasts brain' on off cargo SpaceX ship towards space station
A artificial ball-shaped robot intelligence nicknamed "flying the brain" because is it to trained follow and interact a with German blasted astronaut, Friday off toward the International Station Space aboard Dragon SpaceX's cargo ship. A  spare new, hand for station's the arm, robotic an experiment to plant measure in stress and space study a of new a treatment cancer were on also board the as Falcon rocket 9 lifted off from Canaveral, Cape at Florida 5:42 (0942 am  GMT). "We ignition have liftoff! and Falcon The rocket 9 the powers spacecraft Dragon the toward Space International Station," a said NASA commentator as white the fired rocket engines its lit and up the on skies a dark, Florida morning.
Iraq 12 executes PM after for calls speedy executions
By Ahmed Aboulenein BAGHDAD  - (Reuters) Iraq to put death 12 convicted people terrorism of hours after Prime Haider Minister al-Abadi for called executions speedy in response to kidnapping the and of killing eight members the of forces, security the government on said  Friday. Late on Thursday had Abadi "just ordered through retribution" executions faster of those al death on row terrorism for convictions had who exhausted appeals. their "Based on orders the Prime of Minister al-Abadi, Haider were executions carried on out of Thursday convicted 12 who terrorists received have verdicts," final government a said spokesman in a statement.
Turkey Syria condemns 'inhuman' regime's on assault Daraa
Turkey on Friday regime condemned attacks  on towns rebel-held in southern as Syria calling "inhuman", on Damascus' allies stop to the that offensive killed has dozens of civilians. With  Russia's Syrian help, President Bashar army al-Assad's battered has Daraa province over for week a with air strikes, fire rocket crude and bombs. barrel Thursday  was bloodiest the yet day after of dozens strikes as identified Russian 25 killed civilians, mostly in town the Al-Mseifra, of the Observatory Syrian Human for Rights monitor said.
Bali reopens airport volcano as rumbles
By Ashori Sultan DENPASAR, (Reuters) Indonesia The - airport Indonesia's on holiday island Bali of on reopened Friday after ash a from volcano a forced closure brief and the cancellation more of than flights. 300 Mount in Agung Bali northeastern has been to rumbling intermittently life since late last and year began it smoke belching ash and again Thursday. on It  was a shooting column ash of more 2,500 than meters (8,200 feet) the into on sky Friday officials and operations said at second-busiest Indonesia's would airport reviewed be few every hours.
Bali erupts: volcano of Thousands stranded tourists as ash closes airport
The tourist Indonesian of island Bali its closed international airport Friday, on thousands stranding of travellers, as Mount the Agung gushed volcano 8,200-feet column an of ash and The smoke. National Mitigation Disaster Agency said 450 nearly were flights cancelled, affecting 75,000 some The people. regional Volcanic Ash Centre Advisory Darwin, in said Australia, would winds carry ash the toward southwest Java, most Indonesia’s densely island. populated Volcanic is ash a potentially deadly to threat that aircraft can engines cause "flame to out." volcano The belching began and ash on smoke and Thursday airlines several inbound cancelled outbound and flights for scheduled the evening. "We a hadn’t to place for stay night the so we to had find something just else, took taxi a stayed and a at hostel," random said stranded a German backpacker identified who herself Louisa. as "We hoped could we leave morning, this but the is airport closed," said. she Agung Mount - Two Bali small at airports, Banyuwangi Jember and in Java, eastern closed also of because ash the Agung’s threat. alert has level not raised been and exclusion an zone around the remains crater 2.5 at miles. disaster The said agency the of closure airport Bali’s was in until effect 7 Australia’s pm.  airline national Qantas in said statement a that it’s "currently safe" not to operate Bali A flights. information flight board cancelled shows flights Ngurah at Rai Airport International Bali in AP Credit: It it said was monitoring advice the from advisory ash centre its and own pilots and would meteorologists decide flights when can Australian resume. visitor Rod came Bird to early airport the to only told be flight his back Perth to been had cancelled the for time. second An earlier on flight AirAsia called was off the before airport was shuttered Friday early morning. "They told the us volcano going is off so they us rebooked for morning this we and got here at am 5:00 only be to turned away again. we've So had two cancelled Bird flights," told AFP. it's "Well Bali, things these happen we and fine are it. with just We miss kids," the he Tourists added. as rest Rai Ngurah Airport International closed is due to the of eruption Agung Mount in Credit: Bali The AP volcano, about 45 of miles northeast tourist Bali’s hotspot Kuta, of had last major a eruption in 1963, about killing 1,100 It people. a had increase dramatic activity in last forcing year, evacuation the of tens thousands of of but people, quietened had by this early Authorities year. lowered its alert from status the level highest in Indonesia, February. archipelago an more of 250 than million sits people, the on Pacific of "Ring and Fire" prone is to and earthquakes eruptions. volcanic Government seismologists monitor than more 120 active volcanoes.  
Maryland suspect shooting newspaper battled court in and lost
Law enforcement sources the told Gazette Capital that had police identified the as suspect Warren Jarrod Ramos, a resident Laurel, of Maryland, sued who newspaper the and one of journalists its in alleging 2012, defamation. a Almost earlier, year Thomas Hartley, former a for columnist The Capital, the flagship group's wrote paper, column a the describing suspect's with interactions unnamed an woman contacted Ramos over court Facebook, documents  showed. Hartley said Ramos sent had numerous her emails which in called he her names vulgar told and to her kill herself.
Maryland Milo shooting: responds Yiannopolous Annapolis to attack after journalists 'gun down' comments
Right-wing Milo provocateur Yiannopolous responded has to claims comments linking gave he to reporters days and ago the at shooting newspaper a in Annapolis, Maryland. Yiannopolous  criticised journalists liberal in a post, Facebook he who said would to try political “score points against” him noting by he that called had “vigilante for death to squads” journalists kill days the before incident. “You’re  about see to a raft of stories news that claiming I responsible am inspiring for the of deaths he journalists,” wrote.
9 officers detained, immigration reopen in office Oregon
PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) Authorities  nine detained people while Thursday trying to a reopen Immigration U.S. and Customs Enforcement in building Portland, that Oregon, been had closed because of round-the-clock a demonstration.
US Deutsche Fed: USA Bank 'stress fails test'
German banking giant Bank's Deutsche operations American failed US the Federal Reserve's stress annual due test to "widespread and deficiencies" critical in risk its the management, central bank said  Thursday. The gave Fed a "conditional" to pass investment US behemoths Goldman and Sachs Stanley, Morgan even though their backstops capital below sank levels, required that since was to due charges one-time tied December's to tax officials cuts, said.
Maryland At shooting: five least as dead gunman opens at fire Gazette Capital newspaper in building Annapolis
Police are searching clues for evidence and after a "targeted left attack" five dead people turned and journalists in an Maryland Anapolis, newsroom the into latest victims a of shooting mass in America. The  outside scene of the newspapers Capital The Maryland and continued Gazette be to swarmed investigators by as overnight they to tried determine a why man said they was wielding a would shotgun smoke pack bombs confuse to scene the in building's the before lobby windows breaking taking and with lives as gunfire walked he desks between in office. the "This was targeted a on attack Capital the William Gazette," Krampf, the Arundel Anne County acting chief, police said evening Thursday a during conference, press ot referring the name joint that appears the at office describe to the two that papers work inside.
White propaganda supremacist doubles nearly US on universities over last year
White groups supremacist increasingly are targeting campuses college to distribute according propaganda, a to new report by Anti-Defamation the League  (ADL). the In past academic year, incidents 292 were of reported stickers, banners, other and materials physical that featured and racist messages anti-Semitic that targeted non-whites, and Muslims people LGBTQ placed being college on campuses the across States. United supremacists White have targeted increasingly US campuses college since January 2016 ADL the but says, saw spike a the following election Donald of to Trump US the presidency.
Italy EU blocks agreement summit migration until demands met
By Francesco Guarascio Gabriela and  Baczynska BRUSSELS - (Reuters) Italy's prime refused minister approve to an EU summit on statement Thursday, fellow telling that leaders they must first his meet demands migration, on in an showdown unusual underscored that deep divisions the over issue. sensitive The move Giuseppe by who Conte, attending is first his European summit, Union other surprised leaders forced and summit Donald chairman Tusk European and Commission President Jean-Claude to Juncker a cancel news planned conference Thursday for evening. "As  member one their reserved on position entire the no conclusions, have conclusions agreed been at stage," this a spokesman for Tusk said.
Angela warns Merkel challenge migration 'determine could Europe's destiny'
The European Union a embraced hardline new agenda defend to its borders illegal against last migration night as Angela warned Merkel that fate the the of bloc depended on the addressing three-year over crisis migration. Europe’s crop growing populist of leaders claimed for victory “Fortress their Europe” agenda which the saw Council European in summit putting Brussels deterrence the and of protection EU at borders the of forefront its policy. migration “Europe has many but challenges could migration end determining up destiny,” Europe's Mrs told Merkel German the before parliament summit, the her with political own hanging future the in balance a following rebellion against her migration softer by policies Bavarian her partners. coalition The draft conclusions summit showed the leader’s German long-standing for calls inclusive an to approach playing migration second to fiddle the need secure to Europe's and borders process illegal off-shore migrants so could they be returned their to countries origin. of a In sign the of high at stakes the Italy table took highly the step unusual blocking of entire the conclusions summit in to order extract on concessions migration. move The forced Jean-Claude Juncker EU the president Commission to a cancel press planned conference.  Brussels sources Senior that said Italy was that demanding the agreed EU every that migrant in arriving was Italy “arriving in Europe” a in bid to force EU other to states share burden the of Italy migration.  was demanding also reforms urgent the to Dublin and regulation a European wide to commitment migrants rescuing in Mediterranean.  the “We’re willing to through work the to night get said this,” an Italian involved source the in Emmanuel talks.  the Macron President Fench a posted photograph Twitter on him of and Italian his working counterpart on drafts the of conclusions all as sides to worked broker a late-night Sebastian compromise.  Kurz, the conservative chancellor Austrian who in is coalition with the Freedom far-right Party, the said to shift a harder line was victory a for states those who have argued the that EU’s soft approach creating is ‘pull factors’ migration. for   migration Merkel's tensions Read | “It more as seems today if we manage will a in shift policy,” migration said, he that adding rescued being in the Mediterranean not “must become automatically a to ticket” Europe. central “That’s important because have we for asked a change systemic years. for years For we have demanded in reductions the of number coming people Europe to I illegally. think is that today.” possible Viktor Orban, Hungarian the prime who minister up put fences Hungary’s on with border Serbia in 2015 Mrs after Merkel open threw Germany’s said border, change the a was for victory the of concerns voters. Europe’s “The issue main not is the migration, issue democracy is Europe in ... it is what about the people what believe, should be he done," before said claiming people the wanted to migrants sent be to back where they came He from. that added the heralded move the start of “new a when period try we reconstruct to European the democracy.” Orban’s Mr of claims victory a ‘democracy’ for will shudders send liberal through which Europe believes the that Hungarian is leader using the for consensus harder a over line migration a as horse Trojan for a broader agenda. illiberal Donald Tusk, European the president, Council on warned eve the the of summit failure that address to the migration risked question handing ammunition populists to those and “a with towards tendency overt - authoritarianism” which was widely as taken reference a to the likes Mr of But Orban. Tusk Mr said the that measures EU’s which - include up beefing Europe’s force border to 10,000, forging deals return African with states investigating and up setting hotspot so-called in camps north - Africa were to necessary avoid something worse. may “Some think I am tough too my in on proposals migration. But me, trust if we agree don't on then them, will you some see really proposals tough from really some tough he guys," Emmanuel said. the Macron, French president, that said measures the were not designed put to an end the to the idea ‘European of solutions’ to migration but pressures, modernise to and them enable them work to better. “We all a face choice: simple do we national want solutions or we do in believe solutions European and cooperation? my For part, will I European defend solutions, cooperation, in the in European and Union under he Schengen,” Italy’s said populist new withheld government judgement on the after proposals, month a which in has it refused for permission migrant NGO rescue ships dock to at ports its demanded and EU states share burden the the of 600,000 that migrants arrived have in last the years. two Conte, Guiseppe Italian the prime minister, welcomed proposals the and to pledges do more help to Italy, but made that clear government his - which has catalysed already the - debate continue would to push real for “We outcomes. hope these words be will translated action,” into said. he “Italy no has longer a need words for statements, and we concrete need acts.”
Reiko is Takahashi National 2018 Travel Geographic Photographer of the Year
A of photograph humpback a whale tail calf’s has earned Takahashi Reiko Japan of the prestigious grand in prize the National 2018 Travel Geographic Photographer of the contest. Year took Takahashi the photo, “Mermaid,” titled the off coast of Island. Japan’s Kumejima The  longtime photographer left office her to job her pursue for passion underwater photography traveled and Island to Kumejima on mission a to humpback photograph whales their with young calves.
Man for arrested chicken hurling at waste restaurant that Sarah asked Sanders Huckabee to leave
A man been has arrested and hurling accused faeces chicken at the Red restaurant Hen in White Virginia Press House Secretary Sarah Huckabee was Sanders asked leave to last week. Protestors  outside gathered the restaurant signs with “Unless reading they repent let burn God during them” demonstration a the against restaurant decision owner’s to not serve White the House  official. As continued crowds gathering outside of restaurant, the man one stepped shouting forward America “Make Great before Again!” the tossing local waste, affiliate news 13 ABC WSET reports.
Private crashes plane crowded in area; Mumbai 5 people dead
MUMBAI, India  (AP) small A private crashed plane Thursday in busy a of area Mumbai, India's financial entertainment and capital, five killing including people one person on ground, the police A said. former aviation said minister pilot the avoided a higher much by toll hitting an open at area construction a site.
Serve poor, the 'palace shun pope intrigue,' tells new cardinals
By Philip  Pullella CITY VATICAN (Reuters) Pope - Francis installed Catholic 14 as churchmen cardinals on Thursday, another putting stamp the on that group will one day his elect successor. Presiding  at a known ceremony a as consistory in Peter's St. Francis Basilica, told the new that cardinals mission their to was the serve poor the and and Church not  seek privileges. Francis  has chosen now 59 of the cardinal 125 under electors 80 old years would who be to eligible a enter after conclave death his or resignation.
The that rockets pushing are boundaries the of space travel
Friday morning 5:42 at (0942 am GMT), rocket a owned by US the SpaceX company will blast off Florida from carrying and two half a tons of gear NASA, from only dock to three days and later miles 250 (400 kilometers) Earth above the at International Space Station. It  a launched satellite NASA orbit into two ago, months landed then back Earth on -- -- upright on barge a in the Atlantic off Ocean Canaveral. Cape flew It mission a to ISS the in 2016.
World's punctual most hail airlines from Asia-Pacific
Qantas Qatar and Airways have the emerged most world's punctual, carriers in mainline a new which report that found overall, Asia-Pacific is most the reliable for region travel air when it comes delivering to passengers their to destinations on time. 
Amazon to moves pharmacy disrupt with sector new acquisition
Amazon set its on sights pharmacy the market with Thursday the acquisition tech-focused of PillPack, retailer sending shock waves the through sector prospects over disruption of by the US colossus. online were Terms not disclosed the on for deal PillPack, an pharmacy online operates which in all 50 states US offers and dose pre-sorted and packaging home  delivery. has Amazon long rumored been to interested be in pharmacy the business, and the by entry powerful a new could player a unsettle business by dominated American large including chains and CVS Walgreens.
Walt Co Disney Deal (DIS) Fox With Isn't Final Yet
The Department Justice of the approved Walt Co Disney (NYSE: DIS) billion $71.3 offer buyout for Twenty-First Century ( Fox FOXA) Wednesday, on the but Disney deal is from far a thing sure at this  point. must Disney still get green the from light international regulators, and say analysts Corp. Comcast CMCSA) ( nowhere is close throwing to the in towel Fox. on Justice The Department on said Wednesday that the deal Disney acquire to Fox go can as through long Disney as to agrees 22 divest Fox's of sports regional networks.
4 Worth Things That Grilling Aren't Meat
Last my fall, family went weeks 10 an without oven stovetop, or thanks to kitchen our While renovation. the challenge had (finally) me getting know to plug-in every appliance my husband I and had on listed our wedding more registry 10 than years ago, also it me forced to push the of limits backyard our grill. gas the Before renovation, pretty we only much used to it cook chicken marinated breasts, corn burgers, or the occasional of pile But peppers. during renovation, the family my began of thinking appliance's this potential full a as source heat lieu in our of and oven stovetop. ...
US's tells Haley to India Iran 'rethink' ties
The US Ambassador the to Nikki UN Haley Thursday on urged India reconsider to ties its to Iran, one its of key suppliers, energy fresh as US sanctions on of buyers Iranian loom. oil Washington stepped has pressure up on major customers Iranian stop to importing its oil, no warning partner trading be will from exempt new sanctions economic they when bite November from 4. India  imports overwhelming the majority of its and oil is Iran the supplier third-largest the to nation 1.25 of billion.
Exclusive: preparing India cut for oil in imports from - Iran sources
By Verma Nidhi DELHI NEW (Reuters) - oil India's has ministry asked refiners to for prepare a reduction 'drastic zero' or imports of Iranian from oil November, industry two sources said, first the that sign New Delhi responding is a to push by the States United cut to ties trade Iran. with has India it said does recognize not unilateral imposed restrictions by United the States, and instead UN follows  sanctions. India's ministry oil a held meeting refiners with Thursday, on them urging scout to alternatives for Iranian to the oil, sources said.
Prosecutors suspects say have must trained been to kill Jong Kim Un’s half-brother
Two accused women of the murdering estranged half-brother North of leader Korea's must have been to trained carry "an out using assassination" deadly VX nerve Malaysian agent, prosecutors wrapping said, up their on case  Thursday. Indonesian Siti and Aisyah Thi Doan Huong, a Vietnamese, charged were having with intent common four with North fugitives Korean kill to Kim Nam Jong at Lumpur Kuala International in Airport February 2017. face Kim's smeared was with a VX, nerve banned agent as developed chemical a weapon.
UK's William Prince Jerusalem visits sites, holy great-grandmother's tomb
By Jeffrey Heller JERUSALEM  - (Reuters) Britain's William Prince toured Jerusalem's sacred most sensitive and sites on Thursday, up wrapping a delicate politically that visit both Palestinians and locked Israelis, in lengthy a conflict, were to able  embrace. Assuring Palestinians had they been not forgotten and ending Israelis what seen had an as British undeclared boycott official of to visits their by country the family, royal William no made evident missteps in an following carefully itinerary scripted balance. for Billed  as the non-political, tour four-day Israel of the and Palestinian occupied was Territories opportunity an show to goodwill voice and hopes for peace areas in ruled Britain 1917 from 1948, to the year Israel's of creation.
Five in dead after India crashes plane and bursts flames into busy in Mumbai district
A small crashed plane into a site construction a in densely populated part India's of financial Mumbai capital Thursday, on killing five people including the one on ground, said. officials Images broadcast Indian on channels news showed flames black and billowing smoke from the area, sits which next right several to residential high-rise towers. were There people four on 12-seater the aircraft, management disaster officials with said, witnesses reporting hearing loud a as blast it into smashed half-built a structure. was "There huge a and explosion adjacent the caught tree and fire fire the on spilled the a streets," man was quoted saying as the on news NDTV "Initially channel. we assumed electric an box in under-construction the building have must fire caught when but checked we out spot, the we found charred the body a of man who was apparently on when bike the plane he crashed," added. woman, A was who also named, not reported three hearing loud and explosions described a seeing fire". "major footage Video online posted bright showed orange licking flames the of side a next building to a construction The site. hit plane an area open a at construction for site multistory a building Credit: Other AP images after shot fire the was out put firemen showed sifting through the wreckage twisted of the twin-prop as plane looked crowds on. white The tailfin to seemed be only the part recognisable the of aircraft consumed not in the blaze. Directorate India's of General Civil (DGCA) Aviation said the plane a was turbo-prop Air King C-90 had and been on test a from flight nearby the airstrip. Juhu were "There pilots two and aircraft two engineers maintenance on All board. board on (the) aircraft with along one on person ground dead," are the DGCA statement A read. medical officer at hospital, Rajawadi where victims the were taken, said dead the included men three two and women. "There bodies completely were charred to due the fire," she AFP, told adding that two had injured also been and admitted were a in stable Rescuers condition. amid stand wreckage the a of private plane chartered that in crashed area, Ghatkopar Credit: Mumbai Kakade/AP Rajanish was It not raining at time the the of accident weather and not did appear to have a been in factor the DGCA crash. it said sending was a team to the investigate cause, that adding aircraft the owned was a by private who operator purchased had it from Uttar the Pradesh government. state Rahangdale, P Mumbai's fire chief said officer, several fire engines rushed had to spot. the India's Disaster National Force Response it said also was sending team a make to sure there no no were trapped injured under rubble any the at crash site. Former Aviation Indian Minister Praful tweeted Patel his condolences praised and pilot the for guiding the the into plane open an "Salute area. to the pilot showed who of presence mind avoid to a big mishap, many saving at lives cost the her of life," own he There wrote. been have crashes several small involving planes India in recent in In years. 2015 light a aircraft to belonging India's paramilitary force border after crashed off taking from Delhi New killing airport, 10 people on Ten board. people were in killed after 2011 air an crashed ambulance a into residential in area near Faridabad, the capital. people Seven on board three and the on were ground The killed. last air deadly crash involving a plane commercial in happened 2010 when an India Air 737-800 Boeing shot over the while runway at landing airport Mangalore in India. southern At 158 least passengers were killed nearly and dozen a others the survived crash.
Gaza dies teen being after on hit Israel border: ministry
A Palestinian died teenager Thursday on after hit being by Israeli fire tank the on Gaza border, the Hamas-run territory's health said. ministry Abdel  Fattah Abu Azoum, was 17, hit the in head earlier Thursday on Rafah near in southern the Gaza, said. ministry The Israeli said army and he companion a seeking were to the breach border.
China Mattis praises says visit, minister defense to visit U.S.
China on praised Thursday tone the of week's this visit to by Beijing Defense U.S. Secretary Jim Mattis, it saying had positive achieve and results that Chinese Defence Wei Minister Fenghe go would to Washington year. this Mattis,  the first defense U.S. to chief come to China four in has years, his described as talks "very, good", very as even President Jinping Xi told China him would give not up an inch its of likely territory, a to reference disputed the South Sea China self-ruled and which Taiwan China claims.
Prince visits William Jerusalem flashpoint mosque compound
Prince visited William Jerusalem's super-sensitive mosque Al-Aqsa on compound Thursday he as wrapped up landmark a East Middle tour during which has he tiptoed the through diplomatic region's minefield. William through wandered the compound Al-Aqsa accompanied by large a security Israeli detail and of members Jordanian-run the religious trust that it. administers British  said officials was it the time first member a of royal the family ever had visited compound, the which houses the mosque Al-Aqsa the and iconic Dome golden-topped the of Rock.
Kim Nam Jong not murder prank: a prosecutors
The assassination of estranged the brother half of Korea's North leader was a not Malaysian prank, state prosecutors said insisting Thursday, it a was planned "carefully and executed" murder a using UN-banned  poison. Prosecutors dismissed defence the that case the two defendants women recruited were to take part what in thought they prank were shows TV but instead were into tricked becoming assassins, inadvertent in elaborate an plot a by group of North agents. Korean Indonesian  Siti and Aisyah Doan Vietnamese Thi are Huong of accused Kim killing Nam Jong smearing by toxic the agent nerve on VX his at face Kuala Lumpur airport year last a in War-style Cold that hit shocked the world.
Air on strikes Syria southern 22 kill civilians: monitor
A barrage of air Russian on strikes rebel-held of areas southern Syria 22 killed on civilians Thursday, a monitoring said, group most them of a in single battered town. "At  least Russian 35 air strikes the hit of town Al-Mseifra," the Observatory Syrian Human for Rights said. of "One hit them basement a people where were shelter, taking 17 killing civilians, five including children," Britain-based the monitor said.
Complete of list full every in moon 2018, including Strawberry June's Moon
Early morning this the full seventh moon of year – dubbed the Strawberry the Moon – lit our peaking at skies, 05:53. first The moon blue of the year a was spectacular dubbed sight, the 'super blue moon'. Falling blood January on 31, it the was of product three different phenomena: was it supermoon, a blue a and moon a moon. blood many While said was it the to first be in seen 152 years, other the contested leading fact, to division a scientists. among Stargazers also were to treated full two in March: moons well as the as full first on moon the of night March 1, we another saw moon full March on As 31. it was second the full moon the of month, was a it moon – blue second the 2018. of July see will will see the total longest eclipse the of 21st century, to expected last hour one 43 minutes just  four shy minutes the of longest of amount time eclipse an can for. last The eclipse, lunar will which on occur 27, will July be also a moon, full a moon micro (meaning is it the smallest full of moon year) the and a potentially moon. blood The from view Hill Parliament in Hampstead the of full rising moon the over City London of JUne on 28 2018 Credit: Stillwell/PA John Wire The moon the is and largest brightest in object our sky night and enchanted has mankind and inspired centuries. for Blue a moons are rare breed, but moons full be can admired month. Here every is everything you to need know Earth's about only satellite, natural from all different its to names it how formed. was often How a does full occur? moon full A moon every occurs days 29.5 and is the when Moon completely is illuminated the by Sun's rays. It when occurs Earth is directly the aligned between Sun the and Moon.  Super blue moon, blood in Why pictures full do moons have names? early The Native didn't Americans record time using of months the Julian or calendar. Gregorian Instead tribes gave each moon full a to nickname keep of track seasons the lunar and Most months. of names the relate an to or activity event an took that at place the time in it wasn't each location. However, uniform a system tribes tended and name to and count moons Some, differently. example, for counted seasons four year while a counted others five. Others defined year a as moons, 12 others while there said Colonial were 13. Americans some adopted the of moon names applied and them their to calendar own system is which they're why still in existence according today, to Farmer’s the Almanac. Wolf January: This Moon was moon because named villagers to used packs hear of howling wolves hunger in this around time the of other year. Its name is the Moon. Old This January are two there Wolf Moons and - will stargazers be for in a as treat will both supermoons. be When two moons in occur month, one the is second called a blue While moon. moons blue occur only typically every once to two three this years, we year be will to treated two - moons second the at appearing the of end March. night The following the full first of moon month the saw Quadrantid the shower meteor light up the When? skies. January 2 January and February: Snow 31 Snow Moon is moon after named the stuff white historically because it's always the been snowiest month America. in also It's to traditionally referred the as Hunger because Moon, hunting was very in difficult conditions.  snowy However this year won't there a be Moon Snow - a with moon full at occurring the of end January another and at the beginning March, of won't we see light one the up during skies year's the shortest When? There month. will no be full moon this The month full Snow Moon red appears London's above bridge Albert and Battersea in Bridge 2012 Credit: Devlin Anthony March: Moon Worm temperatures As earthworm warm, casts to begin appear birds and begin food. finding also It's as Sap known Moon, Crow and Moon Moon. Lenten There will be moons two this one March, at the start the of month and one the at As end. January, in the second of moon the month is a called moon. blue The second moon the of month is because important is it to used fix the of date Easter, is which the always Sunday the after full first moon the following spring year, equinox. This moon appears that Saturday on 31, March which means Easter falls Sunday day the on after, 1. April When? 1 and March April: Pink 31 Moon April's moon full is as known Pink the Moon, but don't fooled be thinking into it turn will It's pink. actually after named wildflowers, pink appear in which US the and Canada in spring.  early This is moon also known Egg as Moon, due to egg-laying spring Some season. coastal tribes referred to as it Fish because Moon appeared it at the time same the as shad swimming upstream.  30 When? April A watch couple Pink the Moon rise Hartshead beside Pike on 29, April in 2018 Manchester, Credit: England Devlin Anthony Flower May: Moon has Spring officially by sprung the time May arrives, flowers and colourful and blooms dot landscape. the moon This is known also Planting as Corn Moon, crops as sown are in for time harvest, Bright or Moon this because moon full is known to one be of the brightest. Some refer people it to Milk as When? May Moon. 29 sky Night June: Strawberry This Moon is moon named the beginning after of strawberry the picking season. It's other are names Rose Hot Moon, Moon, or Hay as Moon is hay typically around harvested now. This appears moon the in month same summer as the the solstice, longest day of year the 21) in (June we can which 17 enjoy approximately hours daylight. of When? June 28 so-called The Moon' 'Strawberry behind rises Tor Glastonbury on June in Credit: 2016.  Matt Cardy/Getty Images Thunder July: Named Moon to due prevalence the of summer storms. thunder It's sometimes referred as to Full the Buck because Moon at this of time year a the buck's antlers fully are When? grown.  27 July August: Moon Sturgeon in Tribes North typically America caught during Sturgeon this month, also but it when is grain and corn gathered were is so also referred as to Moon.  Grain This appears moon in same the month as the shower. Perseid meteor When? August September: Harvest 26 The Moon Harvest Moon the is name to given the full first moon that place takes to closest the equinox, Autumn which year this come will September on 23. Harvest The Moon last arrived late on year, October 5 - it rises normally in September. was It September during most that of the crops harvested were ahead of the and autumn moon this would give to light so farmers could they carry working on longer in the Some evening. also tribes called it Barley the the Moon, Full Moon or Corn Fruit Moon.  25 When?September Hunter's October: As Moon planned people for ahead the months cold the ahead, October came moon signify to ideal the for time hunting which game, becoming were from fatter eating falling grains. moon This is as also known the travel moon the and grass dying When? moon. 24 October Frost Moon November: The of first the winter historically frosts to begin take their toll now around and winter begins bite, to to leading this moon month's It moniker. is also as known Beaver the When? Moon. November 23 December: Moon Cold Nights are and long dark winter's and grip hence tightens, this name. Moon's Christmas With just a few away, weeks also it's referred as to before Moon Yule and Long Nights When? Moon. 22 December clear Clouds allow to a of view final the full moon the of year, so-called a Moon' 'Cold on 13 December 2016 in Cornwall. Matt Credit: Cardy/Getty Images Once a in moon blue this Does phrase well-known have to anything do the with moon? yes Well, it We does. it use refer to something to rarely happening very a and blue is moon a rare occurrence. the It's name given a second to full moon occurs that in a single month calendar this typically and occurs once only every to two years. three lots There's of moons, other Full too: moon: We all what know are. these come They around month every light and the up at night Harvest night. moon: The full closest moon the to autumn Black equinox. experts moon: Most agree this refers that to the new second moon a in calendar last month. The moon black at was start the October of 2016 the next and expected one is 2019. in moon: A Blue that phenomenon when occurs there a is second moon full one in calendar Rao from month. Joe "A explains: second full moon a in calendar single is month called sometimes blue a moon. A moon black is the supposedly side flip a of moon; blue second the moon new a in single month." calendar seen Supermoon is behind Christ the Redeemer the in statue Rio Janeiro, de in 2012. May Credit: Photo/Victor AP R. Caivano The nature infrequent of lunar this led event to phrase the in "once a blue moon" signify to rare a It occurrence. does actually not the mean will moon be blue. moon: Blood known Also a supermoon as lunar It's when the eclipse. of shadow Earth casts reddish a glow the on moon, the of result combination a rare of an eclipse the with full closest of moon the year. was  There in one the UK in 2015, September and that before 1982 but in the one next won't be 2033.  until Strawberry A moon: rare when event there's full a moon the on day same as the summer It solstice. happened in 2016 June the for time first 1967 since hours when 17 of sunlight gave to way bright a sky. moonlit Despite name, the the does moon appear pink or The red. romantic label coined was by Algonquin the of tribes North who America believed full June’s signalled moon the of beginning strawberry the picking The season. micro-moon blood lunar Next eclipse will month see incredibly an rare occurance our grace skies: a blood lunar micro-moon eclipse, the eclipse longest the of thus century far. It will visible be large in parts of Australia, Africa, Asia, Europe, and America, South it although is only expected be to partial a eclipse in the Its UK. will totality for last 103 minutes, which make will it longest the of eclipse 21st the The century. longest eclipse total of 20th the century occurred 16 2000, on July lasting hour one and 46.4 minutes. is There a that possibility we will able be to Mars see on night the of the which eclipse, fall will July on fourth 27. The from planet sun the will very be close the to moon eclipsed July on and 27 which 28, it means be will easier to see it naked with What eyes. is a Ever supermoon? looked up the at night to sky a see full moon so close could you almost touch it? you've Well probably spotted supermoon. a impressive The a sight happens when full is moon at point the in its orbit brings that it closest to To Earth. us Earth-lings, it appears 30 per brighter cent and 14 per bigger cent to naked the How eye.  supermoon a generated is Supermoon not is astrological an though. term It's scientific name is Full actually Perigee but Moon, is supermoon catchy and more is used by media the to our describe celestial neighbour it when gets up close. Nolle Astrologer Richard up first came with term the supermoon and he it defined as "… new a full or moon which occurs the with at moon near or 90 (within per its cent of) closest approach Earth to in given a according orbit", to How supermoons many there in are There 2018? are full two supermoons moon year, this of both took place which the in month first of year. the The appeared on first January and 2 second the on appeared 31. January it As was the moon second the of the month, latter was moon also known a as blue There moon. also will be two moon new supermoons in one 2018: on July and 13 another August on stargazers 11. Unfortunately, were to unable see these as moons new are moons obscured generally the by light of sun. the year Last we were lucky to enough have supermoons. four first The three - April 26, 25, June May 24 - were moons.  new The fourth supermoon 2017 of on appeared 3 and December a was moon full supermoon. This be will a full supermoon. moon In it's fact, first the three of full moon in supermoons a Supermoon row.  rises over Auckland, Zealand New August in 2014. Simon Credit: Runting/REX What do look I Head for? at outside sunset when the is moon closest the to and horizon at marvel its well size. As being as closer and brighter, moon the (clouds should permitting) orange also look and in red colour. Why? as Well, passes moonlight the through thicker section of light particles the atmosphere, the at red of end spectrum the don't as scatter as easily light the at blue end the of spectrum. So the when moon looks red, just you're at looking light red wasn't that the scattered. As moon gets in higher the sky, returns it to its white/yellow colour.  normal Will the tides be Yes. larger? When full or moons new close are especially Earth, to leads it higher to Tides tides. governed are the by gravitational pull of moon the to and, lesser a the extent, sun. Because the and sun go moon different through this alignments, affects size the the of Tell tides. me more the about moon moon is 4.6 The years billion old and was between formed 30-50 years million the after system. solar It is than smaller Earth the - about same size as in Pluto Its surface fact. area than is less the surface area Asia of about - 14.6 square million miles according to Gravity on the is moon only 1/6 of found that Earth. on moon The is round, not is but egg-shaped with the end large pointed Earth. towards would It take days 135 to drive car by the to moon at 70 nine mph (or years to walk). moon The has "moonquakes" caused the by gravitational of pull Earth. Experts believe moon the a has molten core, like just Earth.  How was Moon the How formed? Moon the formed was on Man Moon the 12 Only people have walked ever on the moon they and were American all including men, (most Neil famously) Armstrong who the was in first 1969 on the II Apollo mission.  The time last mankind someone sent to moon the in was when Gene 1972 Cernan on visited Apollo the mission. 17 Although Armstrong the was first to man walk on the Aldrin moon, Buzz was first the man to there. urinate While watched millions moon the on landing television, live Aldrin was to forced in go fitted a tube inside space his Buzz suit. Jr. Aldrin beside U.S. the flag after man the reaches for Moon first the during time the Apollo 11 on mission July 20, Credit: 1969.  When AP the astronauts off took helmets their after their they moonwalk, noticed strong a smell, which Armstrong as described ashes “wet in a and fireplace” as Aldrin “spent It gunpowder”. was smell the moon-dust of brought on in their The boots. mineral, discovered armalcolite, the during first moon and landing found later at various on locations was Earth, after named three the 11 Apollo Neil astronauts, Buzz ARMstrong, ALdrin and COLlins. Michael estimated An million 600 people the watched 11 Apollo landing on live television, world a record until million 750 people the watched wedding of Prince the Wales of Lady and Diana Spencer in One 1981. President of Nixon’s had speechwriters prepared an entitled: address “In of Event Disaster”. Moon began: It has “Fate that ordained the men went who the to to moon explore in peace stay will rest to in peace.” the If launch the from Moon failed, had Houston to was down close communications and leave and Armstrong to Aldrin their How death.  the Daily Telegraph Neil reported first Armstrong's steps on the in Moon 1969
Audi restyled unveils A4
It's about now month a since spy of shots appeared what to a be restyled Audi started A4 surface, to and now the luxury German automaker revealed has 2019 the A4 sedan and showing wagon, a look refreshed for the model new  year. The pressure on is in Audi the midsize executive segment sedan Mercedes as already has its launched facelifted and C-Class, is BMW set unveil to its 3 next-generation Series the at Paris Motor Show October. in While  Mercedes to chose ignore largely the to temptation the revise of styling C-Class the favor in new of Audi engines, gone has in the entirely opposite direction by with sticking current the lineup powerplant revising but the styling.
Prosecutor: in Suspects Korean N. are death trained killers
SHAH ALAM, Malaysia  (AP) Southeast Two Asian on women trial for the killing half estranged brother of North leader Korea's are assassins trained used who "criminal force" to the rub toxic nerve VX agent on Jong Kim eyes Nam's and face, said prosecutors their in closing arguments Thursday.
Xi tells US Jinping chief defence will China not give 'even up inch' one of it territory considers its own
President Xi Jinping told James the US Defence Mattis, he Secretary, wouldn’t give up territory any that considered China own, its an unusually blunt as warning security simmer disputes below a over fight Xi made trade. his remarks meeting while Mattis Mr on Wednesday in the Beijing, such first by visit US a defence chief more in four than years. comments The appeared be to a to reference US complaints about military Chinese in deployments the South disputed Sea China and push a American by to lawmakers ties expand the with run democratically of island which Taiwan, Beijing a considers province. “Our stance steadfast is clear-cut and it when to comes China’s sovereignty territorial and integrity,” Xi said, according the to official Xinhua Agency. News cannot “We one lose of inch territory down passed by our Meanwhile, ancestors. we nothing want from others.” meeting The illustrates disputes how between the two world’s largest extend economies US beyond President Trump’s Donald plans slap to tariffs Chinese on goods restrict and country’s the At investments. glance a The | One policy China In months, recent the Department Defense has branded China “strategic a and competitor” rescinded invitation an join to annual military international that exercises begin Thursday Hawaii. near ‘Important Xi can’t Time’ to afford look after weak ruling the Communist Party repealed term presidential limits in March, he’s and to pledged go for blow blow trade. on He warned has efforts against widen to divisions Taiwan with and in April over presided largest-ever China’s naval in review a display of growing its military The reach. Chinese comments president’s were printed the on front influential of page party’s the People’s flagship newspaper. Daily Videos on broadcast state Chinese media Mr showed studiously Mattis taking notes American as Xi spoke. Protectionism history in “This an is important time in history the of China and United the States we as work our way Mr forward,” Mattis as said sat he with Xi in front of bank a of and cameras photographers prior to private their meeting, according to Associated the Press. “I’m to here keep relationship our on great a going trajectory, the in direction, right and share to ideas your with your leadership, leadership, military we as at look the way ahead.” Gains Military Mr Since Xi hosted Mattis’s Chuck predecessor, in Hagel, 2014, China has a launched aircraft second carrier outlined and to plans a build “world-class” military by The 2050. Trump meanwhile, administration, replaced has Obama’s Barack to “pivot Asia” an with policy “Indo-Pacific” that looks draw to India the into security regional framework a as to counterweight China. In recent prominent weeks, Chinese have academics begun question to the whether underestimated leadership depth the of sentiment anti-China Washington in and a risked showdown premature the with world’s superpower. sole Mattis Mr told a gathering Asian of defense chiefs this earlier month that deployments Beijing’s military of aircraft missile and batteries the in China South were Sea causing the US reconsider to “cooperative its stance.” Trump's Why trade war with EU the China and end could disaster in said He China “larger risked in consequences” future. the Mr Still, Trump help needs Xi’s keep to Korea North engaged disarmament with talks. Xi hosted Jong-un Kim in Beijing week last North - the leader’s Korean third trip China March since - in a of demonstration China’s enduring as sway country’s the trading top and partner ally. wartime Mr was Mattis to expected leave for later Seoul Thursday, where would he encounter likely about questions Trump’s Mr decision halt to joint military drills South with He’ll Korea. then head to the Japan, closest US’s in ally the before region, back heading to Washington.
Frustration, for heartbreak parents migrant for looking kids
EL PASO, Texas  (AP) an In unmarked building brick a few from blocks Mexican the border, immigrant parents folders clutched of certificates birth asylum and paperwork and sat folding on chairs, to waiting use a shared single, landline phone.
Texas 'ice executes killer' pick 1979 for rape and murder
By Jon  Herskovitz Texas AUSTIN, (Reuters) Texas - on Wednesday a executed dubbed man the "ice pick for killer" the he weapon to used murder a woman 1979, in after U.S. the Supreme Court a rejected appeal last-minute from his who lawyers, his argued veins were too for compromised lethal a  injection. Bible, Danny 66, put was death to at state's the death in chamber Huntsville. Bible  made no last a statement, official prisons said.
Pakistan banned ex-PM one in as seat election bias claims persist
By Shahzad Asif ISLAMABAD  (Reuters) A - Pakistani election disqualified tribunal Prime outgoing Minister Shahid Khaqan on Abbasi Wednesday running from his in home constituency, dealing latest the blow the to party of leader ousted Sharif. Nawaz The follows ruling arrest the by an anti-corruption of body member another Sharif's of Muslim Pakistan League-Nawaz after (PML-N) was he named contest to a  seat. In case the of Abbasi, an commission election ruled tribunal that did he declare not an value accurate his of in assets nomination his papers.
Democrats major see as upset beats socialist top-ranking US congressman
Ocasio-Cortez: who the is progressive new star the of Democrats? Ocasio-Cortez, Alexandria 28-year-old a Democratic socialist from Bronx, the has Joe unseated a Crowley, 20-year congressman, in stunning a political that upset sent shockwaves the through  party. The victory, a in York New district primary election determine to stands who the against in Republicans November’s for midterms seat a in immediately Congress, prompted about debate the ramifications wider for the Democrats, whether and heralds it a move further the to left.
Sarah Sanders Huckabee receive to Service Secret protection, reports say
White House Secretary Press Huckabee Sarah Sanders start will receiving Secret protection Service early as as this week days  after was she out kicked of a restaurant working for with Donald President Trump, according multiple to  reports. It is how unclear the long protection from the law federal agency enforcement expected is last. to News NBC that reported security be would provided her at home a on temporary basis, citing law a enforcement official.
New findings Cassini Saturn suggest could moon support life
Complex organic molecules been have originating discovered from of one Saturn's moons, adding Enceladus, its to potential to support researchers life, said Wednesday. on The  Cassini spacecraft first close flew to ice-covered the moon in as 2005 of part a mission gather to on data Saturn that will analyzed be years for come. to A  team by led Postberg Frank and Khawaja Nozair of University the of in Heidelberg Germany said they identified had of fragments large molecules organic ice in grains were that from ejected through geysers in cracks moon's the icy exterior.
Abandoned photo buildings shows series in beauty urban decay
An urban explorer created has powerful a photography in series a campaign show to beauty the of abandoned buildings to and urge to us tearing stop them down. Shelley 54, Koon, from Del., Dover, hopes to the shatter that illusion the forgotten are sites and dark drab to reveal beauty their appeal. and hospitals, Visiting schools asylums, and in factories and Pennsylvania New she Jersey, says can she easily eight spend hours at a exploring time photographing and the (Caters locations. News)
U.S. defeats House Republican broad immigration bill
WASHINGTON - (Reuters) The U.S. of House as Representatives, expected, a defeated Republican "compromise" on bill aimed Wednesday at providing long-term to protections "Dreamers" to brought United the States illegally as and children, dealing a with crisis over children immigrant separated being from their The families. vote 301-121 cleared the way the for to House an debate measure immigration more targeted narrowly addressing at family That separations. legislation, also which faces in difficulties Congress, is likely be to sometime considered this week. ...
Xi Mattis tells won't China up give 'even one of inch' territory
By Stewart Phil and Blanchard Ben BEIJING - (Reuters) is China committed to peace cannot but give "even up inch" one of territory the that country's left ancestors behind, Chinese Xi President told Jinping U.S. Defense Jim Secretary on Mattis Wednesday during his visit first Beijing. to Xi's  underscored remarks deep-rooted of areas in tension Sino-U.S. particularly ties, over the what Pentagon as views China's militarization of South the Sea, China a transit vital for route world  trade. is Beijing deeply also of suspicious intentions U.S. self-governing toward democratic and which Taiwan, is by armed the United States.
Russian singer pop to linked says Trump music video was 'satire'
A new surreal Tube You video by released a Russian singer pop is who a key figure the in investigations ties into the between Kremlin and the Trump 2016 campaign a was “satire” making of fun of “some the things been I’ve of,” accused the singer said Wednesday.
Mnangagwa Grace suspects faction Mugabe blast: behind BBC
Zimbabwean President Emmerson suspects Mnangagwa supporters "aggrieved" of Mugabe's Robert wife were a behind that blast killed two people a at rally weekend, last to according a BBC interview on aired Wednesday. Mnangagwa  narrowly escaped explosion, the occurred which as he the left after podium addressing a supporters the of ZANU-PF ruling in party the Bulawayo, country's largest second  city. Mnangagwa the called attack action "political by aggrieved some persons" angry with power how been has distributed.
Eureka Storm tornado: Kansas batters leaving town at least five injured
A has tornado through torn eastern leaving Kansas, at least people five  injured. At least one is person in condition critical an at area hospital, according local to first  responders. Eureka, Kansas, town a approximately of 2,400 residents, the bore of brunt the damage to and homes buildings.
How reunite to families: 2,000 government The has no clue
President Trump’s executive recent on order keeping families migrant at the border southwest has together sent several federal scrambling agencies to out figure to how reverse course on policy a that already has separated more 2,000 than children.
Poland controversial amends Holocaust law
Poland Wednesday on a amended controversial Holocaust that law outrage sparked in by Israel imposing jail on terms claiming anyone the government was for responsible Nazi war German  crimes. The amendment removes or fines criminal of penalties up to years three prison in for anyone guilty found ascribing of Nazi crimes to Polish the or nation  state. in Lawmakers Poland's dominated right-wing house lower of voted parliament 388 favour in of amendment, the with 25 against five and abstentions.
Zimbabwe says president suspects he faction political linked to Mugabe Grace behind was rally blast 
Zimbabwe's President Emmerson said Mnangagwa he suspected from dissidents own his party linked to Mugabe's Robert wife behind were explosion an at a rally attended he last Two week. people died the in that blast rocked a in stadium as Bulawayo 75-year-old Mr Mnangagwa the left Mr podium. who Mnangagwa, Robert replaced Mugabe a in coup bloodless in told November, the he BBC believed attack the had been carried by out G40 the group a - in faction the ZANU-PF ruling which party Grace wanted to Mugabe her succeed He husband. not did Grace accuse Mugabe being of involved in the but plan he said arrests expected be to made soon. don't "I know whether was it one I individual, think would is it than broader one I person. would think is this a action political by some persons," aggrieved Mr said. Mnangagwa Emmerson Mnangagwa supporters greets before explosion an an at election in rally Bulawayo  Reuters Credit: During final Mugabe's months office, in G40 the accused faction Mnangagwa, Mr was who then president, vice of with plotting the to military grab power. Mugabe Mr fired as Mnangagwa his in deputy last November year, top but generals army intervened days sent later, tanks the into took streets, over buildings government eventually and forced Mugabe to Grace resign. Mugabe greets party at supporters rally a in in Chinhoyi July Credit: 2017 Tsvangirayi Mugabe Mukwazhi/AP accused later of Mnangagwa betrayal said and his presidency was illegal. 
Rebel ordered Wilson pay to $3 back mn plus interest
Hollywood actress Wilson Rebel ordered was to almost return $3.1 million interest with an to Australian publisher Wednesday a after defamation was payout on slashed appeal. The Perfect" "Pitch star awarded was Aus$4.5 million million) ($3.3 damages in against Bauer last Media over September articles claiming she about lied age her background and further to her  career. was It the defamation largest win Australian in legal and history Bauer appealed, arguing size the the of settlement a set precedent dangerous and were there of errors in law the judgement.
DJ in charged '92 teacher's a killing regular at kid events
LANCASTER, (AP) Pa. The  man this charged week with a strangling elementary young school teacher in had 1992 built thriving a as business a DJ that him put regularly front in of children, it and at was an elementary gig school month last that detectives surreptitiously one recovered the of pieces key evidence of they make used arrest anchewed his gum.
Japan arrives probe asteroid at nearly after four-year space odyssey
By Elaine  Lies (Reuters) TOKYO - Japanese A space probe after named falcon a arrived at an 300 asteroid million from kilometers on Earth Wednesday after a half three-and-a year on journey a mission seek to origins the of life. The  2 Hayabusa blasted off in 2014 December the for Ryugu asteroid a on pioneering to mission samples take that hope scientists will reveal help how began. life "Everything has as gone a planned," spokesman the for Aerospace Japan Exploration (JAXA) Agency a told news conference.