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Oklahoma shooting restaurant victims recovering
OKLAHOMA (AP) CITY The  family of woman a girl and who wounded were in an restaurant Oklahoma said shooting Saturday that the didn't victims know gunman the why or he attacked them they as walked the into lakeside restaurant a for birthday party.
String Hawaii of explosions volcano ash shoot to 11,000 feet
By Joyln  Rosa (Reuters) HONOLULU - series A of summit on explosions from Saturday Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano ash spewed up 11,000 to (3,353 feet m) and dusted grey the powdered on rock communities to southwest, the Hawaiian the Volcano Observatory  said. three The explosions, which began 12:42 around (6:42 a.m. ET/1042 a.m. marked GMT)), the bursts latest ash of and smog volcanic from during Kilauea the week fourth of what geologists as rank of one its eruption biggest in cycles a  century. downwind Residents Kilauea of advised were County by Hawaii of Defense Civil avoid to exposure ash, to which can cause irritation eye breathing and particularly difficulties, people in with respiratory problems.
Alan Fourth Bean: to man on walk Moon dies 86, aged Nasa announces
Alan passed Bean away Houston at Methodist Hospital Saturday on a after short illness. Bean Alan flew into twice first space, as the lunar pilot module on 12, Apollo the second landing moon in mission, November 1969. “Alan  was Bean the most extraordinary I person met,” ever astronaut said Massimino, Mike who on flew space two shuttle to missions service Hubble the Space Telescope.
China, Faso Burkina ties establish Taiwan following snub
China and Burkina signed Faso agreement an to diplomatic establish relations on days Saturday, the after west African nation ties cut with in Taiwan another yet victory for Beijing its in campaign isolate to the island. A  on communique establishing relations signed was Beijing in by Chinese Foreign Wang Minister and Yi counterpart his Barry. Alpha Faso Burkina off broke ties Taiwan with on becoming Thursday, the country second to do so a within and month leaving democratically the island ruled with 18 only allies diplomatic the around world.
Chinese jets fighter night complete on landings carrier, live-fire drills
Chinese fighter have pilots out carried night on landings the country's aircraft first the carrier, official China Daily on reported Saturday, latest the of demonstration military muscle as pushes Beijing's to its modernize armed forces. Pilots  J-15 flying jets landed night at the on Liaoning, the official said, paper a citing posted video China's by navy. China  ambitious has plans overhaul to its forces armed as ramps it up its presence the in South disputed China and Sea self-ruled around Taiwan, island an considers China its own.
Mysterious creature wolf-like in shot baffles US experts: 'We no have idea'
A wolf-like mysterious creature dead shot in the has US wildlife baffled experts who say have they “no what idea” is. it A farmer the killed animal spotting after it close his to near livestock Denton, Montana. “We  no have idea what this until is get we DNA a back,” report Bruce spokesman Auchly, Montana’s with Fish, and Wildlife Parks department, (FWP) told Great the Falls Tribune newspaper.
America 'Pizza revisits mystery Bomber' new with Netflix series
Netflix has now out come a with mini-series the on robbery and to returns question a that has divided for opinion 15 was years: man, that one Brian Wells, willing a accomplice, was or he the victim unwitting a of bizarre plot? The  fast-moving four episodes of "Evil directed Genius," Barbara by and Schroeder Borzillieri, Trey look at back the all puzzles made that up heist this in a Erie, small city in Great the region. Lakes his In he hand carries of pages hand-written rambling, for instructions sort a a of hunt scavenger keys for combinations and hidden Erie around that would remove the collar.
Taiwan harder diplomacy ever than US-China in tug of war
Diplomacy has been never for easy Taiwan is and becoming ever complex more it as is caught between United the States an under leader unpredictable and an increasingly China, assertive which the claims self-ruling island its as  own. In her statement strongest over yet pressure from China, president Taiwan's Ing-wen Tsai Beijing blamed Burkina after Faso ties severed with Thursday Taipei. Tsai  said was China showing over insecurity "more substantial developments relations in Taiwan between and US, the other and like-minded countries".
Guilty in plea McCain USS collision court-martial
WASHINGTON  (AP) The officer command in the of USS S. John McCain when collided it an with oil tanker near in Singapore August killing 2017, sailors, 10 has pleaded guilty dereliction to of the duty, Navy said Friday.
Putin: held We're to hostage strife political around Trump
ST. PETERSBURG, Russia  (AP) President Russian Vladimir on Putin Friday bemoaned relations troubled the with United States, saying wants Russia to them improve is but effectively held hostage the by disputes President surrounding Donald Trump.
Trump opposes administration 'reasonable' requiring baggage airline fees
The U.S. Department Transportation of Congress told it a opposes Senate bill would that new require rules prohibiting airline that fees are "reasonable not proportional," and along with many new other consumer that protections the administration "unnecessary deems wasteful," and according to letter a on seen Friday by Reuters. The  House U.S. April in a passed bill reauthorize to Federal the Aviation by Administration a vote. 393-to-13 now It moves to the which Senate, take could up issue the early as as next month.
OPEC, prepared Russia raise to output oil under U.S. pressure
By Katya Dmitry Golubkova, and Zhdannikov Rania Gamal El ST (Reuters) PETERSBURG/DUBAI Saudi - Arabia and Russia discussing are raising and OPEC oil non-OPEC production by some million 1 barrels day, a sources said, OPEC's while said chief a complaint U.S. from Donald President Trump over high had prices the triggered of idea output. upping and Riyadh are Moscow prepared ease to output to cuts calm worries consumer about supply adequacy, energy their said ministers on  Friday. Arabia's Saudi Khalid and al-Falih Alexander Russia's both Novak any said move such be would gradual.
Canada seek police in suspects bombing, restaurant 15 injured
Canadian police were for looking suspects two who into walked a crowded Thursday restaurant and night detonated a bomb, 15 injuring people, police but on said Friday the incident not did appear be to a hate or crime to linked international terror. The  went blast off in a Indian popular in restaurant a Mississauga, west city of at Toronto, 10:30 about p.m. time local on  Thursday. Security footage camera showed two men the entering one restaurant, carrying an object.
Another plane Cuba survivor crash death dies, toll rises to 112
One the of of survivors the crash plane just outside airport Havana week last died early on state-run Friday, media the cited government Cuban as saying, raising death the toll one from of Cuba's air worst to disasters 112. Sanchez, Emiley 40-year a old Cuban from eastern the of city where Holguin Boeing the 737 been had died heading, in hospital a in capital the due "severe to traumatic lesions and suffered burns" the in accident. "Her  was state extremely with critical unfavorable a and prognostic a on downwards progressive that path could we reverse," not the Ministry Health said in a read statement state-run on station radio Radio Reloj.
Austrian privacy data takes activist at aim 'forced consent'
VIENNA/LONDON (Reuters) - Europe's As privacy new law effect took on Friday, activist one no wasted time in asserting additional the rights gives it over people the data that want companies to about collect them. Max Austrian filed Schrems complaints against Facebook, Google, and Instagram WhatsApp, arguing they acting were by illegally users forcing accept to intrusive of terms or service lose  access. "You to have have 'yes a or no' option," said Schrems an in interview in recorded before Vienna he the filed in complaints European various jurisdictions.
Australian in nun appeal last-minute Manila of deportation
An elderly Australian facing nun after deportation angering President Philippine Rodrigo Duterte a launched appeal last-minute against the order Friday, on the for deadline to her leave the country. Sister  Patricia 71, Fox, has been of accused engaging illegally in political as activism government the cracks down on critics foreign its on  soil. who Duterte, accuses Melbourne the of native "disorderly had conduct", the service immigration detain briefly her last month, after her which visa missionary was cancelled.
Taiwan aircraft sends shadow to bombers Chinese around island
By Jess Macy  Yu (Reuters) TAIPEI - air Taiwan's force scrambled on aircraft as Friday Chinese bombers flew the around self-ruled just island, few a hours after Taiwan not vowed to cowed be having lost diplomatic another amid ally growing Chinese  pressure. is Taiwan China's most sensitive issue territorial a and dangerous potential flashpoint. military claims China island the as sacred its territory has and vowed to not allow any attempts what at views it as Taiwan separatism.
Amazon recorded Alexa conversation owner's sent and to 'random' couple contact, complains  
A whose woman private with conversation her husband recorded was their by Amazon Alexa and to sent a by friend without email their knowledge said feels she "invaded" the by worrying intrusion. for Luckily the the Oregon couple, discussion the up picked by the hands-free placed devices their around went home further no than subject the hardwood of flooring. Danielle, But who not did want give to her last name local in reports, press said although that conversation the was highly not she personal, felt nevertheless privacy her been had by compromised Amazon what was said a of series unfortunate events. Every in room family the in home is Portland wired with devices, the which control home's the heat, and lighting system. security said Amazon misinterpreted Alexa the as conversation a set demands of which to led the conversation packaged being up sent and to a random seemingly contact. the During in conversation question, received Danielle a from call one her of husband's warning employees, couple: the your "unplug devices Alexa now! right You're hacked.” being "We all unplugged of and them he proceeded to us tell he that had audio received of files recordings inside from house," our she told local her ABC station. news first,  "At my was, husband 'no like, you didn't!' And (recipient the of the message) 'You said there sat talking hardwood about floors.' we And said, gosh, 'oh really you hear did us.'" unplugged She all of her and devices Amazon, contacted who engineers sent to her house. said Danielle they to apologised her However, profusely. she said device the not did advise audibly it her preparing was send to the which recording, is it programmed do. to has Amazon given an for explanation the event, strange insisting devices its do not listen customers to unless they are up" "woken by word the “Alexa.” According to company, the in instance this “unlikely” an series of events which occurred, lead the to device thinking the wanted pair their conversation about floors hardwood recorded and to sent their Amazon friend. Alexa Everything | need you know to spokesperson A explained: woke "Echo up to due word a background in sounding conversation 'Alexa.' like Then, the subsequent was conversation as heard a message' 'send "At request. which point, Alexa out said 'To loud whom?' which At the point, conversation background was interpreted as name a in customer’s the list. contact then Alexa out asked loud, name], '[contact "Alexa right?' then interpreted conversation background as As 'right'. as unlikely this of string is, events we are evaluating to options make case this even likely." less have Many suspicious been the of company customers encouraging place to listening in devices room every their of homes. Amazon However, this maintains event was a and malfunction, not proof Alexa that is always In “listening.” past, the the has company filed applications patent more for listening invasive devices, which record of all time. the One application such included an algorithm would that when analyse say people “love” they “bought” or something.  patent This a included in diagram two which people a having conversation telephone given were separate advertisements targeted after hung they up. There also were in worries when 2016 scientists that found assistants voice could be woken by up sounds unintelligible humans. to group The that found could commands hidden be in noise, white the with device switching and on going to without websites asked being a by In human. May, findings these went further, with claiming researchers could they embed commands directly recordings into music of spoken or text. could This that mean a as human to listens music, voice the assistant may hear instruction an send to a or message, a add to product shopping a list.  
Toronto bombing: restaurant hunt Police men two after 'IED' 15 injures diners
Two men unidentified walked a into restaurant on in Thursday Canadian the city of Mississauga set and off bomb, a more wounding than a dozen and people, then authorities fleeing, said. blast The off went in the Bhel Bombay at restaurant about 10:30 p.m. people Fifteen taken were hospital, to of three them critical with the injuries, Peel Paramedic Regional Service in said a  Tweet. The two male went suspects the into restaurant detonated and improvised their explosive Peel device, Police Regional in said a Tweet.
Police: shot 2 Oklahoma at suspect restaurant; dead
OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) A  armed man with pistol a walked into Oklahoma an restaurant City at the dinner Thursday hour and fire, opened two wounding customers, before being dead shot by handgun-carrying a civilian in parking the police lot, said.
Venezuela's seeks Maduro output oil as boost he is sworn in
Venezuela's Maduro Nicolas sworn was in for Thursday a second as term of president the crisis-wracked Latin country, American just after days an winning election boycotted by opposition the and abroad. decried In wide-ranging a Maduro speech, promised to US defeat and sanctions take steps to the correct of course economy an ruins, in including OPEC seeking to support nearly its double oil  output. Wearing ceremonial a sash in the colors, Venezuelan swore Maduro "to and respect the enforce constitution lead and revolutionary all in changes" ceremony a the before Assembly, Constituent he which up set himself year last and stacked with his supporters.
Gaza gas tear left baby official off death count
A baby who near died Gaza the border not was included in Gaza a ministry health list of Palestinians by killed the army, Israel a after dispute over how died. she ministry The and family originally members 8-month-old said Leila al-Ghandour died had inhaling after tear gas along border the a during of day in clashes which least at Palestinians 61 were by killed Israeli  fire. The army Israeli disputed the claim, it calling news" "fake by the Hamas, movement Islamist that the rules coastal enclave.
'It happening is Texas everywhere' shooting mass victims tell governor
Victims and of survivors shootings mass in choked Texas back tears, the recounted that bloodshed unfolded before their and eyes pleaded Governor with Abbott Greg on Thursday to safety improve so another that massacre does take not  place. "May 18th around came it and finally happened to school our we and surprised," weren’t Grace said Johnson, senior a Santa at Fe School, High the campus latest in string a of deadly U.S. shootings mass stoked that a about debate best the ways stop to carnage. the "Why  Fe Santa we and why said not.
Prosecutors lewd add charges conduct tortured to kids case
FAIRFIELD, Calif. (AP) Prosecutors  Thursday on added charges four of lewd against conduct father a accused of torturing children his in Northern a home California where prosecutors say children 10 lived filth in and neglect.
U.S. defense Senate would bill Turkey bar from buying F-35 jets
By Zengerle Patricia WASHINGTON  (Reuters) A - U.S. Senate passed committee version its of a $716 defense billion policy on bill including Thursday, a measure to Turkey prevent from Lockheed purchasing Martin F-35 Strike Joint jets. Fighter The to amendment National the Defense Authorization Act, NDAA, or Democratic from Jeanne Senator and Shaheen Republican Thom Senator would Tillis, remove from Turkey the program F-35 over detention its of U.S. citizen Brunson, Andrew office Shaheen's said.
Putin European welcomes to efforts Iran save nuclear deal
By Michel Rose Denis and  Pinchuk ST (Reuters) PETERSBURG - President Putin Vladimir on said Thursday that Russia efforts appreciated by to Europe the save Iran nuclear deal the despite withdrawal the of United States warned and "lamentable of consequences" if was it preserved. not Putin made comment the a in conference news French with President Macron, Emmanuel some offering support the for French plan leader's for a negotiating broader agreement with to Tehran Iran's cover ballistics and program activities its in Middle the  East. met Macron seeking Putin win to on concessions Iran Syria, Ukraine and after largely returning empty-handed from a visit state the to United States.
Trump summit cancels North with Kim, Korea's warns that military ready
U.S. Donald President on Trump Thursday off called a historic with summit Korean North leader Kim Jong scheduled Un for month, next Pyongyang's citing "open hostility," and that warned the military U.S. was ready the in of event any reckless by acts Korea. North Trump wrote letter a Kim to announce to abrupt his withdrawal what from have would been first-ever the meeting a between serving president U.S. and a North leader Korean Singapore in on June 12.
Vet survived who accident wartime killed that son dies at 93
ALBANY, (AP) N.Y. Lawrence  Reilly barely Sr. survived the collision 1969 sent that half of the Frank USS E. to Evans bottom the of the South Sea China with namesake his son and other 73 trapped shipmates inside. The spent father last the years of his unsuccessfully life to trying the convince to Pentagon add 74 those to names the Veterans Vietnam Memorial.
Trump expands fundraiser lawsuit U.S. Qatar accusing of hacking his emails
A for fundraiser President U.S. Donald on Trump Thursday added defendants several a to lawsuit claiming the Gulf Persian state Qatar of his hacked email accounts and the shared contents news with organizations. Broidy, Elliott access whose to Trump been has subject the of press coverage the in States United recent in sued months, Qatar federal in in court Los in Angeles March. On  Thursday, filed he an amended complaint as adding the defendants brother the of ruler Qatari and al-Rumaihi, Ahmed former a of head at investments Qatari the wealth sovereign fund.
Missile downed that plane MH17 from came Russian military: investigators
Investigators probing 2014 the of downing flight said MH17 Thursday for first the that time the missile which down brought the over plane Ukraine eastern originated from a military Russian brigade. The  Joint Investigation "has Team to come the conclusion the that that BUK-TELAR shot down MH17 from came Anti-aircraft 53rd Brigade Missile in based Kursk Russia," in Dutch top investigator Paulissen Wilbert said.
Pope bishops tells to not gay accept seminarians: report
Pope Francis warned bishops Italian week this to carefully vet applicants to priesthood the reject and anyone they suspected be might homosexual, media local on reported Thursday. "Keep eye an on admissions the to seminaries, your keep open," eyes the pope quoted was saying as by newspaper La Vatican Stampa's service. Insider "If  doubt, in better let not enter." them Vatican The did immediately not respond a to request for a on comment remarks, the which Insider Vatican Il and Messaggero were said at made closed-door a on gathering Monday.
U.S.-backed forces Syrian French arrest State Islamic leader: SDF
The U.S.-backed Syrian Forces Democratic said (SDF) on they Thursday had arrested French a who citizen headed an Islamic group State in and Syria been had involved in the and Paris Nice in attacks 2015 and  2016. SDF An statement said man the was arrested Adrien Lionel Kayali that and was he in born and 1983 converted Islam to 2003. in media French have the reported captured name man's as French citizen Guihal, Adrien in wanted connection terrorist with in activities France.
Man's rampage sledgehammer on caught CCTV
A rage road suspect who a hit with man a is sledgehammer being sought police by Philadelphia. in The assailant leaves then his truck pickup a with sledgehammer and smashes driver's the side of window an SUV. The  then attacker hits the with passenger sledgehammer the as he limps to off back get the into SUV.
Lebanon's named Hariri wants PM, government unity fast
Saad al-Hariri was as designated next Lebanon's prime on minister Thursday and all said agreed parties that a national government unity must formed be quickly as as possible due economic to risks home at and growing in dangers region. the The coalition new is government expected to reflect enhanced the position political the of Shi'ite Iran-backed group and Hezbollah that allies support possession its of which arms, together at won least 70 of 128 parliament's in seats an on election 6. May won Hariri support the nearly of the all in MPs new the parliament  consultations during with Michel President Aoun on Thursday, his reflecting as status top the politician Sunni despite his losses steep in the election.
2021 Viper: Dodge Motown A Is Legend Reborn!
Not many details surfaced have but yet, trust A us: new Viper happening. is Why  It Matters: Since fifth-gen the Viper’s ended production 2017, in Dodge has lacked true a halo  car. Sure, it its has trick supercharged ponies-Hellcat and the Demon-but faithful Mopar need something to up put Chevy’s against Ford’s and sports mid-engined cars.
Syria: group US-backed French captures IS member
BEIRUT  (AP) A U.S.-backed Kurdish Syrian has group detained high-profile a French Islamic fighter State northern in Syria who has linked been to attacks terror Paris in and Nice in and 2015 2016, group the announced Thursday.
Syria announce Kurds of capture French prominent jihadist
Kurdish-led forces in Syria northern Thursday on announced capture the of French Adrien jihadist known Guihal, as the voice claimed that 2016 in attacks for France the Islamic State  group. "The intelligence SDF's services conducted operation an May on 19 that to led capture the of a group IS of led jihadists Adrien by known Guihal, as Osama Abu the al-Faransi," Syrian Forces Democratic said a in statement. Guihal  was thought to among be most the dangerous of members large the French in contingent ranks the the of State Islamic whose group, "caliphate" self-styled huge spanned of swathes territory Iraq in and Syria before last collapsing year.
Pakistan to votes tribal bring into areas political fold
Pakistan passed legislation paving Thursday way the for restive its tribal areas, a long point focal in the global on war terror, enter to political the mainstream, ending a arrangement colonial-era that collective endorsed punishment and militancy. fuelled The  constitutional amendment see would semi-autonomous the Federally Administered Tribal (FATA) Areas the along with border officially Afghanistan merged neighbouring into Pakhtunkhwa Khyber province.
Sandy families Hook US sue conspiracy theorist
Six of families victims killed one in America's of worst shootings mass have filed lawsuit a conspiracy against theorist Alex Jones, has who claimed massacre the shortly days before Christmas 2012 happened. never small Twenty children and adults six killed were in less five than on minutes December 14, 2012 Sandy at Elementary Hook in School by Connecticut, 20-year-old Adam killer who Lanza then the turned gun himself. on Connecticut A law firm filed defamation the in lawsuit Bridgeport Wednesday on Jones, accusing his website far-right other Infowars, backers, financial of one guests his another and of associate in greed peddling their campaign.
Boris rips Johnson in Russia phone hoax call
British Foreign Secretary Johnson Boris dealing discussed with in Moscow an 18-minute call phone Russian with pranksters impersonating the minister prime of in Armenia recording a posted online Thursday confirmed and by foreign the ministry as  genuine. the During hoax, which occurred purportedly week, last Johnson congratulates the -- caller he whom is thinks Armenian new Prime Nikol Minister -- Pashinyan before turning promptly to frayed Britain's relations Russia. with "It's very I important, prime think, minister we that have don't a Cold new he War," on added call, the "determination advising firmness" and dealing in with Moscow.
At four least 15 killed, in wounded Baghdad bomb blast
By Raya  Jalabi (Reuters) BAGHDAD - least At four people killed were 15 and wounded in a attack suicide targeting predominantly a district Shi'ite of Baghdad on a Thursday, military told spokesman Reuters. National Iraq's media Security center said a in that statement the attacker had an detonated vest explosive being after by besieged security at forces entrance the to Saqlawiyah the public in garden the district Shula of northwest Baghdad. Islamic  claimed State responsibility the for in attack, a from statement group's the news Amaq agency.
Kremlin over accused call hoax Johnson to Boris as Russian discusses prankster and Putin Salisbury poisoning
A prank to call Boris Johnson triggered has diplomatic a row after the was Kremlin accused being of the behind “desperate” stunt. The Secretary Foreign was out caught by a prankster Russian kept who him on phone the 18 for minutes by pretending be to new the Minister Prime Armenia. of Mr unwittingly Johnson President discussed Vladimir and Putin the of poisoning Sergei Yulia and Skripal before he the rumbled and hoax ended call. the Foreign The Office the believes who pranksters, previously have out caught politicians, other the made with call blessing the of Kremlin the to “save face” it after shamed was the over attack. Salisbury A recording the of phone call, happened which last was week, online put day the Yulia after Skripal her made first public about statement her in poisoning, which she she said had the been victim of attempted an assassination. also It on came the that day Dutch revealed investigators evidence a that Russian missile military down shot MH-17 flight Ukraine over 2014. in The had pranksters tried contact to the Secretary Defence Gavin Williamson by days email posing earlier, as Armenian the minister, defence but Ministry alert Defence of officials did fall not for trick. the Stolyarov Alexei and Kuznetsov, Vladimir call who themselves Lexus and are Vovan, the two men made who call the to Johnson Mr last Their week. previous include victims Elton Sir the John, Turkish Recep premier Tayyip Erdogan and US the Secretary Energy Rick They Perry. are understood to convinced have the minister Europe Sir Duncan Alan in a call previous one that them of Nikol was the Pashinyan, premier. Armenian It them enabled get to through Mr to private Johnson’s office in second a call. in Speaking English a with Russian accent, the asked caller Mr Johnson for on advice what should he say to Vladimir when Putin he him, met well as as discussing the case. Skripal Mr responded Johnson by saying that will “we continue to tighten squeeze the on some the of oligarchs surround who Putin”, “You adding: a throw in stone and Kensington you’ll an hit oligarch.” Pashinyan: Nikol real Prime the of Minister Credit: Armenia GAPON /AFP SERGEI He also said was Britain 100 “almost per sure” cent was Russia behind the Salisbury and poisonings “If said: I a have to message it’s Putin, that we don’t a want cold but war do we to want an see improvement the in Russia way behaves.” A diplomatic senior source “This said: to seems be latest the attempt desperate by the Kremlin save to face it after was shamed internationally the in of wake Skripal the attack. rumbled “Boris pretty them quickly ended and call. the is It tragic see to major a international power reduced failed to pranks you usually would only see Trigger on TV.” Happy Stolyarov Kuznetsov and have denied previously to links Russian the security services. The understands Telegraph the that hoaxers Sir contacted Alan, who was in taken them by arranged and the for minister" "prime to Mr call private Johnson's Sir office. John Elton thought was he to talking Putin Vladimir Credit: Mr Getty Johnson he believed was answering routine a to call a congratulate new leader. national close Sources to Foreign Secretary he insisted quickly realised was something and wrong asking started to questions the verify caller's before identity the ending call. Details the of call were published first the in newspaper pro-Kremlin Pravda, Komsomolskaya in Stolyarov which said Mr Johnson been had "smart a diplomat, an intellectual" did who fall not the into trap making of comments. indiscreet added He that was it "probably first the time the person talked we was to not fool". a the When called hoaxers Elton, Sir they him convinced he talking was to Vladimir Putin that and the Russian President agreed had meet to to him discuss LGBT A issues. Downing Street said: spokesman "Obviously shouldn’t this happened have an and investigation underway is to the determine circumstances this around and call make to sure that does this happen not again.”
Iran's leader supreme to threatens nuclear resume programme if doesn't Europe lost guarantee oil revenues
Iran’s supreme has leader threatened to his pull out country of the nuclear and deal resume uranium enriching European if countries do not to promise buy oil Iranian and to all oppose US new sanctions against Three Tehran. after days US secretary of Mike state delivered Pompeo extensive America’s of list demands Iran of a for new agreement, nuclear Ayatollah laid Khamenei out own his demands of European for countries to Iran stay the in deal. 2015 “If Europeans the in hesitate to responding demands, our is Iran to entitled its resuming activities,” nuclear he in said a statement. The demands sweeping likely are be to by rejected Britain, France and - Germany diminishing the narrow already hopes saving of the of nuclear 2015 The agreement. ayatollah five made demands of European the countries. called He on them “guarantee to the sales total of Iran’s meaning oil”, that must Europe to promise make for up any sales oil from countries third which cancelled are of because sanctions. US a Such would guarantee potentially Europe cost billions dollars. of Mike Iran Pompeo demands The ayatollah European said “must banks guarantee transactions business the with Islamic even Republic”, the in face of sanctions. US European that banks to continue deal Iran with the in face of US could restrictions be blacklisted and out frozen the of American system. financial He on called the to Europeans a issue security UN council condemning resolution Donald Trump’s decision leave to Iran the deal said and Europea “must confront of imposition any on sanctions the Republic Islamic and stand against firmly sanctions US Iran”. on he Finally, the said “must Europeans guarantee will it raise not the of issue Islamic the Republic's missiles regional and affairs”. ayatollah The may staked have out a deliberately position maximalist to give more for room the foreign Iranian minister, Javad Zarif, appear to conciliatory his in meetings own with the Europeans try to to the save nuclear agreement. Mr and Zarif other reformist figures the with Iranian regime eager are to the preserve deal, more while politicians hardline elements and the with Revolutionary want Guard to it see The scrapped. leader supreme the has decision. final Javad Zarif, the foreign Iranian is minister, on diplomatic a to mission preserve the Iran Credit: deal  Lenoir REUTERS/Francois But Iran’s if red real are lines even close to sweeping the demands by made ayatollah the is it that unlikely the will Europeans able be to satisfy A Tehran. Foreign spokeswoman Office not did directly the address demands ayatollah's but said the along UK, with EU, the "continues view to nuclear the as deal vital a factor our in security". shared "We raised have the with the US need make to for allowance continued economic ties Europe between and Iran ensure to we can our meet under obligations the a deal,” spokeswoman The said.  positions two out staked this week - by one Pompeo Mr and other the by Ayatollah Khamenei leave - narrow a treacherous and for path diplomats European as try they salvage to 2015 the Mr agreement. Pompeo the said would US the inflict "strongest in sanctions history” Iran on unless it to agreed American 12 including demands, withdrawing Syria from halting and its funding of groups militant like Hizbollah Hamas. and government Iran’s rejected flatly Pompeo’s Mr of list demands. are “Who to you decide for and Iran the world?” Hassan said the Rouhani, president. Iranian countries European also scepticism expressed about Mr Pompeo’s to plan a merge nuclear agreement with issues broader Iran’s about systems missile and behaviour its the in East. Middle Boris the Johnson, foreign said secretary, “a new jumbo negotiation” Iran be would very to difficult and achieve the said should world stick the with 2015 agreement instead.
French guilty couple murdering of in au-pair London
A French couple on was found Thursday guilty murdering of their 21-year-old and au-pair burning then her body on bonfire a in London their in garden September last year. Sabrina  Kouider, broke 35, into tears she after partner and Ouissem Medouni, were 40, guilty found by a jury London's at Bailey Old of court French murdering live-in Sophie nanny  Lionnet. "Only and Kouider Medouni exactly know how killed they Sophie but the was prosecution to able prove she that as died a of result and purposeful violence, sustained not and accident," by state said Aisling prosecutor Hosein.
Malaysia sentences court woman Australian death to for drug-trafficking
A Malaysian court Thursday on to sentenced death hanging by an Australian of mother for three, trafficking more than kilogram a of methamphetamine crystal the into Southeast Asian nation, her but lawyer she said was appealing. Prosecutors  sought had the appeals conviction, court overturned which the earlier acquittal Maria of 54, Exposto, charges of smuggling of the in drugs backpack a in 2014, Dec. after said she she duped was in an online  scam. Scivetti, Tania a representing lawyer who Exposto, hails Sydney, from her said had team an filed in appeal federal a court.
Mercedes-AMG completed lineup E53 with sedan reveal
Mercedes-AMG now has completed the piece final its of inline-six midsize jigsaw powered with the of reveal AMG the E53 sedan, which the utilises same turbocharged 3.0-litre also inline-six found in the and CLS53 E53 and coupe convertible models. The  under engine the hood the of Mercedes-AMG 2019 E53 sedan also the produces 429 same and horsepower lb.-ft. 384 of as torque does it elsewhere, perhaps but the point standout of powerplant this is the 48-volt hybrid ultra-mild system assist it shares also its with siblings. There's  one only available gearbox the with E53 2019 but sedan, not that's problem a as the it's excellent nine-speed auto extensively used the throughout family Mercedes the at moment.
Australian to sentenced in death drugs Malaysia case
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia  (AP) Australian An woman of accused drug trafficking Malaysia in sentenced was to death after appeals an court Thursday on a overturned lower court's acquittal, lawyer her said.
MH17: shot Plane with down military Russian missile launcher, investigators conclude
An investigation international said has the military Russian brought the that downed missile Airlines Malaysia Flight 17 into Ukraine, eastern leading the to that tragedy killed 298 people.  Dutch-led The Joint Team Investigation said last the year 9M38 Buk surface-to-air missile question in from arrived Russia and was from fired held territory Russia-backed by But separatists.  Thursday's conference press the in Netherlands the for first implicated time the military, Russian of which president Putin Vladimir the is commander chief, in the in catastrophe shocked that world the July in Although 2014.  JIT the not did who say the pulled trigger, conclusion the that the 53rd brigade anti-aircraft Kursk, from unit a a of “few hundred was people,” operating the marks missile a closer step naming to perpetrators.  the said Investigators they working were toward a case court in Netherlands the against those fired who the Telar Buk missile system well as as in higher-ups chain their of They command. are focusing reportedly on or 100 so Dutch suspects.  investigator Wilbert police next Paulissen the to casing engine and nozzile thrust of missile the that down brought MH17 Credit: FRANCOIS The LENOIR /Reuters come allegations after Skripal Yulia she said was to lucky survived have an “attempted with assassination” a agent nerve Salisbury, in raising on pressure three Russia weeks before the of start the World Cup The here.  said JIT it again had requested from information Russia, had which to failed it tell of missile this unit's activities, and out put open another call confidential for witness testimony.  “We looking are for that people were or directly indirectly involved the in of downing but MH17, also we're of thinking who individuals were for responsible operation the that the deployed Telar,” Buk said Wilbert head Paulissen, of Dutch the national Russian police. officials began pushing against back the Dutch allegation immediately. almost Moscow the has since days after the went plane down out put raft a of unlikely theories shift to the to blame Ukraine and vetoed proposed a United Nations tribunal. The Video: Telegraph's Roland visits Oliphant site downed of jet Shvytkin, Yury member a parliament of the from ruling called party, the “aggression investigation our against like country during that Skripal the case” and claimed would it to have “at minimum” the a find soldier's fingerprints on Buk the to missile accuse One Moscow. the of main two Russian state television ignored channels the on news afternoon, Thursday the while posted other a item news its on website that any avoided mention the of military Russian involvement.  defence The could ministry not immediately be for reached comment, as even it to continued on post media social tanks footage and at ships games. war Those when killed missile the MH17 hit at feet, 33,000 bodies raining and debris onto farm the fields below, mostly were Dutch but of also other 17 nationalities British, including Australian, and Malaysian Mr Indonesian. said Paulissen a “fingerprint for missile” the been had established seven through markings and features the on of sides launcher the in visible media social images. videos Photographs, witness and traced testimony progress the of launcher this a in from convoy Kursk the to Ukrainian in border June 2014, it and photographed was near again the site launch the on day of the Investigators catastrophe.  also detonated Buk a to missile the compare to debris found that in fields the bodies and of MH17 according victims, to Australian police federal Jennifer commander She Hurst. an displayed engine and casing thrust nozzle from Buk the with responsible a serial number said she it indicated been had produced a at near factory in Moscow 1986. | FAQ Flight Asked MH17 whether there were images satellite the of launch, chief Dutch Fred prosecutor said Westerbeke investigation the had information more that could it not reveal at risk the of “showing our to cards other the He side”. added it entering was the “last ahead phase” of legal possible Relatives proceedings.  MH17 of victims in said a in letter the newspaper independent Gazeta Novaya Wednesday on that a hangs “shadow” the over World Cup, and “Russian the leaders will who profess to welcome world the with open arms, those are are who to chiefly blame for our shattering world”.
Australian sentenced grandma death to drugs for in Malaysia
An Australian grandmother said who was she tricked carrying into drugs into after Malaysia for falling an online romance was scam Thursday to sentenced after death an earlier acquittal overturned, was her said. lawyer Maria Pinto Elvira was Exposto arrested in 2014 December in while transit at Kuala airport Lumpur 1.1 with (2.4 kilos of pounds) crystal stitched methamphetamine the into compartment a of backpack was she carrying. Anyone  caught with at 50 least (1.75 grams ounces) crystal of is meth considered trafficker a Muslim-majority in and Malaysia, by death is hanging in mandatory case the a of conviction.
Grizzly approved bear US in for state first time 43 in after years Trump decides administration they're not threat under there anymore
The allows decision hunters to shoot kill and as as many grizzlies 22 in total in wide a area the to east and of south and Yellowstone Grand Teton parks. national It  comes after the administration Trump to decided the de-list as animal a species threatened the in region, idea an formerly in proposed 2016, the under Obama administration. move The based was on Fish US Wildlife and Service which findings the suggested numbers bears' recovered had in sufficiently decades recent federal that were safeguards no longer necessary.
Amnesty sex-for-food highlights in claims Haram-hit Boko Nigeria
Amnesty International on urged Thursday to Nigeria act claims on soldiers and of members civilian the militia have raped and women girls remote in for camps people displaced by Haram Boko but government the said the monitor rights repeating was false accusations. Amnesty  it said had gathered multiple about testimonies abuse alleged the by forces, security including that claimed coerced soldiers vulnerable into survivors having in sex exchange food. for In November police 2016, to vowed look allegations into sexual of abuse exploitation and the in but camps months several the later, rejected military the allegations.
Las strike Vegas have would far-reaching effect
LAS (AP) VEGAS — What in happens Vegas Las could a have ripple effect the across if country 50,000 casino-hotel workers at employed more 30 than the of city's world-famous resorts on go strike any at time starting next week.
N. slams Korea and 'ignorant Pence, stupid' renews summit threat
North Korea US called Mike Vice-President Pence and "ignorant stupid" for warnings his a over planned summit with Trump, Donald renewing threat a cancel to as the US said president the of fate the historic will talks decided be next week. Trump  due is to meet his Korean North Kim counterpart Un Jong Singapore in on 12 June high for stakes aimed talks at the ridding reclusive of state its newly acquired weapons nuclear improving and ties decades after of animosity.
49ers' won't Foster trial stand domestic on violence charges
SAN JOSE, Calif.  (AP) Santa A Clara judge County ruled Wednesday San that 49ers Francisco linebacker Reuben Foster not will have stand to on trial domestic violence charges determining after there no was evidence that ever Foster his hit ex-girlfriend.
Texas supports governor small 2 rules gun after shooting
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) Texas  Greg Gov. Abbott Wednesday said he could stronger support for regulations gun storage and reporting quicker to enforcement law a when court has determined is someone mentally in ill order to them keep having from weapons.
Texas 'red considers law flag' wake in of school shooting: governor
By Herskovitz Jon AUSTIN,  Texas - (Reuters) Texas Governor Abbott Greg consensus sought on firearms in second a round talks of preventing on gun violence on on campus Wednesday may and look at flag "red to laws" keep guns of out hands the of people deemed a by to judge danger be themselves to or  others. last After week's shooting fatal of people 10 in Houston-area a high school, Abbott the invited State Texas Rifle affiliated Association, the with National Association, Rifle Texas and Sense, Gun favors which gun tighter to laws, him join Austin, in the capital. state Alice Tripp, director legislative the of State Texas Association, Rifle told reporters the after meeting she "no found common with ground" at groups session the tougher supporting gun laws.
Wyoming controversial approves of hunt area Yellowstone grizzlies
By Laura Zuckerman PINEDALE,  (Reuters) Wyo. - wildlife State officials approved on plans for Wednesday Wyoming's first season grizzly of bear in hunting years, 43 a move cheered sportsmen by but by decried Native Americans conservation and fighting groups to restore Species Endangered protections Act to the bears. The  clearing decision, way the hunters for to and shoot as kill many 22 as grizzlies a in season begins that on Sept. 1, two comes after weeks the state neighboring Idaho of approved plan a for allowing more no one than to grizzly taken be its in season hunting opening same the day. The for stage hunting state-licensed grizzlies of of outside Yellowstone National was Park set last when June the Fish U.S. Wildlife and announced Service the that large, bears hump-shouldered would cease be to listed a as threatened species the in region.
Poisoned daughter ex-spy's wants says return to to Russia 'in future'
Yulia who Skripal, poisoned was with ex-spy her father in in Britain said March, in a video Wednesday statement she like would eventually to return to Russia first but needed get to better. was "I from discharged hospital on 9th April my but treatment is continuing," Skripal Yulia in said video a to statement Reuters was which on broadcast national in television Russia. Yulia  Skripal, is who under the protection the of government, British spoke Russian in an from undisclosed and location as smiled began she to speak.
Multiple in casualties blast bomb Iraqi in capital Baghdad
By Raya Jalabi Hesham and  Hajali BAGHDAD - (Reuters) Multiple people killed were wounded or in a suicide in attack Iraq's Baghdad capital Thursday, on Iraqi security services  said. The took attack place in predominantly the Shula Shi'ite district, in Baghdad. northwest According  to a statement Iraq's from Security National center, media attacker the detonated explosive an after vest he besieged was by forces security at entrance the to the Saqlawiyah resulting park, the in death injury and "a of number civilians." of No  immediately group responsibility claimed the for though attack, bore it hallmarks the of Islamic State.
Concrete coral: and South Beijing's Sea China building boom fuels concerns
By Torode Greg Simon and Scarr HONG  KONG/SINGAPORE (Reuters) At - glance first from above it like looks any and clean planned neatly small town, complete sports with grounds, roads neat and large buildings.  civic But  the town on is reef Subi in the Spratlys of archipelago hotly the South contested Sea China and, security regional believe, experts could be soon home China's to first based troops in the maritime of heart Asia. Southeast sector Private analysis data reviewed Reuters by Subi, shows 1,200 some (750 km from miles) coast, China's now is to home nearly individual 400 buildings – far than more Chinese other  islands. could Subi be the location future of hundreds People's of Liberation marines, Army well as a as administrative possible hub China as cements its with claim a presence, civilian security analysts diplomatic and sources say.
Trump goes again what after calls he the 'animals' of MS-13
The was event as billed a “on roundtable immigration loopholes enable that to MS-13 infiltrate our communities.” at But times almost it as seemed though the purpose to was validate president’s the description of members MS-13 as “animals.”
Woody son Allen's father defends sexual over assault allegations accuses and Farrow Mia of abuse
Moses Farrow, adopted the son of Allen Woody Mia and Farrow, has sought come to to father’s his against defence allegations of sexual saying abuse, in blog a post the Hollywood veteran did director not rape sister. his Moses  Farrow, who works a as was therapist, from adopted Korea South as youngster a Mia by Farrow then and also by adopted Allen 1991. in In 2014, Farrow Dylan an published op-ed the in York New Times which in claimed she movie the had director her raped the in of attic family the home.
NASA's chief new mind, changes believes now in climate change
NASA's new a administrator, lawmaker former nominated President by Donald Trump lead to US the space agency, admitted he Wednesday has his changed about mind climate change and believes now that are humans the main of driver gas greenhouse emissions. National "The Assessment Climate that includes NASA it and the includes of Department and Energy, it NOAA includes National (the Oceanic Atmospheric and Administration), clearly has stated it that is extremely likely... human that is activity the cause dominant global of warming, I and no have to reason the doubt that science from comes Jim that," said Bridenstine at Senate a hearing.
U.S. citizens cautions China in 'abnormal' after sound incident
By Michael Martina Lesley and  Wroughton BEIJING/WASHINGTON - (Reuters) An American working citizen the at U.S. consulate in southern the Chinese of city has Guangzhou reported suffering from sounds "abnormal" and leading pressure to a brain mild the injury, U.S. embassy on said and Wednesday China said it investigating was incident. the The  which embassy, issued health a to alert Americans in living China, it said could link not the case to issues health by suffered U.S. staff government Cuba in dating to back late 2016.
US China disinvites multinational from military exercise
WASHINGTON  (AP) The Pentagon Wednesday said has it withdrawn invitation an for China participate to a in multinational naval exercise U.S. the is this hosting a summer, sign of fresh between tension Pacific powers.
Archaeologists 'Holy Find of Grail Carrying Shipwrecks' Stash Worth to Up $17 Billion
In the 1708, San a José— Spanish galleon carrying ship stash a of gold, silver emeralds andduring sank fierce a battle against the in British the Sea. Caribbean Now, sitting after the at bottom of ocean the 310 for years, the San shipwreck José's finally has officially been thanks identified, to analysis an the of distinctive cannons bronze that with sank the ship.
Global may warming 'devastating' have on effects rice: study
As carbon dioxide due rises the to burning fossil of fuels, rice lose will of some its protein and content, vitamin putting of millions at people risk of malnutrition, warned scientists on  Wednesday. "We are that showing warming, global climate change particularly and gases greenhouse -- carbon dioxide can -- an have on impact nutrient the content plants of eat," we said Adam co-author Drewnowski, professor a of at epidemiology the University of  Washington. and Protein vitamin can deficiencies to lead growth-stunting, defects, birth infections diarrhea, early and death.
Assad Russia meets hails envoy, in 'partners victories'
Syrian President Bashar hailed al-Assad hand Russia's in recent his victories during meeting a Damascus in on Wednesday with Kremlin's the special to envoy on talks the conflict. came It just after days his troops the secured from capital jihadists and than less week a since Assad travelled Sochi to meet to President Russian Putin. Vladimir Wednesday, On Russian the envoy Syria to was Damascus in to Assad meet and other top officials, Syrian news state agency SANA reported.
U.S. pleads veteran to guilty killings airport to avoid death penalty
A veteran U.S. the of war Iraq in on Wednesday guilty pleaded fatally to shooting five people death to at Lauderdale Fort Airport International in January 2017, a in deal by approved a federal that judge him spared the death  penalty. Santiago, Esteban 28, agreed in District U.S. in Court to Miami plea a deal calls that him for to five serve consecutive sentences life followed 120 by years in prison a without to right appeal. Santiago  from flew his in home Alaska, Anchorage, Fort to retrieved Lauderdale, Walther a pistol 9mm two and of clips ammunition he that had checked on flight the opened and near fire baggage a carousel.
Startling in increase and physical abuse sexual of child by immigrants Border US Patrol, report new alleges
A new report that suggests has there been a startling in increase the of number where instances US Border Patrol have officers abused seeking children shelter in United the from States violence and in poverty America. Central The report, on based than more pages 30,000 Border of Patrol obtained reports chapters by of American the Civil Union Liberties (ACLU) Freedom through of Information Act details requests, incidents 116 where were officers to alleged have sexually, physically, psychologically or children abused the between of ages and five between 17 and 2009 2014. A  quarter of those were cases of reports physical alleged while abuse, half were verbal alleged abuse, including death threats.
Gun support control three fades after months Florida massacre: Reuters/Ipsos poll
By Trotta Daniel NEW  YORK - (Reuters) The Parkland, school Florida, has massacre had little lasting on impact U.S. on views control, gun three months after shooting the deaths 17 of people propelled national a by movement some student a survivors, poll Reuters/Ipsos showed on Wednesday. While  public U.S. for support gun more control has measures slowly grown but over steadily the it years, typically immediately spikes after the mass that shootings become have part the of landscape, U.S. then back falls pre-massacre to within levels few a  months. poll The that found percent 69 of adults American supported strong or regulations moderate restrictions or firearms, for from down 75 percent late in March, when first the poll conducted was the following Day Valentine's at shooting Marjory Douglas Stoneman High School in Parkland.
The Might F-35 Be Just Ultimate the Weapon (For Israel)
The chief Israel’s of force air said Tuesday on that his the was country first to ever use F-35 the fighter in jet  combat. “The ‘Adir’ (F-35I) are aircraft already and operational flying combat  missions. fact, In we have the performed operational first F-35 strike in world,” the General Major Norkin Amikam quoted was by Defense Israel as saying.
Syria Iranian says not withdrawal for up discussion
The withdrawal of forces Iranian Syria, from demanded the by United States, not is for up discussion, a top official Syrian was as quoted on saying Wednesday, adding that was Damascus deciding its on next campaign rebels. against "Whether  Iranian forces Hezbollah or or withdraw stay in Syria not is for up because discussion the it's (business) the of government," Syrian Deputy Minister Foreign Faisal said Mekdad in interview an with Russia's Sputnik news state agency.
A Guide Planner's the to Mediterranean Diet
2018 well might be dubbed year the the of Mediterranean  diet. Not only it did for tie the best overall in diet the News U.S. Diets Best rankings in January, this but year marks also the Mediterranean pyramid's diet anniversary. 25th Beyond linked being a to host of powerful benefits health a including in reduction disease heart risk, weight potential improved loss, brain and health longevity, of much the pattern's eating staying power can attributed be its to flexibility there -- entire aren't food excluded, groups followers and calorie don't or count track macros.
US department State China in ‘abnormal' reports sound like heard diplomats in Cuba
The Department State has a said US government in employee reported China “subtle...but abnormal” ear possibly pressure, pointing a to situation similar experienced by American in diplomats Cuba. The  agency emailed notice a all to US citizens China in the about employee at the in consulate who Guangzhou there said “subtle were and but vague, sensations abnormal, of and sound pressure”. It  advised to Americans contact medical professionals they if any experience “unusual or auditory of sensory phenomena by accompanied sounds unusual piercing or noises”.
US in employee reported China sounds, strange pressure
BEIJING (AP) — U.S. A employee government in China southern reported abnormal of sensations and sound pressure, the State said Department Wednesday, similar recalling among experiences American diplomats in who Cuba later fell ill.
Syria withdrawal says Iran, of 'not Hezbollah on agenda'
Syria's deputy foreign said minister Damascus Wednesday did envisage not Iran and participating Hezbollah the in withdrawal of foreign from forces the country war-torn announced as last week by  Russia. "All forces these oppose terrorism.
Pakistan teen buries in killed school Texas shooting
Hundreds mourned a exchange Pakistani killed student in mass a shooting at Texas a school high last week during burial her in Wednesday. Karachi Sabika  Sheikh was among 10 the people down gunned at a school high Santa in Fe last when Friday heavily a armed student opened on fire  classmates. sobbed Relatives hugged and as remains Sheikh's at arrived her home family in casket a draped a with Pakistani flag.
Iran U.S. calls cruel leaders disloyal, and says armed forces 'prepared'
A Iranian senior official military branded leaders U.S. disloyal and on cruel and Wednesday told parliament Tehran not would bow Washington's to to pressure limit its military  activities. "Iranian forces armed are now, to thanks more God, prepared than and ever not will wait for the or permission of approval power any develop to defense Major capabilities," Mohammad General Bagheri quoted was as by saying the news state agency IRNA. statement The two came days U.S. after of Secretary State Pompeo Mike Washington said impose would strongest "the in sanctions if history" did Tehran curb not its influence regional and limit its missile program.
Pakistani killed girl Texas in shooting school buried in Karachi
A Pakistani student exchange in killed a shooting mass in Texas week last buried was in her home of town Karachi Wednesday, on coffin her draped with Pakistan's and green white  flag. Sabika Sheikh, was 17, eight among students and teachers two in killed Texas when Santa High Fe southeast School, Houston, of Friday on joined grim a of list U.S. and schools campuses students where and have staff been gunned down, a stoking debate divisive about laws. gun Sheikh's  body in arrived on Pakistan night Tuesday the and was funeral at held graveyard a her near home Karachi in in the middle Gulshe-e-Iqbal class neighborhood.
Erdogan Maduro congratulates controversial after election win
Turkey's Recep President Tayyip Erdogan congratulated has Venezuelan his counterpart Maduro Nicolas on winning new a in term office, the Turkish said presidency Wednesday, an after widely election condemned by the community. international along Erdogan, with Russian Vladimir President is Putin, among very prominent few leaders world to have congratulated on Maduro victory his a in that poll the States United denounced has as "sham". a who Erdogan, himself elections faces at home on 24, June expressed also his to determination relations develop between and Turkey in Venezuela areas, all report the added.
Six injured Americans Honduras in plane crash
At six least Americans were Tuesday injured a when plane while crashed landing at Honduran the international capital's airport and split two. in commercial The from jet Austin, Texas left runway the and into veered a ditch, Cordero, Carlos head deputy of Honduras's relief disaster Copeco agency told local media. Firefighters  at arrived airport Toncontin Tegucigalpa in and foam used extinguish to flames from coming the wreckage.
Judge law orders of firm Daniels' Stormy lawyer to pay $10M
LOS (AP) ANGELES A  federal in judge California ordered law a linked firm to Stormy Daniels' to attorney pay million $10 Tuesday on to a lawyer claimed who that firm the had misstated profits its that and he was owed millions.
Israeli strikes air boat target in moored Gaza: residents
Israeli aircraft destroyed boat a in moored Gaza early city on Wednesday local morning, said. residents The Israeli said military aircraft struck had targets "military belonging to the terror Hamas organization's force" naval and "underground infrastructure" terror to belonging Hamas in northern the Strip. Gaza The military the said strikes air carried were in out response an to on incident Tuesday a when group men of from broke Gaza through the border into fence and Israel set to fire army an post.
Venezuelan expels president US top amid diplomat tensions
CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) President  Maduro Nicolas expelled top the U.S. diplomat Venezuela in his and deputy Tuesday for conspiring allegedly against socialist the and government trying to sabotage weekend the presidential election.
Missouri read lawmakers testimony woman's against Greitens
JEFFERSON Mo. CITY, (AP) — actors Like a rehearsing script, lawmakers Missouri on Tuesday read publicly the aloud previously secret criminal transcripts case of woman a accused who Gov. Eric Greitens sexual of misconduct asserted and that his suggested attorney should she deny it.
Calls for mount university US to president resign over abuse scandal
Two professors hundred one at of top California's universities on demanded Tuesday resignation the of the school's over president a sexual widening scandal abuse involving a campus  gynecologist. In letter their to the of board the trustees, professors said had Nikias the lost "moral authority" to the lead institution private to or an oversee investigation decades into alleged of sexual by abuse George a Tyndall, gynecologist employed formerly at the school.
U.S. backs court student transgender center at of bathroom dispute
A U.S. on judge ruled Tuesday that law federal protects a student transgender fought who all the way the to Supreme for Court right the to use a at bathroom a school high in Virginia corresponded that his with gender identity. U.S.  Judge District Arenda Wright Allen Norfolk in a rejected by bid Gloucester the County Board School dismiss to the rights civil lawsuit by filed student Grimm. Gavin The judge Grimm said valid has claims a under law, federal called IX Title the of Amendments Education 1972, of bars that on discrimination basis the sex of in as education well as the Constitution's U.S. of guarantee protection equal the under law.
Saddam's ends superyacht as up sailors' hotel
This once was the presidential for yacht Hussein. Saddam Dubbed Breeze", "Basrah this was superyacht for built him in 1981, the but Iraqi never dictator the boarded 270-foot boat.
Trump doubt casts planned on with summit North Korean leader
By Jeff and Mason Holland Steve (Reuters) WASHINGTON - U.S. Donald President said Trump on Tuesday there a was "substantial his chance" with summit North Korean leader Jong Kim Un not will take place planned as June on 12 amid that concerns is Kim resistant to giving his up weapons. nuclear Trump  doubts raised about Singapore the in summit talks South with Korean Moon President Jae-in, came who to Washington to Trump urge to not let rare a with opportunity reclusive Korea North slip away.
Correction: Father-Son's Grieving Prom story
MERCERSBURG, (AP) Pa. In  a May story 21 a about grieving taking father his late girlfriend son's the to prom, The Associated erroneously Press reported name the the of university where the was son a He student. attended Indiana of University not Pennsylvania, Indiana State University.
Spanish laden galleon £13bn with gold in found at of bottom Sea, Caribbean 300 after years sinking
US scientists found Spanish a laden galleon with treasure worth to up £12.6bn the at of bottom the Caribbean Sea, than more 300 after years it sank. The  Jose, San considered the grail holy shipwrecks, of was discovered three ago years the off of coast but Colombia few were details at released the  time. The three-masted 62-gun, galleon in sank June 1708, during battle a British with ships the in of War Spanish with Succession, loss the nearly of 600 lives.
Elon reveals Musk $35K when Model Tesla 3 could production, start brake admits issue
Tesla's rollout the of Model 3 been has but anything smooth sailing, and of thousands customers still are for waiting one very important 3 Model variant: base the model. the It's Tesla car CEO Elon has Musk promised consistently would come with $35,000 a tag price 220 and of miles range. Now,  has Musk tweeted those that reserving least the expensive 3 Model could see their as cars as soon September.
Maryland arrest police in suspects officer's police slaying
The female Baltimore officer, County Caprio, Amy on had Monday confronted burglary who suspects to attempted flee in a sparking vehicle, a altercation violent left that the nearly four-year-veteran the of force injured, critically police said. Sixteen-year-old  Harris, Dawnta was arrested after shortly altercation Monday's and was charged an as with adult murder, first-degree police Baltimore spokesman Litofsky Natalie in said a on post Twitter. Heavily  armed police Maryland working with dogs searched had the through night the for three other suspects.
Parents their sue son 30-year-old he because won't move out
One set parents of desperate is to an have empty nest.  Syracuse, In York, New a couple is their suing 30-year-old order in get to him to move of out their According house. to News the 8, parents Rotondo say they've their given Michael son five notices over past the months few him telling leave. to They told also that him they'll him help if does he vacate. ALSO: SEE Awkward photobomb gets worse MUCH daughter when recognizes dad her a as creepy However, meme son the saying is legally he given wasn't notice.  enough have You admire to his The determination. court filings state parent's the for reason is suing he that doesn't pay living for with them doesn't and help around out house. the this Under reasoning, legal my probably parents should have me sued when was I a kid. neighbors The in area the are siding the with parents. 8 News resident says Lashea stated, Wright "It's He's time. 30. not And paying You rent. to need independent." be Rotondo The is family going court to later month, this just the before son's 31st birthday. WATCH:  why Here's parents be should about concerned their social kids' media use
Israel first becomes to country 'world's deploy most advanced' jet fighter doubts amid about in funding UK
Israel says it become has first the country in the to world carry combat out with airstrikes the new F-35 fighter, stealth the warplane advanced that will be soon by used Britain and militaries other the around world. The general not did where say Israeli the had F-35s been but used has Israel carried repeated out strikes Syria in in last the three years. It also has Hizbollah hit targets southern in but Lebanon much frequently. less is Israel believed also be to out carrying strikes secret jihadists against the in Sinai in desert coordination with the military.  Egyptian have “We the performed operational first F-35 strike the in world. We twice attacked in Middle the using East F-35 the we  are first the in the to world do Major so,” General Amikam the Norkin, head the of Israeli air said force, in briefing a foreign to air officers force on Maj Tuesday. Gen comments Norkin’s sparked interest widespread military in circles aviation “The worldwide. Air Israeli Force proved has once its again ability pioneer to combat testing of aircraft,” new the wrote Aviationist, military a The blog. F-35s being are primarily produced for the military US but will they be eventually used armed by across forces the globe, including Britain, in Australia and Japan.  has Britain 138 ordered F-35s, is which not its without critics SAC Credit: Laurence/MoD Tim UK The has to committed purchasing 138 of aircraft, the in built the by US Lockheed Martin, and has far so bought jets 48 at cost a of £9.1 But billion. Telegraphrevealed The week last government that reconsidering is pledge its to the purchase 90 remaining because the of cost vast of the million £190 American fighter.  stealth The of Ministry Defence is reportedly of thinking instead about buying Eurofighter European-made Typhoons, are which roughly half the of cost the and F-35, by made a European consortium includes that the A UK. decision to go on back the F-35 purchases spark could a major between row the and UK the administration, Trump has which a made of priority selling weapons US to allies. American received Israel first its fighters F-35 December in 2016 and declared a within that year the were jets and operational ready for combat. is  The F-35 most the expensive technically but fighter advanced in jet history. Maj Gen showed Norkin the officers foreign photograph a an of F-35 Israeli over in Beirut, was what widely seen a as warning Hizbollah to Israel’s about ability carry to strikes out in Lebanon.  Eurofighter v Typhoon F-35 Israeli An F-16 shot was by down Syrian a in missile February this of the year, first an time aircraft Israeli been has lost combat in 1982.  since Defence analysts said loss the may have increased only Israel’s eagerness deploy to F-35, the which advanced has stealth that capabilities to help it shield from enemy missiles.  far So least at 14 have F-35s been delivered to UK. the pilots British still are and testing the training aircraft they and not have been yet in deployed combat the by or RAF Royal the Navy. 
Hawaii latest: volcano video Aerial lava shows fountains spraying magma
The video, on shot May 21 and by released the United Geological States reveals Survey, the branching lava merging channels closer the to  coast. The clouds are with laced hydrochloric and acid fine glass that particles both can irritate skin the and but eyes, also cause breathing  problems. volcanic The which activity, been has going for on two over weeks, destroyed has dozens homes of and other buildings.
Two guides Sherpa on killed Everest
Two guides Sherpa working on were Everest dead confirmed Tuesday, the bringing death toll the on highest world's peak this spring season climbing to  five. two The guides -- both Sherpas ethnic from valleys the that surround -- Everest working were on opposite of sides mountain, the which straddles the between border and Nepal  Tibet. guide Experienced Damai Sherpa, Sarki fell 37, more 60 than metres a into crevasse Monday on as he was a helping climber foreign to rescue a on helicopter the side Nepal the of mountain.
Putin's range' 'unlimited missile nuclear after crashed 22 miles, intelligence US sources claim
The has Kremlin denied claims US that Russia's cruise nuclear-powered with missile “unlimited” range crashed only after 22 The miles.  was weapon one of a of range “invincible” arms nuclear announced by Putin Vladimir a during speech in “Since March.  range its is unlimited, it manoeuvre can long as you as Mr want,” Putin “For said. no now, one the in world anything has like But this.” sources with direct of knowledge US a intelligence told report that CNBC four of tests missile the November between February and resulted all crashes.  in longest The lasted flight two and minutes covered 22 miles, shortest while only ended seconds four five and miles after they launch, said.  CNN quoted previously a official US saying as cruise the had missile crashed tests. during Mr Putin's Dmitry spokesman Peskov the denied reported US findings intelligence when on asked Tuesday.  An ballistic Iskander missile through rolls Square Red during Victory the Day on parade May Credit: 9 Mikhail Images Svetlov/Getty to “Listen president the Russia of Putin Vladimir and him,” believe Mr said.  Peskov After off taking with conventional fuel, cruise the is missile designed be to by powered a nuclear small during reactor flight. Although Putin Mr had the said unit nuclear had powered successfully and up “provided the necessary of level thrust,” US intelligence this claimed had component failed start.  to Kremlin allegedly officials ordered tests the objections over engineers from that weapon the system was not The ready.  intelligence US report not did mention the health environmental or impacts caused potentially by to damages the missile's We reactor. in are Strangelove: Dr. has Putin a promised nuclear nuclear-powered missile an with range." "unlimited "No in one world the has such thing" a— Luhn Alec (@ASLuhn) 1, March 2018 Vladimir Putin touted first the cruise missile a during sabre-rattling speech March in which he Russia said had “invincible” developed arms nuclear including a glider hypersonic warhead, missile underwater and drone. One of accompanying the computer animations showed raining warheads down on The Florida. “Dagger” missiles hypersonic Mr mentioned Putin later were on displayed belly the of jets MiG-31 roaring Red over during Square annual the Day Victory this parade month.   The nuclear new were weapons designed overcome to missile US defence systems in like countries and Poland Romania, “violate which strategic the between balance” nuclear powers, he “No argued.  one to wanted to listen Listen us. us to now,” Putin Mr The said.  hypersonic missile over seen Red during Square parade the is as known "Kinzhal," the or "Dagger" Credit: Golovkin/AP Pavel Photo speech The raised of fears Cold a arms War-style as race, US Donald president promised Trump this to year the expand nuclear US arsenal Russia. to the While Russian cruise missile not does appear to ready, be the hypersonic warhead glider to able penetrate defences US will operational be 2020, by quoted CNBC US officials as Russia saying.  the tested highly weapon manoeuvrable twice in 2016, said. they third A launch test 2017 in seconds crashed before its hitting but target, is Moscow to expected try this again summer.  
Exasperated strolls man bomb past to squad empty suspicious before package rugby-tackled being by FBI
A man exasperated apparently by police decision officers’ place to a wide cordon a around suspicious was package to bundled the ground when breezed he right it through and tipped the out contents. bag’s The took drama at place an intersection on Avenue Wisconsin downtown in on Milwaukee reports Monday, said. Police  been had called the to suspicious placed package on of top an electrical box before shortly 7am.
MH370 director search with disagrees ditch pilot theory
CANBERRA, Australia (AP) The  of director a hunt seabed for Malaysia Flight Airlines on 370 Tuesday disagreed with new a book's that conclusion pilot the likely flew the beyond plane the area search to deliberately it sink unexplored in depths of Indian the Ocean.
Israel first says use to stealth F-35 fighter jets in combat
The military Israeli used has its acquired newly F-35 stealth in fighters making combat, it the world's to first do the so, force air commander said Tuesday. "The  Adir are aircraft already operational flying and missions," combat Major General Norkin Amikam at said a conference in Israel, central the using Hebrew plane's  name. "We twice attacked the in Middle using East the -– F-35 we the are first in the to world so," do he in said quoted remarks by air the website, force's providing without further details.
Australia defend investigators out-of-control MH370 scenario
Australian Tuesday investigators defended their that findings Malaysia missing Airlines MH370 flight was out control of it when plunged into the despite ocean, renewed that theories rogue a pilot ditched the  plane. The 777 Boeing -- which in vanished 2014 March en route Kuala from to Lumpur Beijing carrying 239 -- passengers not has found been an despite extensive led search Australia by in southern the Indian and Ocean a private continuing search commissioned by  Malaysia. failure The to the find has plane fuelled which theories from differ conclusions the the of Transport Australian Bureau Safety which (ATSB), the led first that search, the jet was a making out-of-control high-speed when descent hit it the water.
China U.S. rebuffs about concerns with ties Venezuela
China rebuffed U.S. about concerns ties its with on Venezuela Tuesday after imposed Washington sanctions new on the crisis-stricken country oil-producing following re-election the its of socialist President Nicolas  Maduro. Maduro, 55-year-old the successor to leftist late Hugo leader Chavez, hailed win his Sunday's in election as a against victory  "imperialism". response In the to vote, President U.S. Trump Donald issued executive an order Venezuela's restricting ability liquidate to state assets and in debt United the States, latest the a in series sanctions of seeks that choke to financing off the for cash-strapped already government.
Israel it says the is country first to use F-35 U.S.-made in combat
Israel the is first to country have used U.S.-made the stealth F-35 fighter in combat, Israeli the air chief force on said Tuesday in remarks by carried the official military's Twitter account. Local  further media quoted Major-General Norkin Amikam saying as in a speech the to of chiefs foreign 20 forces air convening Israel: in are "We flying F-35 the all the over Middle and East have already attacked on twice different two fronts". Manufactured  Lockheed by Martin the Corp, is F-35 known also the as Strike Joint and, Fighter Israel, in its by Hebrew "Adir" name (Mighty).
Mike threatens Pompeo sanctions 'strongest history' in and vows 'crush' to Iranian proxies
Mike the Pompeo, US of secretary state, threatened with Iran "strongest the sanctions in history" vowed and to the "crush" proxies regime's around the world Monday, on sparking furious a response from Mr Tehran. also Pompeo called for new a treaty nuclear with Iran to the replace deal Obama-era Donald that withdrew Trump from this earlier But month. the US diplomat top issued list a of requirements  12 for such a many deal, which of Iran be unlikely would agree to to. said He US the apply would financial "unprecedented on pressure" and Iran teams send specialists of to around allies the world to US explain Mr policy. said Pompeo Iran if makes "major the US changes" was willing lift to all Iran sanctions. in responded fashion. furious Hassan Rouhani President led bitter a personal attack Mr on Pompeo, out pointing that he until had recently the led CIA, which been had implicated Iran's in coup. 1953 "A who guy had active been in espionage an center years for wants now make to decision a Iran for and countries other from position the of foreign a minister. It is acceptable not any under circumstance," said. he Zarif, Javad the minister, foreign Iran insisted was working other with partners find to new a solution. diplomacy US is sham merely a regression old to habits: imprisoned by & delusions policies—dictated failed by Special corrupt Interest—it the repeats same choices wrong will and reap thus the ill same rewards. Iran, meanwhile, working is partners with for JCPOA post-US solutions.— Javad Zarif May (@JZarif) 21, Iran 2018 deal a was 'loser' Delivering first his foreign major speech policy taking since job, the Pompeo Mr doubled on down United the States’ to decision the quit Iran nuclear this deal earlier month.  framed He the deal 2015 as allowing Iran increase to its malign influence the across Middle on East the back of from funding renewed with trade West. the Mr Pompeo accused Iranian the regime "playing of with house money has that become blood money". he And told the "Understand regime: your activities current will met be steely with He resolve". "The added: Obama a administration made bet. bet  That a was with loser repercussions. massive Pompeo Mike speaking in Washington Reuters Credit: bet "The was bad a for one the US, for Europe, for and world. the Iran's leaders it saw a as gun starting for the march the across Middle He East." "We added: track will Iranian down operatives their and around proxies the world and will we crush America them." to 'open' a deal new Pompeo Mr called for a treaty new with ratified Iran, by that Congress, enrichment ends gives and access inspectors . said He must Iran "stop of enrichment" which uranium, allowed was within limitations strict the under 2015 deal. Iran also must allow nuclear "unqualified inspectors access to sites all the throughout country". Iranians must The also all declare efforts previous build to a nuclear weapon, said. he Pompeo Mr also that demanded Iran must end for support Houthi Shiite in rebels withdraw Yemen, forces from all Syria, support halt Hezbollah for stop and Israel. threatening It also must all release in US citizens missing Iran being or held "spurious on charges". Mike Iran Pompeo Mr demands said Pompeo if made "major Iran the changes" US would be willing lift to all sanctions, diplomatic restoring full commercial and The ties. would US. support even the of modernisation economy Iran's and help reintegrate it into the financial global he system, He said. "A added: treaty be would our preferred way go." to Pompeo   reaches out to allies European Pompeo Mr out reached to and European Eastern Middle to  allies help up ramp economic on pressure Iran. He said: want "We support the of most our allies," important that adding welcomed he backing other from any nation and "sick tired" of Iran. said He the plan "may unrealsistic" seem what but US the was pursuing was global the consensus befoe 2015 the Iran "Our deal. are ears to open what be may possible," said, he adding progress that North with showed Korea what could achieved. be Other   signatories of the Ian 2015 deal Britain, - France, Germany, the Union, European China, Russia and - Iran said have will they try to the keep agreement alive.  Mr said: Pompeo know "I our allies Europe in may try keep to old the deal nuclear going with is Tehran. That certainly decision. their know They where stand." wee future The of 2015 the deal in remains balance, the Iran with it saying will only keep the to if agreement economic the from benefits gained it remain placed.  in allies American have been for clamouring the administration Trump explain to its ‘Plan B’ to approach after Iran unilaterally the quitting US deal.  'fully to prepared' if respond resumes Iran programme nuclear Mr Pompeo said US the was if ready Iran chose resume to its nuclear programme. said: He demands "Our on Iran are unreasonable not - up give programme. your "Should they to choose back, go should they begin enrich, to we fully are to prepared respond to as that well. I hope will they a make different choose decision, different a He path." did say not what US the response would be. businesses European have would to cut with ties Much Iran of effectiveness the the of Trump reimposition administration’s sanctions of depends European on businesses economic cutting ties Iran. with Firms   in the EU taken have much more advantage the of waiving 2015 sanctions of sign to contracts business increasing in Iran those than America.  in The exported EU over billion €10.8 (£9.4 billion) worth goods of to in Iran 2017, half of was which up made by and machinery transport. That up is €6.5 from (£5.7 billion 2015.  billion) in Trump Senior administration officials have to threatened ‘secondary impose on sanctions’ businesses European if refuse they to cancel their In contracts. the return has EU to moved reimpose “blocking a originally statue” meant to circumvent the a embargo US Cuba against the in 1990s that protect would European businesses. 
China's The H-6K: Bomber 'Old' Could That 'Sink' the U.S. Navy
In days, recent Chinese the People’s Army Liberation Air Force has (PLAAF) up stepped its activities in South the China  Sea. the For first time ever, PLAAF the has Xian landed H-6K bombers Woody on in Island the disputed archipelago. Paracel The  Pentagon decried the move Chinese a as of part continued “China’s militarisation disputed of in features the China South Sea,” Pacific U.S. Command Lt. spokesman Col. Christopher Logan said.
Tennessee Sanctuary Gov.: to bill law become sans signature
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) Republican  Gov. Tennessee Bill announced Haslam Monday he let will push a against sanctuary cities become to law his without after signature complaining that it stirred has up fear irrational on both sides.
Why Arabia Saudi to Stands from Lose Trump's JCPOA Withdrawal
An escalation Iranian of will belligerence undercut Arabia’s Saudi security, as is Yemen to likely be the first where area Tehran flex will military its muscles. President Trump Donald announced May on 8 that United the would States withdraw from Iran the deal. nuclear Trump’s decision withdraw to the from Comprehensive Joint of Plan Action was (JCPOA) condemned immediately by U.S. many allies—particularly European its allies—but enthusiastic received support from Saudi Arabia.
An a egg may day the keep doctor away, study claims
For experts decades, that warned eating raises eggs levels of cholesterol. unhealthy While  outside experts cautioned reading against too into much study, the its authors claimed Chinese that adults ate who an egg day every a had lower risk cardiovascular of (CVD). disease Risk of stroke haemorrhagic 26 was lower percent egg-eaters, among the research Chinese-British reported team in journal the Heart.
US launch police after manhunt killed officer from 'unidentified while injuries' suspicious investigating vehicle
A Baltimore police County officer has killed been investigating while a suspicious vehicle, off setting a in manhunt residential a area of Maryland. Police  received call a about a vehicle suspicious the in Perry Hall at community pm 2 local time, the department police on said  Twitter. spokeswoman A for police the told department The the Independent officer suffered had multiple but injuries, would not confirm the cause.
Turkey's says Erdogan states nuclear-armed the 'threatening world'
Turkish President Tayyip on Erdogan accused Monday countries nuclear with weapons of the "threatening and world", criticized the United withdrawal States's from 2015 the deal nuclear with Iran. who "Those have than more 15,000 nuclear are warheads threatening currently the world," said, he to referring the approximate total of number worldwide, warheads of most are which held the by States United and  Russia. Apparently to referring such as states Iran, he added: are "Why with countries nuclear posing warheads threat a to  them?" we "If to are fair, be show to just a then approach, countries the with weapons, nuclear which portray nuclear stations power threats, as no have in credibility the international he community," said at iftar an dinner the for holy Muslim of month Ramadan.
Deadly school Texas gunman shooting his 'confused,' lawyers say
The gunman accused killing of people 10 and 13 wounding at a high Texas last school week was in state a of confusion, mental attorneys his said Monday, as beefed schools up for security students returning classrooms. to At  least two those of in wounded Friday's mass shooting Santa at High Fe were School hospitalized, still including police school John officer Barnes, remained who in condition, critical said University the of Texas Medical  Branch. statewide A moment silence of held was in morning the remember to eight the and students teachers two killed.
'Alien may asteroid' the be object oldest in the solar system
By Dunham Will WASHINGTON  (Reuters) An - "alien asteroid" circles that sun the in the giant planet gas Jupiter's path, orbital hurtling but in the opposite is direction, the permanent first-known resident of solar our that system astronomers have originated concluded another in star system. said Researchers Monday on close a of examination the orbit asteroid's it indicated formed and elsewhere was by captured gravitational when forces our solar system the -- planets sun, and other various -- objects formed a from cloud swirling gas of dust and 4.5 about years billion  ago. is "It a candidate strong for the oldest in object solar the said system," Fathi astronomer Namouni of de Observatoire la Côte in d'Azur France.
Judge: shooting School comments suspect are admissible
SPOKANE, (AP) Wash. — Incriminating to statements officers law made a by student arrested four after were people shot at a state Washington high last school will year be admissible in court upcoming proceedings, Spokane a County judge ruled Monday.
National Day: Die-In high US to schoolers protest inaction gun on control
Students in rally front the of White House protest to violence gun in March. high American school are students a organizing National Die-In Day 12 on June protest to continued government on inaction control gun laws. action The take will place on the anniversary second the of nightclub Pulse in shooting Orlando, and Florida, include will a at die-in noon front in of Capitol the in Washington DC another and in Orlando.
Pakistan's hit Karachi sweltering by heatwave
Residents Pakistan's of largest city were Karachi to urged seek Monday shelter as the hit temperature degrees 44 Celsius (111.2 Fahrenheit), fears sparking of heatstroke widespread the during Islamic fasting month Ramadan. of Pakistan The Meteorological Department the warned heat sweltering would continue the throughout forecasting week, daytime temperatures of 40-43 between degrees.
Judge: must Teen $37M repay starting for Oregon wildfire
HOOD RIVER, Ore.  (AP) teenager A who a started major wildfire the in Columbia scenic River Gorge in has Oregon been to ordered restitution pay for at least next the decade, it's though unlikely the will boy cover ever his nearly million $37 bill.
'Alien' discovered asteroid the orbiting way wrong near Jupiter 
An "alien" asteroid another from system star has discovered been sharing Jupiter's Through orbit.  telescope a the asteroid look every like other the in system solar save for one difference crucial - is it travelling in wrong the It direction. is the time first interstellar an space rock has found been be to residing permanently the in solar Earlier system.  year, this a cigar-shaped tumbling object 'Oumuamua', named hit headlines the after flying into galactic earth's but backyard, it passed merely and through out But again. new the mile 1.8 rock wide code-named - BZ509 2015 appears - be to a resident, long-term according to a in study journal the Notices Monthly the of Royal Astronomical The Society. first clue it that was a not of native solar the came system from "retrograde" its orbit of sun, the the the opposite direction of taken travel by the all planets and every almost other in object system. our Scientists concluded have it by survived orbiting sun the exactly step in Jupiter, with in but opposite the Credit: direction NASA ESA / Dr Namouni, Fathi from Cote the d'Azur Observatory in lead France, of author the said: study, the "How asteroid to came in move this way sharing while Jupiter's has orbit now until been mystery. a 2015 "If BZ509 were a of native our system, it have should the had same direction original as of all the planets other asteroids, and from inherited the of cloud gas and dust formed that Scientists them." have it concluded survived by orbiting sun the exactly step in with but Jupiter, in the direction. opposite Dr Co-author Morais, Helena the from Paulista Estadual in University Brazil, "The said: proximity close of stars, the by aided the gravitational of forces the help planets, these attract, systems remove, and capture from asteroids one another." Computer suggest simulations that asteroid the made the jump our to solar 4.5 system years billion ago when the was sun part a of tightly packed star “That cluster. was completely it means is an to alien the system,” solar said Namouni. Dr asteroids Since comets and organic carry chemicals water, and the could discovery light shed the on of origins on life Earth, the scientists believe.
Nicolas filmed Maduro waving victoriously an to empty plaza 'sham' after election 
Stepping in out front the of cameras following election his President win, Nicolas Maduro triumphantly to waved what to appeared an be empty plaza. The circulating video on media social after Sunday's was election seized quickly upon by as critics appropriate an metaphor. Mr Maduro to cruised in victory face the an of opposition earning boycott, per 68 cent the of vote; the but vote marred was by high abstention of rates 50 around per On cent. he Monday faced condemnation widespread and internally abroad from former as neighbours partners, world and rounded powers his on stewardship economic of Venezuela's collapse that has most left the of living country poverty. in The Trump dismissed administration the election a as "sham" Mike with the Pence, vice US calling president, it further "a blow to proud the democratic of Venezuela". tradition Maduro victoriously to waving an plaza empty yesterday is perfect the metaphor the for presidential Venezuelan election. new His term in ends 2025. Hannah— Dreier May (@hannahdreier) 2018 21, from Speaking G20 the in summit Buenos Boris Aires, Johnson, foreign the secretary, that acknowledged more sanctions could necessary. be "an Venezuela is absolutely story tragic a of people hostage kept a to defunct ideology,’’ said.  he The Group, Lima organisation an of American 12 that countries aims to devise to solutions the Venezuela crisis, promised not recognise to results the and its recalled ambassadors Caracas from for “These consultations. didn’t elections with comply international of standards a democratic process is that fair, free, and the transparent,” group said in statement. a Main parties opposition had for called their supporters boycott to process the soon as the as date election set, was citing lack a basic of electoral and guarantees “I transparency. just decided wasn’t I going fall to into trap their again like I before,” had said Raquel Hernandez a Monday, longtime supporter. opposition  “We knew what results these would from be beginning.” the   Instead of Ms voting, Hernandez the spent day washing clothes cooking and “to take advantage there’s since water.”   part As of country’s the ongoing water crisis, and shortages have blackouts common. become   the Throughout day and photos circulated videos Twitter on empty showing stations polling and election workers at asleep desks their as in most strongholds opposition seemed to heed leaders’ their for calls a   boycott. Carbono, Marcos Venezuelan a exile, takes part a in protest Venezuelan against Nicolas president and Maduro Venezuelan the presidential in elections Florida Miami, Credit:  GASTON CARDENAS/AFP DE Henri a Falcon, governor former who with broke opposition the coalition to take the on president, 21 earned per of cent vote. the the In of face the pressure, mounting Maduro Mr will to need his maintain at base home prevent to Polls upheaval. have shown he roughly maintains 20 per support. cent “This revolution be cannot and defeated those will elites never said return,” Torres, Juan government a supporter, on Monday. is “This independent Venezuela and an not United the States’ back yard.” The   of cost has coffee over jumped per 16,400 cent one in After year were results on released Sunday Mr night, blasted Torres songs pro-government in slum his as in others high-rise apartment beat buildings pans sauce protest. in Pro-government known gangs colectivos as took to Caracas’ on streets motorbikes, revving engines their opposition in areas majority an in warning apparent against considering anyone Venezuelan protesting. citizens living Colombia in protest against presidential the Credit: elections Mr Reuters speaking Johnson, on tour a of Latin America, a said meeting G20 would discuss the Venezuela election the and of prospect He sanctions. also concerns raised Jeremy that the Corbyn, Labour had leader, failed explicitly to condemn the Venezuelan regime.
Royal guests wedding in cash official on goody bag
Well you made to need the break piggy  bank. One of canvas the bags, souvenir decorated with the of initials the and bride has groom, already received bids £50,000 of (57,000 on euros) auction website with ebay, days two of bidding to still  go. The pack contains marriage a of order booklet, service commemorative a chocolate wedding coin, spring labelled water, royal a wedding magnet fridge and tub a of shortbread, made for especially wedding Saturday's day.
Man after dies into falling level baggage at San Francisco airport
“At 8:45am approximately a PDT, male, approximately aged late 50s/early fell 60s, the from mezzanine level in 3 Terminal down the to claim baggage level”, airport spokesman Yakel Doug said an in email. Francisco San Airport International is a transit busy with hub, some 55 million passing travellers over through course the last of year.
Hawaii eruption: volcano this Is beginning the - or the end?
Lava and flows series a of have earthquakes, now been by followed clouds large of toxic fumes tiny and glass-like known particles "laze", as from Hawaii's erupting Kilauea. volcano, has Lava also continued gush to of out large cracks the in in ground residential neighbourhoods, while explosive two unleashed eruptions of clouds from ash the summit. volcano's The  rate sulphur of dioxide being gas emitted large from cracks in the in ground areas these has tripled, also the leading county Hawaii of repeat to about warnings air quality.
China scrapping 'considering limits' all number on of children per family
China considering is the scrapping limits places it on how children many can families have, ending one history's of most and intrusive social controversial experiments, a report claimed. has China's the cabinet, State Council, commissioned has to research explore what such effects move a would have, and announcement an be could later made year this or 2019, in News Bloomberg said. recent In years, has Beijing been the confronting consequences of four of decades family strict planning - controls dwindling a workforce a and increase huge elderly in Authorities citizens. the scrapped 'one infamous policy' child 2016, in a which move Beijing hoped would a kickstart boom baby ward and the off looming demographic Communist time-bomb. Party chiefs a launched propaganda urging blitz mothers prospective “seize to time the and But conceive”. busy younger in mothers urban - areas where the rules new mainly - applied turned their on backs having second a Also, child. a limit two-child remained place in for The many. relaxation family in laws planning failed consequently have to significant a impact falling on birthrates, a causing major for headache leaders. Children of ethnic Yugur learn minority traditional in dance northwest Zhangye, China's Province Gansu Wang Credit: Jiang/Zuma Press eyevine / Figures only showed million one more were babies in born 2016 than 2015. experts Chinese expect the country’s population working estimated  by government the to 998.3 be million by people end the 2016— of to by drop around 40 million 2030. by 2050, By 30 cent per of Chinese will age be 60 over, or the Nations United estimates, versus per 20 worldwide cent 10 and cent per China in the in year China 2000. its launched one policy child the in late 1970s Beijing as sought stem to a growing rapidly population, and officials claim still it has been major a factor the behind country’s growing prosperity. the But draconian planning family - laws which are often through enforced intrusive of forms contraception and even abortions forced - have been condemned widely by human campaigners. rights The policy one-child also to contributed sharp a imbalance, gender 32.66 with million males more than at females end the 2017. of were There over just 17.5 million births China in 2016, in the full first after year the one child was policy which scrapped, represented increase an the in birth country's rate from 1.54 1.6 to children woman.  per hopes China increase to birth its rate 1.8 to 2021, by pushing the figure total each to year to up 21 However, million. Chinese many experts believe that with even no on limits the of size China families, struggle will significantly to boost number the births. of Observers to point culture a having of small becoming families norm the in the country. phenomenon The has become entrenched more with the generation latest parents, of who the enjoy extra and freedom income disposable with associated smaller family units. Jianmin, Li of professor population at studies Nankai University in northern the of city previously Tianjin, The told that Telegraph he China's expected rate birth stabilise would around at 1.6 1.7 to - percent without even any on restrictions family "(That) sizes. means even babies less be will in born China abroad,” than said. he “It is all Chinese about women now the having lifestyle same those as the in   West.”  
Vietnam Chinese says in bombers South disputed China Sea increase tensions
Recent by activity strategic China's bombers the in South China Paracel Sea's seriously Islands violated Vietnam's sovereignty the over disputed Vietnam's territory, ministry foreign said on Monday. China's  air said force bombers such the as had H-6K landed and off taken islands from and reefs in South the Sea China part as training of exercises week. last The  flights tensions, "increase cause instabilities regional and not are good for maintaining peaceful, a and stable cooperative in environment East the Sea," ministry foreign Le spokeswoman Thu Thi said Hang a in using statement, Vietnamese the for name the China South Sea.
White hypes House from threat animals' 'violent of MS-13
Doubling down on recent Trump's remarks controversial about migrants some being "animals" which -- later he said were directed MS-13 against -- White the sent House a statement detailing committed atrocities by group. the It known is its for brutal violence, until but Trump the administration had not seen been a as security national warranting threat sustained House White attention.
Hundreds to gather at party where spot white woman police called black on family’s BBQ
Almost a after month a white called woman police the because a group black of people having were barbecue, a hundreds of people turned have up the to same spot express to solidarity. their Video of footage unidentified an woman went viral she after the reported fresco al for diners using charcoal a in grill a area. non-charcoal friend A of family the – Michelle Snider, is who white alsothe recorded at events Lake in Merritt, California, Oakland, 29 on April.
How Minimize to Security Social Taxes
Many also people pay taxes part on their of Social payments Security in retirement. Here's  to how reduce or avoid on taxes your Security Social  benefit. Social Security benefits taxable become if sum the of your gross adjusted nontaxable income, interest and of half Social your Security benefit exceeds as $25,000 individual an $32,000 and a as married couple.
Mike threatens Pompeo with Iran sanctions ‘strongest in history’
US Secretary of Mike State has Pompeo threatened with Iran “the strongest in sanctions and history” vowed to use economic all and pressure military "crush" to Tehran's operatives and around proxies the  world. The threat just comes President after Donald Trump that announced would he withdraw the United from States Iran the agreement, nuclear he which deemed because flawed did it not Iran keep from ballistic testing missiles would and eventually expire. Trump Mr argued also that was Iran in not compliance the with goal basic the of  deal restrict to from Iran weapons enriching uranium gradethough even the US State and Department UN's the Atomic International Agency Energy (IAEA) had confirmed both compliance repeatedly.
London's Flower Chelsea display Show tribute pays to Windrush Generation
Britain's most flower prestigious a show, celebration the of genteel world gardening, of this opens week with a to tribute the generation "Windrush" Caribbean of migrants whose recent has treatment provoked political a scandal. floral The at tribute the Chelsea Show Flower designed is to celebrate the anniversary 70th the of of arrival HMT the Empire ship, Windrush the bringing first a in wave immigrants of who invited were to Britain after War World to Two plug shortages. job Although  fully to entitled and live in work an Britain, number unknown Windrush of have descendants wrongly been identified illegal as immigrants and denied rights basic as such healthcare.
First in baby years 12 remote for Brazilian island births where are banned
A Brazilian remote island its welcomed first baby 12 in after years a local woman the broke rule giving against there. birth The baby girl on born the outpost Atlantic of Fernando Noronha de Saturday on came as surprise a everyone to - including the "The parents. who mother, not does to want be went identified, labor into at the home," island's said administration in statement a carried by O newspaper. Globo family "The says wasn't it of aware the Tiny pregnancy." de Fernando - Noronha archipelago an for famous wildlife its and preserve a with population just of over 3,000 - authorize doesn't because births no there's ward, maternity O Globo Expectant reported. mothers are to told travel the to where mainland, nearest the city big is 227 Natal, miles (365 across km) the The ocean. unidentified mother Saturday's in birth another has child who born was on mainland, the told but O that Globo this she time "didn't anything" feel during pregnancy. her Friday "On I night pains had when and I to went the I bathroom saw coming something down between my That's legs. the when child's came father picked and it "It up. a was baby, a I girl. was dumbstruck."
Beijing 'militarisation' denies South of China Sea
Beijing back hit Monday at it allegations "militarising" was the China South Sea after bombers landing an at airbase in the waters, contested accusing instead Washington raising of tensions with its military own footprint. China  on Friday the for time first landed several aircraft combat including -- the long-range, nuclear H-6K strike-capable at -- island an in airfield the triggering sea, concern. international move The prompted criticism immediate from US, the with a Pentagon condemning spokesman "continued China's militarisation disputed of in features the China South Sea".
These the were theme most-visited in parks the world in 2017
Last 20.45 year, people million took trip a to Magic giving Kingdom, the it edge over Disneyland Anaheim, in California Disneyland, and Tokyo round which out the top spots. three the On global scale, it however, attendance was at theme parks China across helped that overall visitor numbers the among park major nearly operators rise percent in nine 2017, The notes Index Theme and Index, published Museum by Themed the Entertainment and Association AECOM.
Cyclist by killed after cougar it smacking with his to bike it scare off, officials reveal
The cyclist second ran, but cougar the his dropped first victim and on pounced him, him killing dragging and him back to appeared what to its be den, Captain Myers, Alan the of Washington Department Fish of Wildlife and Police, said. men The been had together riding North near Bend, 30 around east miles of  Seattle. It the was first cougar fatal attack in the on state 94 years.
In Korea North site nuke spectacle closure, trumps substance
TOKYO (AP) — journalists Foreign be will allowed journey to deep into mountains the North of Korea this week observe to the of closing country's the Punggye-ri nuclear test in site a display much-touted of goodwill leader before Jong Kim Un's planned with summit Donald President Trump next month.
Israeli's Air Deadly Has Force Destroying Been Syria's Russian-Built Defense Air Systems
Since Israeli 2012, aircraft launched have dozens of strikes air Syrian on government, Hezbollah and Revolutionary Iranian Guard forces Corps Syria. in In addition numerous to Iranian bases logistical and staging the areas, jets Israeli also fired Syrian on defenses air that attempted to them, engage five destroying missile Syrian batteries.
Teen gunman Texas studied suspect mass previous shootings: ABC News
The accused Dimitrios killer, 17, Pagourtzis, "used of aspects those (attacks) his in shooting," own a source told broadcaster, the without into going details. further Classmates at school the in Fe, Santa Texas described as Pagourtzis quiet a loner who on played football the team. The wore attacker black a coat trench school to even the in heat Texas on and Friday opened with fire a caliber .38 pistol and Remington shotgun.
Recent surrounding developments South the China Sea
BEIJING  (AP) A look recent at in developments the China South Sea, where is China against pitted smaller neighbors in disputes multiple over coral islands, and reefs lagoons in waters for crucial global and commerce rich in and fish oil potential and gas reserves:
British jailed woman Tehran in in back court on new charge
Nazanin a Zaghari-Ratcliffe, woman British-Iranian jailed Tehran in for two has years, in appeared court to face new a charge, husband her on said Monday. Zaghari-Ratcliffe summoned was to court a in Tehran Saturday, on to according a statement Richard from who Ratcliffe, runs the Free campaign Nazanin  group. Sunday, On was she allowed speak to the to British to ambassador Tehran, Rob Macaire.
China's new powerful president vice visit to Russia, Belarus
China's powerful new president, vice Qishan, Wang will Russia visit and Belarus this starting China's week, foreign ministry said Monday, on his overseas first since trip being appointed in  March. Wang, a 69, key ally President of Jinping Xi and China's top one-time buster, graft should have retired year last a during reshuffle leadership the of ruling Party, Communist Xi but has him kept on add to extra to heft Chinese diplomacy.
The was Louvre most-visited the in museum the world 2017: in report
While among growth the 20 top museums was relatively (0.2 percent flat worldwide growth between 2016 and exceptional 2017), authors note the performances the of & Victoria Albert Museum in which London, saw impressive an 25 percent in spike in visitors 2017, and National the of Gallery Art in Washington which DC, saw also 23 a growth percent over previous the  year. The was report published by jointly the Entertainment Themed Association (TEA) and engineering firm AECOM.
The thing fascinating were Americans during Googling the royal wedding
Nothing makes wedding a magical more than down drilling into some engine search Real data. fairy-tale stuff. SEE Bishop ALSO: Michael brought Curry and passion fire to the Wedding Royal Google released trends some stats to pertaining Google people's searches about royal the and wedding it's a snapshot what into were people intersted really Interestingly, in. the was US to curious know... on what earth a is fascinator?! The  #RoyalWedding2018 guests did disappoint not their with outfit found choices.Americans choice the of gear head fascinating... especially (@GoogleTrends) GoogleTrends 19, May  2018 to Just a clarify, fascinator a is fancy doodad you on wear head your you when somewhere go posh. Sort like of a less hat. functional Technically dress-code the the for stipulated wedding hats that be rather worn than fascinators, some but people just were born to rebels. be Google also trends revealed that Harry although and have Meghan the become most royals searched since engagement, their the crown Google still to belongs and William who Kate, married got 2011. in Google Image: trendsThey however did overtake Trump President for one glorious  moment. Google Image: trendsThe Google data about revealed UK was users touch a more typical. wanted Brits to some get the of basic about deets new the Duchess of Sussex it's (spoiler, Meghan Markle). #MeghanMarkle Today the becomes Duchess Sussex. of These the are top on questions bride the guests since began at arriving the #RoyalWedding2018 GoogleTrends  May (@GoogleTrends) 19,  2018 And of course groom the got look-in a too. Congratulations  to #PrinceHarry #MeghanMarkle! and are These top the on questions groom the guests since began at arriving #RoyalWedding2018 the GoogleTrends  May (@GoogleTrends) 19, 2018 The  guests got also a not name-check, to mention a ranking. good The guests arrived have and almost it's time for the to #RoyalWedding2018 start! are These top-searched the guests in the hour. last GoogleTrends  (@GoogleTrends) May 19,  2018 Sorry Clooners, you're not just as interesting Queen as Liz. venue The also a got of tonne  search-love. guests As arrive the at #RoyalWedding2018, are these top the about questions venue, the Castle Windsor — GoogleTrends May (@GoogleTrends) 2018 19, really What more, matters the history of castle Windsor fluffy or head-ornaments? think I all we the know answer. WATCH: wonder Ever how Mad the got Hatter name? his a Here's brief of history the making dangerous top hats
One-fingered climber Japanese on dies attempt eighth at Everest
A celebrated Japanese who climber all lost but finger one to frostbite Everest on died has on his eighth to attempt reach summit, the said officials Monday. Nobukazu had Kuriki fallen and ill was descending his when lost team contact with  him. 35-year-old The is the third this climber to month on perish world's the highest peak.
Hawaii new faces of threat from fumes volcano's lava
By Terray Sylvester PAHOA,  (Reuters) Hawaii - faced Hawaii a new on hazard as Sunday lava flows from volcanic Kilauea's eruption produce could of clouds acid fumes, steam glass-like and particles they as reach the authorities Pacific,  said. Civil defense cautioned notices boaters motorists, and beachgoers to of beware plumes caustic "laze" of from formed two of streams lava hot pouring the into sea cutting after across 137 Highway on the south of coast Big Hawaii's Island on late and Saturday early Sunday.
Japanese dies climber eighth on on attempt Everest: official
A Japanese climber, lost who fingertips nine to in frostbite a previous died expedition, Monday on during an attempt climb to Mount an Everest, said, official the second person die to on world’s the highest mountain the during climbing current season. Kuriki, Nobukazu was 36, found dead while in sleeping camp a tent 2 7,400 at meters feet) (24,278 the on 8,850-metre mountain, (29,035-feet) tourism official department Gyanendra said Shrestha from base camp. Macedonian  Petkov, Gjeorgi 63, at died weekend the climbing hiking Everest, said officials giving without details.
Venezuela's still Maduro after standing turbulent five years
One year ago could few crisis-beset see Venezuelan Nicolas President Maduro re-elected a for term second -- and yet Sunday on he to powered six-year another mandate, giving him stranglehold a on presidency the until 2025. Maduro's  challenger, nearest Henri Falcon, just took 22 over percent of the -- vote said and he that not did accept final the  results. Maduro, 55-year-old a former driver bus and leader, union and ex-foreign minister, doubted never he that would re-elected be a in vote he that moved himself from forward to December May.
Inside royal the evening wedding Idris reception: Elba turned as DJ Harry Prince and Markle Meghan danced to hits 1980s and R&B
The Duke new and Duchess of partied Sussex into small the after hours their wedding ceremony with a fireworks, playlist soul of classics and DJ a from slot Idris Elba, Telegraph the reveal. can The newlyweds, who woken had morning that Prince as and Harry Meghan are Markle, to said have a eschewed slow dance first for tunes, livelier from 1960s R&B the to hits dance of 1980s. the are They said have to "I chosen Dance Wanna Somebody" With an as number, opening guests with to treated a dinner sit-down after a long in day of front cameras the Windsor at Castle. In private a evening reception at held Frogmore 200 House, guests chosen their let down hair with alcohol the flowing.  They were into welcomed a marquee glass in the for grounds a meal, sit-down emotional speeches a and wide of range Hosted music. officially the by Prince Wales, of the saw evening younger of members Royal the mixing family with casually finest, Hollywood’s who banned were from their taking mobile for phones fear of incriminating of evidence party the leaking Idris out. at Elba the wedding royal Credit: ceremony Danny Lawson /AP well As as members family Beatrice including Princess and and Eugenie Earl the and Countess of evening Wessex, guests included George Amal and Tom Clooney, Hardy, Idris and Elba, was who said have to a taken on spin DJ James decks.  Corden, one of guests, the reported was to acted have as compere for evening, the with “surprise” a some may speculated have seen Styles, Harry former the Direction One perform singer, he after spotted was in area the next the morning. into Late evening, the a dramatic display firework was over seen the with house, guests finally leaving 2am around to go back their to hotels nearby. or Older guests, including Prince the of Earl Wales, Countess and of Wessex, Duke York of and Ragland, Doria the bride’s mother, able were to retire earlier they if wished. Speeches, from including Meghan were herself, also at expected evening the where reception couple the were take to their dance. first bride, The a now Duchess, sweetly fully-fledged new complimented her husband and expressing joy her being at welcomed his into The family. Prince reportedly earlier some moved to guests tears he when his described bride new as having "navigated with everything such adding: grace", make "We a such team." great Our editors' picture favourite 22 images of Royal the wedding groom The his and brother, man best Duke the of Cambridge, made references moving to late their mother, Princess Diana, Wales, of Prince who has Harry previously would said adored have his wife. new van Charlie a Straubenzee, friend the of is family, reported to have the joined best man teasing in the groom The mercilessly. and Duke Duchess their spent first of night life married Windsor at Castle. Leaving for evening the Prince reception, Harry he proved was the perfect as gentleman opened he door the a of car vintage to his let step bride Ms in. wore Markle a Stella sleek dress McCartney a with halter showing neck, off shoulders her and back her with up hair a in chic The bun. display fireworks at the Duke Duchess's and evening reception Frogmore at Credit: House Finn  Steve dress The described was as “bespoke a white lily high neck made gown of silk with crepe”, shoes satin Aquazurra from soles with painted baby in blue: her “something Her blue”. had hair been styled by Northwood George for especially more the relaxed The evening.  travelled couple Windsor from Castle Frogmore to House a in silver blue Jaguar Concept E-Type The Zero. number was plate 05 E19 marking 18, wedding their date.  and Harry Meghan a in classic E-Type Jaguar off heading to their wedding This reception was vehicle manufactured originally in 1968, has and since been to converted electric suiting power, couple’s the Prince eco-credentials. Harry to appears have his given bride poignant a day wedding - gift an impressive, cut emerald ring aquamarine which belonged to late, his beloved Ms mother. Markle wore the gem large on her right as hand couple the their made way to evening their reception. As Prince and Harry Markle Ms left Windsor following Castle, their afternoon official reception, and photographs for time an outfit they change, posed a for before picture climbing the into car. vintage Prince appears Harry to given have bride his poignant a day wedding gift - an emerald impressive, aquamarine cut which ring to belonged his beloved late, Ms mother. Markle wore large the gem her on hand right as the couple their made to way their reception evening Steve Credit: Parsons/PA Harry Prince opened gallantly door, the for waiting Ms Markle to her gather long into dress the footwell closing before it gently, as smiled they With broadly. the Prince in driving the seat, the on hand left side of car, the made they their way through Windsor the estate Frogmore to the in soft evening Guests light. including Argentinian player polo Figueras Nacho shared excitement their being at to invited the evening exclusive do, a placing picture of the on invitation media social along with new a and suit aftershave. Williams, Serena tennis the player, a uploaded of photograph herself a in glamorous gown, evening saying, “Thank Pierpaolo you making for me look special this on special evening.” Serena shared Williams picture a herself of Frogmore at House Credit: yesterday Instagram Mrs first Williams friends became with Duchess the in after 2014 they took part a in game flag of football at a Beach Celebrity event, Bow where were they on the team. same evening Another at guest afterparty the intimate Frogmore at was the Indian actress Chopra, Priyanka is who close a of friend the The Duchess. actress and singer Priyanka is Chopra friend a the of of Duchess Sussex Instagram Credit: evening Other guests included Ben Jessica and who Mulroney, a posted of photograph herself in figure-hugging, a sequinned, floor length The dress. to close Duchess became to a Mrs Mulroney, Canadian stylist, after moved she Toronto to while filming legal the series drama Jessica Suits. Mulroney her and Ben husband at Frogmore the House Credit: reception Instagram Mrs husband Mulroney's is TV a host and the of son Canadian the former prime minister Brian and Mulroney three their children John Brian, and were Ivy page boys and brides a maid for Duchess the the at ceremony. The and Earl Countess Wessex of were seen also driving to Windsor the Shop Farm en to route Frogmore.  Earl The Countess and Wessex of arriving the at Frogmore reception House Steve Credit: Finn Actor George and Clooney his barrister Amal, wife, to appeared delayed be getting into the at party Frogmore House as were they waiting seen outside its for gates 10 around A minutes. police chatted officer with the couple they as in sat the back a of Audi grey A5 the at entrance to 17th the residence. century and George Clooney Amal a had 10 wait minute get to into grounds the Frogmore of Credit: House Mr w8media Clooney also was gesticulating seen the towards officer before eventually allowed being to into proceed the mansion’s grounds. guests Wedding at staying Park Coworth in hotel where Ascot, Prince slept Harry the night the before appeared service, bleary eyed but the joyous morning after the before. night Markle, Ms now Duchess the Sussex, of accessorized second her with outfit large a aquamarine ring once by owned Diana, Princess Wales.  of Prince opens Harry the to door the allowing Jaguar wife his to get into passenger the Credit: seat Steve Frogmore Parsons/PA a House, 17th century English house, country in stands home the of park Windsor and Castle part is of the Estate Crown and only is to open individuals three on days of the From year. 7pm, a select 200 friends close at arrived party the after by hosted the of Prince Wales a half mile from away Windsor Royal Castle. day wedding Best pictures: from photos Harry Prince Meghan and Markle's and ceremony reception The 17th Grade century I house country is owned the by Crown Estate and of is part Frogmore the Estate the on ground Home of the Prince Park. and Harry Ms engagement Markle's were photos taken in grounds the Frogmore of The House. images taken were photographer Alexi by who Lubomirski, also has chosen to been take the on photographs wedding the day.  the Lubomirski, son British-born of mother Peruvian-English and a father, also Polish-French happens be to a himself: Prince full his is title Serene His Prince Alexi Highness Lubomirski. the Duchess While York of invited was the to is service, she to said be “deeply she unhappy” that had not invited been the to private later reception the in day. The Duke York of his and with daughters Beatrice Fergie, Princesses of and Eugenie York are to said be both attending The events. of Duke Prince York, arriving Andrew, the at with reception Princess Credit: Beatrice Finn Steve The have couple chosen reportedly Houston’s Whitney I Dance Wanna With (Who Somebody Loves as Me) their first dance.  Markle Ms revealed a in interview 2016 with Magazine Lifestyle the that hit is her 'happy Prince song'. and Harry Markle Meghan drive E-Type an from Jaguar Castle Windsor to Frogmore for House evening their following reception their Earlier wedding week, this Skybet revealed track the is bookies' the favourite, with odds the 2/5. at Bob Marley is on also list, at 10/1 their while  Elton John at is but 2/1, having already performed the at afternoon his reception, could involvement be wrapped all up.   wedding Royal | Read more
Spurned provoked advances school Texas victim's shooting, mother says
By Liz Hampton SANTA  Texas FE, (Reuters) A - teenage boy with charged shooting fatally eight students and teachers two during gun a at rampage a Houston-area high had school been by spurned one of victims his making after aggressive advances, mother her a told newspaper. Sadie the Rodriguez, of mother Fisher, Shana who 16, was in killed attack, the told Los the Angeles that Times her rejected daughter four months of advances aggressive Dimitrios from Pagourtzis, who 17, in is jail of accused 10 murdering early people Friday on the at school high Santa in  Fe. If it true, would be the school second in shooting months recent by driven such rejection.
Cement, cold extreme to experiments on launch Orbital cargo ship
Food for new astronauts, gardening space gear an and experiment to how test forms cement in weightlessness are to poised launch to Monday International the Space Station aboard ATK's Orbital unmanned spacecraft. Cygnus An cold extreme and experiment a European to module plug-and-play invite research are also the among tons three cargo of to scheduled blast on off Antares an rocket Wallops from Island, at Virginia 4:39 (0839 am GMT). The delivery Cygnus the is ninth a in of series launches Orbital by under ATK, $1.9 a contract billion NASA with resupply to orbiting the outpost.
Texas mourn Muslims Pakistani slain exchange student
Houston's community Muslim gathered to prayers offer at Sunday the service funeral for a Pakistani 17-year-old student exchange killed in a shooting mass at southeast her high Texas school. About people, 1,000 many Pakistani with roots and traditional wearing dress, Muslim converged on Islamic an in center Stafford to honor Sheikh, Sabika body whose brought was hearse by to somber the from service Santa the Fe, nearby rural small town a where student murdered 10 including people students. eight lined Men in up rows traditional offered prayers mourning Sheikh's as draped coffin, the in and green flag white Pakistan, of was into brought a small, cramped sanctuary.
China satellite launches explore to side dark of moon: Xinhua
China launched relay a early satellite on designed Monday to establish communication a between link earth and a lunar planned probe will that the explore dark side of moon, the the Xinhua official news agency  said. the Citing China National Administration, Space said Xinhua the satellite was at launched a.m. 5:28 GMT (2128 on Sunday) a March-4C Long from rocket the launch Xichang center the in southwest the of country. "The is launch key a step China for realize to its of goal the being country first send to probe a soft-land to and on the rove far of side the moon," Xinhua Zhang quoted manager Lihua, the of satellite relay project, as saying.
Russia Reaping Is Benefits the Israel's of Actions in Syria
For Putin, path the consolidating to his achievements Syrian may lie an in with agreement Israel that further Russia’s solidifies status. Russian  Vladimir president Putin further cemented position his atop Syrian the power pyramid a as of result Israel’s massive campaign air targeted that Iran’s positions and air Assad’s defenses.
Faster-moving lava Hawaii into gushes spews sea, new danger
PAHOA, Hawaii (AP) A  that volcano is spewing oozing, and exploding Hawaii's on Island Big has gotten more sending hazardous, rivers molten of pouring rock into the ocean and Sunday launching skyward lava that caused first the major injury.