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Military branches:

Ground Forces, Navy, Air Forces; Airborne troops, Strategic Rocket Forces, and Military Space Forces are classified as independent combat arms, not subordinate to any of the three branches
Military manpower - military age and obligation:

18-27 years of age; males are registered for the draft at 17 years of age; 200,000 conscripts were inducted into the armed forces in 2003; length of compulsory military service is 2 years; plans as of August 2004 call for reduction in mandatory service to 1 year by 2008; 2003 planning calls for volunteer servicemen to compose 70% of armed forces by 2010, with the remaining servicemen consisting of conscripts (August 2004)
Military manpower - availability:

males age 15-49: 39,127,169 (2004 est.)
Military manpower - fit for military service:

males age 15-49: 30,600,088 (2004 est.)
Military manpower - reaching military age annually:

males: 1,262,339 (2004 est.)
Military expenditures - dollar figure:

Military expenditures - percent of GDP:



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