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Souvenir Shopping

Souvenir Shopping

Wherever you stayed, shopping is the process, you would never be able to avoid. Moreover, you will have to prove that you have really visited Moscow, otherwise, no one would believe you. You may like it or not, but you will have to please your relatives and friends with souvenirs and many other goods available in Moscow's shops.

Search for "matreshkas" (wooden doll in peasant dress with successively smaller ones fitted into it) and Russian shawls sold on the observation platform of Vorobyovy Hills; near Borovitskaya Tower of Kremlin; on Stary Arbat street, etc. You may easily talk about the price with salesmen as far as the prices for some "street souvenirs" offered for foreign tourists are usually much higher than the real ones.

There are some other places in Moscow, which are traditionally called "art markets". Here you may find very interesting souvenirs made in a good Russian style. The two main Moscow's "art markets" are located in Izmailovo (close to the "Izmailovo" hotel) and on Krymski Val Street, right in front of the Central House of Artists. Pictures, boxes, various wooden-made and stone-made items are often used by masters themselves. Thus, you may even order for the required souvenir, if you have two or three days to wait for it.

There are many souvenir shops on Stary Arbat and on many other streets in the city centre, were you can purchase not the souvenirs of so-called mass production only, but really fine and rare pieces of art, i.e. samovars from Tula, famous white-and-blue dinner sets from Gzhel, embroidery from Vologda, trays from Zhostov, glass-made items from Gus-Khrustalny, a small town not far from Moscow, shawls from Pavlovo-Posad, boxes with varnished  miniatures from Fedoskino and Palekh.

The antique shops, art shops and galleries sometimes offer the items possessing both, the artistic and the historical value. Before buying something it's better to ask (if no one tells you about it) whether you would need some additional documents, except for the cashier receipt, to take the item you buy from Russia, or not. The regulations on taking cultural valuables away from Russia are displayed in Chapter  Entry Visas,Customs Regulations. We advise you to visit one of the most popular art shops in Moscow, this is "Moskovsky Khudozhnik" art shop on Petrovka Street, 12.

In case you are interested in buying books and numerous publications on different subjects, try to visit one of the biggest book shops in Europe, "Moskovsky Dom Knigi" (Moscow's Book House on Novy Arbat Street, 8) and the "Moskva" book shop on Tverskaya Street, 18.

As far as all other items or products are concerned, Moscow doesn't differ much from any other big city in the world. The only thing is that the prices for the products of some categories (stylish clothing, footwear) are often higher in Moscow, if compared to many other European capitals. However, all essential goods including foodstuffs are available everywhere, especially in the central department stores and supermarkets (GUM, close to the red Square; TSUM and Petrovsky Passage, near the Bolshoi Theatre; Novoarbatsky Supermarket, RODITY trade house, Arbat Irish House on Novy Arbat Street). There you may use all main types of credit cards or cash (rubbles).

In the city centre the stores are usually open from 8-9 a.m. to 8-9 p.m., without lunch brakes or day-offs. There are also 24-hour open supermarkets in the city centre and many other districts of Moscow.

as a 24-hour Internet Center, bowling alley and food court. You may also visit the Manezh Museum, where artifacts found during the construction of the mall from early Moscow are on display.

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