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The Armoury

The Armoury

The Armoury

Now you have the unique possibility to enjoy a collection of one of the richest museums in the world, a national Russian treasury - the Armoury museum. One of Russia's oldest museums which has almost five hundred years of history and displays masterpieces from the 12th to the 20th centuries.

The collection consists of treasures from the Kremlin repositories. It shows the giftedness and talent of Russian people, their feeling for beauty and ability to create it. You will be impressed by bundance of gold and precious stones on show. There will be Russian gold- and silverware, Ancient State Regalia including thrones and coronation hats of Russian tsars, Gala armour for solemn processions, Dress Harness, Medieval Russian Embroidery, which were produced by the finest craftsmen. Nothing exists here by chance or lacks artistic value.

The lovingly preserved collection of West-European and Oriental art represents ambassadorial gifts to the Russian Royal family. There are such unique collections among them: the British gold- and silverware of the 16th-17th centuries, German goblets, elegant French porcelain, items produced of exotic materials, and Oriental armour.

The Collection of the Royal Carriages is one of the finest in the world. You will trace a development of carriage making in Russia and Western Europe from the 16th up the 19th centuries. The neighboring hall contains dress harness made in the Royal Stable Office. Once again you will be astonished by abundance of precious materials and a mastership of artists.

You will view The Collection of Precious Fabrics composed of coronation dresses of Russian Empresses and the vestments of the Royal clergy. The collection is very capacitive and spans a large period from the 14th to the 19th century. It contains the best precious fabrics produced worldwide and all of them are very well preserved.

The real gem of the museum is the wonderful Collection of Faberge Eggs. It numbers 10 eggs and other splendid items produced by Faberge.

The museum is so vast it is difficult to see all the items during the tour time, so the Kremlin guides will do their utmost for you to see the highlights

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