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Moscow Night Clubs & Pubs

Moscow Night Clubs & Pubs

Moscow Night Clubs & Pubs

Modern Moscow is a city of modern people. It recently became one of Europe's most popular entertaining centers.

Russians sure know how to party: appreciate food, like to have a bottle, and dance till they drop. Maybe that's why nowadays Moscow is the only city in Europe where one can find such a wide range of clubs, pubs, and events, which are welcoming everybody day and night. All of them meet the highest European standards.

During the night you can visit several very different parties from the friendly and democratic to the posh and sophisticated, listen to music of all possible styles, and try food and drink of any world cuisine.

We are happy to be your guide for the night life of Moscow. Our specialist will give you detailed information about styles and features of the clubs, help you to work out your own program at your own taste and follow it with you!

Styles at your choice:

  • Rock;
  • Jazz and Blues;
  • Techno, Trance, Goa-trance;
  • Latin American;
  • Lounge - Easy Listening;
  • MTV Europop;
  • Hip - Hop (P'N'B)
  • Reggie, Ska
  • Arabie
  • Posh

And many others

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