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Veliky Novgorod

Dear web viewer, this time we want to introduce you in a wonderful travel that though it is not a very famous destination among the western travellers,it remains however an accessible place that gives rich emotions and an image of the true Russia, very difficult to find elsewhere in the West; We are talking about Novgorod, or better about the glorious (Veliky) Novgorod (not to be confused with the homonym town), a stronghold rich in history, a place that we can surely define the historical heart of the Slavic people, an essential trip for all the lovers of the slavic russian tradition, a place in which Russia finds its roots.
Our route starts at Saint Petersbourg, from where we will easily reach Novgorod in three hours by train; the short travel is comfortable and beautiful regarding the landscape aspect: from the Russian city we penetrate slowly into the countryside crossing the Soviet industrial districts that emerge moving out of Saint Petersbourg.
Reached Novgorod the astonishment is so big, also for those like us that every year come here to make a little trip in this marvelous place.
The city with its white Kremlin, attest the real glorious past, here we don’t find only the places in which Russia was born as a State, but also ancient religious relics from the first evangelization of the Slavic people, a myriad of cathedrals (also 1000 years old! Rare thing for orthodox Russia), entire monasteries regarding the aspect as well as substance: In this place we plunge in a hundred years time travel to find here the harmony and the tastes of ancient Russia elsewhere not verifiable; Here everything seems more genuine and natural, also people are less sophisticated than in the stately Petersbourg or in the burgeois Moscow, reason for which this trip is dedicated to all those people directed to Moscow or St. Petersbourg that want to grant themselves an alternative excursion in a place where to discover the most authentic tastes of Russia.
Veliky Novgorod, remains close to Moscow as well as St. Petersbourg, geographically it is an alternative to the Baltic capitals for example, with the advantage that in this place the crowds of western tourists have not arrived yet, nevertheless the city is better than other destinations well known concerning innumerable aspects;  Why all this? The reason is simple: To go to Russia the visa is still necessary, therefore the so-called "pilgrims" automatically are attracted elsewhere, then there isn’t an international airport, so the place remains little accessible to the lazier ones, the so-called Sunday travellers, for this reason the city with its people has maintained a certain integrity: Here the western tourists here still have a good reputation, actually this city is not the favourite destination for desperate singles in search of the soul mate (this kind of tourism destroys the atmosphere, if assiduously perpetrated; And here surely you can still find beautiful single girls!).
The city is able to offer food of high-level (we talk about "authentic" Russian food that by now in the big city has completely disappeared), fun at nightime as well as during the day, enchanting walks, landscapes that take the breath away (especially along the river Volkhov), there are many hotels solutions, at all price levels!
Among the various things, for those who really cannot live without the Italian food, we also signal the presence of an "authentic" Italian restaurant, called "Naples."
The city immediately leaves a big impression being wrapped up by the green of the nature: Vast areas with trees, parks and gardens which during the day and the evening they are an important meeting point for the young people, in summer it is a continuous coming and going of people and tourists, all rigorously Russian, nevertheless this is a famous tourist destination, it becomes practically snobbed by the western tourist operators who don't risk to count on this marvelous place, for this reason who wants to arrive here, has to do it autonomously, nevertheless organizing an excursion to Veliky Novgorod is not a complicated thing.

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