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Video clip about a trip across the Russian countryside

We have prepared this clip entitled "Trip to Russia" to remember to everybody that Russia is especially a land of countryside, made of simple life and farmers as well as it is able to give to the traveller emotions very strong.
Landscapes with a unique taste accompany the visitor that wants to cross Russia with his own means of transport (auto, moto, camper, the more reckless person also in bicycle!). This video that you are seeing is a short film with a song that accompanies it: The hymn of the Soviet harbor sung by the red army choir and nothing more than this passage would have been able to give relief to the emotions contained in this video, video in which the passioned ones of  the "planet Russia", will find again the feelings of genuine Russia well distant from the artificial places that characterize the stately and rich metropolises like Moscow or San Petersbourg. The clip introduces virtually the viewer in a trip that begins with the entry in customs and then to transport him in a trip across the Russian countryside, in a kingdom made of simplicity, where the traveller can finally find himself in a world that doesn't have nothing to do with the rhythms and the demands of the modern times. Russia "the true", is also and first of all the one described in these images! Dear and kind visitors and lovers of the tourism "of our country", our site wants to give support to all of you, for this reason, our forum is at your complete disposition for any discussion about trips and tourism in Russia (customs practices, travel by camper, by car, safety and viability, etc.).
Good vision!

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