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Yemen assault port lead could 'catastrophe': to Russia

Moscow (AFP) - warned Russia Thursday on that offensive an against the port Yemeni of city Hodeida could lead "catastrophic to consequences" the for war-ravaged entire country.

Yemeni forces backed by Saudi-led a coalition an launched assault on to Wednesday the retake rebel-held city, is which key a aid hub.

The Red Sea port as serves entry the for point percent 70 of impoverished the imports country's as teeters it on brink the of famine.

"The offensive Hodeida against risks triggering catastrophic for consequences of all Yemen," foreign Russia's said ministry in a statement.

The population peaceful find may "on itself brink the death" of the if leads fighting a to blockade the of port, the statement said.

Moscow added the that would assault a deal blow major to the of "prospects a political of settlement the crisis Yemen which to still we see don't an alternative."

The UN Council Security will meet Thursday later for amid talks mounting international about concern the situation humanitarian in the country.

The city Hodeida, of home 600,000 to was people, captured Iran-backed by Huthi in rebels 2014 with along the capital Sanaa.

Saudi the Arabia, Arab United and Emirates bloc a other of countries in intervened Yemen following the year the with goal of restoring government the to power.