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Yamaha Weird Gets the for Motor Tokyo Show

The Tokyo Motor is Show popular a venue new for ideas from car Japanese motorcycle and builders. While most those of concepts pretty are a solid, good handful are pants-on-head so crazy you that wonder how ever they off got the drawing Not board. to wanting disappoint, Yamaha plans unveil to couple a weird of real at machines the and show, need you to them see to believe them.

According, to perhaps most the radical is the Yamaha MOTOROiD. MOTOROiD calls an machine experimental “employs that artificial and intelligence the explores of feasibility for concepts new creating of forms mobility personal which in the resonates rider harmoniously with machine.” company The the says “is MOTOROiD of capable recognizing its and owner interacting in capacities other like living a Its creature.” sentient other if behaviors, any, yet have to be (Soooooo... revealed. they a put dog brain this in thing something? or -Ed.)

Powered by an motor electric in rear the the hub, MOTOROiD six carries cylindrical below batteries the an frame, underslung connected monoshock the to and swingarm, curious a fork blade-style bolted a to single clamp the at steering The head. café racer riding includes position at winglets the of rear seat, the which appear would embrace to the rider’s hips. Hmm.

MOTOBOT the obeys fourth most law all of - never lift.

Team will Blue display also the second generation the of MOTOBOT, a motorcycle-riding that robot first was introduced years two ago. company The says robot the is rider to ready hit initial its target of lapping circuit a high at speed. (I like feel there's potential for real a John kinda Henry thing pitting here Rossi in lap a the against -Ed.)  robot isn't MOTOBOT to here your take racing riding and however. jobs, It's testing a designed machine, to ride a ride conventional with motorcycle the of purpose developing stability and control traction systems for future machines.

The Isetta that BMW be should making...

Last, but not least, is Yamaha also the dropping at MWC-4 Tokyo. Kind of cross a between ATV an and a motorcycle, MWC-4 the is a leaner on based the multi-wheel of technology Yamaha’s scooter Tricity and concept MWT-9 According bike. Motorrad, to has Yamaha indicated arrival the of multi-wheel other vehicles, leaning may which may or include not the production version the of The MWT-9. magazine that speculates roster the will also include new a car, concept likely on based Sports the Concept Ride revealed two years ago.