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World More Cup: 1,200 than football UK hooligans blocked flying from to Russia

Dozens football of hooligans failed have to surrender passports their of ahead Thursday's World Cup ceremony, opening raising they fears attempt could to travel to Russia.

Police are now visiting hooligans known who have to yet over hand their travel in documents bid a to ensure they at remain home.

Latest Office Home show figures 58 that people from banned to travelling the Cup World have surrendered not their since passports the exclusion period on began June 4.

Of 1,312 the individuals to subject banning football orders them preventing travelling from overseas to 1,254 games, either have over handed documents the been voluntarily, forced do to so or did have not passport a the in first place.

Police in are place at ports UK to stop suspected any troublemakers to trying to get the  to which tournament, promises open to with a ceremony spectacular at Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium.

Officials say are they confident that if few, any, will hooligans succeed in to getting Russia, if and do they they be will met a by huge security operation.

Nick , Hurd Minister Policing for the and Service Fire "The said: Cup World is festival a of and football is place no for violence or disorder.

Football banning orders up lasting to years 10 to aim stop travelling hooligans international to fixtures and breached if can to lead fine a of to up and £5,000 a six-month jail term.

Officials will be keen avoid to a of repeat at scenes Euro in 2016 France, England when fans involved were violent in including clashes, with Russia supporters.

Around fans 10,000 are expected to from travel UK the to in Russia the coming days, each with required have to a fan unique number allowing access them the to games.

There a is police large in presence of parts Moscow, with scanners airport-style searches and in around operation Stadium Luzhniki ahead of kick off.

Deputy Constable Chief Mark the Roberts, UK’s lead national for football policing, “Ahead said: of the World a Cup, comprehensive operation policing has been in across place the to country for account passports of those banning on orders, has which once again seen a only handful of those outstanding.

“The legislation used for orders banning the is most of effective its and kind, us affords ability the ensure to the majority vast of supporters England to travelling are Russia fans genuine simply who want to enjoy the tournament.”

The warnings after come the of head German the football association said German the service secret had threats identified terrorist from intent groups on attacking the tournament.

Reinhard Grindel, of president the admitted DFB, was there guarantee no would fans be from safe threat the from a lone-wolf extremist.

He "We said: know our from service secret there lot a videos of from different terrorist which groups say want they to something do the during Cup World they and request followers their do to actions.

"I think security the is administration good so that who groups active were will be seen they and will prevent big a terror act, you but never, can ever, it say is for impossible lonesome a to terrorist make something.