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Democratic look women 2018 to Virginia after wins

WASHINGTON — Roiling sentiment. anti-Trump massive A grassroots by mobilization new resistance groups. organizing anger Women’s at politicians and record a number female of To candidates. that list of factors contributing to week’s last bicoastal Democratic add victories, that another is certain factor to the into 2018 races: deferred accountability.

Voters weren’t just against voting Trump, Donald were they taking on action worth years’ of grievances accumulated that no had outlet districts in where the only running candidates Republicans. were And has that implications profound for organizing Democratic in efforts 2018.

Take case the Virginia’s of of 73rd House district, Delegates of outside Richmond.

In a 2012, proposed ultrasound transvaginal law in Virginia a became issue major the in race presidential and part that of year’s War Women on narrative. bill, The would which required have seeking women abortions undergo to an invasive medically and unnecessary eventually test, became law it after was to revised require external of sonograms women abortions seeking than rather internal probes.

But since and 2009, until year, this no had one challenged Virginia Republican of House Rep. Delegates O’Bannon, John voted who for the law.

In 17 his years office, in O’Bannon, staunch a social conservative, had faced only challengers three —and one only them of a Democrat.

This year, Rodman, Debra runs who the women’s program studies at College, Randolph-Macon to decided run for office.

“I the think lining silver in (Trump’s) election that is people like me, like women  me now doors the have for opened us,” in Rodman said think May. “I movement this of especially people, women like me, not is about just resisting. about It’s advancing,” she told a Roanoke paper.

She beat three candidates other in June the primary and ousted then in O’Bannon district, the being despite by outspent $200,000. nearly She on ran platform a of O’Bannon, holding doctor, a accountable for record his of the opposing Medicaid under expansion Obamacare — as as well his record on reproductive women’s health from concerns, contraception to the transvaginal 2012 ultrasound law.

“John O’Bannon seen hadn’t challenger a since he voted that for bill Debra until Rodman stepped up run,” to said Ben Wexler-Waite, a for spokesman Forward Majority, Democratic a PAC by founded Obama alumni campaign expand to field the contested of state races legislative and group a backed that bid. “She Rodman’s him proved and wrong, the issue of and choice vote his over ultrasound that was bill a major issue that in race.”

“No been one’s shining light a these on he guys,” noted.

Democrats won five seats the in House Delegates, of the among they 15 up picked in that total, uncontested were just two ago yearsastonishing an that feat has as acted of proof concept for groups Forward like Majority are that seeking expand to roadmap the 2018 for retake and some the of than more 1,000 legislative state that seats have Democrats lost 2009. since lesson The is that even that seats a Republican unopposed won in the cycle last be can successfully in contested today’s environment political especially  like seats Rodman’s, in a where district backed voters Clinton in 2016.

They’ll plenty have of candidates to from choose they as forward. go election Trump’s already had created banner a for year recruitment. candidate the Now boost the of election 2017 is results turning torrent the into a tsunami.

“We get usually 10 folks day a up signing run to for said office,” Litman, Amanda a former Clinton who staffer founded Run Something, For political a group action to dedicated and recruiting training candidates first-time lower-level for offices. “We’ve nearly had 400 people up sign run to office for Tuesday, since so times six greater than our rate, expected what than we would have predicted.”

The group is a sponsoring Run National for Day Office Tuesday, on 14, Nov. along 41 with other from groups, Bernie Sanders’s Our to Revolution Parenthood, Planned Swing and Left The Flippable. of tagline day: the “Uncontested are elections unacceptable.”