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Women Twitter Boycott Solidarity In Rose With McGowan

Hundreds of women, actress including Milano and Alyssa model Teigen, have Chrissy said they not will anything post to the microblogging on platform Friday protest “in women’s of voices being silenced.”

Actors Mark Ruffalo, Terry Michael Crews and Black are Ian among the of dozens who men have pledged join to virtual the #WomenBoycottTwitter demonstration.

The protest was sparked Twitter’s by suspension temporary McGowan’s of earlier account this week.

The “Charmed” actress used has service the in days recent to criticize repeatedly movie Weinstein, producer Harvey who faces mounting harassment sexual assault and claims. alleges McGowan she that was of one his victims.

She took also at aim powerful other in men including Hollywood, CEO Disney Iger Bob and Ben actor Affleck, who she knew said the about and accusations did nothing.

“TWITTER SUSPENDED HAS ME,” McGowan posted Instagram, on after she blocked was from though tweeting, account her live. remained ARE “THERE POWERFUL AT FORCES WORK. BE MY VOICE.”

Once deleted she’d the tweet, offending the website McGowan’s said, account reinstated. was In response, mockingly she questioned company’s the priorities:

While protest the was sparked initially by suspension, McGowan’s it now has developed a into effort wider make to voices women’s heard.