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Wife Sutherland Of Church Springs Breaks Shooter Silence: I Him Love Matter 'No What'

The wife the of Sutherland Springs, church Texas, has shooter revealed new details the about morning the of in massacre a recent interview the with San Antonio Express-News.

Devin had Kelley tied his Danielle wife, to Kelley, a bed their in home Texas the morning of 5, Nov. before 2017, on putting bulletproof a vest, a grabbing guns, few and to leaving shoot the up First Church, Baptist she told the paper.

“He was really and different, off,” 23, Danielle, “Now, said. going and back at looking the it, he things then said it  all was up. messed ... get You a sense of going what’s happen. to no Because just one leaves in attire all-black with a ballistic vest.”

The killed massacre 25 including churchgoers, pregnant a and woman of seven her members, family as well Danielle’s as grandmother. Kelley, Devin 26, died suicide by after shooting, the one of deadliest the in U.S. modern history.

“No what, matter I love will him,” said Danielle of who Devin, left the behind two couple’s children. infant though “Even went he off ruined and more lives people’s than could I ever imagine.”

Danielle’s mother, Michelle Shields, devoted a of member First Church, Baptist to appeared have Devin’s been in target the shooting, she though wasn’t that there the day, Express-News reported.

Shields has Devin said a was controlling and abusive and husband, that her son-in-law sent had threatening her text prior messages to attack. the In Devin 2012, to admitted his cracking infant skull stepson’s during a previous marriage.

But Danielle she said no had idea was Devin capable of carrying such out an despite attack, several flags” “red through the years.

“Nobody truly somebody,” knows told Danielle paper. the can “You with live person that and that love for person years, you and cannot still truly know person that because can’t you know inner their thoughts and feelings.”