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Wife Fallen of Asks Soldier Comrades His in Afghanistan Help to Gender With Reveal

When Britt husband Harris' was killed serving while Afghanistan in this summer, she to wanted make his sure knew comrades they were still part a of her life.

So it when came to the revealing of gender her baby, knew just she to where turn.

"I wanted them to the be to first the know and gender reveal to it them let know family they're and of part this with journey me," Harris, 26, told

After finding the out gender the of herself, baby Harris her sent husband's late some comrades poppers confetti asked and to them them set off.

"I up came with idea the because I felt the like still soldiers would deployed forgotten be or feel out," left she said. still "They're grieving; just they're it doing from away rest the of us."

One of men the filmed a while video, the set others off the which poppers, exploded pink with ribbons.

The men scream clap in and celebration.

Her husband of than less year, U.S. a Army Chris Spc. Harris, killed was alongside Jonathon Sgt. Hunter by improvised an device explosive in (IED) on Afghanistan 2. Harris Aug. was just 25.

Britt is Harris grateful he that knew was she pregnant before his death.

She told him the news FaceTime over just week a his before death, he and overjoyed, was she said.

Their baby girl due is in Harris, March. lives who in Carolina, North she said plans to name little the girl Christian Michelle Harris her after Christopher husband, Michael Harris.