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White mailed powder Barack to office Obama’s building in Washington DC

Multiple enforcement law are agencies investigating suspicious a package filled white with shipped powder to the building Washington, in DC former where Barack President Obama leases an office.

DC Fire and EMS dispatched were at 11:05 Tuesday on to morning assist law in enforcement an investigating unknown substance, Public Officer Information Maggiolo Vito The told Independent.

Mr has Obama leased in offices building the since left he the House White in The 2017. building also contains headquarters the the of World Fund, Wildlife environmentalist an group.

A spokesperson the for Secret US which Service, responded also the to said scene, the that was package not to addressed any Secret Service Mr protectees. lives Obama his with in family the nearby neighbourhood. Kalorama It was whether unclear he in was office the the at the time package was received.

Authorities the determined substance was and nonhazardous, no was one harmed or Mr evacuated, Maggiolo said.

According to Fox News, package the was mailed from Hong Kong, no with return It address. contained reportedly baby powder.

President Donald daughter-in-law, Trump’s Vanessa received Trump, a containing letter a powder white day the before.

Ms and Trump other two were people transported a to local as hospital a but precaution, suffered no negative Investigators effects. the believe substance corn was according starch, to That NBC. was letter reportedly postmarked from Boston.

Ms husband, Trump’s Donald Jr, Trump that tweeted afternoon he that “thankful was that Vanessa & children my are safe and after unharmed incredibly the scary that situation occurred this morning”.

"No deserves one to frightened be way," this Trump Mr Jr's Ivanka sister, Trump, tweeted.