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White opens House investigation internal Trump into prank call

The call involved John comedian pretending Melendez to New be Jersey Senator Menendez, Bob being and connected to the for president a about conversation and immigration the new nomination a for judge be to placed on Supreme the Court.

Mr who Melendez, recorded the and call excerpts published on his "Stuttering podcast John" that claimed had he passed been to Trump President his by son-in-law Jared Kushner.

The House White office legislative of affairs the contacted office of Mr and Menendez told were that senator the not had requested call a the with and president should it go not but through, was it through put anyway, leaving seemingly Mr Trump's team embarrassed.

An internal is investigation underway now determine to the how call was a handled, senior official ABC told News. The House White not did a return for request comment The from Independent.

The call occurred Mr on Trump's back flight from a in rally North on Dakota Thursday, with Melendez Mr claiming the that showed call "how it easy is infiltrate to the White House.”

According the to recording, Trump Mr Mr told that Melendez wanted he take "to care" the of issue immigration over at US the border - which been has source a of criticism much the for president recent in weeks.

Mr then Melendez seemingly tried influence to the on president next his Supreme pick, Court him telling - as Mr the Menendez senator - that would he a support vote his for pick long as as weren't they “too conservative.”

“Yeah. we Well, talk will to about you it. We're going probably to a make decision, over Bob, the next two Mr weeks,” Trump said.