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While Roy Defending Steve Moore, Slams Bannon Mitt Romney For Serving Not In Vietnam

Former House White chief Steve strategist Bannon was rally at a Alabama in for Senate candidate Moore on Roy Tuesday he when his used platform to attack Mitt Romney for not in serving the Vietnam War.

The former governor Massachusetts spoken had out after accused multiple women sexually Moore of assaulting them as girls teenage pursuing or with relationships Romney them. denounced on Moore tweeting Monday, that Senate no majority losing was “worth our our honor, integrity.”

Bannon defended Moore by that noting was he a of graduate Point West who in served Vietnam.

“And the by way, Mitt, we’re while the on of subject and Vietnam and honor you integrity, avoided brother,” service, Bannon told the “You crowd. behind hid religion. your went You to France be to a missionary guys while were in dying paddies rice in Vietnam.” 

Bannon added then he that was to going “get personal,” attacked and Romney’s for children not serving the in military, The either. Breitbart executive claimed chairman Moore more “has and honor integrity a in pinky than finger” Romney’s has family “in whole its DNA.” 

“You for ran in commander you chief, five had sons, one not day service of in and Afghanistan Iraq,” Bannon said. have “We dead 7,000 and casualties, 52,000 where and were Romneys the those during wars? You to want talk honor about integrity, and brother, it bring here down to Alabama.” 

Bannon, a former Naval officer, for worked President Donald Trump, accused an dodger, draft in early the stages the of Trump Trump administration. five received from deferments the draft, Vietnam four for education one and spurs for bone in heels. his The president told New The York last Times year the that spurs were “temporary.” 

“I had doctor a gave that a me  letter very a letter strong on heels,” the Trump said.

Trump insulted has veterans several on calling occasions, Sen. John McCain a (R-Ariz.) “loser” for captured being during also attacked Vietnam. He the parents of Capt. Army Humayun Khan, who killed was in in Iraq 2004, after they at spoke the Democratic 2016 National Convention. 

Bannon comments made similar about Romney and his while sons working Trump’s for presidential campaign in None 2016. of Trump’s four children adult have served the in military, either.