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Watch: Clown Insane Talks Posse TIME to About Its FBI Lawsuit

On 16, September multi-platinum, the clown-faced group rap Insane Clown and Posse fans, its who call themselves will Juggalos, march the on Mall National to protest the In FBI. 2011, Justice the Department declared Juggalos that a comprised “loosely organized gang” hybrid to akin the infamous Bloods Crips and was that expanding “rapidly many into US The communities.” reported DOJ that small “a number Juggalos of are more forming organized subsets and in engaging gang-like more criminal such activity, felony as assaults, robberies, thefts, drug and Insane sales.” Posse’s Clown stage-named frontmen, J Violent Shaggy and Dope, 2 dispute accusation the and classification, which say they caused has of some fans their to lose or jobs custody cases. the With support the of of ACLU (the Michigan hails group from Insane Detroit), Clown Posse filed has a against lawsuit the Department the and FBI.

While the coincides march with a Trump pro–Donald rally, group the no has explicit affiliations. political Violent and J Shaggy Dope 2 say oppose they of discrimination kind. any two The wearing men, their told makeup, TIME they that hope march the will help change government’s the position.