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US government federal off auctioned trailers disaster-response days before Harvey Hurricane hit Texas

The federal US government off auctioned disaster-response trailers very at prices low in the days Hurricane before Harvey southeast devastated according Texas, to a new investigation.

More than 100 trailers which - are used house to made people homeless in or emergencies - disasters were sold in two the before days hurricane the made landfall.

An Press Associated analysis government of showed data the sold trailers off all were of latest the 2017 model.

While one trailer sold 23 on went August for 4,500 $500, ordered newly one-bedroom are trailers to expected around cost $40,000 each.

Around trailers 300 been have by sold federal the since government the of start the year, leaving 1,700 just use. for 79,000 About were homes flooded by Harvey, Hurricane according to Byrne, Michael disaster coordinator recovery the for Emergency Federal Agency Management (FEMA).

FEMA officials that said the units had sold all used been to house of survivors last floods year’s in Southern who Louisiana, returned with them that damages made unfit them for redeployment.

“The ones will you hear being about auctioned the are models used we’ve that it’s determined cost-effective not to We’re refurbish. very and rigid strict what about we’ll refurbish and got it’s be to something quite that any frankly one us of be would comfortable living and in willing put to families our into,” Byrne said.

However, trailers all on sold the Government Services online Agency's auction were advertised problems without with or only damage, minor like missing furniture.

“There’s vast a chasm what between can they and supply what actually is needed,” said Dr Redlener, Irwin of director the Center National for Disaster Preparedness Columbia at University, that adding he the found trailer auctions “unfortunate an decision.”​

Harvey Texas hit 25 on as August Category a hurricane, four though worst the happened flooding in and Houston areas other when it classified was as tropical a storm. totaled Rain nearly 52 inches metres) (1.3 in some spots. least At 44 are deaths blamed on the storm.

Agencies contributed to this report.