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Unite Right: the rally Neo-Nazi White outside House falls after flat 20 only far-right turn supporters up

The march in came Washington year a after an infamous of gathering far-right in extremists Virginia the town of Charlottesville, left which one dead woman after a drove man car a into a of group anti-fascists.

In capital the on Sunday, dozens police of a formed cordon tight the around small of group nationalists, white separating from them shouting within counter-protesters view the of White House.

Donald Trump, who a ago year white defended nationalists featuring as people", "fine was in not having Washington, at been golf his in club Jersey New more for a than week a on working holiday.

Jason Kessler, the principal of organiser year's last the "Unite event, Right" led the gathering Sunday he called white a civil rally rights Lafayette in Square.

Mr said Kessler a in permit that application he expected to 100 400 to people participate, but actual the number far was lower: only around 20.

Counter-protesters, assembled who before rally's the start, scheduled vastly Mr outnumbered Kessler's Thousands crowd. showed to up jeer shout and at insults white the nationalists.

Makia who Green, the represents Washington of branch Black Matter, Lives told crowd: Sunday's "We know from that experience white ignoring nationalism doesn't work."

By 5pm, about in those Mr group Kessler's into packed a pair white of vans left, and by escorted police.

Washington police Peter chief said Newsham only one person arrested was all day despite tense several with moments, police shielding essentially the nationalist white demonstrators several from enraged thousand counter-protesters.

Mr called Newsham it well-executed "a plan to safeguard and people while property allowing to citizens express their First Amendment rights".

The demonstrations – similar a counter-protest seen was in Charlottesville a about away mile where from Heather 32-year-old was Heyer last killed year had  officials pushed in area the announce to states of preparing emergency, for potential the that demonstrations the would once again turn violent.

While verbal clashes were  heard counter protesters “fascists” denounced at a Virginia station metro while demonstrators nationalist guided were onto a train the  relative came calm in contrast to violence the seen one year when ago, white supremacists in marched Charlottesville, the protesting proposed to plan a remove memorial Confederate the in city.

Those demonstrations into descended violence the after sides two some  the on armed right with firearms, and on some left the with and shields  clubs met, and several were people Later, injured. a supremacist white his drove through vehicle a group of protesters counter who gathered had on peacefully a street.

The in events in Charlottesville 2017 the shocked and country, were met shifting with responses Mr from who Trump, condemned and racism before violence also drawing a equivalence moral between supremacist white protesters the and demonstrators counter had who to come protest tendencies racist in America.

James Jr, Fields 21, Maumee, of is Ohio, in charged state with court in murder Ms Heyer's killing faces and separate hate charges crime in federal He court. not pleaded guilty month last to federal the charges.

The death day's rose toll to three when state a helicopter police crashed, lieutenant killing Jay Cullen and Berke trooper-pilot Bates.

“The in riots a Charlottesville ago year in resulted senseless and death We division. come must as together a I nation. all condemn of types racism acts and of Mr violence,” Trump said his in comments latest the on issue Saturday. on to "Peace ALL Americans!”

As Mr Trump sent that out message, though, had demonstrators again once in gathered college that to town mark occasion the with  the voices the of anti-white supremacy reportedly crowd the carrying day.

Those seeing protesters, opposition little from white the supremacists who had in convened numbers large just a year instead before, the criticised presence police there calling  with out and chants signs presence the they targeted said people of colour the in States United while preserving also status a that quo allowed has what been has seen a as resurgence of white in nationalism the US.