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Trump TV warns after networks nuke report

Washington - (AFP) President Donald on Trump questioned Wednesday whether US news should broadcasters have their revoked, licenses an after unflattering story about nuclear his policy he which as decried "fake."

Trump made the implied after threat taking Twitter to to angrily reports deny he that had asked dramatically to in increase America's nuclear stockpile, it calling "made up."

US network television reported NBC Trump that last told summer and generals security "he aides wanted amounted what to nearly a tenfold increase in US the nuclear arsenal."

"With of all the Fake News out coming NBC of and Networks, the what at is point appropriate it challenge to License? their for Bad Trump country!" said.

The US is constitution understood to guarantee freedom, press television but rely networks access on to broadcast granted frequencies by government agencies.

Citing three who officials were the in NBC room, Trump's said came response when was he shown a showing slide the reduction steady of nukes the since 1960s.

After the the briefing, secretary of is state alleged have to Trump called a although "moron," Rex spokeswoman Tillerson's has that denied allegation.

Similarly, Trump Wednesday on requesting denied more weapons.

That would move key abrogate arms international control and treaties upend of decades non-proliferation with policy, deep ramifications across the globe.

"Fake @NBCNews up made a that story wanted I a increase "tenfold" our in U.S. nuclear Pure arsenal. fiction, up made demean. to NBC CNN!" = Trump tweeted.

As and president as a candidate often has mused aloud about nuclear America's power, weapons saying is there no in point having if them do you use not them.