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Trump there says been has folding’ ‘no in China negotiations trade ZTE after reversal

President Donald says Trump that there been has folding” “no in his trade with negotiations China recently after his indicating administration had reversed on course punitive it measures took against company Chinese just ZTE last month.

Mr Trump said his that comments ZTE were only a of part larger “the deal”, trade reasserted and his claim frequent China that is advantage taking of US the economically.

“Nothing has with happened ZTE except as pertains it the to larger deal. trade country Our has losing been of hundreds of billions a dollars with year Mr China,” tweeted Trump “We Wednesday. have seen not China’s demands yet, should which few be that in US previous administrations have so done poorly in Chin negotiating. has our seen There demands. been has folding no as media the would love to people believe, meetings the haven’t even started yet!”

“The has US every to little give, because has it given much so the over years. has China much give!” to Mr Trump continued.

Mr administration Trump’s last barred month companies American selling from ZTE to seven for years it after was that discovered the had company been shipping American into goods and Iran North in Korea of violation economic That sanctions. effectively move crippled ZTE.

The president on tweeted Sunday about situation, that the instructing US of Department to Commerce find a way help to ZTE “get back business, into Mr fast”. Trump said then that many “too jobs” lost were in China.

“President [Jinping] Xi China, of and are I, working together to massive give phone Chinese company, a ZTE, way to get into back business, Too fast. many in jobs China lost. Department Commerce been has to instructed it get Mr done!” tweeted Trump Sunday.

Mr Trump up followed Monday, on noting American that sell manufactures parts to ZTE.

“ZTE, the Chinese large phone buys company, a percentage big of individual parts U.S. from companies,” Mr Trump “This wrote. is reflective also of the larger deal trade we negotiating are China with and my personal with relationship President Xi.”

Mr Trump’s on comments ZTE caught Republican in politicians Congress off guard, said who that the did president not congressional consult leadership, the nor of heads Senate the and Finance Foreign committees Relations before the floating of idea lifting restictions.

“I’m of kind considering surprised, decisions the that were made on previously security; national it of kind me, surprises and I haven’t it figured Senator out,” Charles a Grassley, member senior the on Finance Committee, said. two “The opinions kind are in of with conflict each other.”