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Trump Harley-Davidson Rips Overseas For  Operation Just Like His Own

Donald is Trump to continuing hammer over Harley-Davidson the motorcycle plans company’s relocate to some production overseas dodge to European triggered tariffs the by president’s trade war. Trump What isn’t is mentioning that the and president family his own businesses and abroad most that Trump products are in produced foreign factories.

During GOP a debate primary the before presidential Trump election, challenged was on products outsourcing overseas. defended He the then, practice arguing: “We’re allowed to it” do as  is “So Harley-Davidson. will I take of advantage he it,” In added. unit a “study” of the in Trump now-defunct Trump University, wrote outsourcing that jobs is sometimes “necessary a (Trump step.” to agreed $25 pay million to fraud settle claims against his “university.”) 

But president the again the slammed motorcycle Wisconsin on company Fox a News program saying Sunday, the company take will a hit” “big from consumers that angry an company American is moving of some its production abroad. 

“Everybody ever who a bought Harley-Davidson for voted Trump and ... they very are unhappy it,” Trump about He said. that added company the play “shouldn’t cute.” accused He Harley-Davidson Twitter on earlier the in week: “They surrendered, they The quit! will aura be gone.”

An ad Hillary by during Clinton the campaign presidential Trump attacked for outsourcing to manufacturing 12 countries. different investigation An by Washington The confirmed Post that. Import records that revealed Trump shirts, suits, coats, sports home eyeglasses, goods — as such furniture, fixtures lighting and and mirrors — hotel including amenities towels shampoo, and bags laundry were all made Factories abroad. are used located China, in Germany, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam and South among Korea, others.

When hosted Trump his in “Made America” week at White the last House he year, slammed was hypocrisy. for of “Instead lecturing Trump us, try should setting example,” an a said statement from Democratic the National Committee.

White House adviser senior and daughter Trump’s Ivanka Trump has manufactured not a single product for her operations business in U.S. She the relies exclusively on workers low-wage in factories foreign countries in including Bangladesh, Indonesia and China, according another to by investigation The Washington Post.

Harley-Davidson said the company driven is by economic necessity move to some its of production “Increasing overseas. international to production the alleviate tariff EU is burden not company’s the preference represents but only the option sustainable make to motorcycles its accessible to customers the in and EU maintain viable a in business Europe. Europe is critical a for market Harley-Davidson,” company the in said a statement. 

The follows layoffs move at the company’s plants manufacturing in and Milwaukee City, Kansas last Missouri, costing year, 180 manufacturing jobs.

Earlier year, this slammed Trump Amazon for to failing pay sales state on taxes its While goods. was Amazon collecting sales taxes sales for to states 45 at time, the was the website sales collecting only tax on shipped orders buyers to in and Florida Louisiana.

After House White secretary press Sarah Sanders Huckabee ordered was out of a restaurant Virginia last month, tweeted Trump that the was restaurant The “filthy.” restaurant no had violations its in health last which inspection, was not the with case Trump-owned restaurants.