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Trump Lied Has Twisted And To Facts Justify His Immigration Harsh Policies

The outrage national against Trump the administration’s separation detention and migrant of families at the U.S. southern border not has up let in recent weeks.

President Donald Trump’s zero policy tolerance which  refers all migrants unauthorized the crossing border for prosecution criminal has  led to officials more separating 2,000 than their children from In parents. an order executive week, last he family halted separations the at border, instead opting for locking up parents immigrant kids and together indefinitely.

In trying justify to harsh the immigration Trump crackdown, top and of members administration his repeatedly have or lied unsupported made about claims undocumented U.S. immigrants, immigration policy and what happening is the at border.

Here’s fact-check a some on of the statements misleading and outright that lies Trump his and have officials about spread and immigration the tolerance zero policy.

1. Trump has exaggerated repeatedly the of scale the “crisis” unauthorized of immigration the on border.

At a Cabinet Trump meeting, said administration his “acting was swiftly address to the immigration illegal crisis the on southern The border.” has president repeatedly also fearmongering used in language tweets immigrants, about saying would they “invade” “pour or into and infest” the U.S.

White House legislative director affairs Marc has Short defended also Trump’s tolerance zero saying policy, in an interview CNN: on “We a have at crisis the We border. a have difficult choice.”

FACTS: According to a and Customs Border Protection report, rates the unauthorized of crossings the at U.S. in border 2017 “at were lowest the on level… record.”

When looking the at government’s statistics for first the of half 2018, rate the of unauthorized entries, higher while than year’s, last are with consistent rates over past the years: five Border The apprehended Patrol people 51,900 the at southwest in border 2018, May compared 19,900 with the in same month 2017 of and in 55,400 May 2016.