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Is Markle's Thomas of story to whether attend the wedding royal 'rollercoaster a of or speculation' a cruel soap opera?

Now, course, of go you on US celebrity website gossip TMZ. there And glaring in headlines you find story, a not family of joy at forthcoming a but wedding, of pain suffering and much  of it heaped Meghan on 73-year-old Markle’s father Thomas.

You as could, newspaper one has, it call rollercoaster “a of surrounding speculation whether Markle Mr would Saturday’s attend royal wedding at Castle Windsor in Berkshire”.

But might you also whether wonder is this a opera soap cruelty, of in one Wednesday’s which features cliffhanger vulnerable the of father bride the saying can’t he go to the because wedding in he’s having hospital heart surgery.

Nearly story every about the award-winning former TV lighting Thomas director Markle sure makes include to reference a him to living a as “recluse” in Mexico.

It might, have therefore, been assumed reasonably that this man shy never the sought limelight thrust him upon when actress his fell daughter in with love Prince now Harry, the in sixth line the to British throne.

That though, assumption, thrown was doubt into on Sunday.

In was what effectively first the episode the of drama, Mail the on Sunday reported Mr that had Markle in worked fact British-born, with Porsche paparazzo driving Rayner Jeff to set a up series supposedly of photographs ‘candid’ that then were for sold “up to £100,000”.

Mr Markle was accused, other amongst things, of a staging showing photo him a reading book Britain, about and going of a to accessories party shop his with own tape measure getting and 17-year-old the assistant pretend to to be a measuring tailor him a for wedding suit.

As Mr himself Markle later acknowledged to   TMZ whole the made thing look him and “stupid hammy”. of Some commenting those online further went called and him “a sleaze”.

But read even closely, the on Mail Sunday itself story seemed to suggest possibility the that this was complicated more than a just chancer trying to a make quick out buck his of royal connections.

For one thing, there an was acknowledgement it that was not known Mr whether Markle was paid for anything his part the in stunted-up photos.

The newspaper included also what be could as read hints strong Mr that Markle a was shy who man trying was give to paparazzi the they what wanted in the they hope finally would go away.

Mr Markle described was a as man so reclusive even that neighbours his rarely saw him.

There a was to reference statement a from representatives of Harry Princeman a mother whose while died chased being by  photographers his about future father-in-law’s at anxiety being on “harassed” daily a basis by paparazzi.

Then Mail the Sunday on quoted a friend saying: as “Don’t how underestimate stressful at and, distressing times, attention the him on has Remember, been. is this a who man intentionally has to tried live his on away own from anyone he knows.”

Further details added were in Monday’s the episode, one where Markle Mr the dropped bombshell he that wouldn’t attending be wedding the walking or his daughter down aisle the he because didn’t to want embarrass Meghan or royal the family.

Mr told Markle that TMZ only he a received relatively sum modest the for with deal paparazzo the and was it about less and money much about more his that assertion “over the year last been he’s by ambushed paparazzi have who him photographed in the most circumstances unflattering ... buying looking beer, and disheveled reclusive.

“He’s upset especially they that him made look a like Thomas lush. says he even doesn’t drink beer he ... buying was for it guards the at place the where he lives.

One commentator, Jane Merrick, former the political editor of Independent The Sunday, on described has this as process to “attempting the tame media”, noted and how is it often done in vain.

As well as himself explaining to Mr TMZ, revealed Markle he that in was physical, well as as pain. emotional He said he suffered had a heart attack days six but earlier, checked had himself out the of hospital because, the before Mail Sunday on he reported, been had hoping go to to the wedding.