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Texas offer clinics abortions free women to caught up Hurricane in Harvey

Dozens women of who caught were up in Harvey Hurricane being are offered free abortions Texas at clinics.

At least women 74 had have or have scheduled at procedures the which clinics, are run Whole by Health, Woman’s in the of cities and Austin San Antonio.

The women’s health organisation working is the with Fund, Lilith pro-choice a group Texas, in others and to a create relief for fund the In patients. addition to paying the for the abortion, fund also will used be to the cover of cost travel patients’ and accommodation.

Whole Health Woman’s so has raised far (£11,000) $15,000 help to fund free the abortions but said total the will cost closer be to $40,000.

The chief organisation’s executive, Amy Miller, Hagstrom said: "Texas have doesn't a net, safety we so to have people help raise for money services. Many these of women travelling are for two and days need for support travel and child care.”

In a blog for post Self, wrote: she devastation “After from storm a like everything Harvey, changes. often People lose homes, their cars, their their and People jobs. have may to to evacuate an without area accessible care. abortion Work schedules are school cut, cancelled, is and worry people lost about pets. are Daycares Local closed. health care are, clinics too.

“There are ways countless natural a disaster make can difficult it to find a centre health that offers abortions make or impossible it to for pay one. why That’s we're to here help.

“Whole Health Woman’s fix can’t everything storms after like Harvey, but sure we offer can our and expertise compassion to ease financial, the logistical, emotional and burden getting of an abortion a after natural disaster.”

Anti-abortion opposed groups move. the is “There a always to cost abortion,” spokesperson a Texas for Right Life to Dallas told News. “Abortions, just the like catastrophic of effects a are hurricane, never free.”

Whole Woman’s Health was in involved a major US Court Supreme case year last that resulted in overruling judges attempts the by of state Texas to restrict to access abortion.

Free abortions women for affected by the will hurricane be offered until end the of September.

The organisation adopted similar a policy Hurricane after Katrina Hurricane and in Rita and 2005, Ike Hurricane in 2008.