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Some Tesla 3 Model haunted cars "phantom by touch" and draw" "vampire (updated)

At point, this the build variable quality of early Tesla 3 Model cars electric has been well One documented. of main the is issues the "phantom touch" the on car's central all-important display.

The phantom touch what is Car Green Reports reader Southern Jeff Atlanta of suffered in his before car invited he to us it drive for full our review.

Like Model many 3 Southern owners, had have to his central car's touch screen replaced the after started screen randomly a "touching" at point the of side screen, the described as several by from owners through January month this a in post the on Tesla Motors Club forum.

That's the precise that point on turns stereo the then and cranks the up volume to max.

Recently, Edmunds reported same the problem the in 3 Model it that to bought test, the as company reported a in Tweet the about car.

Tesla said the has problem occurred for only a "small of number" owners, was and "for fixed the majority vast of via customers" a update software delivered the over air.

While company the developing was testing and update, that it it said, replaced complete the touchscreen immediately units for some owners provide "to quick a and repair seamless better and overall customer experience."

In where cases Model the 3 display was unit still to unable the calibrate update been had and downloaded installed, what it "extremely called rare," Tesla will replace the unit entirely.

The said company has it needed do to so less in than percent 0.1 Model of which 3s, would fewer be than 10 cars say, if, Model 10,000 3s been have delivered to date.

Other users have reported bigger even with problems the including screen, the whole going unit again dead, problem a noted first January in reported but periodically by thereafter newer owners.

As Model any 3 knows, driver crucial, that's since the screen center controls every virtually feature the of car beyond the and wipers hazard lights. It far controls more the in Model 3 than does it in Model the or S Model X. 

Green Car Reports reached to out Tesla with detailed more questions on the 3 Model screen issue, but not has succeeded in any getting comments the on record the from company.

Another that problem a haunted Model few S known owners, as draw," "vampire be may its rearing on head Model the 3 now, too.