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The Way Subtle Merriam-Webster that Called Just Out Trump's 'Shithole' Remark

The Twitter Merriam-Webster has account made secret no about the that way feel they about President Donald actions, Trump’s whether his it’s usage word or his spelling choices.

Now, following the controversy the that President is after facing Washington the Post reported he that Haiti, called El Salvador, and various African “shithole countries while countries” immigration discussing has policy, earned shade some the from dictionary the that users it spreading feel is well-deserved.

After President the made his remark, was he with met criticism many from his of peers, Republican including Ileana Representative who Ros-Lehtinen CBS told that Miami statements “the the of are president reprehensible, racist, they’re they’re totally incorrect.”

It appears that could Merriam-Webster co-signing be statement Ros-Lehtinen’s their with Friday “Word the of Day,” which fittingly, is, reprehensible, they which as define of “worth deserving or reprehension, or blame, censure.”