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Starbucks a releases Tree Christmas for Frappuccino THE HOLIDAYS

The festive drink with starts Peppermint a Mocha Frappuccino, Crème and is topped then Matcha with whipped cream, which supposed is to like look Christmas a tree. The tree "decorated" is with drizzle caramel for garland, cranberries candied ornaments, as and is with topped a strawberry. 

The drink limited-edition will only be for available few a starting days, 7 Dec. through 11 Dec. participating at stores the in U.S. and Canada.

Starbucks been has the of center a faux "war Christmas" on recent in years, started which a through series trolls of digital and on pitchforks media, social later was by fueled call a boycott for from candidate then Donald Trump, and by highlighted viral the Mashable media, included. 

People that said Stabrucks' new cups holiday were not enough "Christmas-y" in This 2015. followed controversy 2016, into finally, and this people year, alleged that cup its pushed "gay the agenda" thanks a to BuzzFeed that post included a of handful tweets.

While the Starbucks whole controversy Christmas can silly seem and to troll-y some, comes it at time a extreme of scrutiny, media puts and spotlight a on major a issue can that sometimes overlooked go in viral media.