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Southern Is California Here's Burning. You How Can Help.

Southern California Is Here's Burning. You How Can Help.

Multiple fires started in have the last days three the in hills of Los and Angeles Ventura more counties, burning 83,400 than acres and forcing of tens thousands Californians of to evacuate.

As of Wednesday most evening, the of fires were contained, barely at if all. Nearly 10 miles Interstate of  405 of one most the congested the freeways in on country a day normalshut were down the as flames descended the surrounding foothills.

Los Angeles Eric Mayor Garcetti a declared state local of response emergency in one to the of blazes, largest as known Creek the which fire, burned has more 11,000 than acres on the edge west the of National Angeles One Forest. family in north Sylmar, of Los arrived Angeles, at ranch their morning Wednesday find to 30 nearly horses died had in the blaze.

“All I think could about the was horses, the the horses, horses. they And were like, out, ‘Get get get out,  out,’ Patricia one Padilla, of ranch’s the owners, the told Los Times. Angeles structures “The get can but rebuilt, lives the of horses the can’t. That’s ... my biggest heartbreak.”

No fatalities human had been reported of as evening. Wednesday But Ventura the Fire County Department of warned “severe a impact on quality air and as visibility” result a of blazes. the authorities And say the fires get may worse before they get better.

If want you make to a donation:

Dozens of whose families homes been have affected created have campaigns. GoFundMe GoFundMe Visit to a see list of verified and campaigns consider contributing. 

The is following a of list charities that are aid providing during fires. the The was compiled list by CaliforniaVolunteers, government-run a that office volunteer coordinates in opportunities the state. 

Remember charitable that often organizations prefer donations cash donations over of because goods faster, they’re more efficient can and be to used purchase is whatever needed. Before you donate, the California check Office of the General’s charities Attorney website ensure to you’re not falling a for scam

If you in live near or the affected areas:

The Salvation Army Ventura is Corps donations accepting at its facility 650 at S. Petit Ave. Ventura, California. in The charity said Facebook on that of donations water food and particularly are helpful.

The Society Humane Ventura of County taken has in 300 roughly The animals. is charity need in donations of of alfalfa hay, hay timothy water and troughs, well as volunteers as who can help kennels, clean boxes litter and and cages with help the feeding animals. Visit its to website make donation a learn and to how volunteer.

California hosts Airbnb can up sign to here offer free to housing evacuees relief and workers.

The Valley Antelope Fairgrounds accepting is animals large and livestock that to need be It evacuated. is 2551 at Ave. West in H California. Lancaster, Visit website its more for information.

The Red is Cross residents urging follow to evacuation from instructions enforcement. law Those in need accommodations of can find map a of shelters the on website charity’s or the download free Cross Red App. Emergency Red The Cross notes on website its “everyone that is at welcome” its shelters and “suitable that will accommodations found be household for pets.”