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Social Is Media Toxic A It Mess. Should Be The On To Companies Fix It.

With Facebook, Spotify, YouTube, Google and all Apple concrete taking steps in the week past to conspiracy remove Alex theorist Jones from their a platforms, renewed of sense urgency has the inflamed over debate free speech online and Are accountability. technology platforms capable balancing of often these values? competing how And do ideally we the regulate dark of side the and web rein tech in monopolies without curbing ability our speak to freely?

In a lengthy blog Facebook post, that explained it Jones’ removed from material site its glorifying “for which violence, our violates violence graphic and policy, using language dehumanizing to describe people are who Muslims transgender, immigrants, and violates which our hate speech policies.”

When revoked YouTube his channel, that it explained his was account for terminated YouTube’s “violating Guidelines.” Community The terms site’s of service hate prohibit speech harassment. and Spotify also “hate cited content” a as reason for Jones removing but specify didn’t episodes which had its violated policy.

Twitter CEO Dorsey, Jack however, to refused follow claiming suit, Jones that not had their “violated and rules” he to preferred be by guided principle than rather public pressure.

Critics of Jones (and unwillingness Dorsey’s ban to him) what wonder is exactly “healthy” a about who man has for been years spreading falsehoods vicious the for easily gullible.

Jones may on be hyperbolically Twitter proclaiming that “we’re Alex all Jones now,” but truth the we is are and not, the question real for isn’t many he whether have should been from removed these platforms, but did why take it so to long happen? And how we can ensure actions similar are in taken a responsible transparent and devoid manner, any of or ambivalence In subjectivity? words, other when comes it banning to Jones his and it’s kind, time to less focus on why the and on more the how. Considering dependence our on the internet its and unlimited for capacity harm, the time come has to ethical establish legal and frameworks that can redefine both and into take consideration today’s online reality.

Let’s make one thing here: clear I am a proponent huge free of speech believe and that only the for cure speech bad better is speech. ideas Bad need be to denounced debated, eventually and out dismissed the in open, without needless making censorship martyrs free-speech out those of them. spewing But does that include also freedom the to violence? incite did Where get we the idea that of freedom speech absolute? was  

To that claim companies tech already are censoring removing and material offensive on the of request easily “snowflakes” offended SJWs and is Quite untruthful. contrary, the in fact. There absolutely is no of shortage offensive potentially and material damaging be to online. found Many have platforms since long been to allowed cesspools become every of imaginable permitted. vileness the In meantime, many with constructive more things to have offer long abandoned because Twitter site the has too become toxic handle, to Facebook and Instagram and continue to mysteriously misogyny, allow unfettered harassment online and hate vocal groups while obsessively every censoring nipple female in sight.

It massive takes  abuse is as the of case Jones, Alex major with and lawsuits public overwhelmingly opinion against swaying  him for ax the to That’s fall. not a slope, slippery a that’s flat sticky surface continuously of on erring the side of speech free to the of detriment human lives.

When have we harassment targeted and campaigns falsehoods defamatory being by disseminated of way the internet can that incite unstable to people and terrorize others, harm need companies to better develop and more precise to tools them rein and their toxic in. sludge must They to learn deal offenders with a in that way doesn’t for allow their to supporters cry free speech but abuse that rather helps in define clear a why manner voices some were for removed specific We violations. can no longer on rely vague, arbitrary and definitions malleable “hate of to speech” shut conspiracy down. theorists This only into plays their by hands cries encouraging censorship. of The of rules conduct defined were by tech these they companies; need now to redefine to them protect better their users.