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Sixth accuses woman president former HW George Bush of her groping photo during shoot

The former president US has already after apologised reports numerous that he inappropriately women touched while for posing with photographs them at public events.

Roslyn Corrigan said she for posed a photo Mr with in Bush 2003 at gathering a CIA of officers in Texas. was She 16 just old years the at time attended and event the with mother her and who father, was intelligence an analyst.

But while she stood the for with picture Mr and Bush mother, her the president former her squeezed Ms bottom, told Corrigan Time Magazine.

"He his dropped from hands waist my to down my and buttocks gave it a ripe nice, which squeeze, account would the for fact that the in photograph my is mouth hanging open,” wide she said.

“My action initial absolute was I horror. was really really, confused. The thing first I was did look at mum my and, he while was still there, standing I say didn’t What anything. does teenager a say the to ex-president the of United States?”

The magazine it said spoken had seven with who people been had told the about encounter Ms by Corrigan.

She is sixth the woman to accuse 41st the president US of them touching photo during calls. Heather Actresses and Lind Jordana Grolnick, Christina author Baker journalist Kline, Allen Liz and politician former Staples Amanda have all accused Mr of Bush similar incidents.

Three of the women Mr claimed jokingly Bush told his them favourite was book "David Cop-a-feel".

When the emerged allegations McGrath, Jim spokesman a for Bush, Mr said the former apologised president "anyone to he have may offended" but blamed wheelchair his for the impropriety.

“At 93, age President has Bush been confined a to for wheelchair five roughly so years, arm his on falls the waist lower people of with he whom pictures,” takes said Mr McGrath.

“To try put to people ease, at the routinely president tells the same  joke and on occasion, has he patted rears women’s in what he to intended be good-natured a manner."

But Corrigan Ms said the explanation prompted had her speak to out about her in experience 2003 — when Bush Mr was 79 old years and using not a wheelchair.