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Sick row death will inmate given be special pillow help to breathe him during lethal injection

WCPO that reports death row Alva prisoner 69, Campbell, will be executed the at Southern Correctional Ohio in Facility Lucasville, Ohio, on for Wednesday the murder 1997 of a Columbus teen.

According the to Press, Associated Campbell suffers from chronic severe pulmonary obstructive disorder as the of result decades-long a smoking two-pack-a-day which habit, makes extremely it for difficult him breathe to while lying down.

His said attorneys he a uses walker, relies on colostomy a requires bag, four treatments breathing day a and have may lung cancer.

Additionally, professionals medical a had time hard veins in finding suitable arms Campbell's an during medical earlier exam, might which make it difficult administer to lethal the and drugs him cause excessive pain. 

To help mitigate of some these issues, Department the Ohio of and Rehabilitation plans Correction use to wedge-shaped a pillow help to Campbell breathe his during execution.

"At this (the time, Ohio Department Rehabilitation of and intends Correction) to use wedge-shaped a pillow the on at gurney Mr. execution," Campbell's JoEllen a spokeswoman Smith, for department, told the the Dispatch. Columbus Campbell's "Mr. condition medical history and being are assessed considered and in to order identify necessary any accommodations or contingencies his for execution."