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See Watson's Emma 'Harry Glorious Reunion Potter' With Costars

Emma Watson reunited “Harry with costars Potter” Tom and Felton Matthew Lewis a in snap black-and-white that will make pine you for days the the of fantasy franchise.

The photo features a Watson beaming (Hermione flanked Granger) by Felton Malfoy) (Draco Matthew and Lewis (Neville wearing Longbottom) baseball backward caps.

Definitely not Hogwarts-issue, lads.

Felton posted the glorious on pic and Monday, quickly it racked more up a than million on “likes” Instagram.

Watson, 28, seen has her grow stardom since the hit “Beauty film the and Beast,” and boys’ the acting grown-up careers too aren’t either. shabby, 30, Felton, recently was regular a “The on and Flash,” 28, Lewis, appeared several in episodes of the British new drama TV “Girlfriends.”

May class Hogwarts be never dismissed.