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Seattle crash: plane of Transcript conversation extraordinary between hijacker air and traffic control

Audio emerged has of extraordinary an conversation between “suicidal” a employee airline who stole a plane passenger and traffic air trying controllers to guide him back down.

The ground service took agent off from Seattle a in airport a 76-seater at plane height the of rush hour Friday on evening.

The Air Horizon which Q400, a performed number dangerous of was manoeuvres, chased military by jets it before crashed a into small island in Puget the after Sound 8pm. one No was else on board.

In audio by obtained Seattle The the Times, man 29-year-old called is by "Rich" traffic air at controllers Sea-Tac International Airport.

Pierce police County said the man suicidal was there and no was to connection terrorism. He something "did foolish and well may have with paid life," his Paul sheriff Pastor said.

Below the is transcript the of audio released so far.

Rich: gas ...Some to check go out the and Olympics errr, yeah.

Rich: Yeah all that’s mumbo… I no have idea all what means, that I know wouldn’t how punch to it I’m in. off autopilot.

ATC: Nah not I’m you taking any to I’m jets, keeping actually you from away aircraft are that trying land to at Sea-Tac.

Rich: Oh ok yeah don’t I screw wanna with I’m that. you’re glad not, know, you up screwing everyone else’s on day account of me.

Rich: down I’m 21 to hundred, started I 30 like something.

Rich: Yeah I don’t what know the burnage... burnout... like is take-off, on but it’s yeah burned a quite bit than faster I expected.