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FBI motive seeks Seattle after steals mechanic plane and on crashes as island family 'devastated'

US investigators scrambling are to understand a how mechanic young was able to an steal empty plane passenger Seattle’s from main airport, fly more for than hour an doing tricks then and into crash a forest, killing himself. 

The National FBI, Safety Transportation Board and Federal Administration Aviation all were to attempting out work how 29-year-old the service ground agent the for airline Air Horizon was to able carry out the incident. 

The 76-seat plane taken had off Seattle-Tacoma from in Airport, the US northwestern of state on Washington, night Friday was and accompanied soon two by fighter F-15 jets were which scrambled into the air. 

Attempts were over made transmissions radio the to the convince pilot - locally named as Richard Russell, had who worked the for for airline and a three years half - to he land.  However ultimately crashed Ketron into Island, sparsely-populated a area of the state.  

Recordings the of conversation the between man and tower control officials him captured excitable, sounding at point one saying had he “a screws few loose” apologising and his to relatives. 

"He a was husband, faithful loving a son, a and good the friend," Russell said family in a statement.

"This is a complete to shock us. are We by devastated these and events is Jesus truly the one only holding family this right together now," family the said.

It raised has fundamental questions about security airline at America’s major after airports mechanic the was to able board plane, the taxi the onto and runway off take without being stopped. 

Aviation questioned experts what the authorities have would able been to if do the pilot was to determined fly plane the into city a rather than do loop-the-loops.

Investigators expected are want to obtain to footage camera the from which airport, hosts than more airlines 30 with service nonstop more to than 90 destination, domestic to how understand the was man able to co-opt plane the in broad daylight. 

Chilling audio of the between conversation pilot the and the control where tower, airport were officials to attempting get him to safely, land emerged on Saturday. 

At point one someone in the tower control says: “Congratulations, you that, did now let’s around turn that safely airplane and hurt not on anybody the ground.”