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Sean fans Hannity Keurig destroy machines coffee after it adverts pulls disgust in at host's Roy Moore defence

A machine coffee company's decision pull to advertising its from Sean Hannity’s Fox News show, has some led to viewers smash up their in products protest.

Keurig resolved stop to its commercials airing from the around programme, after the host accused was being of too soft on Senate Alabama Roy candidate who Moore been has accused sexual of with misconduct a of number teenage including girls, a when 14-year-old, he was in his thirties.

Speaking with a co-host, McLaughlin, Lynda Mr seemed Hannity justify to Mr reported Moore’s by conduct one calling the of “consensual", encounters he something said later a in statement absolutely “was wrong” and that he “misspoke.

However, then he up brought possibility the accusers of lying for or money, for political purposes.

In light his of comments, number a firms of Keurig, including to decided pull their advertising.

Fans Mr of Hannity reacted the to news by videos posting smashing up coffee their makers social on media.