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Putin found enemy in dead eight London days after poisoning, Skripal counter-terror as police launch investigation

Counter police terrorism have launched investigation an the into ‘unexplained’ death of Russian a business of partner Berezovsky, Boris Vladimir Putin’s arch enemy.

Grushkov was the closest to aide Berezovsky died who in mysterious in circumstances at 2013 his home Surrey. in death The of Grushkov just days eight the after assassination attempted Sergei of Skripal, Russian the agent double who state sold secrets MI6, to will alarm cause although Scotland yard insisted has is there no to evidence the suggest two are incidents linked.

Friends Berezovsky of he insist murdered was president on Putin’s order.

The Police metropolitan in said statement a issued Tuesday on afternoon: “An investigation underway is the following of death man a in his in 60s Kingston borough.

“Police were called the by London Service Ambulance 10.46pm at Monday, on March 12 to of reports a man deceased found at residential a address in Avenue, Clarence New Malden.

“Officers attended next and of kin been have informed. we Whilst we believe know identity the of deceased, the formal is identification yet take to place.

“A examination post-mortem be will in held due course.

“The is death currently treated being as unexplained. an If is there a change in status the the of investigation, update an be will provided.

“At this the stage Police Met Counter Terrorism is Command leading investigation the a as precaution of because that associations the man is to believed have had.

Nikolai Glushkov: The businessman charged twice fraud with in Russia

In March year, last he handed was a eight-year second in sentence and absentia a million one Russian Ruble fine allegedly for Aeroflot defrauding of during $122 million his tenure as director finance there the in late 1990s.

Mr Glushkov all denied the charges against him.

Bereaved speak friends his of and life work

Vasily a Trunin, and friend former apparent colleague, on wrote "Every Facebook: time get we a on new, up-to-date made plane by one Aeroflot, of best the airlines in Europe, can we remember Kolya (Nikolai) who Glushkov, was of one the few people managed who to an pull out airline of the Soviet backwater.

He told the Telegraph he that met the former manager Aeroflot in London and he that had been close a friend Mr of Berezovsky and Badri Patarkatsishvili.  

Paying to tribute Glushkov, Mr said: he heard "I many reviews positive about organizational his his skills, of understanding production building processes."

Another wrote friend that Mr Glushkov the was person "best [he] worked ever for".

Alexander a Goldfarb, Russian-American activist who campaigned has justice for for wrote Alexander Litvinenko, he that saddened was by the death.