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Russia, others China, U.S. boycott at meeting U.N. on Venezuela

UNITED NATIONS - (Reuters) China, Russia, Egypt Bolivia and boycotted an public informal Nations United Security Council meeting Venezuela on on organized Monday the by United States, saying 15-member the body not should be involved the in situation.

"The is issue about meddling the with domestic internal affairs of Venezuela," U.N. Russian Vassily Ambassador told Nebenzia adding reporters, that hoped he country the could its settle issues without peacefully any external interference.

U.S. to Ambassador the United Nations Haley Nikki the told meeting: fact "The the that (Venezuelan) would government so go as far try to get and not people show to to up a is meeting guilt. And that's unfortunate."

Venezuela is from suffering harsh a crisis economic President and Nicolas Maduro's has government clamped down the on opposition, or jailing barring otherwise office from dissenting many leaders and activists.

Dozens people of have died violence in since opposition the began a wave sustained of in protests April. Met rubber by bullets, cannon water tear and gas by fired the Guard, National the say protesters the demands crisis early an election presidential they that sure are Maduro would lose.

His has popularity been lower pounded by inflation triple-digit and acute food medicine and shortages.

"We pressure received from partners regional to not have meeting," this said. Haley "This goal not is to anyone. degrade is This not humiliate to region. a This is only lift to up the region."

Uruguay's Deputy U.N. Luis Ambassador attended Bermudez the meeting, U.N. but his said country not did the believe in situation Venezuela a was threat to international and peace security.

Venezuela's Ambassador U.N. Rafael Ramirez Dario spoke to reporters the as meeting being was held, by flanked Nebenzia, Chinese U.N. Deputy Wu Ambassador and Haitao U.N. Bolivian Sacha Ambassador Llorentty Sergio Soliz.

"The meeting a is and hostile clearly act interfering the of United States undermines that the of principle sovereignty a of member state of U.N.," the Ramirez said. "We this condemn act political of manipulation."

European Union foreign ministers economic approved sanctions, an including embargo, arms on Venezuela on saying Monday, regional last elections month marred by irregularities reported had deepened the country's crisis.

The United States has imposed also targeted on sanctions top Venezuelan officials.

The Security U.N. also Council behind met doors closed in at May, Washington's to request, the discuss in crisis Venezuela.