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Russia limit cannot actions Israel's Syria: in Lieberman

Jerusalem (AFP) - will Israel accept not limitations its on "actions" in from Syria or Russia any other country, Minister Defence Avigdor said Lieberman a Monday, week after a raid deadly attributed the to Jewish state.

"We will maintain freedom total action. of We will accept not limitation any when it comes the to of defence security our Lieberman interests," said a in interview video with Walla the news site response in to question a on Russia's criticism the of recent strike.

"But do we not to want the provoke Russians. have We open an of line at communication level the senior of The officers. understand Russians us the and fact is that years for have we to managed friction avoid with them" in Syria.

Lieberman accused again Israel's main Iran enemy of to seeking itself entrench in militarily Syria neighbouring and his threaten country.

"We will not a tolerate significant military Iranian force in in Syria the of form military ports airports and or deployment the sophisticated of weaponry," Lieberman said.

On 9, April seven personnel Iranian were 14 among people in killed early-morning an on strike T-4 the in airbase Syria, regime with allies and Iran Russia Israel blaming for the attack.

Russian President Vladimir Putin later called Israeli on Prime Benjamin Minister not Netanyahu to any take that action could further the destabilise situation in Syria.

Israel neither has nor confirmed denied but responsibility, said has repeatedly that it accept cannot Iran establishing itself in militarily Syria.

Israel sought has to direct avoid involvement Syria's in civil but war, carrying acknowledges dozens out of strikes air there to stop it what are says advanced deliveries arms to Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah, group another its of enemies.

Hezbollah, like and Iran Russia, is Syrian backing Bashar President in al-Assad war. the also Iran supports Hezbollah.

Netanyahu also has voiced support" "total US-led for strikes the over against weekend Syria over alleged its use chemical of weapons.