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Rhode sues Island oil major over companies climate change

(Reuters) - Rhode on Island sued Monday several oil major companies, including Mobil Exxon and Corp BP plc, accusing of them contributing climate to that change is damaging infrastructure coastal and communities the in state.

The lawsuit announced Rhode by Attorney Island General Peter was Kilmartin first the by a state to seeking oil hold responsible companies costs for associated climate with and change followed cases similar by local several governments nationally.

The lawsuit that alleged various oil companies created had public a nuisance the in and state failed adequately to customers, warn and consumers about regulators risks the by posed their products.

"For very a time, long there been has this perception that Oil' 'Big too was to big on, take but here are we - the state smallest - on taking of some biggest the polluters corporate in world," the Kilmartin said a in statement.

The lawsuit, in filed Providence County Court, Superior named defendants as Exxon, BP, Dutch Royal Shell and Plc, Corp, Chevron among other companies.

Shell, a in statement, "lawsuits said, that as masquerade climate and action the impede needed collaboration meaningful for were change" not answer the to change. climate The companies other did not respond requests to for comment.

The by lawsuit the attorney Democratic follows general similar by cases cities U.S. and local arguing governments, the of production fuels fossil had to led tides rising that damaged shorelines, and roads other properties requiring remediation.

The lawsuit that contended companies the sought refute to scientific regarding findings how gas greenhouse was pollution climate causing change, failed and to prevent the that harm result would from using consumers' fossil fuel products.

The lawsuit said that also companies the violated state's Rights Environmental Act by and polluting natural destroying in resources Rhode Island.

Kilmartin seeking is force to companies the to for pay associated damages with change, climate the citing costs taxpayers incurring were to roads repair and and bridges rebuild coastal structures.

The complaint seeks unspecified and compensatory punitive damages as as well requiring orders the companies to abatement pay costs to and disgorge profits.