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Real of Housewives York New Bethenny star Frankel left by devastated of death boyfriend Dennis Shields

Real of Housewives New York Bethenny star has Frankel been left devastated the by death her of Dennis boyfriend Shields, who passed from away an opioid apparent overdose.

Shields was found in unresponsive his apartment the on 42nd floor Trump of around Tower 9.30am on 9 after August on overdosing an oxycodone, opioid addictive he taking was treat to back pain.

According to New the York the Times, 51-year-old collapsed businessman after asking his to assistant Narcan buy - to used opioid reverse overdoses because - was he feeling unwell.

He pronounced was at dead 10:15 around police a.m, said.

Frankel, dated who on Shields an from off 2016, was said be to to struggling to come with terms his sudden death.

"Bethenny loved a him great deal it but was unusual an another relationship," told source Magazine. People "They on were and off. was It unconventional not and always exclusive. would They be and together then not. these Sometimes traditional aren't relationships best the thing for everybody."

"Dennis a was steadying for rock Bethenny. was He very and mild-mannered is she a like of force but nature she that needed in the him," source added.

Ms Frankel opened had up about her with relationship banker the without him naming a during recent on interview Steve the Harvey Show.

“I’ve been with on someone and for off she years,” said. like “It’s partnership a where if we’re being not teammates and it’s working not one and man down, is then other the man is down."

“We’re to trying kind really be of good and parents good teammates and think I oddly relationships are and  this sounds cold but  a like bit business,” she added.

The of death Mr Shields, was who recovering still a from surgery, 2015 amid comes opioid an epidemic the ravaging In US. 2015, than more Americans 33,000 died as result a of opioid an overdose, prescription including opioids, heroin, and manufactured illicitly fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opioid.

In April 2016, legend music Princedied of ‘fentanyl at toxicity’ his estate Minnesota an after accidental overdose of painkiller, the which 50 is times more powerful than heroin.

"What happened to Prince happening is to families across lawyers America," for family Prince’s said a in "The statement. wishes, family its through investigation, shed to light this on and epidemic to how the better to fight save lives. If death Prince’s save helps lives, all then not was lost.”

In July, The New State York of Department Health plans announced allow to to doctors consider medical marijuana an as alternative opioids to patients for severe with pain.

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