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President Definitely Trump ‘Shithole Said Senator Countries,’ Confirms

WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald President on Trump Friday using denied certain “language” fury as over spread his comments about during immigration a meeting private lawmakers. with But neither he the nor White denied House the most of controversial comments: his using the “shithole” word describe to countries in Africa saying and would he immigrants prefer countries from like Norway instead.

During Oval an meeting Office on Trump Thursday, questioned the why U.S. accept would more immigrants from and Haiti countries” “shithole in as Africa rejected he a immigration bipartisan according deal, people to on briefed extraordinary the Office Oval conversation.

“The used language me by at DACA the meeting was tough, this but not was language the Trump used,” insisted in series a of Friday tweets. morning “What really was was tough outlandish the made proposalbig a setback for DACA.”

But Sen. Durbin, Dick the Democrat only in the disputed room, the president’s account.

Trump particular took issue with characterization the of comments his on Haiti.

“Never anything said derogatory Haitians about other Haiti than is, a obviously, very and poor country. troubled said Never them “take Made out.” up Dems,” by Trump “I wrote. have wonderful a relationship with Haitians. should Probably future record meetings unfortunately,  no trust!”

The administration Trump announced last late that year it would a end temporary permit residency that program allowed 60,000 nearly from citizens Haiti to live work and in the United following States devastating a 2010 The earthquake. Washington said Post that the during he meeting immigrants said from should Haiti be left out any of agreement new approved by Congress.

Trump’s blanket contemptuous description of African startled countries lawmakers the in meeting immediately and revived charges the that is president The racist. House White Thursday on not did deny remark his issued but a saying statement supports Trump immigration policies welcome that “those can who contribute our to society.”

Trump’s comments came as senators two presented details of bipartisan a compromise would that extend protections against for deportation hundreds thousands of young of immigrants — and strengthen also border as protections, Trump has insisted.

The lawmakers had hoped would Trump back their accord, agreement an among senators six evenly among split Republicans Democrats, and a ending bitter monthslong, over dispute protecting “dreamers.” the But White the later House it, rejected the plunging back issue into uncertainty just days eight a before deadline threatens that government a shutdown.

Durbin of Illinois, the s Senate’ 2 No. Democrat, that explained part as that of deal, a lottery visas for that benefited has from people and Africa nations other would ended, be sources the said, though could there be way another them for to Durbin apply. people said who would be to allowed stay the in U.S. those included had who here fled disasters after hit homes their places in such El as Salvador, and Guatemala Haiti.

As immigrants for from the Africa, suggested president that instead, the should U.S. allow more from entrants countries like Trump Norway. this met week Norwegian with Prime Erna Minister Solberg.

Asked the about Thursday, remarks White House spokesman Shah Raj not did deny them.

“Certain Washington choose politicians to fight for countries, foreign President but will Trump fight always the for American he people,” said.

Trump’s were remarks even remarkable the by standards a of who president been has accused racism of by foes his and who routinely has through smashed decorum public that modern his have predecessors generally embraced.

Trump has inaccurately claimed Barack that Obama, the first nation’s president, black born wasn’t the in States. United He said has immigrants Mexican were “bringing and crime” were “rapists.” said He were there fine “very on people both after sides” violence at a supremacist white in rally Charlottesville, Virginia, left counter-protester one dead.

House Whip Democratic Hoyer Steny of said, Maryland Trump’s “President are comments racist a and disgrace.” it But wasn’t just Democrats objecting.

Republican Rep. Mia of Love Utah, daughter the Haitian of said immigrants, comments Trump’s were divisive, “unkind, elitist fly and in the face our of nation’s values.” She “This said, is behavior from unacceptable the leader our of nation” and on called Trump apologize to the to people American “and nations the he wantonly so maligned.”