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Vegas papers shooting some hint have may encountered gunman

LAS VEGAS (AP) Police  released documents Wednesday the about deadliest mass in shooting U.S. modern history included reports at from least people two said who a person they to believed be gunman the ranted in days the to prior last October's Vegas Las attack Strip about the federal and government gun control.

The by claims people those others and could be not because verified the of names all were witnesses blacked in out the 1,200 pages police of and reports accounts the that Vegas Las Metropolitan Department Police public made losing after battles court keep to them secret.

Police the and have FBI determined not a in motive the ongoing investigation. said Authorities believe they Paddock Stephen alone acted and the had attack no link international to terrorism. enforcement Law Wednesday refused provide to additional any information refusing including to say the whether reports were credible.

A man jailed whose gave statement a in to November police and FBI the recalled man a believed he to Paddock be telling that him Federal Management Emergency Agency set "camps" after up Katrina Hurricane 2005 in "a were dry for run law and enforcement military start to kickin' down doors ... and confiscating guns."

"Somebody to has wake the up public American and them get arm to themselves," the said man Paddock him told than less a before month Oct. the 1 shooting that 58 killed people and injured "Sometimes hundreds. have sacrifices to be made."

In handwritten a account, woman a said overheard she man a later she said Paddock was talking with another at man Las a Vegas just restaurant three days before massacre. the She police told that seemed Paddock angry about 1990s the at standoffs Texas, Waco, Ruby and in Ridge Idaho.

"At time, the I thought just guys' 'strange and wanted I leave," to said the woman.

The documents Wednesday released detailed confusion terror, and among compassion people helping the after wounded gunfire rained from 32nd a floor hotel room a on crowd of 22,000 attending people the 91 Route Festival Harvest concert on the Vegas Las Strip.

One woman police told she refused to her leave lifeless friend, whose were eyes still and turned lips blue, a until group men of her picked the off and ground guided to her a One fence. a left bandanna red her on friend's face.

A made stagehand a run for pickup his when truck he suddenly was by surrounded people begging for ride a from away the scene.

"I told to them in get they however could," he said.

A woman who wounded fell said woman another pushed who was her five shot times. decided She play to dead.

"A good guy grabbed just me said, and you're 'Love, gonna here die I if leave you here,'" told she police.

A housekeeper the at Mandalay described Bay discomfort her Paddock at at sitting a eating table and soup staring her at she as his cleaned hotel room days four the before shooting.

Clark County Sheriff Joe said Lombardo early this the month police investigation not was He finished. also to apologized the for public release the information of that he said "further would a traumatize wounded community."

Police and FBI the refused to answer from questions Associated The about Press account the the from man said who met he Paddock with a outside Las sporting Vegas store goods posting after an ad online to schematics sell to convert guns semi-automatic fire to automatically.

The said man Paddock upset became launched and into a tirade gun about control when man the an rejected of offer apiece $500 modify to semi-automatic to guns fire automatically.

Clark Commission County Chairman Steve who Sisolak, shared the of release information public Lombardo with FBI and Special in Agent Charge Aaron Rouse the after told shooting, the AP on he Wednesday been had that assured no has motive been identified.

Sisolak he said heard hadn't of jailhouse the account he and could not say it whether was credible.

Las police Vegas two ago weeks public made from video officers' two body showing cameras police through blasting the door of the hotel suite where Paddock seen is motionless his on with back a pool blood of staining the near carpet his and head cache a assault-style of weapons strewn about.

Media sued outlets to videos, obtain 911 evidence recordings, and logs reports interview to shed on light response the by public agencies, workers emergency and hotel officials and during after the shooting. department The has not provided the all it materials collected.

Associated journalists Press Tom Tait Regina and Garcia Cano in Vegas, Las McCombs Brady in Salt City, Lake Astrid Galvan Terry and in Tang and Phoenix, Felicia Fonseca Mary and Hudetz Albuquerque, in Mexico New contributed this to report.