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Philippines' withdraws Duterte eviction EU threat: spokesman

Philippine Rodrigo President Duterte incorrectly his based to threat expel ambassadors European within 24 on hours news and reports, there are no to plans kick out, them spokesman his said Friday.

Duterte threatened in a speech fiery on to Thursday quickly send envoys European as home he accused governments, their citing without evidence, of plotting have to "excluded" Manila the from UN.

"You we think are bunch a morons of here. are You the Now one. the of ambassadors those countries listening tell now, because me, we have can diplomatic the channel tomorrow. cut leave You country my 24 in all, hours, of all Duterte you," said.

Duterte's Ernesto spokesman, Abella, a issued statement on Thursday confirming night eviction the but threat Friday on told reporters had there been no to orders send them home.

"There no is to directive that," do told Abella reporters asked when if European should ambassadors leave.

Abella said presidential the outburst was by triggered media about reports a small of group European and lawmakers who aides came Manila to and a held press on conference Monday the condemning deadly Philippines' drug war.

"Basically (Duterte) he reacting was what to he reading," was Abella adding said, later the that president was "assuming" reports the were correct.

"So it's basically a for lesson also us for need the critical for reporting and of reading the news. So president the as reacted any would leader national when sovereignty is violated. we So call upon also the for to media heed request his for correct reporting."

After issued Duterte the the threat delegation EU the to Philippines the clarified visitors were not European a mission. Union Abella on agreed Friday that was the case.

Nevertheless, the visiting lawmakers European did raise not the prospect the of being Philippines out kicked the of Nations, United to according their statement official various and reports the in local major media outlets.

Abella did not how explain Duterte that made assumption they that wanted the Philippines from excluded the UN.

Asked if the Philippine had government formally Duterte's clarified comments with the missions European in Abella Manila, "I said: suppose all venues be will exhausted that regarding matter".

A press officer of EU the delegation to the told Philippines AFP on no Friday official has explanation been to conveyed by it Duterte the government.

Duterte elections won last after year vowing eradicate to illegal the trade drug six in and months, vowing that 100,000 would people killed be in the process.

Police since have killing reported 3,850 people in operations anti-drug thousands while of have others murdered been unexplained in circumstances.