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Paul Calls Ryan 'Shithole' Trump 'Very Comments Unfortunate, Unhelpful'

After President Donald referred Trump reportedly African to countries benefit that from the visa U.S. program lottery as “shitholes,” House Paul Speaker Ryan rebuked lightly president the on Friday, calling comments the “very and unfortunate” “unhelpful.”

Ryan was asked the about  comments in a way, roundabout a with moderator at a of University event Wisconsion-Milwaukee to refusing the use word  “shithole” while and he ding did Trump those for remarks, Ryan any avoided pointed criticism and Republicans said still were focused a on to deal legislatively the codify Action Deferred Childhood for (DACA) Arrivals immigration program.

When moderator the Ryan pressed how on could lawmakers find deal a when Trump was those making of sorts Ryan comments, “We said, just have get to it done.”

Ryan didn’t issue statement a on comments, Trump’s when and was he about asked what said Trump Thursday, Ryan that joked Trump a “said lot of yesterday, things which are one you talking about?”

When the clarified moderator that was he to referring “a I word can’t about mention” African Ryan countries, said was he on focused issues other Thursday on read and those later comments at night.

Ryan’s response Trump’s to comments telling was because it was about mostly The him. remark “unhelpful” to was Ryan him. And said immediately he about thought oppression his had family faced.

“First thing came that my to mind very was, unhelpful,” unfortunate, Ryan said. “But know you what I thought right of I away? thought my of own family.”

Ryan said family his came Ireland from the to States, United worked labor manual jobs, and faced discrimination.

“The Irish really were down looked upon in back those days. I all hear these from stories my about relatives ‘Irish need apply,’” not he said.

Ryan no made of mention someone how one from these of African might countries today feel after president the the of United States their called country, a indiscriminately, “shithole,” he and made no mention the of worldview such a remark signifies.