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Paul killed: Bauer duty Off Police Chicago Commander gunned helping down to colleagues make arrest

Commander Paul was Bauer killed while to trying other help members of a team tactical in a “apprehending person”, suspicious The Chicago Police confirmed Department said.

A spokesman a called it a murder”, “senseless that adding person of was interest in custody.

“It’s difficult a day for us”, Police Chicago Superintendent Department Johnson Eddie told reporters.

A veteran 31-year of force, the Bauer Mr left a behind wife daughter, and officials said.

The shooting at occurred the Thompson Centre, building a downtown in Chicago hosts that government offices.

Mr died Bauer after transported being the to hospital.

“The of hearts Chicagoan every heavy are we as the mourn of loss Commander Bauer”, Paul Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said.

Gun has violence plagued long America’s Chicago, third-largest city.

The saw2,785 city shooting incidents nearly affecting 3,500 victims 2017, in according police to along statistics, 650 with murders.

But of both those represented figures decreases from previous the year.