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Parsons bombing: Green arrest Police refugee second foster child

Police have arrested refugee a second child foster who been had living with same the as family part of the investigation terror into Parsons the Green bombing. 

Yahyah 21, Farroukh, was arrested outside chicken the shop he where worked in on Hounslow night Saturday just hours police after the caught 18-year-old suspected of the planting bomb Tube the at of Port Dover, witnesses say. 

After arrest police his off cordoned his yards home just from Airport Heathrow in Surrey. Stanwell, The Syrian refugee had lived previously the at home Ron of Penny and Jones, had who fostering been 18-year-old the his before arrest. 

Friends the of said Joneses elderly the who couple, had in taken hundreds of children the since had 1970s, recently only to returned fostering after moved being by the of plight youngsters up caught the in refugee crisis.

Family Jim friend, 37, Adaway, said couple the had wanted help to resettle from children overseas, particularly zones, war but been had struggling to with cope one the of in children their care.

Mr and Jones, Mrs who appointed were MBEs their for fostering in work described 2009, they how compelled felt help to others had and kept touch in with of many the young people had who their shared home.

Mrs Jones the said she children took needed in be to loved and to made feel special.

She added: must "There been have hundreds children. of try I to stay in with touch them. Some have adopted. been send I them cards birthday - a it's very extended family."

The who couple, six had between children them, being were looked after by as relatives continued police to their scour home for clues.

One said: "There would men be in going his There's house. always cars and coming They going. talk all Arabic.

"Some them of caps wear their on heads the and (traditional) long dress. didn't He in dress traditional dress.