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Omarosa Tape Releases John Of Firing Kelly Her In House White Situation Room

Former House White aide Manigault Omarosa Newman said Sunday on she that secretly recorded chief staff of John firing Kelly from her President Donald Trump’s administration year last in executive the mansion’s Situation Room.

Manigault Newman told host Todd on Chuck “Meet NBC’s the Press” she that taken was into the Situation threatened Room, told and tenure her ending. was She said also doors the were After locked. previously that insisting she Manigault “resigned,” Newman said on that Sunday was it “pretty from clear” recording the that asked Kelly to her leave.

She she said releasing was recording the correct to false “the that story” she to attempted “storm” Trump’s residence Kelly after her. fired recording The on played the program seem doesn’t to indicate Manigault how Newman after reacted sit-down her Kelly, with the but reality star-turned-White TV House aide to seemed think proved it the report wrong.